Anyone found a change of country weather has helped Rhinitus?

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Just wondernig if anyone had found if a change of weather ie moving to a warm sunny humid climate by a beach or vice versa to a cold dry climate has help?

I am still suffering from Non Allergic Rhinitus, totally totally awful. Its been around 2 years now and it just appeared from no where!!! WHats worse is it also causes me Migraines everyweek. 

Yes I have tried everything I can think of, anyone else any idea what else I can try? Ive tried evening primrose capsules, every over the counter spray and tablets and antihistamines and nose washing things.  

Has anyone found anything thats worked for them.

I have found that Paracetamol and Ibuprofen makes my Non Allergic Rhinitis worse. 

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    or even from a Hot place with high humidity like Florida to a Hot DRY place with low humidity like California? 
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    what are your symptoms?

    I was suffering from horrible sinus congestion for 2 yrs. It started after we moved to a hot humid tropical climate. My nose got blocked 24/7. Tried also everything even had turbinectomy, didn't help , not one bit.

    After travelling around a bit, I realised that this hot humid climate was causing me this horrible sinus problem.

    So moved to a drier climate, and got heaps better. Still getting some sinus congestion on some bad rainy days, but nowhere near as bad as it was before. So for me it absolutely helped.

    You need to figure it out, move away at least a few weeks. 


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    Hi Mike

    Yes, weather is often a critical factor in overcoming a sinusitis problem.

    After 50 years of chronic sinusitis I can testify to the benefits of a change of climate.

    In my case high humidity caused a massive problem, so I had to move to a drier climate to reduce the problem. It was however only 50 percent of the problem and I continued to suffer chronic sinusitis for twenty years until discovering a miracle cure.

    My weather problem was caused by high humidity in a sub tropical coastal location in Australia. I still suffered chronic sinusitis in the drier climate, but the problem was less severe. I still find it necessary to take extra precautions when holidaying at the coast, or spending a day at the snowfields.

    The miracle cure for my chronic sinusitis and hay fever problem was simply taking one 1000mg Evening Primrose Oil Capsule daily for twelve months, to completely desensitise the nervous system and eliminate the intense reaction I had to many irritants. Evening Primrose Oil Works in about 4 hours, but it sometimes is a gradual cure, if the body is intensely sensitive.

    I strongly suggest you move to a suitable climate to remove part of the problem, then take an Evening Primrose Oil capsule each day for an extended period.

    There is nothing as beneficial as good health. 

    Regards Ray.

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    Thanks everyone,

    My symptoms began when I moved to a very wet climate ie West of Scotland. 

    My symptoms are sneezing constantly at any smells or anything really. |Very bad when I first wake up, runny nose. 

    My right nostril is the worst and almost always bunged up. Sometimes I get like a itchy kind of pain in my right nosetril and all around my right eye, cheek etc becomes very very very painful. Taking aspin and pain killers makes it worse and even causes blood to come from my right nostril and in my mucus. 

    I tried evening primrose oil for a few months but it had no effect at all. I have tried everything over the counter and nothing works. I am at a loss as to what to do, other than moving back to a drier climate. 

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    The only thing that works for me is actifed, probably takes 15 minutes to work, but it does have the side effect of drowsiness, which is a pain, it’s the only tablet that contains triprolidine hydrochloride, and pseudoephedrine, it’s behind the counter at a pharmacist. The Docter can’t prescribe it, which is a shame.. try it, good luck..
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    Actifed, doesnt that have a rebound effect and is a VDecongestant? similar to Vicks Sinex Decongestant Nasal Spray?
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    Hi Mike. I have chronic swollen turbinates due to allergies with asthma. I live in South Australia which is suppose to be a dry climate but we get big fluctuations in temperature and a fair share of both rainy and very hot days. Last year I moved from quite a green suburb to closer to the ocean, thinking the salt in the sea breeze and less pollen may help but my symptoms got worse. Perhaps coincidentally. The thing with hot dry days is the pollen count/dust tends to increase and then wet days humidity increases. I also get migranes which makes sense as the sinuses extend in to the forehead. I've had a persistent one for 3 weeks now and a strained neck but I'm pretty sure I have a cold on top of my preexisting issues. Magnesium is helping relieve muscle strain in my neck which in turn is helping with the headaches. I also find paracetamol and ibuprofen to be of little help. So I'm thinking things that can help relieve muscle strain and high blood pressure as I can see the veins in my temples are prominent. I'd stay right away from decongestant sprays because of rebound effect but steroid sprays do help me (though not a cure). Decongestant tablets don't have a rebound effect apparently but I find they don't do a lot for me. Eye drops help a bit as I also get light sensitivity. I use saline spray a lot. Alas, sinus issues and the relates symptoms are a royal pain to treat. You're not alone. 

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    hI Saturn,

    Thanks for the reply Saturn.

    Yes some Dr's hypothesize that a hypersensitized trigeminal system in the nose as seen in migraine patients may be activated and sensitized by allergic and nonallergic rhinitis triggers.

    So I honestly think Rhinitus/sinus problems cause migranes. 

    Ibuprofen causes my Rhinitus to be worse, I think because maybe it thins the blood and somehow that makes my rhinitus worse.

