Beta blocker withdrawal symptoms

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I was put on nebivolol 2.5mg for my anxiety problems, this march. My doctor had said that my heart is alright. I just stopped taking the medicine 4 days back, without lowering the dosage, because my doctor said its alright to stop immediately. So i did, and the first 2 days were alright. but since yesterday, my heart rate has become fast like before. And now im getting this weird chest pains. I am 18 years old. i just want to know how long it takes the withdrawal symptoms to go away?

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    You should always reduce beta blockers slowly as what you describe is not unusual if you stop abruptly and could be dangerous for you. I can't say how long it will take for your heart to return to normal but I would say go to A&E just be safe.

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    Everyone says to taper off over a couple of weeks or so, and even then it's tricky. I take atenolol (another beta blocker) for BP and arrhythmias, but sometimes one or both problems seems to go away and I've cut back an already very small dose of the drug, even stopped for days or weeks. But usually there's a period of difficulty - and then, for me, the symptoms return and I go back on the drug. I guess this is an unusual pattern.

    So in my experience I'd say the difficult period is a couple of weeks, but different people, different conditions, different drugs, there's going to be a lot of variation.

    But here's one thing that might help - chocolate! Dark chocolate, preferably with no milk added, has natural beta blockers. About an ounce of 72% or better can really help. And it doesn't seem to cause problems itself.

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    dhruv5...Beta blockers truly should never suddenly be stopped. You just stopped the medicine 4 days ago, so it's a bit early in the game. I would suggest however, that you speak with your pharmacist about a good weaning plan. They are afterall, the professionals when it comes to medications.

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    Hi there. Are you doing better? I too stopped taking a Beta Blocker after weaning 2 days ago (Metoprolol Succinate ER 25mg in my case) and I still have high heart rate occasionally, I'm somehow weak and dizzy, my stomach is messed up and a few other symptoms. Are you feeling any better?

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      Hi there. I'm sorry you are going through that. Unfortunately, it takes a while after stopping the medication to feel better. You can go to my profile and see the other thread I was active at, it has a lot of information about what some of us went through while weaning out. It's really long but it helped me a lot. Hope you start feeling better soon.

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      Hello. I had been taking atenolol for about a month on and off. After reading about the side effects, I decided to stop taking it. I had a complete cardiovascular workup and my heart is fine. Since you have experienced this torment, is there any way I could talk with you about the experience and how long the rapid heart rate, shakiness and high anxiety might last? I would so appreciate any info you might provide. Thanks.

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      Sure, you can message me directly if you prefer. You can also go through my old posts where I wrote a lot of what I went through. I will add here one of the posts where I described how it went for me after I stopped taking it. Just wanted to let you know I don't think I'll ever be the same after that, but I did have a pretty bad reaction, it doesn't mean it will be your case. Propranolol and Metoprolol are in my allergy list now.

      "This is the timeline of my symptoms for a little more than a month. I stopped taking the pill on 11/16 and wrote down my withdrawal symptoms till 12/31. From that point on during January I would have good days and then maybe once a week a day with a few symptoms but not bad at all. And from then on maybe every couple of weeks. Now, 10 months after, I still get some kind of nervousness almost every day, same with the chest pain (that one has been subsiding and now I only get it once in a while), a sensation in my throat that is hard to explain that I feel not very often anymore, and sometimes the heat wave but also not too often. The only thing that still bothers me the most is the nervousness, which is not bad at all (it got very bad when I was on the pill). I never had anxiety or depression or anything of the sort before taking that medication, and it's the symptom that has lingered the most. That whole experience was very bad for me and just recently I was able to start talking about it without feeling bad physically and emotionally. I was told it was kind of like a PSTD. But just believe me that even though it takes time it gets much better. Like I said before, I would consider myself 95-97% normal most of the time and that is pretty good in my opinion after going through that.

      I made this more for myself so let me know if you need help understanding. Also, I only wrote down the worse symptoms on that day, the ones that bothered me enough to be worried. Hope it helps you somewhat. I know at that time seeing something like that would've helped me enormously.

