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Tee19 Tee19

Metoprolol. Tapering off. Side effects. Horrible drug!

Metoprolol has been the worst medication I've ever been on. After a year of not knowing what was making me sick we found out it's this poison. I have never suffered so much and now after so much I found out it was this medication which I was given for hypertension. I've always ran but high and I believe I in fact have white coast hypertension I have MS so it's hard to know what's wha. Unclearly this drug ruined my life. I was 5"8 145lbs after losing a lot of weight from the pesky steroids I was given initially for MS then this drug in one year (despite healthy eating) packed on 30lbs and gave me a list of horrific side effects to include swelling chest pressure burning in arms sleep disturbances extreme dizziness depression I never thought possible. I'm slowly tapering off as no one warns you how risky stopping this drug is. Into week 2 of taper and it's hard

I have a tough time with MS but was never this sick

Also doctors hand this crap out like nothing despite FDA warnings. Anyone else go through this? I can't wait to be rid of this poison in me. My anxiety is off the charts

I can't believe I agreed to take this Med. I trusted my doctor. Never again. Have been to ER very sick 3 times. Even ER doc said it's not a good Med to treat HTN of any kind

Thank you for your time

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  • maribel86463 maribel86463 Tee19

    Well not exactly what you felt but yes I did have some very unpleasant side effects. I got rhinitis, tinnitus, and acid reflux. Everything went away except for the tinutus and yes I hope I don't ever have to take it again either. Mine was for cardiac arrhythmia.

    • annie78444 annie78444 maribel86463

      hi, i got acid reflux and lots of abdominal cramps/gas - these are on my  PIL leaflet - and have now gone, but it was only after 6 months that i got persistent ear pain, for over 3 months, still have, do not think i would call it tinnitus, it started with balance issues, which have subsided,  i had not connected this as a possible effect, but have now seen that bbs are ototoxic, but not sure what this means, thanks for the info, will check out

    • Tee19 Tee19 maribel86463

      Thank you Maribel. How long did you take it and are you off it totally? I wish I had never heard of this or taken this drug

      Annie below mentioned ear pain and I have it too but never associated the two. Thanks for your help

    • maribel86463 maribel86463 Tee19

      Well let's 2 months I believe. My dosage of meto was 175mg 2 times a day. Figure that. Me too I wish there was something different to take for these situations. You welcome hope you get better ☺

  • annie78444 annie78444 Tee19

    my whole experience, 13 months since started nebivolol, on it only 4 months before taper of a few weeks, but repercussions due to all the ill health ongoing, like you i no longer trust any doctor as try to discuss and you get little help.  it is possible that people like ourselves with autoimmune conditions may be more affected by bbs, i do not know - i do not have your condition, but 2 others - one still affected, and yes, i have gained weight, but after stopping, nothing is the same as when i started.  if you are weaning off, take care as you will prob have more adrenalin/other hormones circulating than you have ever experienced, and any stress will increase these to levels that are hard to handle, you may also feel very odd indeed. hope things work out

    • Tee19 Tee19 annie78444

      Thank you Annie

      WOW I've had a persistent earache for months and the feeling of water in my ears. Drops haven't done much. Was even put on a small round of antibiotics. I never associated the two

      i wish I had never taken it. Thanks for the input. Very grateful

  • ann c.04098 ann c.04098 Tee19

    Tee i agree, it is a horrible drug with lots of side effects... I take it because I have a fib.. however, I do not bleieve the numbers of 140/90 are the correct numbers for everyone.  I still use 100 + youar age to be correct..  Personally I don't care what the medical profession says as many of them are wrong and the new numbers have been put in place by the drug companies..

    • ann c.04098 ann c.04098 Tee19

      Until  a few years ago a system was in place for decades that a persons BP was measured by 100 + adding the persons age.. it was considered normal.. of course now it makes the doctors and drug compaies happy to sell drugs by lowering the number considerably for everyone regardless of age.. Really?  How can they sit there with a straight face and say someone age 20 will have the same blood pressure as an 80 year old.. I don't buy that.. and of course  they will cut us some slack by saying "the new research" says it's ok for elders to have 150/90 bp.. All this research is to make money and often funder by these companies to "research" and make money...

    • Tee19 Tee19 ann c.04098

      I agree with you lock stock and barrel. Thanks for explaining it. Makes sense to me. All this so-called new research is just nothing more but to pad the pockets of these pharmaceutical companies anything positions it is absolutely sickening what medicine has become

  • mike92384 mike92384 Tee19

    Tee19...Although some people don't believe it, there is a difference between Metropolol and Atenolol even though both are beta blockers.

    A few years back, say about 3...I was taking approx. 50mg Metropolol/daily. During that time, I was experiencing very bad headaches to the point where they scared me. I finally complained to who was my Dr. at the time. He told me to wean off it, which of course is a must. About 2 years ago, he put me on Atenolol 25mg/2xdaily. Atenolol does not give me a headache at all. A pharmacist whom I trust implicitly & who gives me great advice even though I'm not a customer at that pharmacy, told me that Metropolol crosses the blood brain barrier., whereas Atenolol does not, so perhaps this was the difference which was causing the headaches. 

    The Dr. I had..wasn't a good fit for me, & I was very uncomfortable on the journey to see him, while I was waiting my turn, & in his presence. He spent far too much time on the computer & I didn't know if he was listening to me half the time. He also was a young cocky know-it-all, or so it seemed to me. So, I made enquiries, & returned to my previous Dr in whom I have 100000% faith. I asked about taking the Atenolol just 1x daily., rather than splitting the 50mg tablet in two, & taking 1/2 tablet in the morning, then the other half in the afternoon. He said that of course I could do that. I was still ingesting 50mg, no matter how I did it. The pharmacist said exactly the same thing, in fact she said to me..."the Atenolol is meant to be taken just 1x daily", & she couldn't understand why the previous Dr. had me taking 1/2 in the morning, then 1/2 in the afternoon.

    I think what I'm getting at here Tee, is that there are certainly different beta blockers. I did find the Metropolol a threat for whatever reason, most likely because of the horrid headaches I was experiencing while on it. 

    Whatever you do, do NOT suddenly stop taking the MUST be weaned. Get your Pharmacist to suggest a weaning plan.

    Good luck!!

    • ann c.04098 ann c.04098 mike92384

      Definately what Mike92384 says is correct.. I was on Nadalol, another beta blocker, which caused no side effects by not crossing the blood brain barrier, trouble is I was misdiagnosed .. Nadalol is given to folks who have renal failure which I do not.. Fast forward to another doctor and I am now on Metoprolol it does a better job but my concern is it is made in India, a place where water is not fit to drink..

    • Tee19 Tee19 mike92384

      Hello Mike. Thank you. Believe me I'm on a very careful 4-6 week taper. Going into week two. I'll never touch another one of these drugs again. I appreciate all the info. I'm furious as I have been through hell on this drug and I'm going through a lot tapering off but I'll get through it. What the hell is wrong with these doctors. So quick yo throw a pill without looking into it. I should have done my homework and failed but I trusted my doc today's medicine is all fun like a fast food drive through.

      I sincerely appreciate your help

      Looking all the way back in my records previous docs where I used to live I ran a bit high in my BP but they were never worried due to great land and felt I was just anxious even making notes on it in my chart

      I just don't know if I warranted this drug and it hasn't done anything but turn my life upside down

      I'm trying to slowly and safely get through this. My anxiety is high and I hope it goes well

      Trying to remain calm as I can through it

      Thank you again Mike. So kind of you to share your story

    • Tee19 Tee19 ann c.04098

      Ann. Yes. I've heard of drugs in India making people very ill. Please investigate that. Check and track where your drugs are from. Please be safe. I will never touch this poison again regardless who makes it. I'm going slow on the taper and keeping notes

      The misdiagnosis they made with you is just awful.

      Thanks for your input

  • Tee19 Tee19


    In week 2 of the tapering off this poison. Unable to sleep. Terrible stomach. No matter what I eat or how little I eat. Imodium is my friend I hope this eases up. I can't believe to this day I ever ingested this stuff

    • annie78444 annie78444 Tee19

      Hi, Tee, sorry to hear things bad at moment..  when you were stated on this drug, how lnmg did it take for your site effects to start, and  what were they? wondered as at  thought i was just ill, and that was why i needed the meds, maybe you might try even slower cutting mack?