    Sounds like for you the Dry Climate was actually better than the ocean humid climate. By the way you have a great country, would love to live there but IMPOSSIBLE to get to do so as unless you have a certain type of profession or married an Aussie theres zero chance sad Even though I am a Scot and part of the commonwealth and our countrys couldnt be any closer in terms of history etc.

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      No doubt sinus issues contribute or account for some headaches. Have you found anything useful in the way of pain relief? I'm only 30 mins drive from where I was so I think it was the fact I worked with cats for a year when I'm allergic to them and it's done me damage. Non allergic rhinitis might be harder to pinpoint a cause. Thanks, we are lucky here. Though we get charged through the nose (pun) for everything including specialists. I'm barely able to afford them and wonder how people in third world countries, poor or even a hundred years ago dealt with these things. Yeah our visa laws are OTT. Not impossible but sure is hard. Our weather isn't ideal either. Yesterday it was an overcast 24 centigrade, today a dry hot 38 and now it's raining. If you get constant wet weather maybe try a dehumidifier? Did you find steroid sprays helped? A couple years ago I went to Israel to a town right on the Mediterranean sea. Funnily enough I had the flu yet hardly had a runny nose or sinus complaints at all. When I came home I still had the flu and my symptoms were 10x worse. I always get a runny nose here even when in good health. 

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    For sure sinus issues for me cause migraines. Thats the worst thing is that I can not take pain relievers as when I take them ie Paracetamol and ibuprofen they make my sinus problem worse after they wear off.  I need to find a pain reliever that does not thin the blood as for some reason when my blood in thinned by the pain revilers my sinus issues get worse, my theory is that the blood vessels in my sinuses contract and change because of the pain revilers which for some reason for me then causes my sinuses to get worse.

    I have been told by my Dr I have non Allergic rhinitis which is a strange word as certain things cause my rhinitis to be worse. 

    I thought Australia had a National Health Care like the NHS? surely if not you can get a private health insurance for an affordable rate?

    A friend of mine moved out there as his wife is a nurse and she got a visa and they are always telling me how much they love it, I mean everyone is different but they tell me they like it better than the UK, they say well the weather is great in the part of Australia they are in and they are outdoors all year round, which you can not do here, even in the summer it rains so much and is cold. They say the standard of living and quality of life is as good if not better than the UK, so for them it works. I personally think the standard of living would probably be about the same as Scotland, but I think the fact they are able to have an out door life style and see the sun then makes the overall standard of living better than the UK.

    steroid sprays didnt help me, actually made me worse, only thing that did work is decongestant but after 24 hours I was worse than before I used it. Strange about how when you went to Israel you were not affected much by your flu but back home it was much worse, I am sure its something to do with the air/environment in the country/area you live as I never had this until I moved from the East to the West of Scotland where is much more rainier and damper.

    I would say Australia's visa laws are very very hard and I would say impossible for most people, my wife and I looked into maybe moving to Australia and got advice and theres not a single visa option that we could qualify for at all, so for a young couple that's  a shame I think, for a young couple who are from a co-commonwealth country. There are only a few professions that are acceptable ie Nurses etc. 

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      That's interesting. Can't say I've noticed a difference good or bad with them. Would think that ibuprofen being an anti-inflammatory would help but if it things the blood you have a point. Have you had any allergy tests done? Maybe they're missing something.

      Australia's health care system is great in the fact that if you don't have health insurance you can get treatment such as going to hospital or surgery for free. The downside is much longer wait times and no perks like a private room etc. Specialists still cost money. You have to pay upfront then the government will reimburse some of it. Health insurance is expensive and I've seen people let down because they do anything they can to get out of paying a claim. Our cost of living is one of the highest in the world especially things like electricity. It's becoming a real problem for even the middle class. 


      That's true that Australians spend a lot of time outside. I love the rain but wouldn't want it all year round. We've had an unusual amount of rain the last couple of summers. Everything would've dried out by now but it's growing like crazy which makes me think pollen is contributing to my issues esp since I've let the yards go. Catch 22 can't get out there to do it thanks to allergies but could be making me worse. "but I think the fact they are able to have an out door life style and see the sun then makes the overall standard of living better than the UK." > I had a friend who lived in Scotland and we pretty much came to that conclusion. They wanted to visit me on a holiday Visa and got rejected for no reason rolleyes On the other hand we're a multicultural society that takes in a lot of immigrants. They shouldn't make it so hard for people like you.

      Let me know if you find anything that helps. Still headachy also. Take care

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    Having good humitdity levels will help massively aswell as using a steroid nose spray before going to bed.

     I  originally removed carpets, rehomed my cat for two months, altered my diet - non of these worked, then when I went to bugaria for a week my symptoms improved a lot. Come the end of September my symptoms worsened - I realised I never had my windows open, I don't have central heating only storage heaters so often didn't have any heating on, also I was drying my clothes on maids in the home. Since I've realised what the cause of my allergen rhinitis is ive been able to improve my health and I'm hoping all my congestion will go in the next year.  High humidity plays havoc on your health!!  Opening windows, and having heating on is so important. 

    I have noticed that too much dairy doesn't help and if I get stressed or over tired I seem to get worse too, obviously these three effect my immunity. 

    Good luck. 


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