Metoprolol. Tapering off. Side effects. Horrible drug!

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Metoprolol has been the worst medication I've ever been on. After a year of not knowing what was making me sick we found out it's this poison. I have never suffered so much and now after so much I found out it was this medication which I was given for hypertension. I've always ran but high and I believe I in fact have white coast hypertension I have MS so it's hard to know what's wha. Unclearly this drug ruined my life. I was 5"8 145lbs after losing a lot of weight from the pesky steroids I was given initially for MS then this drug in one year (despite healthy eating) packed on 30lbs and gave me a list of horrific side effects to include swelling chest pressure burning in arms sleep disturbances extreme dizziness depression I never thought possible. I'm slowly tapering off as no one warns you how risky stopping this drug is. Into week 2 of taper and it's hard

I have a tough time with MS but was never this sick

Also doctors hand this crap out like nothing despite FDA warnings. Anyone else go through this? I can't wait to be rid of this poison in me. My anxiety is off the charts

I can't believe I agreed to take this Med. I trusted my doctor. Never again. Have been to ER very sick 3 times. Even ER doc said it's not a good Med to treat HTN of any kind

Thank you for your time

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    Well not exactly what you felt but yes I did have some very unpleasant side effects. I got rhinitis, tinnitus, and acid reflux. Everything went away except for the tinutus and yes I hope I don't ever have to take it again either. Mine was for cardiac arrhythmia.

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      hi, i got acid reflux and lots of abdominal cramps/gas - these are on my  PIL leaflet - and have now gone, but it was only after 6 months that i got persistent ear pain, for over 3 months, still have, do not think i would call it tinnitus, it started with balance issues, which have subsided,  i had not connected this as a possible effect, but have now seen that bbs are ototoxic, but not sure what this means, thanks for the info, will check out
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      Thank you Maribel. How long did you take it and are you off it totally? I wish I had never heard of this or taken this drug

      Annie below mentioned ear pain and I have it too but never associated the two. Thanks for your help

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      Well let's 2 months I believe. My dosage of meto was 175mg 2 times a day. Figure that. Me too I wish there was something different to take for these situations. You welcome hope you get better ?

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      Thank you. I was on 50mgs twice a day for a year. My taper schedule is 4-6 weeks. Hoping it doesn't get too ugly.

      That's an odd dosage you had. Thank you again

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      I have been on Metropolol 50 mg for 3 weeks and tapering now.Did your tinnitus ever go away or get better?

      Dee Dee

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      hello deanna03213 sry for late replyi see you were on 50mg for three weeks may i ask what your taper was i am on the same and want to see how you did it if you dont mind

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      Hi wondering if anyone can help? I was originally put on Amlodipine for high BP and heart rate, both occured after I took a diet supplement and heart attack type symptoms. My EKG was normal so my primary referred me to a cardiologist. Amlodopine helped bring my BP & heart rate down to a normal range. Went to the cardiologist and he said to stop the Amlodipine and put me on 50 mg a day of Metoprolol Tartrate. I immediately began feeling terrible side effects, blurry vision, couldnt focus, head fog, etc. Went back to the cardiologist and he said I could stop taking, didnt have to wean, though I did wean. I went to 25 mg a day for a week, then 12.5, then 6.25 & added Amlodipine back. A few days off the Metoprolol, I had my stress test and echocardiogram, which was actually last Fri. Both came back normal. I felt fine at first except for some indigestion/heartburn which is also a side effect of Amlodipine so not sure which is the culprit. Today, a week and a day off it and I am feeling very jittery inside yet Im not shaking and my heart rate is elevated, its around 85 bpm. Just wondering if this is due to the adrenaline coming back and would this happen a week after being off of it & suddenly or is it a progression and that could be why Im feeling it now? I was only on Metoprolol for 2 weeks so I didnt think I would have too many rebound effects. On top of it my BP is getting higher, it wasnt at first but today its high 120s / high 80s-90 even though Im taking Amlodipine (which kept it down before taking Metop). Also Im very flushed, I look like I have a sunburn and my face is hot. Does it seem odd to have such effects while on it such a short time? Anyone else experience this?

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      Metoprolol can really mess up your system. I was also on it for roughly two weeks and over a year later I am still shakey and my body hasnt returned to normal yet. It looks like it caused permanent damage. I have a constant migraine since coming off it and also have tinnitus which will not go away. I trusted a doctor who put me on it but I didnt need to be on it. This drug ruined my life. All those symptoms are definitely rebound effects.

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      Thank you for your reply Charles. Sorry to hear you are still dealing with the effects such a long time after. But also happy to hear someones story of just being on it for the same amount of time as me. Honestly I have no idea what are effects of Metop or Amlodipine, its so frustrating. Ive been trying to taper down the Amlo now that Im done with Metop and its been so hard! I literally only take about 1.25 mg a day, half of a 2.5 mg pill but it I try to stop, I get chest pains which is so scary but they go away as soon as I take a pill. Seemingly a withdrawal effect. I started taking a natural acid reflux pill with ginger and ACV which has helped with the heartburn but the chest pains scare me into taking it. The past few days I tried to take a half of a half, like .6 mg and my BP is creeping up. Today is the highest its been, 130/85, I know still not high but not sure if it is an effect of trying to come off and it will stabalize or not. Its so so frustrating! Like you I dont think I needed any of this! My BP spiked due to a diet supplemennt but I dont think I needed any of these meds and now Im suffering its effects!

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      i hope your migraines have gone away by now, i just weaned off and have had a migraine for a week, which is not normal for my migraines! how long did yours end up lasting for?

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      After 1 year and 9 months of having a migraine every day I threw in the towel and went back on the medication. It got a little better but I felt horrible on the drug. I started on 12.5 mg twice a day and dropped it 25% every week. I eventually got down to 3 mg once a day and then took that every other day. Ive been off it for a month now and still having migraines every day. Im hoping this will go away after a couple months seeing how i couldnt have weaned off it any slower. This drug seems to have caused permanent damage though.

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    my whole experience, 13 months since started nebivolol, on it only 4 months before taper of a few weeks, but repercussions due to all the ill health ongoing, like you i no longer trust any doctor as try to discuss and you get little help.  it is possible that people like ourselves with autoimmune conditions may be more affected by bbs, i do not know - i do not have your condition, but 2 others - one still affected, and yes, i have gained weight, but after stopping, nothing is the same as when i started.  if you are weaning off, take care as you will prob have more adrenalin/other hormones circulating than you have ever experienced, and any stress will increase these to levels that are hard to handle, you may also feel very odd indeed. hope things work out
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      Thank you Annie

      WOW I've had a persistent earache for months and the feeling of water in my ears. Drops haven't done much. Was even put on a small round of antibiotics. I never associated the two

      i wish I had never taken it. Thanks for the input. Very grateful

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