      After stopping Metoprolol on 11/16:

      Day 1 Horrible, all symptoms that had while taking the medication

      Day 2 Similar than day before but somewhat better, less intensity of symptoms

      Day 3 Didn’t sleep during the night, anxiety, lightheaded, palpitations, tachycardia

      Day 4 anxiety, palpitations, lightheaded, tachycardia, earache

      Day 5 took valeriana tea last night. Somewhat lightheaded, flu like symptoms, palpitations, tachycardia, easily tired, weak specially morning to after noon

      Day 6 Headache, lightheaded, palpitations, tired without a lot of effort, weak specially morning to mid afternoon

      Day 7 Palpitations, some anxiety, chest tightness, muscle pain (shoulder-underpit front)

      Day 8 Didn’t sleep well last night. Some anxiety, palpitations, some chest discomfort

      Day 9 took valeriana tee last night. somewhat dizzy till mid afternoon, later pretty good, first day that felt as close as normal as possible

      Day 10 pretty good, some nervousness

      Day 11 nervousness with some palpitations, bruised easily after scratching a leg itch

      Day 12 less anxiety than day before, a few palpitations

      Day 13 pretty good, a little bit of anxiety in afternoon with a few palpitations and a dizziness that lasted a few seconds

      Day 14 pretty good, some palpitations, a bit of anxiety, specially morning and mid afternoon

      Day 15 pretty good, tired easily still, a bit of anxiety specially in morning and mid afternoon, but just a bit, sweaty last night

      Day 16 some palpitations, some anxiety mid day, tired, flu like symptoms (maybe real this time-allergies, etc), slept well till about 5, then on and off

      Day 17 better than day before, just a few palpitations and nerves but almost nothing, tiredness, slept well till about 5, then on and off

      Day 18 Didn’t sleep well last night either, same as previous 2 days. Some palpitations and a little tachycardia, tired, headache all day, but pretty good in general, guess more tired than other thing. Took lindel tea last night. Ears kind of clogged in a few occasions

      Day 19 Slept better. A bit of palpitations. Headache in afternoon

      Day 20 a bit of palpitations. Headache in afternoon

      Day 21 bit of palpitations. Headache in afternoon

      Day 22 woke up with headache, bit of palpitations

      Day 23 Didn’t sleep well. Palpitations most of the day and tired, probably from lack of sleep this week. Headache

      Day 24 Didn’t sleep well either. Headache

      Day 25 took benadryl last night, slept better. A bit of palpitations. Still headache

      12/16 feeling much better except I’ve been having trouble to sleep for quite a few days now and headaches every day. Yesterday had more palpitations than what has become the usual and a bit of tachycardia. Woke up today a bit nervous, with headache and some palpitations, feeling tired.

      12/18 last night slept great till 4:30ish, then maybe fell asleep for a little while but I think I didn’t. Still, very nice while asleep. The night before was the best in a long time, slept great the whole night, just woke up a couple of times for a few seconds. Yesterday was a good day, just a bit of nerves (palpitations) in an ocassion. Last night I felt sleepy when I went to bed. Also, didn’t have a headache yesterday which hadn’t happened in what felt like an eternity. Woke up today with a small headache.

      12/19 slept pretty good last night. No headache today. A bit of palpitations only

      12/22 have had very good days. Yesterday was normal pretty much, as before, very slight palpitations only that almost didn’t feel. Been sleeping pretty good as well, 6 to 7 hours interrupted but pretty good.

      12/25 have been pretty good. Back to normal I would say. Still get a few palpitations, like today at night, but maybe because tired. Since yesterday stabbing chest pain on the left (similar to gas pain) that comes and goes fast, only a few times though

      12/31 palpitations started suddenly around 11:15pm, tachycardia and no other symptoms, just made me nervous, bp was high but after resting sitting down was 138/76, maybe tired. Worst in a long time."

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      Thank you for taking the time to respond. I so appreciate it. When you were taking the beta blocker or after you stopped did you have any issue with teeth chattering? I didn't take it that long and only took a small amount in the am and pm. I haven't been able to sleep past 5, 5:30 since I quit taking it. My heart rate is slowing some but the nervousness is the worst.

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      I don’t think I had any issues with teeth chattering or at least I don’t remember. I also took them for a short period of time, about 3 weeks I think. The nervousness was what lingered the most for me, still feel it at times. I get nervous more easily for sure after that ordeal.

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      hey, did you have a racing heart? how long did it take to settle?

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      Unfortunately, I am still dealing with a racing heart and horrific anxiety.