    • annie78444 annie78444

      could not find how to correct the above!  meant how long did it take for your side effects to starts, what were they, did they change over the months, regarding mine, i first thought what i now realise were side effects were the result of me being ill, they were so strange.  I was suggesting possibly you try even slower cutting back....i thought i could cope but by time i had been not using my beta-b (also lipophilic and crossing the blod brain barrier)  at all for a week or two the adrenalin surge was starting to kick in causing me to feel constantly spaced out - and worse followed. take care

    • Tee19 Tee19 annie78444

      Hi Annie. Thanks for the note. I was on 50mgs am and pm (100mgs total per day). I reported symptoms early on but was told stay on it and give it time. I had so much going on I just overlooked it and then it became real bad in the last few months

      I had leg swelling, immediate weight gain foggy brain anxiety chest pressure and a bad stomach and several other things)

      And I also thought it was related to another health issue but I was and always have eaten heathy don't smoke don't drink and I excercise a few times a week. All that came crashing down hard and I sunk into a dark depression which I've never been depressed

      My taper schedule is 6 weeks. That's how careful I'm doing this. I'm just do upset at this whole thing. Never again will I let this happen. Docs and drug companies get $$$. we get sick!

      Good hearing from you. Love this site. Helps to know I'm not alone or crazy

    • Tee19 Tee19

      Annie. I also developed extreme dizziness ear pain and can only use my phone for a computer. Can't sit in my chair looking at desktop without getting sick. I have to sleep many nights in a recliner. Can't sleep in bed with feeling pressure in chest. It's awful

    • annie78444 annie78444 Tee19

      Hi, Tee, Thanks, Yes i had chest pressure, an alsmost clasping feeling of my throat, and breathing diffs, the breathing was tested and i was told ok, later i asked for the graph and did not get it, then it seemed something could be not quite right but i was never given the documents.  Later i found at least the one i was on should not be used by asthmatics - i am not, but have had, in the past,  some breathing problems needing medication, when i was living in polluted areas. i have found that the type of beta cells that are blocked on the heart are also blocked partially on the lungs by at least the meds i had.  i also, like you, had a bad stomach, but bouts, so at first i thought it was a strange virus, And, like you, as the meds took effect, i described myself to doctors as feeling as if i was walking thru mud, every movement was so difficult, getting upstairs was a strain on my heart, and it had never been before, i felt half dead, enjoyment of life was going (interestingly one man on either this or another forum said he felt like a corpse!). Ankles got swollen, etc etc i could go on for ages!

    • annie78444 annie78444 Tee19

      That's interesting - i hadhad a slight prob with screens, that went on the meds (one thing did get better, as GP commented!), but as i started weaning off it was back big time, then it faded and the over adrenalin months kicked in, then it was back to serious balance probs, which coulld have not been linked, who knows, as i had a succession of long viruses, i feel my immune system was upset by the meds, and did find one study showing there was some sort of not very good  immune effect on healthy athletes who took the meds. Best wishes, well over a year after i started them, i feel i hope i am now over the effects, i hope the time you have to go thru is shorter

    • Tee19 Tee19 annie78444

      Hi Annie. Thanks for writing. The support truly helps. Hate that others are going through this but at least I no longer feel crazy. The effects of these drugs are very real. Even if test results look ok doesn't mean we aren't feeling it. Doctors can be so aggravating. Interestingly today I found out labs drawn in the ER actually came back with elevated liver enzymes which I've never had before even when I was given strong MS meds. I firmly believe this is a result of the Metoprolol.  What a horrible drug 

      I'm on my 2nd week tapering off this crap and my heart rate stays within 60-72 and BP around 140/85 which before my numbers were high but they always are at the doctors and at the hospital 

      I've had this weird electrical feeling going across my chest but it was last night then resolved. I'm still having trouble with dizziness and my eyes feel heavy this week as in I'm always tired I sit down and end up taking a nap. That's not normal for me. 

      Right now my dosing is 50mgs in the am and 1/2 of 50mgs in the pm.   Next week I cut back a bit more. 

      I appreciate you staying in touch. What a mess this is. Never again. 

      Have a great evening 

  • annie78444 annie78444 Tee19

    thanks, Tee, this has helped me also, esp you mentioning the liver enzymes, i have never had raised ones yet last test one was at the top of the ok limit for women, GP said fine, but mine have always been at the lower ok level, having more tests next week

    • Tee19 Tee19 annie78444

      It's 0715 am where I live. I had the worst night ever. BP spikes and just overall feeling horrible, agitated and then I became so cold. I had this surge of an adrenaline rush that was awful. I didn't even want to go to sleep for fear I wouldn't wake up. My hubby sat up with me and then I dozed off and just woke up. I woke up with such an ache throughout my body and slight headache. I'm trying not to be anxious for what the day will bring but it's this drug taper. It has to be. Praying and hoping I get past this. I'm only towards the end of week two of the tapering. 

      Any thoughts??   Thank you. First time I e been afraid of this 

    • annie78444 annie78444 Tee19

      Sadly, i don't have any suggestions, though in some threads posters suggest a very very slow wean off, over at least 6 months. Maybe there is someone else who can help on this forum.  From the threads i have seen, everyone is different in how they react. For myself, i realised that any stress was seriously damaging, even happy stress, and this included even a small brisk walk - as any extra adrenalin on top of the excess already there was dangerous... When at last i got back to the hosp that prescribed the stuff - there seemed no recognition of what i was attempting to describe, and just the comment that i was fine now, and that two of my conditions and beta blockers did not mix, or similar - i may not recall the exact words, i was so surprised, as that dept had prescribed them...there is, i now find, something called the 'beta blocker withdrawal phenomenon' that some do have - problem is i can find nothing about beta blockers and autoimmune diseases.

    • Tee19 Tee19 annie78444

      Thank you Annie. It angers me. I did read no excercise through coming off this poison and I've been careful. It was such a bad night.  Doctors need to stop handing this out. I have MS and clearly this doesn't mix well. No one cared to investigate that and yes I know how they act like " oh well, it didn't work for you. No biggie".  Many have stopped cold turkey. I can't imagine. 

      We had terrible heat (weather) which is hard on me but it's cooled down a bit. Summers here are horrible hot and humid as we are surrounded by water at sea level.  Stany last night I was freezing cold. I had to use the heat pad and blankets and could not warm up. One other thing I've battled that doesn't help is I have severe anemia. I had to undergo 6 weeks of IV iron. Not fun 

      Have a wonderful day 

  • ann c.04098 ann c.04098 Tee19

    Tee another thing they don't tell you is to stay out of the sun when your are on a beta blocker.. it will take you down quickly..  As you can see by most of my posts I have very little use for the medical profession in general.. and with good reason I might add..

    • Tee19 Tee19 ann c.04098

      Hello Ann C.  Had no idea about the sun. Thank you. I decided today that I'm taking control of my health. I'm done trusting the medical profession. I will be at my 3 mos check ups to get the two safe meds I have for MS (not MS meds. Those are awful too) but if they try to give me anything else I'll politely said. NO!!! I'm in charge now. This won't happen to me again. I start week 3 of the taper Sunday. Praying hard because last night was bad 

      May I ask everyone's highest BP and current numbers please 

      Thank you so much to all 


  • mike92384 mike92384 Tee19

    Tee19...bp readings amongst people will vary. What's ok with one, won't be with another. My Dr. will accept 140/80 as no big deal taking factors like age, other health issues, etc into account. He won't boost the meds just on a 140/80 reading. He's very understanding as well if the reading gets higher because of whatever stress I may be dealing with, etc. If one isn't feeling well, then the bp will be raised.That's the body's mechanism of telling you there's something wrong, & this is how it reacts.

    It's very hot in the summers where I am as well..but it's not so much the's the humidity. For the past several days, we've had hot/humid weather, but so far this morning, it has cooled, with a threat of rain. We've had a lot of that too. I'm not a summer person by any stretch because I hate the humidity. When on holiday I go where it's hot (Mexico) but I can swim, enjoy cold drinks, & escape to an air-conditioned room. Heat can have an affect on a person taking meds, & there's a lot of meds out there that warn the patient not to be in the sun for very long. Over exposure to the sun's rays can cause severe burning. As mentioned in an earlier post, I didn't do well with Metropolol at all because of severe headaches, but when I started taking the Atenolol, there wasn't a problem. Again, the diference being is that the Metropolol crosses the blood brain barrier, whereas the Atenolol does not. I'm only on 50mg/daily, but for some, that may be quite a bit. You're doing all you can to help yourself feel better, & your weaning program is the best..wean slowly/gradually. 

