Anyone ever been misdiagnosed for Mild schizophrenia ?

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I Just wanted to talk about my experience so I can warn people not to do the same mistake I did .

As I young child I was very shy, more specifically I was really outgoing when I was outside of school but at school I was very shy , and afraid . I would sit in the back of the class , and if there was any hint that there would be participation that day I felt like the world ended . Also I realize that I never knew how do anything when it came to drawing , math or wtv . it's not because I was stupid , I got really high grades when I wanted to . but my life as a kid was kind of disturbed .

I always struggled and always felt inferior to people

A couple of years later my shyness and inability to cope with my difficulties became worse . The thought of me being inferior to people was everywhere because I was unable to put my thoughts into action .

so I struggeled and I started telling my mom and dad that something is wrong , they never understood , I never could explain myself because I ddnt know what was going on with me .

I would say i'm afraid of people because I couldn't look at them in the eye , from a child who didn't know how to interact with people to becoming afraid from them . But I wasn't afraid I was just missing self esteem and self confidence , I never had a father figure . And I ddnt have the life I was hoping for as a kid and that broke me.

So by then I had changed 5 schools , took me 5 years to graduate from university because of depression and anxiety or let's just say shyness and low self esteem and not being able to face my fears and afraid of change . I got hooked up on all kinds of meds for 9 years started when I was 15 or 16 .

I would go to my doctor tell him I am afraid of people , I feel judged , ddnt say anything about lossing my self confidence and self image because I had never heard of that . I didn't know it could affect someone that much .

i was put on Seroquel an antipsychotic drug and olanzamed and other antipsychotics . not at the same time but one after the other just because i could not face life as a child .

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    my inability to cope with people and be myself , led me to believe that people are bad .

    it became a fact

    i was weak and i always blamed other people for my own problem as a child . i was lost and ddn't have anyone to tell me how to react .

    by then i went into stealing drugs fights . I lost my selfesteem even more !! why just because i couldn't handle being me .


    i'm not saying it's anyone's fault , but it's not my fault either .

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    I just came upon this webpage by accident, but I wanted to mention something.

    First of all, I am not a doctor or knowledgeable about schizophrenia at all, except to know that it should be taken very seriously.

    But I did want to say, just in case it's of any help, maybe you might want to check out Tony Attwood's description of aspergers syndrome, as it manifests in females.

    Females can fly under the radar in terms of getting a diagnosis sometimes, because they tend to have better coping skills than males.

    But, once again, I am not a doctor so, I'm just throwing in my two cents

    Like i said, I don't usually follow up with or find these kinds of webpages, but

    I wish you all the best.  Good luck with everything.

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    U know what really will help u?

    Try to find a friend, a friend that undetstands u, it can seem to you, that someone lies, when he says that "oh dude i know what you mean blablabla", but you will recognize lier, if you really suffering from some kind of problem.

    And, if you managed to find such a friend, speak to him a lot, and remember, the plank of norms you state for your self, not somebody. It is very important to understand, that you are not insane, till you think so. Just look at that, people a claimed as psychos by another people, just remember, that there is no higher power in the world, who can decided this fact. And thoughts of sociaty are just thoughts, there is no absolute true. If you behave your self like that, it doesn't mean, that you are insane.