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      I was off totally for 20 days but couldn't sleep with racing heart so got back on. I am now totally off for another 16 days. Heart rate is a little better, still having sleeping issues and anxiety. Hoping not to have to go back on.

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      im also stuggling intensley with withdrawal from Atenolol. you mention anxiety. its terrible. i also have tingling/prickling all over my body, sleep deprivation and just generally feeling very sick

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      GLR702, thank you so much for this play by play, I to was put on beta-blockers On March 7th - 2022 I took them until about March 29th, and I swear I am still having withdrawal symptoms. I am reading your daily log and it is exactly as mine... Did you finally get relief? I did try taking a half a dose to see if the symptoms stopped, and yes they did. I fear this is going to be my life for months now and it sucks... Please tell me there is an end in sight.

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      I was put on 2,5mg/day of Bisoprolol in July last year (2021) for atrial fibrillation. A few days ago I was given a cardioversion procedure in hospital which successfully put my heart back into normal sinus rhythm. I found that my heart rate was very low at 51 BPM with some lightheadedness and the hospital consultant told me to stop the beat blockers (Bisoprolol) completely as I no longer needed them. I stopped them abruptly and after a couple of days felt really bad with soaring blood pressure. I have since started taking half a dose/day and will do this for 1 week and then try taking a dose every other day. The withdrawal effects have disappeared now that I am back on half doses, will see how I get on in the coming days.

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      can I ask you, how long you were on Metoprolol and what strength? thank you

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      I had to go through my old posts because I didn't remember. It looks like it was Metoprolol Succinate ER 25mg. I did take Propranolol before I was switched to Metoprolol but don't remember the dosage on that one. I took it for about 3 weeks in total.

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      Hi I seen your post. so It takes over a month for the symptoms to kinda stop. I was on metoprolol 25MG for 2 months. now im off it and im having really bad withdrawals from it. Idk if im going to last much longer. been 4 days. im just worried that the withdrawal symptoms won't stop soon. so how long to get over withdrawals? thanks. GLR702

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      Hi. Just go through my timeline so you can have a better idea of how everything unfolded for me. I did wean for a little, not too long, as I was convinced it would kill me if I stayed on it. Withdrawals were horrible still. I had a bad reaction to it, it's now in my allergy list. Sometimes I still feel some of the side effects I had during that time, but they are just quick and temporary, nothing at all like what I went through. I know exactly how you feel, it seems like it's gonna last forever, but it doesn't. I just kept telling myself that going back to that poison was not an option, I could only move forward as hard as it was. Just be patient, even though I know it's almost impossible. Time goes by anyway, and someday, hopefully not too far, this will be all a bad memory. And yes, to feel close to my normal self it was about 2 months for me. After that I would have setbacks but they became less and less often as time went by. I wish you the best. we all went through that, you can also do it. Just one day at a time. Pay attention to the little things, maybe something you don't feel now that was bad before, or the intensity of the symptoms as days go by. Measure your improvements any way you can, no matter how small they are, that usually helped me as well to keep going. Good luck!

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      I had covid and was on a respirator so my lungs were compromised and I lost 25 pounds in a month so all my muscle was atrophied. my resting heart rate went up to 117 so they put me on 25 mg metropolol split in half so 12.5 morning and night. I had no side effects and my heartrate went down about 20 beats per minute which was good. Now my Dr. wants me to wean off of them and I'm finding it difficult. I tried 12.5 mg once a day and felt short if breath, so I tried 6.25 mg during the day and 12.5 at night and that felt better. I did that for 2 weeks and tried only 12.5 at night again and it was still difficult to handle the feeling if shortness of breath. I gonna try 6.25 2x a day and see if I can do that. my Dr. doesn't know why I would be having any problem getting off of it. he said it was anxiety, which I never had before covid. I have low blood pressure and am healthy besides dealing with my lung recovery. I would love any thoughts or help you could provide for getting off this drug.

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      I'm sorry you are going through that. I had covid too and my resting heart rate was in the high 90s or low 100s and I didn't even have any lung trouble, just short of breath for a while later. What I mean is that even in people with mild or moderate cases the heart rate can go up for a few days, in my case it was close to a month. Regarding the weaning, what can I say, it was very hard for me, but I powered through so I could get out of the medication. Try the 6.25 day and night for a few days and then go from there? And it's not in your head. It's very hard to get out of this med. Keep cutting doses as slow as you can and keep moving forward. Eventually you'll be out of it. I wish you the best!