    • Tee19 Tee19 mike92384

      Thank you Mike I have a very informative email you're fortunate to have such a sensible physician caring for you the humidity here kills me is I also have MS but this is our last summer here we're moving to the mountains in a couple months where there's virtually no humidity and nothing but wonderful cool air. 

      I've had a headache the last few days when I wake up. I think weather and this taper is the cause. Thank you for great info 

  • Tee19 Tee19

    Having horrible symptoms today. Upset stomach. Cramping. Dizziness and I go from freezing to hot and then adrenaline rushes. Why oh why did I ever take this poison.  How do I get through this. Going to an ER won't help. Nothing shows up and I'm sure they think I'm crazy at this point. Is all this normal for coming off this horrific stuff?  Anxiety through the roof. 

    In tears. Poor hubby doesn't know what to do. I told him there is t anything. It's the Med that did this. 


    • annie78444 annie78444 Tee19

      Hi, Tee, sorry, as mentioned, i cant help, the agitation has clicked in quickly with you - but then, i was not on Meto, so have no experience of that, if i were you i might think of stopping weaning for a while, and talk with your doctor about changing to the med Mike mentioned. I did not have the adrenalin symptoms until a week or so after total stopping,  and when i started stopping i had already got down to the smallest amount .  i cannot go into detail here, but the first 3 months after those first quieter weeks post stopping were the worst, maybe it might not be a good idea for you to stop bbs totally, and simply try an alternative med for a while.  i did not know about idea this until i read the forum, or i might have done . PS  I did not know this forum was international,  had assumed it was part of i dont  travel, so am ignorant of what it's like in  very hot or very cold, (is Stany in Poland? - i have heard how there are extremes of weather there)..  

    • Tee19 Tee19 annie78444

      Hi Annie. I'm in the United States. I took a bit of aprazolam given to me in case of bad anxiety. I try not to take much especially getting off this poisen. It's calmed me. I'm normally a very strong person. I never act this way. I apologize. This has me a total mess. 

  • Tee19 Tee19

    Does anyone know if a Troponin level of <0.012 is normal 

    And if CK-MB CK2. 0.99 normal?

    Thank you

    Doctor unavailable. I have results but it gives no ranges or anything 

    • mike92384 mike92384 Tee19

      Tee19...from what I was able to find...<0.0l  is the normal level. Yours was at <0.012. As an uneducated guess, I'd venture to say your level was normal or very slightly elevated.

      As per the other you asked about, I don't know what it is, & therefore had trouble finding it.

    • Tee19 Tee19 mike92384

      Thanks. It says CK-MB CK2.  And that 0.99 result   

      I'm wondering if the troponin is elevated because I also have MS because they say that it doesn't have to necessarily be linked to anything cardiac I'm not sure of anything anymore I really do appreciate all of your help Mike thank you so much

    • Tee19 Tee19 mike92384

      I think MB is muscle/brain. Maybe it's a regular CK with that added. Not sure 

      Useless medical people where I live 2 more mos and we move to perm home in a great area with great medical 

    • Tee19 Tee19 mike92384

      Hello again Mike. I just called the ER. I left a message for charge nurse (at lunch) and secretary stated she will call back. I'm hoping they tell me. 

      Today has been so so for the most part but I've had bouts of anxiety which I'm trying to breathe  through but if I need the anti anxiety Med. I'll use it. Just trying not to unless it's bad like the other night 

      I truly do appreciate you very much. Everyone here is great 

    • annie78444 annie78444 Tee19

      hi Tee, i looked up  labtestsonline re your query, and followed from there - "Total CK is no longer requested in people with chest pain who are suspected of having had a heart attack. It was superseded first by one of its isoenzymes, CK-MB, which is more specific for heart muscle damage, and more recently by cardiac troponin. Troponin is highly specific, is more sensitive than CK-MB and remains raised much longer after a heart attack." far as i see it, your tests should be read together, and, you were below 0.012 re the first - 

  • Tee19 Tee19


    Hello all. I'm in week 4 of tapering off Metoprolol.  I'm doing ok. Have had a few more anxiety issues but overall trying to stay calm through it. I'm still a bit worried about when I'm finally off this stuff and any residual effects.  

    For now going a day at a time documenting everything and turning in notes and daily heart rate and BPs once a week to my doctor. 

    Last week I had some real issues with blood sugars and a few other things 

    I wondered how everyone on this thread is doing. I'm so grateful for this site and everyone's help/support 

    • mike92384 mike92384 Tee19

      Hi Tee19....Glad you seem to be doing ok. You're doing the best thing you can do by staying as calm as you can. The worst thing you can do it worry about 'what ifs'. How are you weaning off the Metroprolol???

      When I stopped taking it, there weren't any residual effects. A few months later, I went on the Atenolol. As I mentioned in a previous post, Metroprolol crosses the blood brain barrier, whereas Atenolol does not. 

      I also find these threads to be very helpful. While none of us pretend to be medical people, we try to help each other as much as we can. Gathering opinions noting the different side effects has been very helpful to me. A lot of side effects is what I've been bothered with as well,while some have not been as bad. 

      I'm not referring to beta-blockers, but anything. To be truthful, I'm so tired of getting notifications that some one has commented on Amlodipine..that I won't read them anymore. Some people will bitterly complain about a medication when they haven't even given the medication a chance to do its job. 2-3 days is nothing, & most doctors would tell a patient exactly the same thing. I have a friend who will stop any sort of medication in just one day if she finds it 'makes her feel weird'. Immediately she'll blame it n the tablet or whatever, & I've told her time and time again, that one tablet will not fix what ails her.

      Anyway...keep up the good work. Please keep us informed.

    • Tee19 Tee19 mike92384

      Hi Mike.  Thanks for answering back so quick you're so good on this board responding to everybody. :-)

       Today's actually been kind of a tough day I had a massive panic attack it took forever to get out of it and then I just haven't felt well all day my chest doesn't hurt or have pressure like it used to just feels like a big bruise it's really weird   

      I've also never had anything like reflux or stuff like that but I find that now out of nowhere I have it today I actually had these tums which I've never had to use much of before in the past especially since I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago.     I'm not even sure it has anything to do with food because I don't eat anything spicy or high fat at all 

      And the only kind of dairy I have a skim milk for cereal once in a while because I can't tolerate Melker much dairy stuff so I don't know if it's this medication causing all this or the MS

      You asked about how I'm tapering off of this medication I started four weeks ago using a certain amount and then after two weeks I cut it down to 1 and 1/2 tabs to equal 75mgs. Now I'm down to 1/2 of a 50mgs in the morning and The other half at night and the last two weeks I will basically take 25mgs a day till I stop. 

      I started st 100mgs 

       I was on the medication for a year actually about a year and two months and I do understand about those people that take medicine for two days and stop thinking it's not working well because they feel funny I do agree that your body does need time to adjust to some side effects and such but if it gets intolerable I can understand stopping but I gave it a long chance by taking it for that long so I know it was the wrong medication for me and it made me so very sick 

      I have a friend that gives  New medication three days tops to work otherwise it's done she throws it away   

      At least I can say I tried even when I was having side effects and reporting them I kept at it hoping it will get better and change but it never did it only got worse

      I can't sleep laying flat anymore I have to sleep up on pillows or sitting up in recliner sometimes it's really awful I'm hoping that soon I can sleep in my bed again like a civilized human being

      My hubby sleeps  in the recliner next to me just so I'm not sleeping alone through this mess.  I hope it's done soon and  hope when I stop the drug that I won't have any more damage or additional side effects to deal with 

      The other thing is I still have these bouts of extreme dizziness

      Thanks for checking in 

      What are your BP readings now if you don't mind my asking 

    • mike92384 mike92384 Tee19

      Hi again Tee19...You don't have to eat spicy or fatty foods to get heartburn.It can happen with just about anything, AND you do not need to take a prescribed medication to rid yourself of an individual attack either. Believe it or not, what works for me most times is COLD water!!!...That's right...COLD water!!!

