Anyone experience acid reflux while on Amlodipine (Norvasc)?

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Hello, on the first of the year I woke up with chest pain/tightness and some asthmatic like symptoms. I have a bicuspid aortic valve so I monitored my blood pressure which was slightly high and called my cardiologist who put my on 2.5mg of norvasc. Later on in the month I started having bad regurgitation. Called my GP and he told me to start taking 20mg of prilosec. I started to notice less regurgitation but in Feb I started to feel a sensation of a lump in my throat. I was then referred to a GI specialist. Had an endoscopy and was informed I had mild esophagitis. He told me to continue prilosec. No help. Beginning of march I had an esophageal manometry and 24hr pH study. Was informed my esophageal motility was low and was probably caused by continued reflux. Was informed to take prilosec twice a day. I've since continued to exercise, remain active and eat well. I'm 27, 5'4 and weigh 135 pounds. It is driving me crazy and I feel like I am not the prime candidate for these symptoms. I also noticed some swollen pockets on the top off my feet .

Last week I read online that calcium channel blockers can cause reflux because it can relax the LES and allow acid into the esophagis. With the permission of my cardiologist I stopped taking the amlodipine on 4/19/2017. The first 4 days I felt terrible. High anxiety and nerviousness with some weird feelings in my body. My blood pressure remained normal and those anxiety symptoms seemed to have went away.

If the amlodipine was the cause of the reflux how long will it take the side effects to go away after taking it 4 months? I'm ready to feel normal again. The doctors seem to have no idea what could be causing this. This is the only thing I have to blame at the moment.

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    i was put on amlodipine 5mg tiwards the end of november last year. almost immediately i had acute lower bowel pain the Gp thought was gastroenteritis. 5 days bland carb diet. my mood worsened, i felt a real sense of 'doom'. i had palpitations and felt spaced out... a sense of unreality. Then i started to feel pressure behind my sternum that the doc said to take gaviscon for. ive never had or felt as though it was gastric, so i prob looked surprised and didnt take it.

    january i had an acute episode of lower left abdo pain that was then diagnosed by two Gps as diverticulitis. i couldnt believe it. im 5,2", weigh 52 kg and exercise most days, tennis, yoga, gym... but i had a knee and elbow injury in sept that meant i couldnt do my usual exercise. my diet is extremely healthy except for the odd glass of wine or G&T. bland diet again so took myself off to private dietician. she told me to take 450bn probiotics and bimuno . i also asked to be referred to a gastroenterologist.

    in FEBRUARY reading an article that mentioned amlodipine i realised all my symptoms had been with me three months. i called my Gp who told me to stop them straightaway. i went back on ramipril that dont seem to affect me.

    after i came off amlodipine at end of feb, the tests began because now i have an uncomfortable lump at the bottom of my oesophagus and burping and bloat when i eat certain foods. im restricting foods and no booze as i get abdominal pain. i had an upper abdo MrI in which they found something in my liver, then a liver MRI that i believe is normal, but havent yet heard. now im having a Ct colonoscopy followed by a gastroscopy. i still have no diagnosis but currently think the calcium channel blockers have done something to my gut. my mood is fine now and i feel back to my old self, except for this. to try and heal my gut i bought some aloe liquid and glutamine powder. im still suffering burping and bloating and nausea at times. i find it really uncomfortable bending over.

    how long will this take to go? Im currently only using gaviscon after my meals, but two hours or so later i have a gnawing pain back and feel hungry again. my food and drink is very restricted and i cant wait for this to get better.

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    Hi all, that is very interesting. It sound like you all describe my Story, all the mentioned symptoms were mine too. I have a Reflux since 20 years already and use Omeprazol and Lisinopril without any Problems until I started with Amlodipin in 2016. Since then everything is changed in my feeling with my health. The Reflux became much more worse, I felt a ball in my throat again and again, my Voice changed, felt dizzly every day, burning pain in the left chest, the left arm and in the back. Everything became very bad during the winter months and I also got Depression, which I never had until I started with Amlodipin. I got also problems with the digestion and a Test showed an exocrine pancreas weakness. In addition the Gastroenterologist found a strong Oesophagitis. That all made me start investigating myself what it causes and I found that Amlodipin is creating the most problems. More worse is that Amlo in combination with Lisinopril could make pancreas cancer. I stopped Amlo one week ago, replaced it with Lercanidipin and it starts feeling much better already, not fully recovered, but it feels like it becomes better now. I am drinking Kefir and a cup of Linusit every day for the oesophagus. Eating less meat, more fish and vegetables, a fruit smoothie with linseed oil in the morning. I go walking for one hour 6 Km every day and from time to time in the brine bath for 4 hours. Praying for having good and strong DNA for my Pancreas. Amlodipin is a legalized Killer!

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    omg same problem

    anxiety, acid reflux everything omg I stop taking amlodipine but feel Better but still got high bp which sucks average 145/90 no medication. but trying exercise and diet hopefully bring it down!!!

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    Hi all, I had high blood pressure with gout and did not bother to look after my BP as i was a fit person on an excellent diet regime, and thought i could handle it until one day i was taken to AnE with suspected heart issues which later ruled out the heart. then i was advised to go on Almodopine 5mg, after one week my BP went down from 185/101 to below 130/79 and my chest pain stopped all together, I thought what a miracle drug it was until I started getting strange bruises inside my eye (big round red circle full of blood) , arms and legs which went away few days later, then i was taken to AnE again for chest pain, the Doctor diagnosed me this time with GORD and spasm, yet i never had heart burn before, since then it will not go away, i can't sleep and i feel terrible burning since, it looks like it had to be the drug even though my chest pain subsided. I am going to get it changed. i tried Beta blocker for 3 days for having Angiography and it was extremely calm and peaceful.