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      I am currently trying to wean off of metoprolol after being on it for 2+ months with significant side effects. After 2 days of being off the medicine I started having horrific palpitations which led me to an ER visit where everything was normal with my heart and electrolytes. I went on metoprolol for high heart rate only and never had palpitations or any other heart symptoms until I got on this medicine. So with Dr. consent I am weaning off this medicine but having horrible palpitations similar to when i was taking the medicine. What did you do to get through the palpitations when you were weaning off this medicine? Any tips you can share would be so helpful.

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      Hi there. Sorry you are going through this. To be honest I have no tips to make it better. I just rode it off hopping the end wouldn’t be too far. I tried to relax as much as I could and simply wait. I read about anxiety, took lavender scented baths, etc. Eventually everything got better but it wasn’t easy as you know. Just have to be patient and not lose hope. Sorry I cannot be of much help. Wishing you the best!

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      How are you feeling now? I'm cutting down from 12.5mg to 6.25 starting tomorrow. the withdrawals are horrible

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      How are you doing now? I too am going through a withdrawal and still have issues after 30 days off. The past week I felt better than Before but in the last 2 days Ive had bad symptoms return again. This whole experience has been a nightmare.

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      i understand what you mean by nightmare. Ive been struggling for many months.

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      I read your post and wanted to reach out. some of your symptoms are similar to mine, the low blood pressure, shortness of breath, anxiety.

      I did not have Covid, mine came on after 2 doses of the vaccine. I ended up being hospitalized for a week, where i was finally diagnosed with POTS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardio. Essentially, your autonomic nervous system gets haywired and no longer controls your blood pressure, when standing.

      I have seen a POTS specialist and he confirmed that the vaccine and COVID are causing POTS.

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      i have found wd comes in cycles. One day I think I am improving but the next day is torture again

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      Hi GLR702,

      I am currently going through betablocker withdrawls and came across your detailed withdrawal timeline. You mentioned that you had some kind of "a sensation in my throat" could you describe it a little more in detail and what did you do for it to go away. Currently, I am feeling that something is holding my throat like the adam apple part and I might not be able to swallow but the swallowing is just fine. I really appreciate it you could help me with that. God bless you.

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      Hi Shakira,

      By the last days while on the medication I had difficulty swallowing, I was down to soups and even that was hard. I don't know if it was nerves or inflammation but it started going away when the withdrawals started subsiding. The sensation I referred to was a different one and it was like a flutter in my throat that would make me cough. It felt like a skipped heart beat but in my throat, weird to explain. That would happen once in a while and less often as time went by. That is one of the side effects that I still feel from time to time, but it could be months between them now. Regarding what I did for it to go away, I'm sorry to not have a better solution but just waiting. My only solution to every single symptom I had was to stop the medication, go through the withdrawals, and wait. Nothing helped honestly. Sorry I cannot be of more help on the front. I hope you do find something that helps and can share with everyone else and feel better. Wishing you the best!

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      Thank you for this. I'm on day 2 of stopping after taking for only a week and I'm in hell. It is exactly like you said, poison. That's exactly the way I've been explaining it to my wife. I just hope right now I can hang on to come out of this. The anxiety is like nothing I've ever experienced and I've had anxiety for years!

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      Hi Drekavac,

      Sorry you are going through this. You will come out of it but it'll take some time as you have seen. It was my first time experiencing anxiety and it was horrible. My hands were shaking 24/7 and the horrible feeling... don't even want to remember. But it started getting better little by little. Hang in there! I wish you the best. I hope your withdrawals don't last as long as mine.

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      Hi, was going to ask this. Yes I have this lump in the throat feeling too after cold turkey bisoprolol. Other than that it's the anxiety, depression, panic attack, gasping for air, cannot breath.

