Anyone had a camera down their throat??

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I met with a new consultant tonight and before i go meet with the sugeon and discus the actual surgery this guy wants to put a camera down my throat and make sure the pain isn't coming fom my stomach (even though i know the pain is my gallbladder, ive had all the scans!). Im just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this and can give me any information on it!

Anything will be really appreciated! I'm terrified!

Katie x

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    i had an endoscopy (camera down into stomach) just before Christmas to check if I had an ulcer even though the consultant thought my problem was my gallbladder.

    i had to wear a gown and walk to the room. I had a spray into my throat and I was also given a mild sedative to make me slightly sleepy and relaxed. It was uncomfortable when you needed to,swallow the tube. It does make you gag a bit. Once it is in I did not feel anything until it was removed. The whole process only lasted about 5 minutes and then I was taken to recovery room for about 10 minutes. I was able to go home in less than two hours.

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    Hi Katie

    I first had gall bladder attacks in 2013

    I was sent also for endoscopy . Was all clear .Ultrasound also clear no stones sad

    I also was sent for colonoscopy all ok. Had another endoscopy in 2015 because my symptoms continued . October 2016 I had an ultrasound which showed lots of small stones and a contracted gall bladder . I am now waiting for surgery estimated end of Feb beginning of March . The endoscopy itself isn't too bad . I opted for the numbing spray in throat rather than stay for a while after sedative . It doesnt take very long but did make me gag .. a lot . My friend had it with sedative and said it wasn't bad either .

    Hope you get sorted soon


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    Hi Katie Louise,

    I had that procedure (endoscopy) and it was dead easy. You wear a hospital gown and for me they gave me an IV with a sedative called propofol. If you're worried about gagging or anything just ask them to put you out with propofol - I was out like a light instantly and of course felt nothing and when I came around I felt great. It was like the best nap ever! Propofol is what Michael Jackson got addicted to and I can kind of understand why, it was very nice.

    I left soon after I woke up, right after the doctor explained my results, and went out to lunch. I was scared too but it's really, really easy with no side effects. The only downside is that you can't eat or drink before the procedure - they'll tell you how long you have to fast. I was just really thirsty by the time it was over. You'll do great!

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    I had the camera down the throats and one up the rectum in the same appointment. I was given a mild sedative and had no idea they had even done the one down the throat -I was out of it! They offer the sedative or a numbing throat spray. You just can't drive if you have the sedative. Hope that helps.

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    HI Katie. Yes, I've had this done. It was no big deal. I slept like a baby through the whole thing, probably due to the Propofol. It was the best nap of my life. I was diagnosed with gastritis and there were able to see my problem did not involve my pancreas, which gave me huge relief. The only side effect was a bit of a sore throat.

    Best of luck.

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    Hi Katielouise, the  wait is worse than the procedure itself. I opted to have the sedation and the local on the throat. The nurse and the surgeon were very comforting. I didn't have to wear a gown, I was asked to wear comfortable clothing. While lying on the trolley the surgeon sprays the back of your throat and puts a cannula in your hand, while he starts putting the in the sedative he asked you to lie on your side and put a mouth guard in then he starts to put in the camera and thats all I can remember until I was waking up in recovery. Once your up then you sit around for a while before being collected. If you only have a local then you can leave straight after the procedure but it takes longer with the sedation.

    I have had one many years ago too which wasn't so pleasant so this time it was so much easier.

    I would suggest if your anxious at all go for the local and the sedation.

    I was the same as you I've had lots of tests and even though my consulant thought I had gallbladder problems they need to rule out other things like ulcers as the symptoms are all very similar.

    Good luck and I hope this helps, I'm in the UK but I think everything is very similar if you're not here.

    Keep us posted.

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    Oh I forgot, they took a couple of biopsies at the same time which made me feel a bit sore afterward. They gave me the initial results of whether  I had any ulcers or if they'd seen anything but I had to wait for the biopsy results. Everything came back clear for me.

    good luck.

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    I had the same thing. I'll never forget the gastro Doctor saying this might not take away your pain ( meaning GB removal) he was right. I still have similar pain to this day and my GB was removed June 2015. Good luck. I'm still trying to found out the cause of pain. A lot of people do fine.

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    It is a good idea to have all the possible tests before you get your gallbladder out as otherwise something else causing the symptoms may be missed. Many digestive conditions present with similar symptoms or overlap.

    ​I had gallstones but also symptoms that were not typical, so had lots of tests. A hiatus hernia and diverticula were found but the gallstones gave the most pain.

    ​The endoscopy was not nice but bearable. I had just the spray to numb the throat and no sedation as i avoid meds and drugs whenever possible as they often give me side effects. You do retch a bit, but it is really fast and the best thing was having the result right away, unlike the other tests and scans I had where I waited weeks worrying about the results.

    ​The best thing having no sedation was I did not have to wear a gown or have a cannula in my hand etc and no woozy feeling after. I still had someone to come with me as I was not very well at the time anyway.

    ​Most people opt for sedation I believe. Best go with what you feel easiest with.

    ​I did get a sore throat after this procedure but I took manuka honey from a spoon a few times and it soon resolved.

    ​You will get through it Ok and it is worth it to know how the stomach is doing. Good luck x

    ​My blood pressure went up a bit after the procedure so they kept me a little longer than they normally do with no sedation, until it came down again.


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