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    hi guys, i started having acid reflux too, im thinking to stop my amlodipine since its the only medication im taking so it might be the the one causing my acid reflux, my mom drinks tea from bay leaves, aparently it helps high blood pressure and diabetes, si i may tey that one and see how it works.

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      Just following up on my earlier post in case anyone is interested. Been on omeparazol for almost 2 weeks with my 5 mg of amlodopine. I had an asthma attack a few nights ago because of the acid reflux damaging my lungs and throat. The omeprazol helped with some of the pain in my throat and the bubble feeling, but now im constantly trying to catch my breath, wheezing, coughing up mucus. I'm constantly nauseous and sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. We're lowering the dosage to 2.5 mg to see if that helps with the GERD. I hate all of this so much.

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    I just started amlodopine a week ago, and I have not had any swelling of the feet or any other symptoms. However, 3 days ago I started having the worst acid reflux I've had in 4 years. I use to have really bad GERD until I had Linx surgery, where they put magnetic beads around my esophagus. Since then I had not had any acid until a few days after Amlodopine. It keeps me up all night and exacerbates my asthma. Since it lowers my blood pressure though, I didn't want to stop taking it, so my Dr. prescribed acid reflux meds. He was of the opinion that Amlodopine did not cause acid reflux, so he did not want to change the dose I was taking. I respect and value my doctor's expert opinion, but I really think he is wrong about it not causing acid reflux. Anyways, I will post here again to let you all know how that went, because as it stands I can not live like this.

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      Hello Alex2187,

      I am on amlodipine, too, and I am dealing with acid reflux. How did it turn out for you?

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    Hello....thank you for your info. Sounds like some of my symptoms. Iv had high blood pressure since my mid 40's and was taking Atacand Plus without any side effects. But a year ago my BP started spiking, especially at night and I had to go to the Emergency quite a few times. I started taking Norvasc 2.5mg together with the Atacand and all seemed well, until a couple months ago when my BP started spiking again. So about a month ago my doctor decided to let me take the Norvasc 5mg in the evening instead to see if that will stop my BP spiking at night. It was working....then 2weeks ago I started getting heartburn especially at matter what I ate....stomach burning and working up into my chest. Im also having heart flutterings which of course is very frightening and giving me anxiety. I think Im living on Nexium and Tums....its ridiculous. Iv also had bouts of dizziness. Actually I just came from seeing my doctor and after describing my symptoms. she told me that the Norvasc does have does side effects and I guess because Im now taking a bigger dose thats why Im now getting them. I do ask myself why we arent told to expect this stuff before though....smh

    So I was told to take the Nexium everyday and to monitor the symptoms for the next week or two....if there isnt any improvement then there will have to be changes made. Whatever happens I have to put my Hpertension first....Im 58 so Iv to be careful. But I do understand and sympathise. Take care.

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    So glad to read this thread. A few years ago I started on testosterone replacement therapy. That boosted my blood pressure. My doctor wasn't smart enough to correlate the two, so he put me on Amlodapine 10mg (?). The Amlod created a small cough, and then along came the acid reflux. Of course the doctor puts me on Omeprizole 20mg. The cough goes away, but the throat is still raw with the typical lump near the adams apple. So they bump up the Omeprizole to 20mg twice daily. Still doesn't fully resolve the acid reflux. After reading this thread I found the connection between the Amlod and reflux. Stopped the Amlod and Omep, and all better. Cut the testosterone replacement in half. Had some wierd withdrawal symptoms, but now 100% better. Hope my doctor didn't create too much damage to my esophagus in the process. Oh did I mention that they sent me to a specialist to have my throat scoped? Wanna bet that doctor would have found a reason to operate on my stomach sphincter?I passed on the scope when I found out that they couldn't tell me how much it would cost. I felt like I was at a car dealership. We have a very very sick medical system. Pill after pill. Each one creating additional problems for the patient. Pleases spread the word.

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    Did anyone find a Blood Pressure Medicine that doesn't cause Acid Reflex?

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    i started this medication about ten days, started to feel weak tired, sick and tonight i awoke from a deep sleep with very scary and bad acid reflux which made me throat feel like it was on fire and I do not know if this medicine caused me but it was a really awful, I tried milk, Ive tried ant acids and just a horrible experience I spoke to health help line as I never had acid reflux before and they said i had acid reflux and to call my doctor tomorrow. I am scared to even try a new medication after this one as after ten days i feel lifeless and ill

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    Hi Ive been taking amlodipine since Oct 2018 at first I had never felt better then I developed severe swelling and flushing on lower legs and feet, also I started to feel breathless and developed heartburn and I feel as if these symptoms are getting worse. I did suffer a mild heart attack in Oct 2018 but no damage was done to my heart also I didnt need stents infact the cardiologist stated that my heart was in good condition. I have put on 2stones since my heart attack and wondered if this was causing the breahlessness but since reading the stories on here, Im starting to think it might be the Amlodipine thats causing the problem. Has anyone else suffered breathlessness while taking Amlodipine

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