When will the withdrawal end??

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I was on metoprolol Succinate25 for over a year for blood pressure. Didn't work well, doc took me off cold turkey. Put me on lisonirpal, then switched to nebivolol, then to amlodipine, then to losartan. The reason we kept switching is because I kept landing in the ER with huge adrenaline rushes, BP spikes, hr of 170+. Had no idea I was rebounding for weeks! I woukd wake up to adrenaline surges, or it would be while I was just watching TV. Doc put me back on metoprolol, 12.5. Still rebounding.

3 weeks ago I was back in the ER. The cardiologists there said there is no way I'm rebounding from 25mg and it's my anxiety. They took me off everything, admitted me to hospital, tried procardia. For 3 days I was there rebounding like crazy on a Holter monitor. I was literally shaking and teeth chattering from the adrenaline. They still said it was my anxiety. I never ever had anxiety until rebound.

I left the hospital taking 12.5mg of metoprolol.

So it's been 3 weeks and the tachycardia WILL NOT STOP. I have literally been on the couch for 3 weeks. If I walk to the bathroom, hr is 130. Take a shower? I have to get my husband to get everything ready and I have to sit in there, 165bpm. Walk across the room? 130 bpm. Walk to bathroom to brush my teeth? 130. I can't work, cook, clean, etc. I can't take care of myself. I can't even get up to answer the door. I can't feed the dog. I cant get up and do anything. Resting hr is anywhere from 65-85. Moving around on the couch? 100bpm. The random adrenaline surges have stopped, but I can't spend months just sitting. I can't even get myself into the car to go find a better doctor who won't just keep throwing pills at me. 3 whole weeks with no improvement. And I'm still on half dose! Please. Somebody tell me it will get better. 😢

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    lol. i though I wrote it and forgot. I'm in withdrawal from 50 mg I was taking on a need basis for a month. got better and stopped it. got HR to 160 when standing. resting aka laying down naked and plaing ded possum 100-125. if move a hand goes up. enxiety through the roof. i thought I'm loosing my mind. necer stopping panic attack. Zanax/Loserapam helped in hospital for a week. no body was really doing anything or telling me or agreeing that this is withdrawal. were saying that I have hypertension only and were pressing to treat it.

    it took 2 weeks to get HR lower a bit. stimulation of vagus nerve helps at lest to put it lower for some seconds or minutes.

    few days I was ok, not in agony. returns back at random and got again hear pain again.

    doctors are professional gaslighters.

    I got to hospital on December 1. on december 5 was released, heart rate was still crazy but at night it would go to 90 if I do not move and on lorasepam. they have not found anything. BP was not too bad thanks God. otherwise they would have cured me to death.

    Crazy heart rate, anxiety, panic, sweating non stop palms and feet. Even could not get to pee few days. In hospital when go to toilet nurces jumps in asking what is happening. coz they see 160+ on their monitors.

    Today is 19th, so 19 days after rebound started and full 3 weeks (21 days) I'm not taking metoprolol and more than 19 days off the metoprolol. (first 2-4 days were fine). I stopped Lorasepam on December 7.

    yesterday I was okayish. today again high BP and elevated heart rate, anxiety under control with no meds. On day 14 I had it down to 65-70 during sleep and had it like that for 3 days, I thought I'm good and will be better from now on. i think it is my norm or close to it. and sometimes were able to sit on the toilet with less than 120. tonight it was 75-85. got right ear pain again. i think many people write about it. started to care/notice it after stopping metoprolol and feeling better. on metoprolol was having bad head pains and felt very strange.

    I used to take Amlodipine which gave me the initial issue with heart rate, I was weaning it off and told by docs to use metoprolol on a need basis. worst advise ever IMO.

    God helps us all, getting off this drug.

    please write your updates people. knowing that it will end aster some time helps. knowing your timeline will help as well.

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