Beta blocker withdrawal symptoms

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I was put on nebivolol 2.5mg for my anxiety problems, this march. My doctor had said that my heart is alright. I just stopped taking the medicine 4 days back, without lowering the dosage, because my doctor said its alright to stop immediately. So i did, and the first 2 days were alright. but since yesterday, my heart rate has become fast like before. And now im getting this weird chest pains. I am 18 years old. i just want to know how long it takes the withdrawal symptoms to go away?

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    You should always reduce beta blockers slowly as what you describe is not unusual if you stop abruptly and could be dangerous for you. I can't say how long it will take for your heart to return to normal but I would say go to A&E just be safe.

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    Everyone says to taper off over a couple of weeks or so, and even then it's tricky. I take atenolol (another beta blocker) for BP and arrhythmias, but sometimes one or both problems seems to go away and I've cut back an already very small dose of the drug, even stopped for days or weeks. But usually there's a period of difficulty - and then, for me, the symptoms return and I go back on the drug. I guess this is an unusual pattern.

    So in my experience I'd say the difficult period is a couple of weeks, but different people, different conditions, different drugs, there's going to be a lot of variation.

    But here's one thing that might help - chocolate! Dark chocolate, preferably with no milk added, has natural beta blockers. About an ounce of 72% or better can really help. And it doesn't seem to cause problems itself.

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    dhruv5...Beta blockers truly should never suddenly be stopped. You just stopped the medicine 4 days ago, so it's a bit early in the game. I would suggest however, that you speak with your pharmacist about a good weaning plan. They are afterall, the professionals when it comes to medications.

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    Hi there. Are you doing better? I too stopped taking a Beta Blocker after weaning 2 days ago (Metoprolol Succinate ER 25mg in my case) and I still have high heart rate occasionally, I'm somehow weak and dizzy, my stomach is messed up and a few other symptoms. Are you feeling any better?

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      Hi there. I'm sorry you are going through that. Unfortunately, it takes a while after stopping the medication to feel better. You can go to my profile and see the other thread I was active at, it has a lot of information about what some of us went through while weaning out. It's really long but it helped me a lot. Hope you start feeling better soon.

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      Hello. I had been taking atenolol for about a month on and off. After reading about the side effects, I decided to stop taking it. I had a complete cardiovascular workup and my heart is fine. Since you have experienced this torment, is there any way I could talk with you about the experience and how long the rapid heart rate, shakiness and high anxiety might last? I would so appreciate any info you might provide. Thanks.

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      Sure, you can message me directly if you prefer. You can also go through my old posts where I wrote a lot of what I went through. I will add here one of the posts where I described how it went for me after I stopped taking it. Just wanted to let you know I don't think I'll ever be the same after that, but I did have a pretty bad reaction, it doesn't mean it will be your case. Propranolol and Metoprolol are in my allergy list now.

      "This is the timeline of my symptoms for a little more than a month. I stopped taking the pill on 11/16 and wrote down my withdrawal symptoms till 12/31. From that point on during January I would have good days and then maybe once a week a day with a few symptoms but not bad at all. And from then on maybe every couple of weeks. Now, 10 months after, I still get some kind of nervousness almost every day, same with the chest pain (that one has been subsiding and now I only get it once in a while), a sensation in my throat that is hard to explain that I feel not very often anymore, and sometimes the heat wave but also not too often. The only thing that still bothers me the most is the nervousness, which is not bad at all (it got very bad when I was on the pill). I never had anxiety or depression or anything of the sort before taking that medication, and it's the symptom that has lingered the most. That whole experience was very bad for me and just recently I was able to start talking about it without feeling bad physically and emotionally. I was told it was kind of like a PSTD. But just believe me that even though it takes time it gets much better. Like I said before, I would consider myself 95-97% normal most of the time and that is pretty good in my opinion after going through that.

      I made this more for myself so let me know if you need help understanding. Also, I only wrote down the worse symptoms on that day, the ones that bothered me enough to be worried. Hope it helps you somewhat. I know at that time seeing something like that would've helped me enormously.