      Don't sip it..but drink it in gulps..drink the whole glass if need be. The odd time I'll take an antacid, like Gaviscon..I'll chew on one tablet, then the heartburn is gone. The moment I feel the heartburn coming on my, I go for the cold water. 

      Sleeping propped up definitely helps if you're having gerd (hearburn). Don't lie down within 2 hrs of eating. If your chest feels sore, it likely could be because of the're feeling it would make sense to me that the muscles in your chest are tightening, resulting in a feeling as though there's a big bruise there. I'm sure if you were to touch the would feel like you're pressing on a bruise. Try heat...heat up a water bottle, or a magic bag & place it on your chest. Of course, you should be sure not to put it on bare skin for fear of burning. The heat not only relaxes you, but eases that bruised/sore feeling.

      As for the extreme dizziness; have you been tested for vertigo? 

      Hope these hints help in some way. Again, let us know how you're doing!! smile

    • Tee19 Tee19 mike92384

      Hello no sooner do I report hanging in there, getting through this taper off Metoprolol I have my worst 2 days.  As of today I've not slept since last night. Anxiety not being helped by med, chest pressure soreness, very emotional and not myself. Very sick to my stomach.  No doubt the storm of this taper has arrived as I reach week 5 and smaller doses. No matter what I do I can't get calm. I'm exhausted but can't rest

      I'll never forgive myself for taking Metoprolol without looking into it first.  

      Hope you and everyone here is well 

    • Tee19 Tee19 mike92384

      I forgot my ears bother me and yes I think I have vertigo but never had it before. I had it starting with this Med. I had occasional dizziness due to MS but never this bad 

      Also blood sugars are all over the map 

      I'm still taking HCTZ. 25mgs a day

    • annie78444 annie78444 Tee19

      Hi, Tee, as this is a public/international site, i cant go into more detail than i have already. As you know i had lots of bad things happen while on the bb i  took for only a few months,  and then a week or more since ending,  the 'not myself' very weird months started, (when i felt well, no pain, on another plane, felt stronger, younger, etc ) but , after those months worse than ever, exhausted,   the vertigo bad in bouts, etc - i had had some probs before bbs, but not so strongly,  The time after i 'got myself back' was worse re this, though as i tapered it came and went, and combined with more  now i pave been pretty much temporarily disabled for months after a fall during one  loss of balance/mild infection, so take care, in case you have similar probs.  Maybe settle - as i now feel i should have done -  with a tiny dose for more months, then go on reducing if need to get off? cant be more help - you seem to be testing your blood glucose - are you type one diabetic? best wishes

    • Tee19 Tee19 annie78444

      Hello Annie. Thank you so much for your response again I appreciate it all and I definitely understand that you can only post so much this site just is wonderful the matter how hard this is the ups and downs I never feel alone I feel like there's this little group of people spread out across the world that know what I'm going through and that I'm not crazy

       I finally fell asleep at 06 this morning but only for about an hour I'm hoping to be able to rest some today as now I feel like I'm coming down from this massive panic attack that hit me last night with a host of other symptoms I'm in to my fifth week starting Monday of this taper coming off this medication where I will only be down to 1/8 of 25 mgs once a day for the remaining 2 weeks.  I'm so anxious to read myself of this but I still fully intend on doing it very carefully so I may have to add two more weeks to it unfortunately or two weeks of every other day until I can just be done with this I never want to see it again whatever medication is left over I'm flushing down the toilet 

      I greatly appreciate each of you 

      It helps  more than I can put in the words to have each of you hear and understand exactly what I'm saying such a shame that the doctors don't seem to understand it and handle stuff out like candy without doing proper research but I also felt myself I normally am very very careful researching a medication before I take it as I said in an earlier post I had so much happening at once  when I was placed on it that I didn't do my homework that we always be my regret 

      Thanks again so much XXOO

    • mike92384 mike92384 Tee19

      Hi Tee19...In your paragraph, you said you were down to 1/8 of 25mgs. 1/8 is hardly anything. Seriously!

      You're doing very well!!!!!! What you can do fact a pharmacist would very likely agree with can take that 1/8 every other day...then every other other day...then stop. Truly 1/8 of 25mgs is nothing now.. Don't let the panic set in over it. You're stronger than the can do it.


    • Tee19 Tee19 mike92384

      Hello Mike 

      Sorry. I start the 1/8 this coming  Monday. I currently at the tail end of 25mgs am and 25 mgs pm. 

      I start the "sliver" for lack of better words ;-) on Monday.  Yes, totally agree that will be nothing and I have anxiety from being sick and unfortunately several deployments to a war zone which hit me last year out of nowhere (I  that I have most things under control until one day I just had a massive panic attack out of nowhere ).  For some reason this just exasperated everything the symptoms I had off this medication just seem to make everything worse especially when you feel like something cardiac is wrong with you but everyone tells you it's not cardiac and all the test come back clear for that still your body acts crazy with cra zy BP numbers (mostly only at the doctors office) and that awful chest pressure which as you previously said (and I know being a Nurse) that is common for anxiety.   I was an outstanding nurse for so many years and is soon as I return from Afghanistan I became very ill and was diagnosed with MS and that's when things went downhill health wise and on top of which my husband was injured in combat so caring for him, being sick myself, and all just finally hit me one day.  I saw my doc and she put me on aprazolam for the bad anxiety (but I take very little) and the Metoprolol because she felt my BP was way too high even checking it twice in one visit but that day I was sick, in a panic, emotional, exhausted and I believe it was white coat hypertension 

      Without doing my homework as I'm picky about taking meds I just took it and a year later was worse than ever with a list of crazy symptoms all pointing to this drug 

      I think my anxiety contributes to the panic of what I hear happens to people off this drug  

      I could take more aprazolam to get through but I use the smallest amount as I know this Med is very addictive and I don't want that. Although historically I'm great being responsible with meds. Even pain meds.  When I hear the amount of pain meds some people take I simply can't believe it. I would be knocked out cold 

      You're right and have helped so much here. I just need to remain calm and I'm trying but the last few years have been a bit crazy and I had everything under total control but one day my body and mind said ENOUGH and it's like it all caught up to me. That's when I was placed on the BP Med and aprazolam. 

      The heat pad helped a lot. Thanks

      Like you I trust my pharmacist more than the docs.  

      It's tough because with MS you have all sorts of tough things that it becomes hard to dicifer what's MS and what may be something else

      After 24 hours of no sleep I finally slept all night. Chest and sides are still sore but just going to keep using the heat pad and a bit of pain Med to take edge off and rest today as much as I can 

      The vertigo is tough

      Trying a few things for that. 

      If I push on my ear it feels like water and air is in there. Sorry. I know I sound crazy but I promise I'm not 

      Thanks for all your contributions and support on this great sight 

      Have a great day 

    • theresa06691 theresa06691 mike92384

      Hi Mike, 

      you seem to have a good understanding on the beta blockers.

      After months of Amlodipine hell, the Dr now has me on Hydorchlorothizide 12.5 daily. Its brought by BP down but not by much. I have good days and bad days.  When on Amlodipine it sent me to the ER 3x with chest pains and rapid heartbeat. All tests were run...CT, stress, Echo, EKGs all normal. Cardio doctor wants to put me on Atenolol to help with BP and rapid heartrate. Beta blockers give me the FRIGHTS! The hydro is making me pee a lot and i can live with that. But something that requires weaning off is scary! i havent been able to sleep at night. Some night i get hot flashes and rapid heartrate (when I'm suppose to be resting) and some night my BP is in normal range other nights it 151/101. I try to do breathing excerises and i eventlually fall back asleep.

      I've been dealing with this high blood pressure thing since May 2017 when i woke up with an extreme headache and BP was high. I went to the ER and diagnosed with vertigo.

      I have a couple of appts coming up with an OB/GYN to see if i'm in menopause and my regular doctor to check on sleep apnea.

      Maybe all this has just made me a mess of stress. 

      There haven't been much discussion on Atenolol on these boards and I saw you have had success. Your thoughts?

    • mike92384 mike92384 theresa06691

      Hi theresa 06691...

