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  • christine 20029 2

    Bisoprolpl Fumarate

    Been taking Bisoprolpl since February due to rapid heartbeat after allergic reaction. What l would like to know is if anyone is experiencing same horrible side effects as l am? My nose for the last month has what l can only describe as swollen membrane inside. It's driving me mad and is there 24/7. Doctor...

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  • peter01729 3

    Seems beta-blockers have given me Asthma

    Never had asthma in my life. AS soon as they put me on Bisoprolol I complained it felt as if my lungs no longer worked, they then put me on Solotolol which gave me a terrible cough, GP told me to stop taking the Solotolol and within two days, the cough became bareable but lasted for seven weeks until...

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  • prfxshn 2

    Atenolol & Anxiety

    I have been off of Atenolol for approximately 5 months now.  When I was taking this drug, I took it twice a day for approximately two months.  Never in my life have I experienced issues with anxiety, until I came off of Atenolol.  It has gotten to the point to where I am even unable to consume anything...

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  • christine 20029 2

    Beeb taking Bisoprol for 4 months and never felt so ill

    I had an allergic reaction last August to Volterol and it caused my heart to beat extremely fast. After a consultation with a cardiologists l was prescribed Bisoprol 1.25mg. Since then l have felt unwell every day due to my nose feeling as though the membranes are swollen, and my breathing feels tight.l...

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  • XoMonkey 3


    Hello all. Am just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with starting nadolol 40mg daily? I'm 17 and have been taking it for 2 days and I have already noticed a difference but also some side effects. Can anyone give some feedback of it? It's quite uncommon as I see, so...

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  • peter01729 3

    Feel as if my brain has been damaged.

    I was put on Bisopolol on Boxing day, I only took half the dosage so 1.25mg as they made me feel so bad. One of the syptoms was they made me feel like a drunk Zombie. Middle of March, and I was put on Sotalol instead, I only took this for a couple of weeks as I developed a bad cough so my GP told me...

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  • angela192 3

    Bisoprolol Fumarate

    After a trip to A & E and short stay on cardiac ward, tests showed I had an episode of Coronary spasm. I have been given Bisoprolol Fumarate 2.5 mg for this.   I am on my 2nd day of taking and I have felt a bit spaced out and weird.  I hope it will pass when my system gets used to it.    

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  • time2reclaim 2
  • bryce58203 2

    Propranolol low body temp?

    I've noticed over the last week my temp has been as low as 96.9 and as high as 99.4. I'm very sensitive to the cold and have cold feet and hands 24/7 since starting on propranolol

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  • DH59 2

    Stopping metoprolol

    I have only been taking metoprolol since mid-February, having had a couple of episodes of palpitations/fluttering during the night. My ECGs have been more or less OK, says the doc. He referred me for a holter monitor, but that took six weeks further until the fitting. I felt a flutter while I had the...

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  • jane32307 2


    haveing flu like symptons running nose blocked nose feel ruff and a bad throat been on these a long time anyone else have this please

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  • jason38170 2

    Metoprolol 25mg once twice a day

    A recently stop taking metoprolol 25mg they prescribed to me for high blood pressure and 4.1 aortic aneurysm but i stop taking the medication becouse of my fatigue and nausea all day is been a week and im feeling lightheaded all day does anyone knows how long the side effects take to go away i have...

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  • dashanora 1

    Beta-blocker for women with lowBP

    Hello, I was prescribed atenolol to lower my racing heart and palpitations. However, I have low-blood pressure (100/55). and it goes to 80/43 when taking beta-blocker. Is there a HR lowering drug that does not interfere with blood pressure?  About me: 27 years old, Hashimotos, taking low dose Synthroid. 

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  • peter01729 3

    Worried about taking Sotalol

    Following an angio-gram, I have been taken off Bisoprolol and proscribed Sotalol. Now I had been proscribed 2.5mg of Bisoprolol, but would only take half my proscribed daily dose and even then I had such severe side effects that they told me not to come to work until things are sorted following our work...

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  • mlacnik12 1

    Do all beta blockers help with anxiety, social interactions etc.?

    Im probably getting some beta blockers for hypertension im 17 yrs old and doctors gotta do some researches before giving me the treatment- doc mentioned beta blockers would be the best. i also have social anxiety and do get the sweaty hands and blushes when talking to people ( in 60%) . i am wondering...

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  • jeni1973 1

    Beta blockers and ED

    I'm in a new relationship and my boyfriend takes a beta blocker for his anxiety. Recently it has started to cause him some erectile dysfunction (at least that's what he thinks it is). He is very upset by this and I don't want to make him feel any worse by asking him a lot of questions. I'm not sure...

