Breathing on beta blockers

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They put me on metoprolol a week and half ago but it caused me to habe a hard time taking in a deep breath. Now my cardiologist has put me on bisprolol for distolic dysfuction. I still have a hard time taking in deep breaths just not as bad. When will this go away?

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    Have you ever had asthma?

    Do you have a wheeze?

    Have they measured your peak flow?

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      They have never checked my peak flow. Not sure what that is. My o2 is always at 97 98. I dont have a hard time breathing just this need to take a deep breath and sometimes cant. No wheezing or coughing or anything. No asthma
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      Spo2 97 is fantastic. That rules out lung problems.

      Its mostlikely cardiac. What caused your diastolic failure?

      Is the breathlessness associated with exercise?

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      I forgot to ask the cardiologist what caused it. Its possible the pulmonary embolism in November 2016 did. I dont know. I guess its not bad cardiologist said i wont die from it. I just need to lose weight which i will be headed to the gym next week. The feeling of taking a deep breath could be when walking around usually and sometimes sitting down. It has goten better since being off the metoprolol but still there.
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      Ya i have had a ton of ct scans nothing left of them. Came off blood thinners in may and been on asprin amd fish oil since. I had a crr scan a couple weeks ago an came back negative.
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      So its either cardiac strain (caused by whatever it is which has caused the heart failure) or its atypical angina. I think its probably the latter.

      Do you know whether its right or left ventricle that is affected?

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      So its not due to the PE then - it would be right if it were due to the PE.

      Do you have high blood pressure or a murmur?

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      Used to habe a slightly fast heart rate till beta blocker
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    Never in my experience. As soon as they put me on Bisprolol one of the symptoms I immediately described was feeling as if my lungs don't work. They then tried me on Solotalol after the minute dose of Bisprolol brought me to near collapse with a heart beat of 42 after oxygen. The day they put me on Solotalol I developed a bad cough.

    I have not been on any beta blockers now since end of March, it is now mid-November, I still have the cough and I still have the lung problem, they have done many tests and say there is nothing wrong with my lungs, prior to beta-blockers I could climb flights and flights of stairs in the company of youngsters who would be out of breath. The NHS refuse to acknowledge that I could still be effected by beta blockers and say it was a coincidence the problems started the same day or they put in down to anxiety I certainly dont feel I have. Therefore the NHS are never going to cure me. My personal feelings are that the beta blockers damaged my autonomic nervous system as many automatic systems of my body no longer work correctly, I no longer feel hunger for instance, my heart beat varies wildly doing the same nothing. Breathing, I sometimes feel I am suffocating but get face tingling as I then hyperventilate, it feels as if I have to consciously breathe rather than it being automatic, hence, when I go to sleep now my oxygen level falls to dangerously low levels, click on little image below. Oxygen levels should be between 95 and 100 %, mine vary between 99% but at night or when I am sitting doing nothing they drop dangerously low. I therefore feel exhausted all the time now and have been off work since the incident in March with the beta blockers.      

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      Wow. I haven't had any o2 problems. They cant do anything for you?

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      The Cardiac doctor had arranged lung function tests which showed my lungs ok, so he is putting it down to anxiety as a get out clause and not doing any more tests. So I went to one of the GPs at my surgery with a whole list of problems, she decided the low oxygen at night was sleep apnea and has arranged a sleep study in January, I dont think its sleep apnea as you can see my oxygen is constantly low, not just occasionally with a spike that causes one to wake up suffocating which doesnt happen to me. So last week I went to a different GP and just mentioned my persistent cough, she arranged a chest X ray the same day and I am to see her in a couple of days.
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      Im so sorry your going through this. How old.are you if yo u dont mind me asking. Im 36.

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