      I would assume from what you've written that your Dr. has taken you off the Amlodipine.  Some people can take it without problems, while others can't. I had taken that drug a few years back, but had to come off. The 5mg reduced my bp but for a short time, then my GP doubled the dosage to 10mg. I have learned since that time that doubling the dosage only increases the chances of side effects. I won't go into a long story to bore you, but the GP I had at that time was a young cocky know-it all. I have since returned to my previous Dr. Anyway, the 10mg caused my feet & legs to swell badly, which is why I came off it. I have a friend who doesn't have any trouble with Amlodipine, but her medication is the brand name Norvasc, NOT Amlodipine. My cousin takes it as well, & it controls her BP. 

      The Hydroc. you're taking is a it isn't any wonder you're peeing a lot. It's doing it's job.

      You didn't say how long you've been taking the Hydro...but you are seeing some results.

      Try not to be nervous about the likely won't need a high dose. I don't recommend Metropolol though. I was on that a few years back & suffered terrible headaches like you wouldn't believe. I consulted a Pharmacist friend of mine who told me that Metropolol crosses the blood brain barrier. I had that young Dr.take me off...then I went on the Atenolol. Things were & still are fine. I again consulted with my Pharmacist friend who told me that Atenolol does not cross the blood brain barrier which is likely why I didn't (don't) suffer the horrible headaches. Remember, if your Dr. is suggesting the Atenolol, please don't be afraid of it. Atenolol does help slow the heart, therefore it helps reduce bp. This along with the Hydro could  very well lower the bp even more. Perhaps you might want to suggest to your Dr. that you start with 25mg???? I take 50mgs.. At first, I was taking 25mg 2x daily. I asked my current Dr.about taking the whole 50mg at once rather than 25mg in the morning, then 25mg in the late afternoon, & I was told that it was perfectly fine. In fact, this medication truly is meant to be taken 1x daily....not twice. 

      As for discussion on're right...there isn't much discussion on the boards about's mostly Metropolol. In my opinion, it's the Metropolol that's a nasty medication. I'd never take it again..


      Please let me know how you get on with this. Cheers!!!


  • ann c.04098 ann c.04098 Tee19

    Two nights ago I decided I've had enough.. I cut metoprolol er in half and took 50mg instead of 100mg..  I'm determined to get off this poison.. I'm about to see a new physician in 3 weeks and will ask him to help me off the remaining 50mg, after that I plan to take Hawthorn suppliments... I've had it with drugs....

  • Tee19 Tee19


     So I'm down to taking a fourth every other day with only a few days left we only thing I notice is that my heart rate jumps here and there kind a like a little bit of a roller coaster I've had a few bouts of where it feels like my heart is pounding out of my chest and at those particular times my heart rate is basically normal I know from being a nurse that people can have those episodes and are mostly harmless and pass which they have but all of it together is a bit unnerving and I'm almost sure it has something to do with coming off of this drug has anyone ever had those particular things happen while coming off of this poison better-known as Metoprolol 

    I know I'm building up being Zaidi in my head for the day that comes in a few days when I no longer take any of this medication so trying to stay cool through it all but it still makes me anxious only because I can't believe how detrimental this drug is I wish they would take it off the market totally

    • mike92384 mike92384 Tee19're now down to taking 1/4 every-other-day now. VERY soon, you can do 1/4 every other-other day..then stop. I think this whole situation has you very nervous, to the point where you're wondering about what's going to happen when you finally stop. This isn't meant as criticism..just trying to help. What you're thinking is quite understandable, but you must not allow your thoughts to be controlled by this. Over-thinking...speculating does nothing but bring on the anxiety..which I think is the biggest culprit here. 

      If I might suggest...look for a distraction...enjoy a good that really captures your attention..get together with cards...anything that gets your mind off things. This may be easier said than done, but you truly do need a distraction. Sometimes when we're really upset about something, or anxious for that matter, it's hard to distract the mind..we can feel it in the background...but Tee, we can be stronger than that. Try to think.."I'm bigger than this...this is not going to control me any more". You can do it, can do it! 

      I wish you a peaceful, lovely day.

    • Tee19 Tee19 mike92384

      Hi Mike 

      Believe.  I don't take it as criticism at all because you're exactly right because I have MS and I already feel pretty crappy all the time this just makes it worse and I am definitely overthinking it I'm used to doing my job going 100 miles an hour and since I had to stop working it's been really hard and now with this it just makes it worse something else to think about when I'm used to not having time to think about anything but work work work and then having gone through an extended medical board for my husband who was injured in combat that kept me going 100 miles an hour as well now that's tapering off so there's more time to think and I'm not good at having time on my hands

      I have been trying to stay as busy as possible when I feel tired I just go ahead and take a nap which I would never do before unfortunately anxiety as you know can really wreak havoc in your life.  I have a delayed anxiety issue from being with in Iraq and Afghanistan I did fine for years after I got home and then all of a sudden it hit me right at the worst time.  All that was just bad timing and a bad combination but I'll get through it I do appreciate all your words and please don't think you'll ever offend me I'm open to anything anybody has to say about this nightmare medicine

      Thanks :-)

    • Tee19 Tee19 mike92384

      You're the best Mike. You have a heart of gold and are a reassuring friend to all here. Your advice is sound and logical and I'm sure many here agree with me 

      I feel silly given the profession I spent my life doing but when it hits you like this and there's a variety of other things happening I guess I can get the best of us and I will always believe Metoprolol is poison 

      Thank you :-) 

  • ann c.04098 ann c.04098 Tee19

    I agree with you Tee about Mike, he is a friend to all.   I also agree with you that Metoprolol and other drugs are horrible and bad for us all in general.. bp drugs change our physiology  and chemically bring down bp to levels that go against nature. BP adapts to circumstances at any given moment according to what we are doing in the moment it is taken... wait a minute and it will change, therefore taking bp is a waste of time.  OK we are talking about Metoprolol now, so do you really want to take a drug that is manufactured in a place (India) where the water is unfit to drink, do you honestly think the drug companies have your best interest at heart?  NO it all about the money with all drugs

    • Tee19 Tee19 ann c.04098

      Hi Ann C 

      With the exception of a few medications that I've dealt with over the years with my impatience and myself in general I do believe that this particular medication along with several others are complete poison and I am disgusted  that physicians even push the stuff on people that don't even meet the minimum criteria to even take this sort of medication (like me). I feel my doctor should have done her homework but I do believe she's learned a valuable lesson with me and  this drug but I also blame myself because I know better and I always research everything before taking it I've done that with every medication that my husband was placed on through his extensive combat injuries and medical board and I've always done it for myself but on this occasion I didn't I didn't have time I was so overwhelmed with things with him, my  dealing with MS and I have something Zaidi from multiple combat tours as a nurse and I just trusted my doctor and that was my mistake and I own it. I kick myself every day for ever ingesting a smidgen of this crap. When I find even more revolting is that we even get medication in his country from India or any other country that doesn't even meet the basic standards of sanitary and safe  conditions. I highly doubt they are regulated by any agency although trust me it's not like I have total faith in the FDA either when it comes to some things I have issues with some of the generic drugs they rate as  A rated drugs

      that people have adverse reaction's to you but are denied the brand-name medication simply because of this A rating. Anyone with half a brain and common sense knows that  every person is not going to react the same to a generic drug.  Generally they work for a lot of people but there's always a select few that cannot deal with a generic version of the drug regardless how much they say it's exactly like the brand-name but let me get off my soapbox before this ends up being a novel   :-)

      Yes. Mike Rocks!!!   We need more people like Mike in this world 

  • mike92384 mike92384 Tee19

    Tee19...I need for you to stop being so hard on yourself. Yes, you are or were a nurse, but that doesn't take away the human element in you. You feel, you know when you're not well, you hurt. THAT my dear, is being human!!!

    At one time I had discussion with my Dr. because my insurance will not pay for brand-name drugs when the generic is available. I COULD pay the cost of the brand name, but why should I when I have insurance that pays for the entire amount, although it's generic. The Govt here professes that Generics have the same ingredients as the brand names. There are a lot of people out there who disagree..My doctor made a dismissing sound with his mouth, & hand when I said about this. So knowing him as well as I do, I'd venture to say that he does not believe generics & brand names are equal. Some people are allergic to certain fillers, yet when they take the brand name, they're just fine. A classic example is Amlodipine. The brand name is Norvasc. Go figure.

