Anyone else on Metoprolol and an antidepressant?

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I've been on 40 mg of Citalopram (generic of Celexa) for five years now, for general anxiety. It's been working great for me, and a life changer.

?Last week, I had a major increase in anxiety (actually the first bad anxiety episode I've experienced in 5 years). I thought the Citalopram had "pooped out" as they say, so I went in to the doctor's fully expecting to get a new antidepressant prescription. Much to my surprise, they found I had an irregular heartbeat. At first they thought it might be A-fib due to my family history: my Mom, brother, grandma, and several aunts have all had A-fib episodes. The ekg showed that it wasn't A-fib; just an irregular heartbeat with an extra beat sometimes. I later found out my Dad has the same thing, and is also on Metoprolol.

?Anyway, I prescribed 25mg of Metoprolol twice a day. The doctor said it's fine to take with the Citalopram, but of course I'm nervous about it ;-).

?Has anyone else been on both prescriptions at the same time? Are there other beta blockers that would be a better choice to take when taking an antidepressant? On the flip side, are some antidepressants better suited to take with metoprolol? Should I consider asking the doctor about lowering my dose of 40 mg citalopram to 20 mg?

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    I despise Metoprolol!!!!!

    Worst thing I ever took 

    You’ll find my thread and more here on the site 

    It’s my personal experience with the medicine I think it’s poison I was on it and I became so ill I had to taper off of it and it took me a very long time to get it out of my system it was the most horrendous medication I have ever been on. 

    Please talk to your doc again 

    Also search the site you will find many people that have gone through similar bad experiences with this terrible medication 

    Don’t do anything drastic like stop the medication just because of what you read here make sure you speak to your doctor personally before doing anything

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    Hello kelly58470...If you scroll through the forum where there's heavy discussion about Metropolol, you'll find that most of us had a myriad of problems with Metropolol. I was taking that medication about 2 1/2 yrs ago, & experienced terrible headaches because of it. The headaches were so bad, I thought my head was coming off. I'd take the meds say around 7.30am, then at, the headache was pounding. You could set your watch when the headache started. I was taking 25mg 2xdaily. I went back to the Dr., & we took a vacation from the Metropolol. Considering I was on it a short time,the wean process was also short. Then came problems whatsoever. I asked about the two medications when talking to a Pharmacist friend. I was told that one is water soluable, & the other is fat soluable..there IS a difference, so don't let anyone tell you differently. Beta blockers help to not only lower bp, but it lowers the heart rate as well. What you were experiencing re the 'extra beats' could have been what is known as premature ventricular contractions. You'd be surprised at the number of people who experience them. A doctor in the emergency room told me at one time that he experiences those as well, & he was just in his mid-30's. He said they are benign...not to to worry about unless they flutter constantly say for about 5 seconds or more. Usually, they're just a 'flutter', then the beats are as they should be. 

    IF you are nervous of taking the Citalopram with the Metroprolol, why not ask the pharmacist about it? After all, THEY are the ones who are the specialists when it comes to drugs. To answer a question, yes there are other beta blockers, i.e. Atenolol, etc...Again, I hated the Metropolol. Once the headaches stopped, I knew full well that Metropolol was the culprit.

    If you've had a chance to read Tee19's post, you'll see her life was a living hell with Metropolol. As for consulting your Doctor about lowering the dose of Citalopram from 40mg to 20mg...that's a decision you & your doctor must come to. I'd be inclined to ask that the Metropolol be reduced from 50mg down to 25mg, & I'd also ask "do I really need to take 50mg?". I'm a believer in starting out with a lower dosage if the situation fits it. The dosage can always be upped IF necessary. The higher the dosage, the higher the risk of side effects.

    Let us know how you get on.

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      Thanks for the replies:-)!

      ?I ended up going back in to the doctor today, because I didn't get any sleep last night. I see insomnia is a side effect of Metoprolol;-). My heart rate was regular, my BP fine, so my doctor said I could wean off the Met. I just have to take 25 mg in the morning for two more days. have read lots of bad side effects about it. If I do have to go on another beat blocker, I'll insist they put me on something else.

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    Hello again kelly58470...glad you went back to the Dr. I sill assume you were taking the Metropolol for just a week. 

    I'd venture a guess that your heart rate was normal because you weren't having any pvc's at the time. This is a great thing! As for the weaning, you're now on 25mg/day...If you don't mind a suggestion, I'd be inclined to take the 25mg...every other day...then 12.5 every other day...then quit. Your pharmacist can help you with that as well.

    One thing I've learned...any med ending in lol just like the laugh we a beta blocker. They do serve their purposes, but some are horrid, i.e. the Metropolol. Again, the Atenolol works well for me.

    Glad all worked out for you. Take care.

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    I am 23 male and I take metoprolol with very small dose of mirtazapine for 7 months. Metoprolol was the best medicine I have ever taken. My anxiety is non existent on it as I had terrible heart palpitations from anxiety. I didn't experience any side effects besides feeling a little tired.

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      That’s great it worked for you.  I’m sure with any drug there’s always a small percentage of people that works for but for the most part this drug is very much a bad drug and the majority of people that take it have issues with it you can find all sorts of comments about it on various sites but I am happy that it worked for you personally I will never touch that poison again 

       Even my pharmacist is not a fan of this medication and has seen many people sick on it 

      Again it’s great it worked for you. :-)

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