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      Hi, thank you for posting your daily journal of symptoms and I was happy to come across your response to another about how long you took this poison. I too was on Metroprolol for only about 2-3 weeks, that includes the short weaning period. My primary put me on Amlodipine for high BP and heart rate, this occured after a diet pill gave me terrifying symptoms similar to a heart attack. My EKG was fine but she was concerned about my BP and rate so I was put on 5 mg of Amlodipine and referred me to a cardiologist to be safe. I felt good on the Amlodipine, no side effects, both BP and hrt came down though it jumped around alot. Skip to the cardiologist who immediately took me off the Am and on Metoprolol, no idea why except he seemed to think I was a high stressed person which I am not, I tried to explain I was just terrified being at a cadiologist! The first few days of the 50 mg a day of Metop Tartrate were ok then blurry vision, eyes couldnt focus, head fog, insomnia yet exhausted, all around just couldnt function. I went back to see my cardiologist and he said I could stop, even said I didnt have to wean, which was shocking! However, I did wean but not for long, went to 25 mg for a few days, then 12.5, then 6.25 and back on Amlodipine. I had a stress test and echocardiogram coming up and wanted to be off of it since I had not one ounce of energy on it. Just last Fri was my stress test and echo which he said were normal. He was concerned about my BP still and wanted me to increase the Am to 10 mg a day. Also tried to tell him I was terrified again and at home it was 117/78. I decided not to increase the Amlodipine though as I want to come off of that too. Now to the side effects/withdrawal, for the first few days after being off Metop and back on Am I was fine, about 3 days later, horrible heartburn/indigestion, headaches, some chest tightness right below my collarbone area, insomnia and yesterday my BP was creeping up again, 139/89. Of course it was low on Metop but its been steady on Am so not sure why its creeping up again. I thought theres no way I can be having withdrawal after only on this for a few weeks and felt fine for the first few days. Now Im seeing this is likely the case in addition to now seeming like I am getting some side effects of Am which I didnt have before. Oh also forgot that a few days ago I felt very jittery inside, odd feeling as I wasnt shaking on the outside and my heart wasnt racing. Honestly I have no idea if these are Metop withdrawals, new Amlodipine side effects, both or if my body is so confused and trying to adjust. Its awful! I felt fine before all of these meds! Has anyone successfully come off all meds and lowered BP with natural alternatives like Magnesium, Hawthorne Berry etc? I do take Magnesium Taurate to help combat symptoms but dont want to take anything else for fear of more symptoms from a weird interaction. Sorry so long but it seems so many of us are affected by this poison no matter how long we've been on it but I refuse to go back.

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      Sorry you are going through this. I understand how frustrating it must be that now you don't know which pill is causing your symptoms. After what I went through I try to avoid pills as much as I can. I hope you start to feel better soon and can figure out what's going on.

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      Hi. I am basically going through the same thing as you. I was put on metoprolol for hypertension. Only took it for 2 weeks. Didn't like how it made me feel, so Dr. told me to cut in half for a week and then stop. I did this and she switched me to amlodipine. It's been a week and basically a nightmare. Racing heart and my bp is higher than what you described. Trying other methods of relaxation and meditation because I don't want my Dr. to put me on a higher dose. I hope and pray you are doing okay.

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      Oh geez Deb, Im so sorry to hear you are dealing with this too! Its such a nightmare! As with me, you dont know if its just the Metop withdrawal or Amlo side effects or both! Amlodipine has just as horrific side effects. Ive been able to control the heartburn from Amlo by taking a natural acid reflux pill that has ginger and ACV and Ginger losenges, they are amazing at helping the heartburn! For heartrate and BP, I take Magnesium Tartrate and I mix beet root powder in Hisbiscus Tea (the beet root powder is cherry flavor). Ive been trying to taper down the Amlo, so I started taking 2.5 mg for a week or so then cut it in half over the past week. My BP has been good. But the worst part is if I dont take it, I get chest pains and/or short of breath! I was out of breath from talking on the phone! Ive never had these problems before! Never had chest pains, shortness of breath, heartburn, flushed face etc until these meds! And the chest pains are too scary so I am almost forced to take a pill, then they go away immediately. I know its a withdrawal symptom and I should stick it out but its just so terrifying. The past two days I tried to take a half of the half, like .6 mg, but my BP is creeping up again. It had stabalized and was always below 120/80 with just 1.25 mg of Amlo and then suddenly reducing that in half spikes it to 135/87. So weird! Im at my wits end and cry at times cause I want to feel like myself again. Trusting our doctors put us in this position and its just so sad. I hope you are feeling better? Maybe try the beet root powder or Magnesium to help with your heart rate if its still elevated. Hoping its not though.

