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I am really wanting to give my weightloss a kick start and have tried other things in the past without lasting success (as have many of you judging by the posts on this site!).

Boots have a weight loss programme and I was wondering if anyone had done it this way? It is pharmacist led and you go through a programme with them but they also supply Orlistat to aid your weight management.

It's approx £10 per week for a 12 week programme. What do you think?

Also the poo stories are putting me off - I have no problem with urges to go to the toilet quick but no one has actually mentioned the thing I am most concerned about. Can you be incontinent of faeces because of the tablets?

Any insight would be helpful before I consider going down this road!

Thanks :shock: x

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    Boots cannot give you Orlistat. It is a prescription only medication

    A doctor has to prescribe it for you and you have to fufil criteria like a certain amount of weight .loss before the tablets can be given

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    Hi MHG

    I wouldn`t be interested in it myself. I think its just another company jumping on the weight management band wagon.

    If u stick to a low fat diet and watch ur calorie intake......along with taking ur tablets...Im sure u would do fine without intervention from boots. Were u meaning that Boots would fill the prescription?(Im sure u did) Like MSG says , these tablets are via prescription from your GP.

    The accidents happen when uve overdone the fat intake, although, a couple of people have mentioned that they have experienced the loose stools even though they have followed a low fat diet. I guess it affects people differently.

    I don`t think the tablets make u incontinent of the true sense of the word incontinent. I had one occasion where I had eaten something which contained too much fat and by christ I knew it. The pains in my tummy were awfy. You know when u get the runs....same thing. Cramps in tummy then on the loo for half an hour.

    Good Luck whatever u decide to do ... smile

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    Sorry i have a bee in my bonnet about thngs being prescribed via the net etc

    I work for a pharmaceutical company and the ammount of calls we get about the fact the medication isnt right for that person etc, is phenomenal

    If you want the blueys, i suggest a thorough consultation with your GP

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    Thanks for your replies and for clearing up the incontinence issue (so to speak!).

    Just for information from what I know so far, it isn't something done over the net and involves an initial consultation (after which involves your G.P.). Then you set goals, follow a plan and are monitored throughout.

    Cheaper to go straight to your G.P. I guess...

    I appreciate the replies so far but just wanted to say that I work in the Health Service and have worked for Pharmaceutical companies in the past and will make an informed decision based on my personal circumstances. MSG may want to be a bit more careful how she phrases her posts as they come across a bit patronising and you never know who you are communicating with. I only asked if anyone had heard/had any experience of the programme at Boots (as well as the poo thing).

    May we all be successful however we manage to achieve our goals x

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    Hi MHG!

    Boots are doing a weight loss programme for £10 per week for 12 weeks thats £120!! If you get them from the docs it would only cost you for 2 perscriptions making it £22 odd for the 12 weeks :!: :!: As the girlies have said thought only a gp could prescribe these blueys for you. I feel they are cashing in on the 'diet'.

    Dont worry about the side effects deal with them as they happen they're not that bad that you cant cope smile

    Keep us informed and we're here for any help!!

    Li'l jan

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    I agree with MHG about MSG needing to be a bit more careful how she phrases her posts as they do come across a bit patronising at times reading through the other threads.

    Not heard of boots doing that. My Doctor has been good in terms of giving me diet info and goals to set myself. Only had a couple of accidents but it was my own fault eating too much fat especially at mother in laws house for dinner just had to eat didn't want to be rude!! But I paid the price!

    Overall I would recommend them but everyone is different and they can affect people in different ways.

    Good luck whatever you decide.

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    To 'MHG' & Guest,

    Just gotta say MSG has been a source of inspiration on this forum :!: :!: She is speaking from experience and knowledge and I for one dont feel she is PATRONISING at all :!: :!: she is speaking from her own opinion if somebody else feels its patronising then they need to remember it is only one persons opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    If you feel that way about someone, then leave it up to others to form their own opinion. (sorry to keep saying opinion!) I personally feel MSG has the knowledge of the pharmaceutical field whether it be passed on in a 'patronising' way or factual way we are left to draw our own conclusions.

    Lil jan

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    Dont give us TOOT TOOT MSG is OOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    STAY ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT let a couple of ???????whatevers get you off of here!!!!!!!!!!!! you have been a source of inspiraton to a LOT of people!!!!! and I'm sure I'm NOT ALONE in saying this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As you say 'SOME' people cannot take the truth of someones say so!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU have been on this forum HELPING SOOOOOOOOO many people including ME!!!! YOUR KNOWLEDGE is MUCH NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!

    People who cannot read and take or leave advice without criticising are narrow minded!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dont go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i thought this was a place to get help and support with taking orlistat and weight loss,lately seems to be a place to have a go at each other.....for some.I havent been on here long but i have found MSG'S threads always interesting to read,offering advice and support.U can read all the threads etc in the world but in the end the only person that can deal with the weight problems are ourselves,im 39 now and have been trying to do just that for many years.Like MSG has said any advice given doesnt have to be taken,its personal choice.I wouldnt like to see you go MSG but if you do my best wishes for the futurexxx smile
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    :cry: awwwww MSG dont & Skye's sister are with you on the honesty thing!! The difference with me is if I think someone is asking (imo!) a 'silly' or patronising question then I just dont reply, at least you have the bottle to respond!!

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion people and if you dont like it then dont respond!

    K :D

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    Hi Dawn,

    I TOTALLY agree with you!!!!!!!!!! this forum is about advice and other peoples experiences!!!!!!!!! I dont want to 'have a go' at other people but there are some people who dont want to take advise from other people who know what they are talking about, but that is the whole idea of a 'forum' if someone wants to take the advise or not its up to them.

    As I said to a friend who asked advice from a nutricianist (oops spelling) 'you have the advice its up to you what you do with it'. We all ask for advise, if we take it on board or not its up to us.

    Since being on this forum I've had lots of help from people like MSG who are going through the same experience but because of her line of work, has that little edge of the pharmaceuticle (spelling!) side that helps, how she puts that across (to me has been fine) has no meaning, its the info that we need and have received from her.

    Heres hoping this forum gets BACK to the NICE, FRIENDLY, IF YOU NEED HELP I'M HERE FORUM IT WAS, lets say the forum it was on Friday 5th Sept then I'm sure we can all get back on track, no nasties!!!!!!!! more support eh girls??!!!!!!!!!!!

    Li'l jan

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    Hi all

    Can I just remind you all that if you feel a post is unsuitable you can report by clicking on the red exclamation mark.

    Melbi x

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    thanks for all your support girls

    Ive lost over 4 stone on my own and want to pass my knowledge on!

    As youve all said girls keep posting wink ive every right to do so

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