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Hi everyone,

So i have spent my last 4/5 days going through all of my daughters evidence for her PIP review. I don't have the best short term memory and every single time i look at what i have, 5 minutes later i completely forget what i have and the process starts all over again. Then i forget where i put something so i have to search for that evidence...again. Information overload appears and i have to stop. The following day i start again.... look through the evidence, forget where it is or what needs photocopying. Putting evidence in piles so i know where it is and what needs photocopying only works if you don't forget which pile is which because you haven't put a note on the front of the pile.... UGH!!!! Information overload every single time! HEADACHE!

I know i advise on here and i know the benefit system very well, but this is something that's in my brain and i have google that helps me too.

Trying to fill out the review form myself for the first time with as much information as possible. I'm her appointee and the form needs to be signed by myself too but when filling in forms like this i have to pretend to be her. I've helped her through her difficulties her whole life and of course because she's my daughter you don't really think of the things you do, you just do it because you know you have to. I've had the help of my other daughter too but when you write down the things she needs help with, it really does make you think but to to have to pretend you're her, is extremely difficult!

She was awarded Enhanced rate for both a year ago but the silly DWP think that her learning disability and autism is going to improve because of course there must be a cure for this somewhere, i've yet to find this out. They really should let me know how i find this cure! My daughter would love to be able to do thing independently without having to rely on other people, she would love to be able to cook for for herself, or run a bath and know the correct temperature. Count the money she has in her purse without needing help from me or anyone else. Things that come so naturally to someone like myself is a huge task for her, so yes please i'd love to know where that cure is....

The form is done, evidence is scanned and printed and i've asked for an on going award based on the evidence i've sent that proves her conditions are life long and she'll need help and support every single day for the rest of her life. I've also asked that if they are unable to give the ongoing award and a shorter award is given to please explain the evidence they used to suggest a shorter award be given... i'm curious to know what they make of that one. Yes, for those wondering, you can ask for an ongoing award if the evidence you send suggests no improvement is likely. If you don't ask, you don't get! Form will be sent either later today or tomorrow morning.

Reviews are a nightmare and anyone going through their's right now has my sympathy and i wish all of you good luck.

Sorry to you all for having a morning morning, but i have no one else to moan to. If you managed to read through all of this, thanks!

Lots of love to all my friends here! xxx

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    HI Denise

    Sorry youve had a stressful few days filling in your daughters forms.It must be even more so for you, having to write down every single thing you do for her must be upsetting for you as you say your daughter will need help doing these things for the rest if her life.I think its great you know the benefit system so well and are able to know what to ask for when filling in your forms, but your also human too and your allowed to moan at us as youve helped many of us with our problems.Hope your all sorted now and good luck for your daughters review. (hopefully the DWP will listen to you!...or provide you with a cure for your daughters conditions!)

    Take Care xxxx

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    hi denise , you sound like you,ve had a really crap couple of days of course were all there for you as you were for all of us ... as if you havent got enough to do having a child with authism is hard enough just on a daily basis i know , if you need an ear to bend at any time just email with love to you and your daughter xx

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    Hi denise,

    You also have my sympathies regarding the dwp form filling. I am still waiting to get results of my mandatory reconsideration. I was reading a post online about a family in N I who have a son with Locked in syndrome, apparently the pip assessor knows better than all the experts and originally gave no award.

    It is an obvious exercise to remove as many claimants as possible from the system, no matter what the cost to the most vulnerable of society. Keep strong, and have a moan as often as you want.

    Best regards,


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    Thanks everyone for all your kind words, as always!! It helps to have the support of others with times like reviews etc. Stressful times for anyone going through these reviews, whether you know the benefit system or not. No award is safe, even i know that!

    Yes Mike, i read that in the daily mirror, absolutely ridiculous indeed. That poor mans son can't do anything for him self and he didn't even score what he should have scored, even though he did get Enhanced for both... that's not the point here. The fact that they scored him less knowing he can't do anything for himself is just nonsense! Makes my blood boil!

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      Hi sweety, you are a terrific mum and doing a great job with both of your girls. Sending you lots of love and Big Hugs xxxx

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    I'm with you at the moment as you know, I have just done my review, well a few weeks ago and I know just where you're coming from, l would get it all out put it all over the table read through it move things around write something, come back and have no idea what I've been doing and have to read it all again, is this an age thing or is it something to do with the way they do their forms.

    I haven't heard from mine yet so I have no idea which way it will go.

    And like you I have the most horrendous brain fog that makes me forget things so quickly and within 24 hours it's out of my mind so I haven't really been worrying about it too much until I read something like this and it.makes me think should I contact them and find out what stage it's at, then something else pops into my head and it's gone again LOL

    i don't think I fancy doing anyone elses at the moment its difficult enough doing your own.

    have you heard anything about yours yet I think it was your esa you were waiting for I hope that's going ok

    any idea how long you have to wait to be contacted by the DWP regarding a review form do they let you know that they've received it without having to ring up I obviously rang up do they let you know how long you've got to wait or is it just all up in the clouds.

    i hope once its sent you can try to forget about it and just hope its good result.

    take care x

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