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      Hello GLR702

      I read all your post and it lines up with what Im experiencing. I just wanted to clear up a few things.

      Would you please tell me

      1. How long you were on it
      2. Did you wean down before stopping
      3. Did you ever go back to just for one dosage when symptoms were bad?

      I think the biggest thing for me right now, is that I could feel good for a few days and out of nowhere I get tachycardia.

      The first time I exprienced this it was real bad, so I folded and took one to see if it would quell as I thought I would die, literally. And sure enought in about an hour it went down.

      So I've been trying to wean off it and am down to half a pill every other day. Which is the lowest dose you can get. Im hoping that the tachycardi and palps stop soon because it feels like Im gonna deal with this for my whole life. But Im sure it wont be that way. I just need a timeline. And from what I read it takes about a month after finally tapering down to nothing that those symptoms lessen dramatically.



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      Hi. I don't remember all the details but I think if you go through my posts you will probably find all the information you need. I believe I was on the medication for about 3 weeks. I did wean but not for a very long time, I was too sick to keep waiting much longer, went through hell because of it but it was what I need it at the moment. After I weaned and stopped the medication I never took another pill, to me it was poison. I was in very bad shape, couldn't even eat anymore. I hope you start feeling good soon 😃

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      GLR are you still getting nervousness?

      I've been off over a month now, and most of my symptoms have disarrepared. However the nervousness comes out more often than I'd like.

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      I feel like after that, I'm quicker to get nervous or overwhelmed, but it's nothing like what I was feeling during the withdrawals .

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      Do you also seem to get palps when this nervousness comes on? And I notice that this time around my nervousness was staying for longer periods.. bordering onto anxiety.

      I thought I was over this as the last few weeks I was experiencing some amazing peace.

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      Thanks for your log info. Mine is close to the same. A hard thing to do, but my cardio finally after 2 years found a b/p pill that helps me without the need of a beta blocker. I changed my diet and made lifestyle changes as well. Now b/p reads 140/72 or thereabouts. So the conquest is getting off the nebivolol slowly. I am 72, and am about 30 lbs overweight, but better than prior. I'm sure my veins and arteries have lost major elasticity. Now for the uphill battle!!

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      Yes, the palpitations lasted for a long time. I still get them in rare occasions.

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      How are you feeling now? I stopped 18 days ago and I'm still struggling to get back to the way things were. I was only on metoprolol for 3 to 4 days.

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      It's been almost 5 years for me, so I'm good. I think will always have some side effects even after this long but never like the first few months. Have some patience, I know it's so hard but times passes. I hope you feel better soon.

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      If you want to torture a person, give him bisoprolol, and I still suffer from side effects even after more than two years of stopping. Is there a hope

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      They have immensely decreased for me over time, but I think I'll always have a little something from time to time.

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      I was happy for your comment ,This means that there is hope. because after I felt a lot better this month, today I have a blurry head, tinnitus in the ears, leg tension and a cold body. I hope to get rid of this nightmare and I do not want anything else.

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      Yes, hang in there. I also get little relapses here and there but they pass, and they are minor compared to what it was at the beginning.

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      No , nothing. I just waited it out. I got so scared of medications after what happened that I avoid them unless absolutely necessary. Bought some cbd oil but never tried it either.

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      Is it possible that there is no treatment for these disturbing symptoms? How long have you been taking this drug and how long has it been stopped?

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      I took it for about 3 weeks I think, that was almost 5 years ago.

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      i think our body need a lot of time but am sure will coming better then the past

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      Have you had a problem with your eyes? My eyesight became weak and my eyelids trembled. Is this also a withdrawal from this medication? unbelievable

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      me too , die you have tinitus or pressure on your ear ?

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      Yes, this is the list of symptoms I had:

      ✔️Blurred vision

      ✔️chest pain or discomfort

      ✔️like electrical current in head

      ✔️tingling, chills like on arms, back and head



      ✔️dizziness, or lightheadedness when getting up suddenly from a lying or sitting position