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  • maribel86463 3

    Cartia XT

    I take two doses of metoprolol 25mg a day and then Cartia XT 120mg a day. Just recently I noticed I started to get a rash on my hands and a little on my stomach after I started taking the Cartia. My doctor had me stop the dose. Has this ever happened to anyone? Please help.

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  • eileen95493 1
  • barbara78921 2


    I had a severe heart attack Feb.23, 2016. I have 3 stents, the medicated stents. I am taking Carvedilol 3.125 mg 2x a day, for the beta-blocker. I don't have high blood pressure. I am also taking Atorvastatin 40 mg 1x at bed time. Clopidogrel 75 mg 1x a day am. I am ill, my chest area feels like I have...

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  • shirlmeister 1
  • ryan1947 2


    Was doing well with Linsinopril and Asprine in bringing down my BP 180's to 130's over 18 months.  New doctor has turned my life upside down, starting with adding Amlodipine - last less than a week.  Now he started me on Carvedilol 50 MG a day.  Lasted four days - train wreck.  I see that Carvedilol...

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  • Bigmarlon34 2

    Very bad joint pain, on carvedilol

    My bp stays around 120/80 for most part, I was diagnosed with afib about month ago, I was put on 3.15 mg once daily for high bp and afib, sometimes when I get nervous it will go up to 140/90 but stays around there or lower sometimes 106/60, my question is, is it the beta blocker that may cause the stingy,...

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  • misssunshine10 3
  • mel50427 1

    Why would I not be prescribed Atenolol?

    I used to take 25mg Atenolol and it controlled my blood pressure well and I didn't have any side effects. I then was taken off of it by my doctor as it was such a minimal amount. Unfortunately a couple of years later it was found that my blood pressure was up again. When going back to my GP, they prescribed...

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  • kay47586 1
  • eileen95493 1
  • nykphenom221 3

    Can doing this with beta blockers damage the heart?

    About 2 months ago i took atenolol 25-50mg for about 5 days then i switched over to bystolic 2.5 mg until the 7th day then i stopped completely all together. I did this because i got hired for a job and i was getting a really fast heartbeat that wouldnt go away without the meds. These were all old beta...

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  • Clearwater163 2

    Taking beta blockers for palpatations for overactive throid

    I am taking half beta prograne for over active thyroid 3 weeks now last week the palpitations seemed under control but since 2 nights ago there back stronger and also starting to feel anxious again did this ever happen anyone else? I feel all my symptoms are returning before u was Starr treatment

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  • m32563 2


    Ok so i just had an attack of svt my hr went up to 134 then as quick it went up, it went back down all with in a couple of mins.. Has anyone else experience that.

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  • zcastle 2

    Atenolol and insomnia?

    I've been taking 50mg of Atenolol 1x per day for two weeks. Since I started taking it, I haven't slept more than a few hours a night. I lay awake until the early hours of the monring. Is this normal? Will it go away as my body adjusts to the atanolol or should I stop taking it? I'm getting desperate. 

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  • simoneg 3

    Terrified of atenolol.

    I was recently diagnosed with PSVT and my doctor prescribed me 25 mg of atenolol 1 x daily. I know this medication is supposed to lower your heart rate & blood pressure. My normal BP is anywhere from 105/59 to 133/80 it just varies & my normal resting HR is about 75 without the medication. I'm just extremely...

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  • Cezzy46 2

    Carvedilol & swollen glands

    Has anyone had swollen &/or painful glands after taking Carvedilol or any other Beta Blocker? If so, how long did this last & did you need to change medication? I have been on Carvedilol for 10 days. Other new meds started at the same time; Furosemide & Ramipril. Have had some nausea, but that's been...

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  • liz57 2

    going for ct angiogram

    Hello ireceived an appt for above .I already take 2.5 bendroflumethazide,2x25 mg atenolol.1 x10 mg doxasacin plus 4x5mg diazepam.15mg mitrazapine and others .The letter says I must take 10mg bystolic or the procedure won''t be done ,I am very worried .Anyone else taken this when already on betablocker ...

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  • hectorjackson 1

    Beta blockers, anxiety, asthma

    I've got a presentation coming up tomorrow and I have a phobia of doing them, they terrify me and give me physical effects of anxiety (increased heartbeat, sweaty hands, lose the ability to talk etc.) My doctor gave me some beta blockers but only 10mg as I have very mild asthma. I just took one and...

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  • m32563 2

    svt and anxiety

    or i was diagnosed with svt in 09 but never had another svt attack again, here about a week ago started having symptoms of svt again but my hr would go back down on its ow , i do also have anxiety im on meds for, so my pcc gave me atenolol and seen my cardio person and he gave me more, ive took it for...

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