    Please tell your friends this & keep it in mind...Atenolol & Metropolol although both are beta blockers...the Atenolol is far more gentler on the system. As I explained in previous posts, the Atenolol does not cross the blood brain barrier, whereas the Metropolol does. I was suffering horrid headaches when taking the Metropolol, but did not when I started taking the Atenolol. My trusted Pharmacist explained this to me, so I feel it only fair that I share that information with anyone willing to listen. 

    maribel86463 was taking 350mgs of Metropolol/day. I wonder 'why'. None of my business, but I do wonder.

    She would have a longer time of weaning.

    Again, are doing very very well. Keep up the good work...& where that anxiety is concerned...kick it in the a*s! 

  • Tee19 Tee19


    I’m totally and completely free of the medication  AKA POISON now The

     few days were a bit rough and occasionally I can feel my heart rate go up a bit but I’ve been managing to get through all of it the best I can on a good note the weight and I gained while on this horrific medication is coming off without much effort

    I still have some anxiety like if I feel my heart rate go up or down my blood pressure is up and I’m just trying to get through it all the best I can because I refuse to ever put a speck of that poison in my system again

     I’m grateful to everyone here that listened gave me their fax and vice and everything I really don’t think I could’ve done without the support of this board of great people 

    Please let me know how everyone’s doing when you get a moment thank you

    • mike92384 mike92384 Tee19

      Well...well...well. See Tee19, I told you that you could do it, & you did. Good on you!!!!!!! biggrin smile

      As I mentioned in previous post, I didn't have good luck with the Metropolol because of the headaches, & I do believe they were caused by the Metropolol. The headaches started at exactly the same time every 11AM., just a few hours after taking the Metropolol. When I stopped taking it, the headaches stopped too. That told me I was right.

      I have not had any negative reactions with Atenolol. While some may say they're the same, they are NOT. 

      Remember, Metropolol crosses the blood brain barrier..whereas Atenolol does not.

      I'm so happy you're feeling much better. Thank you for expressing your gratefulness to everyone here on the forum. We're here to hopefully help each other...give support as best we can. I must say in all honesty, that the forum has helped me a lot. 

      Keep up the good work!!!

    • Tee19 Tee19 mike92384

      Well I won’t forget any of you. You  of all people are the main one that offers such a great friendship, advice and support here you should be the ambassador of this page   :-)

      It feels good to be free of it. I’m still monitoring my blood pressure I just can’t see you getting on another drug after what I went through with this one I have a zero trust for any of those kind of medications even knowing the difference between Metoprolol and others.  Just going to continue to make lifestyle changes although my blood pressure is only really skyhigh when I go to the doctor but still it could stand to come down so I will stay on the HCTZ and carefully monitor it maybe once a week but not every day like I was it was making me crazy and as you so accurately advised us you could take your blood pressure 10 times a day and you’re always going to get something different I know that from nursing so I have to remember those things apply to me as well we nurses tend to make the absolute worst patients 

      I plan to visit here and check on everyone maybe there something I can offer now that I’ve gone through this nightmare for some reason there’s days I get panicky about not being on it I’m not sure why because it was the worst medicine ever it may just be a result of all the negative things I heard coming out of the drug that’s what I got stuck in my head but remember I have multiple sclerosis so that alone creates a whole other stack of symptoms for me

      So YES :-). I made it But not without the awesome support from all of you here so I big huge gigantic thank you

    • ann c.04098 ann c.04098 Tee19

      Tee, I'm so glad you're free of this nightmare..  Maybe you can advise me please.. I switched from the extended release to tartrate because of stomach problems. I had some 50mg which I cut in half after seeing the doctor yesterday and got the OK.. Now last night I took 25mg and today I feel awful as the day wears on.. This med had a short half life, do you think I should half it again and take 12.5mg twice a day for a while and then taper it down?

    • Tee19 Tee19 ann c.04098

      Hi Ann C. 

      I actually made up my own taper schedule and got it approved by my doctor but then I extended it so it took me three months to come off of it. 

      Along the way I faxed her a report on Friday of my doses, etc. I wouldn’t be comfortable telling you to cut it down lower  I think that part should be discussed with your doctor but when you say you’re feeling awful what kind of symptoms are you talking about I was very anxious to get off this medication quickly but thanks to this site and some good advice I extended the taper which was the best thing I ever did you do not want to come off this medication too soon it’s already hard enough to do you taking three or four months to come off of it

      I got all the way down to a quarter of twenty five milligrams and then went every other day but like I said I carefully came off this medication and kept meticulous records of it if you could let all of us here know what kind of things you feel by going down that those that you’re currently on let me be helpful to us

    • Tee19 Tee19 ann c.04098

      You mentioned feeling awful  as the day went in I guess that’s what I was basing my thoughts on I was trying to understand what you meant by feeling awful as the day went on

      I think Mike had great advice he’s really good at this I made a few minor adjustments but extending it was the best thing I could’ve done you do not want to get off this drug too quick I think Mike already asked you but please do remind us when you first started your taper

  • ann c.04098 ann c.04098 Tee19

    Thanks for your response Tee,  Not anything bad really just adjusting to cutting down from 50,g to 25mg.. I took it once last night and am thinking I should have perhaps split the dosage up 12.5mg at night and 12.5 in the am for a while.  The doctor said it was ok to wean down to 25mg but didn't say how to do it.. As I said metoprolol tartrate has a much shorter half life than the extended release.  I'm so glad you are off this horrible drug...

    • mike92384 mike92384 ann c.04098

      ann c 04098...I think I suggested to you how to cut down the dosage!!! Do a few days at 25 mgs...or even a week. Then go down to 12.5 for a number of days, then 12.5 every other day, then 12.5 every other other day...etc. Then stop. You'll be fine. You didn't say when you started down at 25mg..

  • ann c.04098 ann c.04098 Tee19

    Hi Mike,  You did indeed tell me how to do it. but that was for the extended release which has a longer half life.. and is taken once a day..but last week I started on the metoprolol tartrate.. So last night I took my first cut down to 25mg of met. tartrate. I did not take any today and am thinking I should split it 12.5 morning and night to make up the 25mg.. The half life is about 5 hours.. Your thoughts??

    • mike92384 mike92384 ann c.04098

      anne c 04098...weaning is weaning. I'm sure when you were taking the 50 took it 1xdaily...did you not?? I'd say you're quite ok to be taking 25mg 1xdaily...You could do this for a week, then reduce to 12.5/day.

      Then go 12.5 every other day, then every other other day...then stop. I got this helpful hint from an extremely reliable Pharmacist/friend of mine. A person cannot stop beta blockers abruptly. Amlodipine is quite another CAN stop abruptly, but we're not talking about Amlodipine.

    • Tee19 Tee19 ann c.04098

      Ann C... How are you doing? Are things any better? Are you done with your taper off the drug? Thinking about everyone here today and hoping you are well. Thanks for all your help and support when I was doing my taper :-)

  • gloria02816 gloria02816 Tee19

    Hi t19 I can't agree with you more I have been this last year and a half not knowing what's going on with me the dizziness the weight gain everything you said the night sweats the dreams it's horrible. I want to taper off but I'm not sure how to do so luckily I'm only on 25 mg a day and I'm thinking of just cutting it in half and doing it that way first and then maybe go down to 1/4 what does anyone think I appreciate an answer.

    • ann c.04098 ann c.04098 gloria02816

      Gloria, first understand why you were given this med. in the first place, second are you on any other medications and have other health issues?.  Weaning off a beta blocker is not easy but your dose of 25mg is low.. After you have answers to the above questions.. do not let your doctor replace this with another drug.  that is where people go wrong..

      Cutting the pill in half is a good place to start, but it takes time for your body to adjust so be patient and let us know how you are doing...

    • mike92384 mike92384 gloria02816

      gloria02816...Unless you have consulted your Dr. about this, I would NOT recommend you reducing the dosage of this medication. 25mg is not a big amount by any stretch. 

      A side effect of beta blockers (which Metropolol is) is the fact of lightheadedness, or diziness. If it's extreme, then the matter should be reported to the Dr. If it's very early days since starting the medication, it may just be a matter of the patient having some time to adjust. Some people will stop a medication in a very short period of time, thereby not giving the medication a proper chance to do its job. 

      If you are that concerned about the side effects you are experiencing, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you see your Dr. Don't take it upon yourself to be reducing the medicine dosage.