      ✔️hair loss

      ✔️dry mouth

      ✔️hot flashes/heat intolerance


      ✔️unusual tiredness or weakness

      ✔️insomnia, nightmares

      ✔️soft stools

      ✔️difficult or labored breathing

      ✔️difficulty with speaking

      ✔️extreme tiredness or weakness

      ✔️fast, pounding, or racing heartbeat or pulse

      ✔️halos around lights


      ✔️overbright appearance of lights

      ✔️lose weight

      ✔️seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there

      ✔️tightness in the chest

      ✔️tingling of the hands or feet

      ✔️troubled breathing

      ✔️continuing loss of appetite that got to the point when only could eat liquids

      ✔️continuing abdominal pain

      ✔️continuing nausea

      ✔️difficulty with moving

      ✔️general tiredness and weakness


      ✔️increased frequency of urination

      ✔️muscle pain

      ✔️sore throat

      ✔️white tongue

      ✔️unpleasant breath odor


      ✔️very bad anxiety

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      I rememeber clogged ears and earaches form time to time

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      i have all your symptoms + Discomfort during swallowing and cold legs

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      I might've too. I had so many symptoms that I just checked some from a list I found, but might've missed some. It was an awful time

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      I'm getting better a lot but what's bothering me right now is the fluttering of the eyelids eyelids.

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      I'm sure it'll get better too. Give it a few days.

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      Do I have a solution but to wait? Believe me, I am ready to pay money to return to normal, but there is no treatment and I do not want to see any doctor because most of them do not believe that we are suffering from this medicine.

    • Posted

      My ears have been popping for two years now, and my eyes are trembling sometimes with blurry vision. My wife wants me to go to an eye doctor and an ear doctor, and I tell her this is because of the effect of the medicine, and she does not believe me.

    • Posted

      I want to ask you a question, is there something natural that helps you or helps you overcome the side effects? I have been taking vitamins for two and a half years, that is, when I stopped taking bisoprolol, which I used for three weeks like you, so if there is a solution or something natural, I am trying to stop taking vitamins. The problem is that I no longer speak to anyone because they think that I am delusional, and some of them say that I should go to the doctor to be examined, but I do not want because he will not believe me.You are the only one who believes me because you are literally suffering from almost the same side effects as me.


    • Posted

      So appreciate this forum and seeing your posts GLR702. I'm day 22 off Metoprolol and your timeline is so similar to my current experience. Just to see I'm not alone in this terrible experience trying to come off this drug gives me hope. I almost gave in today but fought through it.

      Thank you so much!

    • Posted

      I'm so sorry you are going through this. The good thing is that you know we went through it and are much better now. I also wanted to give up many times, but like we have said before, it does get better. It's very hard to be patient but there's no other way. I remember trying to meditate, and taking baths with lavender scents. Not sure if they helped or not in a big way but I did liked them while I was going through it. I also read some books, like "How you beat anxiety" by Ryan Shaw and "The worry trick" by David A Carbonell, PhD. I feel they helped.

    • Posted

      When I wake up in the morning, pressure in the ears, as if they are blocked, heaviness in the head, coldness in the leg, tension in the leg, and sometimes I feel unbearable, but not every day. I will buy lavender and hope it helps me.

    • Edited

      Thanks so much...I continue to try and focus on those positive things that have changed. Its about a month off now but I'm not there yet. I continue to pray and have hope I will back to myself soon. One day at a time

    • Posted


      i can see this discussion is a little old but wanted to add that i am 12 days off bisopralol..,

      i had 2 great days at first..

      i weaned down to 1.25 and Dr said the dose was like p*****g into the wind so just stop..

      i was having memory problems and feelng totally disconnected..

      bp was really under control 120/70 .. it was originally 200/100

      after the 2 days in came anxiety and the disconnection started up again...

      im a hairdresser so this is really hard to work like 3 my bp went back to 180/100!

      pains in upper back and right shoulder

      i had previously been prescribed candesartan for bp but didnt take it as i was afraid to mix meds ...

      in desperation i took it on day 10 of withdraw... i halved the tablet so 4mg ....after 2 hours anxiety disappeared and disconnection disappeared... i continue to take 4mg every 12 hours... i can feel symptoms trying to come back when i take the tablet they disappear again hope the longer i take the better it will get into my system..

      bp is coming down 150/80 and i hope it continues to help mask the symptoms of withdrawl.. im just putting this down in case it could be helpful to anyone!

    • Posted

      Sorry you are going through that. Hope you keep feeling better day by day. There are many other medications for high blood pressure. Just have to try different ones till you feel good. My family has always had good results with Lisinopril, but of course, this varies from person to person. Wishing you the best!

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