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    Your childhood sounds similar to mine. I WAS MISDIAGNOSED Paranoid Schitzophrenia ONLY because D.I.D.  Mulitple Personality Disorder was NOT recognized back then. Today you MIGHT be diagnosed  with D.I.D.  IF the professional KNOWS about it or UNDERSTANDS it and accepts it because it IS controversial but it is in the DMS? handbook of mental health diagnosis. You should get a diagnosis in order to be treated properly. By the way, there is NO medicine for D.I.D. just Psycotherapy, but IF you find a therapist that DOES deal with D.I.D. it will make ALL the difference. OR Biplor or depression. Medicine does help Biplor and depression which can also be partnered with D.I.D. you CAN have more than one diagnosis, I do, but medicine does NOT help D.I.D. because it is abuse, physical beatings and sexual i.e. incest that cause one to develope D.I.D.  The person I see in Monona,Wi is Dr. Dan Feaster at Samaritan Counseling Center of Southern Wi. he is GOOD! and he DOES  work with D.I.D. He KNOWS what he is doing. the other part is accepting that you have D.I.D. because most people do NOT want to have D.I.D. or even deal with how they developed it. There is a sigma with D.I.D. too.  Blessings to you. Give Dr. Dan Feaster a call, he might be of help or he might be able to refer you to someone who can, depending on your area. 1(608).663.0763 Ext. 200
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    Just remember jad49526 as I agree that you need to reach out to Jesus, Shaman is NOT Christianity. Christian is what the name implies person that follows Christ. I asked Jesus to come into MY life to be MY Lord God and Savior then I became a Christian, follower of Jesus Christ and obedient to His Word. Remember since Jesus Christ CREATED YOU, it only makes sense to ask Him in YOUR life to be Your Lord God and Savior because He KNOWS what is going on with you. He made you. And when you ask Him INTO YOUR life and ask Him to help you, TRUST me HE WILL LEAD you to the right Dr to help you. Try it, what have you got to lose, nothing, you never lose with Jesus IN your life and on your side
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      jad49526 are you in therapy? Have you been tested and KNOW for sure you have schitzophrenia because I know about schitzophrenia a long time ago they said I had it either straight out or schitzo affect, they are still doing test to find out and I saw my therapist again this afternoon and we talked about different diagnosis and treatment plans
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    Hi Jad49526,

    There is a book called "Help! I'm going Crazy!", and it is very helpful for Self worth and self esteem.

    Also, counselling helps a lot.

    You need to learn to accept yourself and your childhood as it is (was), and stop wishing it was like you hoped it to be, because facts are facts, no matter how hard they are. We can't change the past, but we can learn to put it behind us, forget about it, and build a happier NOW and future. There are skills you can learn to make the present moment happy, and to cope with daily living.

    Big hugs, and best of luck

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    Hi Jad49526

    I just wanted to check back in. I think maybe it got too carried away offering suggestions about what diagnosis you might fall under instead of just thanking you for sharing your experience to help others, congratulating you on surviving something so very difficult, and encouraging you to keep on going even when life can feel so hard. I really hope and wish for happiness for you. You deserve it.

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    I hope things are going better for you.

    Your description of your way you describe your feelings are very similar to my 18 year old son. He was diagnosed with selective mutism when he was in second grade. His uncle is 32 and very similar to my son growing up but even fits your description even more. I was told it can be genetic. We turned down prescriptions because of the horrible side effects and research I did on them was not good. My son did other type of therapy that worked to improve his anxiety in school. But sounds like you are out of school so for anyone else that may be reading this for their child; I was told it needs to be done sooner than later for better results? Teachers were a big part in helping if they were willing to help and work with us. Most were except one(which was his hardest year) most Kids won't talk to the "silent kid" and will point it out..making things worse. Some Teachers will avoid calling on them or making exceptions for the very shy..thinking they are helping but makes it much worse. So the therapy was to make sure teachers didn't do that..try to treat the child like everyone else..expect them to answer questions and do oral reports like all kids ..etc.. My son hated to have this anxiety to talk in school and wanted the opportunity to talk but only would if people spoke to him. Never initiated conversation. ONLY in school he was like this..NO where else in public!? but my brother is the same no matter where in public. Always thinking people are looking at him like he's a freak(he's actually a good looking man?) kids can be VERY HELPFUL too! my son will be forever grateful to the one classmate in 5th grade. He talked to my son everyday ..for a while my son he didn't say much back) but this boy didn't give up on him. He invited himself over to play. He realized that my son seemed outgoing and fun everywhere else and so slowly introduced his other friends in. the group of 4 boys have been inseparable from 8th grade to currently. My son acts completely happy and outgoing everywhere but a school setting still has anxiety/shy but nothing like when he was young.. He's only himself if he's around his friends in school. Before therapy it was Almost like he was "frozen"..there had Been times where I go to the school and almost didn't recognize my own child for a second(done double takes) because he looked so different..lifeless likesad

    I myself was very shy..almost like my son and wasn't till after college that I came out of my shell.

    My brother didn't have treatment/pre-drugs and still struggles todayrolleyes

    I don't think its ever too late to make changes thoughsmile

    Look into the website below and see if anything fits with your "symptoms"

    Good luck!

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