    • Tee19 Tee19 mike92384

      Hi Mike

      Hope you are all doing well here on this great site

      I'm doing much better since being free of this horrible med

      Still dealing with having MS 

      Keeping an eye on my BP but as you and others have said...taking your BP everyday can make it go up just from the anxiety of the whole process of wondering what the result will be. I check it here and there and I'm sure if like you said I checked it 10 times a day it would always be different. I've been able to go back on taking my B-12 and Iron Elixir which has helped me in addition to what little medication I use for MS but only as needed. I still need a bit of the anxiety mess but the anxiety stems from things that will take me a bit to get through and under control but I do feel so much better off this horrible beta blocker. I cringe whenever I hear of someone taking this med although I know mess work differently on everyone

      There are no words...and no amount of thank you's that I could ever say that would be sufficient to thank you and all the others here that saw me through some rough weeks coming off this horrific medication.

      I hope you are well :-)

      THANK YOU !

    • Tee19 Tee19 gloria02816

      Hi Gloria

      I went through a nightmare with this medication. It took me months to get off this drug safely. I didn't rush anything as much as I wanted it OUT of my system I knew I had to take my time and be careful. I made up my own schedule, got it approved by my doctor and started the taper. I actually extended the time I came off it to be on the safe side and with sound advice from some awesome people on this site which trust me..some of these folks would make the best doctors and I'm a Nurse so believe me when I say..most of the docs out here today have NO know your body. You know when something isn't right. Trust your feelings but do always get the approval from a solid physician to ween off this drug. It's dangerous to cold turkey this drug and actually not even advisable to do it in a matter of weeks. I initially had a 6 week taper set up but I extended it out a few months and I'm thankful I did. 

      Now that I'm off the poison as I call it....I feel MUCH better. Aside from having MS which is tough to deal with and anxiety which I'm working on..all those pesky side effects from that crap drug that should be a crime to give out to anyone....are gone now. I've lost whatever weight it gave me. I feel somewhat myself again. I monitor my BP here and there and when I went to the doctor it was up a bit ( I swear I have white coat hypertension) but they retook it in a few minutes and it was decent. Nothing that seemed to worry my doc. She knows I get nervous at the doctor appointments. I've been through so much with MS and some other things that it's hard for me to just CHILL OUT but I'm learning too

      Ive also made more food adjustments and spent about an hour a day doing some mild excercise, listening to some nice music I enjoy that helps me a lot and I sometimes just sit outside and let the breeze ( when there is one. HA) hit my face and watch the dogs run around and play. 

      My hubs is the best support ever. He really helps me. We've both been through so much. Me with an MS diagnosis and him being a combat wounded Marine (Iraq/Afghanistan). We both deployed there so we've been through a ton...but we are getting there

      My doc realizes she made an error placing me on that beta blocker. She's a good doctor. She just made a bad call and I failed to really look into the medication because at the time I was overwhelmed with a bunch of stuff. Had I done my homework I would have never started it....

      It feels good to be rid of that horrible med

      I would say make up a schedule of how you want to take your med for a few weeks, the cut it down slowly till you are down to 1/4 of the med even at 25 mgs. I did it. I literally took this teeny weeny piece of the med in the end :-) but take your time and make sure your doctor is on board and monitoring you.

      I faxed in my schedule weekly with my BP readings and such and so they were tracking me as I was doing everything.

      I wish you well.

      You will get GREAT help here. Annie, Mike and others are very supportive and know their stuff :-)

    • ann c.04098 ann c.04098 Tee19

      Hi Tee,

      I made it off safely too.. it's been 10 days an I'm ofiicially off this horror show... thanks to you for the encouragement and Mile as well.   You are more forgiving than I am stating that your doctor now realizes she made a mistake..... These are not mistakes and i understand your position fully but I do not forgive doctors.   They know exactly what they are doing and play innocent when they are found out.. eh... can't tand the medical profession... Anyway glad you made it out in one piece....

    • mike92384 mike92384 Tee19

      Tee19....NIce hearing from you, & knowing you, are doing much better. Yes, Metropolol seems to cause problems for a lot of people, but one thing I can't stress strongly enough is the fact that Metropolol isn't the only beta blocker out there. As mentioned previously, I was on it for a while as well...had horrible headaches to the point where it frightened the life out of me. After a while, & was given problem!!! There is no need for anyone to suffer with medications. If the doctor doesn't want to listen, then put it to him/her that the side effects are interfering with one's life, & nobody should be sick just because of a medication. It's total horsesh*t. 

      Some folks make the mistake of doctoring themselves...reducing or stopping medication. Nobody except a physician is qualified to make that decision. If the Dr.says ok..then it's ok...but doing it oneself is like playing Russian roulette. 

      Again, very happy to know you're doing much better. Keep up the good work! See...I KNEW you could do it!!!! smile smile smile

    • Tee19 Tee19 mike92384

      Hi Mike. ANNESJ just posted. I will write to her later today but thought I’d reach out to you (the best) to maybe help her with your great way of helping others 

      ;-). Thank you 🙏 

    • tina48052 tina48052 mike92384

      Mike and Tee

      Input please. I've been on M for 3 years now. I was taking 25mg am and pm. Oct I cut back to 12.5 MG am and pm. Got to feeling unwell sick. Unable to focus, foggy headed just plain bad even plain feeling like death. Anyways I went to new cardiologist and he agreed with me that the M had built up in my system and gave me OK to taper. Yes I had a heart attack 3 years ago. The new cardiologist said he only keeps people on M for the 1st year to help the heart recover but not 3 years. He declined switching to another BB as the M has least side effects.

      My question. So I began a taper October thru February, from 25mg to 12.5mg. Handled OK. Now remember, I got cardiologist permission to wean. Last 3 days I've done 6.25 am and pm. This adjustment feels like I am seriously going thru wd. Spacey headed. But I will continue dose until my body adjusts. Cardiologist said just decrease pill by half. Never did he say how long I should allow my body to adjust to the new dosage before another cut. Any clue? Thanks

    • Tee19 Tee19 tina48052

      Hi Tina. So sorry you’re not well. Given you’ve had a heart attack in the past I urge you to call your doctor at once or go to an ER.  You’re in a totally different category than some of us that were placed on this medication for other reasons I’m not comfortable at all trying to give you any advice outside and think your doctor ASAP or getting to an ER ASAP 

       I don’t mean this to be in a bad way or anything I’m just very concerned for you giving your medical history that you shared with us 

       For people like you they say the reoccurrence of a heart attack is a high risk coming off this medication at least from what I’ve been told and have read 

       Please is there anyway that you can get to an emergency room I see a doctor soon as possible and update us and let us know how you’re feeling I’m very surprised that your cardiologist didn’t carefully monitor the taper of this medication with you 

      You are definitely a patient that should’ve been monitored very closely every week as you decrease the dosages even if you were on the same one for several weeks I would think they would want a monitored very closely

      Please go and let us know how you’re doing ♥️

    • Tee19 Tee19 tina48052

      Spellcheck error 


      I’m not comfortable at all trying to give you any advice outside of telling you I think you should go to your doctor ASAP or getting to an ER ASAP 

    • tina48052 tina48052 Tee19

      Thanks Tee. I seen him this past Thursday, today is Sunday. 3 days into taper with his permission and advice to wean. I will check in with the nurses tomorrow Monday to get a more definitive taper schedule. I will keep you posted thank you

  • NickanNick NickanNick Tee19

    I am on the same med...can you give me more info on your e xperiance? I'm having enough issues, I don't need a med giving me more problems.

    • Tee19 Tee19 NickanNick


      Sorry your going through so much 

       Please read this entire thread because it is really too much for me retype everything but please read through this entire thread because there are several people that are posted in here regarding this medication which beta blocker are you taking  ?

      I’ll do my best to help you and I know others here will jump in so you found the right place but please read through the entire thread first because there is so much stuff it would take me all night to type it out again

       if you have any questions please post them and I’ll be happy to respond I’m so sorry you’re going through this and I really hope you feel better very soon it is a definite nightmare that I understand

    • annesj annesj Tee19


      Could anyone help me please? Im from Sweden

      I have an autoimmun diasease called Stills. I was very sick this autumn, and from ER i went in  hospital for three weeks. High doses och prednisolon etc, and to not get a high bloodpressure because of kortison (prednisolon) they gave me Metoporol. 50 mg am, and 25 pm. It went on for about 6 weeks and three weeks ago the doctor told me to take only 50 mg am. They hve not followed me up properly, and when the dr rang I told her about tinnitus, well she said: you did not have that in hospital so why should you have it now from Metoporol? (It started when I came back from hospital and that will be about 4 weeks with Metorporol).