      After stopping Metoprolol on 11/16:

      Day 1 Horrible, all symptoms that had while taking the medication

      Day 2 Similar than day before but somewhat better, less intensity of symptoms

      Day 3 Didn’t sleep during the night, anxiety, lightheaded, palpitations, tachycardia

      Day 4 anxiety, palpitations, lightheaded, tachycardia, earache

      Day 5 took valeriana tea last night. Somewhat lightheaded, flu like symptoms, palpitations, tachycardia, easily tired, weak specially morning to after noon

      Day 6 Headache, lightheaded, palpitations, tired without a lot of effort, weak specially morning to mid afternoon

      Day 7 Palpitations, some anxiety, chest tightness, muscle pain (shoulder-underpit front)

      Day 8 Didn’t sleep well last night. Some anxiety, palpitations, some chest discomfort

      Day 9 took valeriana tee last night. somewhat dizzy till mid afternoon, later pretty good, first day that felt as close as normal as possible

      Day 10 pretty good, some nervousness

      Day 11 nervousness with some palpitations, bruised easily after scratching a leg itch

      Day 12 less anxiety than day before, a few palpitations

      Day 13 pretty good, a little bit of anxiety in afternoon with a few palpitations and a dizziness that lasted a few seconds

      Day 14 pretty good, some palpitations, a bit of anxiety, specially morning and mid afternoon

      Day 15 pretty good, tired easily still, a bit of anxiety specially in morning and mid afternoon, but just a bit, sweaty last night

      Day 16 some palpitations, some anxiety mid day, tired, flu like symptoms (maybe real this time-allergies, etc), slept well till about 5, then on and off

      Day 17 better than day before, just a few palpitations and nerves but almost nothing, tiredness, slept well till about 5, then on and off

      Day 18 Didn’t sleep well last night either, same as previous 2 days. Some palpitations and a little tachycardia, tired, headache all day, but pretty good in general, guess more tired than other thing. Took lindel tea last night. Ears kind of clogged in a few occasions

      Day 19 Slept better. A bit of palpitations. Headache in afternoon

      Day 20 a bit of palpitations. Headache in afternoon

      Day 21 bit of palpitations. Headache in afternoon

      Day 22 woke up with headache, bit of palpitations

      Day 23 Didn’t sleep well. Palpitations most of the day and tired, probably from lack of sleep this week. Headache

      Day 24 Didn’t sleep well either. Headache

      Day 25 took benadryl last night, slept better. A bit of palpitations. Still headache

      12/16 feeling much better except I’ve been having trouble to sleep for quite a few days now and headaches every day. Yesterday had more palpitations than what has become the usual and a bit of tachycardia. Woke up today a bit nervous, with headache and some palpitations, feeling tired.

      12/18 last night slept great till 4:30ish, then maybe fell asleep for a little while but I think I didn’t. Still, very nice while asleep. The night before was the best in a long time, slept great the whole night, just woke up a couple of times for a few seconds. Yesterday was a good day, just a bit of nerves (palpitations) in an ocassion. Last night I felt sleepy when I went to bed. Also, didn’t have a headache yesterday which hadn’t happened in what felt like an eternity. Woke up today with a small headache.

      12/19 slept pretty good last night. No headache today. A bit of palpitations only

      12/22 have had very good days. Yesterday was normal pretty much, as before, very slight palpitations only that almost didn’t feel. Been sleeping pretty good as well, 6 to 7 hours interrupted but pretty good.

      12/25 have been pretty good. Back to normal I would say. Still get a few palpitations, like today at night, but maybe because tired. Since yesterday stabbing chest pain on the left (similar to gas pain) that comes and goes fast, only a few times though

      12/31 palpitations started suddenly around 11:15pm, tachycardia and no other symptoms, just made me nervous, bp was high but after resting sitting down was 138/76, maybe tired. Worst in a long time."

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      Thank you for taking the time to respond. I so appreciate it. When you were taking the beta blocker or after you stopped did you have any issue with teeth chattering? I didn't take it that long and only took a small amount in the am and pm. I haven't been able to sleep past 5, 5:30 since I quit taking it. My heart rate is slowing some but the nervousness is the worst.

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      I don’t think I had any issues with teeth chattering or at least I don’t remember. I also took them for a short period of time, about 3 weeks I think. The nervousness was what lingered the most for me, still feel it at times. I get nervous more easily for sure after that ordeal.

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      I was off totally for 20 days but couldn't sleep with racing heart so got back on. I am now totally off for another 16 days. Heart rate is a little better, still having sleeping issues and anxiety. Hoping not to have to go back on.

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