      I startedto read about M. I have gain weight but that could also be the prednisolon. I have tinnitus. I started to tapper, but didnt realize untill reading here, that I might got it wrong. I took 25 mg instead og 50, from one day to antoher.For two weeks ( I guess its about the same time as I got this horrible things going on) I have had panicattacks. I also fell "unsteady" walking, and I dont go to big stores, because of it. First    I thougt it was Omeprazol because that  has a sideeffect , dizzines . When I got the dizzyness, I get very scared, and I felt the adrenalin pumping out in my fingers etc. I think it is M? I went from 50 mg, to 25,from one day to another. I have been eating them since october. As I took only a half this am, and felt horrible in the evening I took hlf of a 25 mg, but i t didnt help


    • Tee19 Tee19 annesj

      Annesj. Hello I’ve asked Mike on the board to help you. He’s awesome here. I will write a bit later today (night time for you).  In the meantime try to rest

      This drug is awful. They shouldn’t have given this if worried about BP rising due to steroids but I’m not a doctor. I think HCTZ would have been safer to offset any fluid retention which could raise BP.  More on the taper a bit later. Ask doctor if you would try HCTZ. I don’t know If it’s called something else in Sweden ( by the way I’ve visited your lovely country when I lived in Germany for a year). 

      I’ll be in touch soon 

      Did you have prior blood pressure issues? 

      I understand autoimmune because I have MS. It’s awful 

    • annesj annesj Tee19

      Thank you for answering me.

      No i dont have high bloodpressure but, well I was so sick in hospital dont remember, think it rise a bit out of prednisolon the very high doze. I do have a high pulse and always has.

      I dont know whats the matter with me. If it is psycologic because im stressed out too. The dr who took care of me in hospital dont listen. When you dont feel well its difficult to Chase doctors...

    • Tee19 Tee19 annesj

      I understand. Can you see another doctor?  I know Medicine works differently in Europe but can you try?

      I cannot take prednisone. It’s a good Medicine for issues with autoimmune but careful doses. I was once given too much and became so sick I never touched it again. In right doses it does help 

      Metoprolol is an AWFUL drug. I’ll write more soon about my taper. 

      Please be careful. You should be in contact with a doctor so they know about your taper and monitor 

      This is a Medicine you must taper slowly and carefully from

      I’ll be back in a few hours with more 

    • annesj annesj Tee19

      Hi again. Mabye i should mention doze etc? I started with Metroporol 25 mg,

      16/10 (2017)

      2 tabl in the morning 1 tabl evening.

      I dont rember exactlly when I started with only 50 mg per Day. Think it was around 15 if dec.( I got my tinnitus after Three weeks with M.)

      Im on 25 mg since about 25/12. My panicattacks started 4/1 2018. I have had panicattacks for many years ago.

      My life right Now is up and and down and i was diagnozed as burned out in June. Then i got sick in TMA kidneyfailure and bloodpatelets loss. That was in sept. Lost my job one if my drar Cats. I could go on Forever...So im usually a strong person but Now im.not . Understand that its hard to tell whats what.

      Dont know if my tappering is to fast tappering.

    • annesj annesj Tee19

      I was very sick to but when i came down to prednisolon "only" 15 mg it went away. I had pain in chest, trouble breathing walking was "heavy" etc. I cant find the energi to find a dr im feeling so low...Mabye im depressed shure is: i have panicattacks. Can panicattacks made you (cant explain in English) like you have a hard time sitting still as you think you are unstedy and like shivering (not at the panicattacks) same lying down. I will lock up the word "små ryckningar"

    • Tee19 Tee19 annesj

      Yes. Anxiety will make you feel this way 

      I suffered from it on that drug.  I already have anxiety attacks but that medication made it 100 times worse now that I’m off but I have it under control 

       The most important thing to remember is you must have a doctor know that you are tapering off and have a schedule laid out on how you’re going to do the taper I did mine over three months until I was taking 1/4 of a pill every other day 

      Anxiety can cause hundreds of symptoms 

       Can you have some new blood work drawn and have your thyroid checked as well 

       Some of the things you describe remind me of a bad thyroid but we see a doctor as soon as possible for a new examination and tests and then make a schedule how you want to taper off the medication and make sure they know and they follow your progress and is very dangerous to do it too quickly 

       I’m very sorry to hear about your cat I know life can throw many things in our way and cause us to be anxious but please just try to take a deep breath and talk to your doctor and make a plan to come off this medication 

       I get so angry about this medication because they give it out to easy to everyone without understanding the side effects 

       I’m going to read all of your posts now and try to respond accordingly 

    • Tee19 Tee19 annesj

      Here is the  information on all the things anxiety can cause you to feel it depends on the person as to what they feel exactly but here is the list

       I also have problems with my ears still to this very day I feel like there’s water in them and ringing I have yet to be able to get rid of that 

      My anxiety is under control with a very very low-dose of Aprazolam  and I’m careful with it and don’t use it every day I only use it when I need it 

      This BP  medication nearly ruined my life I’m finally beginning to get myself back and feeling a little bit better 

      I’ve lost the weight it gave me :-)

       Doctors need to stop giving out this medication to easy and I hope the FTA pulls it off the market 

       If you have any other questions please let me know thankfully you have not been on the medication too long so your taper should be very easy but you still need to be under Dr. care for it or at least let them know you’re doing it so they can document it in your records 

    • annesj annesj Tee19

      Thank you for your answer. Its like talking to a wall when I tried to tell kidney dr who have them to Me (and it was right to do there and then as i was on terrible high pred doze. But i told the local dr so she told me (well the fisrts thing she asked is "are you on this for panicattacks" thats funny....). But she listen and told me to Take half of a 25 from now and she would call me. I did mark that she never heard of my problems but at least listen and try to help. I got some oxscand from a friend took them to be able to go to the dr today. It helped a lot. Speaking about that she did not offer that and i guess its because of lack of knowlegde what these pills can do. Yesterday no tinnitus todayvery much. Is that Strange? Im ofcourse glad when i dont have it. Hope its a Sign it will dissapear

    • Tee19 Tee19 annesj



      You really need to talk to doctors 

       I would never advise somebody to take medication that has been prescribed for another person in the United States that is actually illegal I don’t know the laws in Sweden but here that is frowned upon and not legal I urge you to not take medication that has not been given to you by your doctor directly 

       I hope that you can see a doctor soon it is very dangerous to take medication that does not belong to you you never know how you may react to it or if it mixes with anything you are taking but above everything else is not illegal to do so I would be very very careful please see a doctor at once 

       I don’t think there’s anybody that wouldn’t agree with me on this site that you should never take medication that does not belong to you 

      I wish you well 

    • Tee19 Tee19 annesj



      You really need to talk to doctors 

       I would never advise somebody to take medication that has been prescribed for another person in the United States that is actually illegal I don’t know the laws in Sweden but here that is frowned upon and not legal I urge you to not take medication that has not been given to you by your doctor directly 

       I hope that you can see a doctor soon it is very dangerous to take medication that does not belong to you you never know how you may react to it or if it mixes with anything you are taking but above everything else it is legal to do so I would be very very careful please see a doctor at once 

       I don’t think there’s anybody that wouldn’t agree with me on this site that you should never take medication that does not belong to you 

      I wish you well 

      ** typo. It’s illegal to use Medicine not prescribed to you 

    • Tee19 Tee19 annesj



      You really need to talk to doctors 

       I would never advise somebody to take medication that has been prescribed for another person in the United States that is actually illegal I don’t know the laws in Sweden but here that is frowned upon and not legal I urge you to not take medication that has not been given to you by your doctor directly 

       I hope that you can see a doctor soon it is very dangerous to take medication that does not belong to you you never know how you may react to it or if it mixes with anything you are taking but above everything else it’s  illegal to do so I would be very very careful please see a doctor at once 

       I don’t think there’s anybody that wouldn’t agree with me on this site that you should never take medication that does not belong to you 

      I wish you well 

    • annesj annesj Tee19

      And Im still not sure its Metroporol that give Me this symtoms. Today nothinh.. not dizzy no unsteady feeling and that was very obvious yesterday. I took a half 25 yesterday ang same today.


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