Anyone have Somatic Tinnitus?

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I have been diagnosed with tinnitus.  I am under an audiologist currently and have seen her just the once, due to go back in November.

?She confirmed I had tinnitus, but what I realised after the appointment was there are different kinds.

I "think" I have somatic tinnitus.

?I have a wining noise in one ear that I can control by moving my head or jaw.  It matches my heart rate.


?Anyone else have this?

?Did your audiologist diagnose this or did you self diagnose?

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    Somatic tinnitus can be caused by TMJ or a neck injury.  Are either of these likely in your case?  Hearing your heart beat in your ear is called pulsatile tinnitus and can be caused by high blood pressure or overactive thyroid.  Do you have either of these?  Another cause of pulsatile tinnitus is fluid retention in the middle ear usually do to high salt intake.  If you use a lot of salt try eliminating it for a week or so and see what happens.  You may also need a diuretic (water pill) to remove middle ear fluid.
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      Wow, interesting. Iv had tinnitis for over a year. It is pulsatile, but I don't hear heart beat in ears. It's just like the noise pulsates. I got off sugar cuz it seemed to make it worse. Maybe I should get off salt. Woukd LIVE to gave silence again when it's suppose to be quiet..Iv worked in a loud school lunchroom duty for many years and wonder if this was the cause or if the cause was from a catscan dye reaction since it started day after my Catscan or if from.stress..Guess that doesn't matter now. But will try cutting back on salt. I use himalayan salt now, still salt I guess..

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      Good morning, thank-you for your response.

      ?I have TMJ and have also had a few whiplash injuries over the years.  I don't think it's pulsatile as I can control it (albeit it means sitting with my head at a strange angle) and it's not present all the time.

      ?I also have blood pressure on the low side and as far as I'm aware, not a big salt user (I rarely add it, although I'm aware it is already present in some foods).

      ?My audiologist just gave me information on masking etc.  Which is not really of any use to me as I can hear this noise through most regular background noises such at the tv etc.

      ?I believe there isn't really anything that can be done for somatic tinnitus apart from management.

      ?I'm just wondering if next time I see the audiologist she'll be open to agreeing that this is what I have.

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      Hello terrie,

      Have you seen a medical professional about this tinnitus?

      ?I don't hear a heartbeat, it's a whining noise which is in time with my heartbeat.  Sometimes it actually makes a screaming noise, but as soon as a move my head or my jaw it reduces or stops.

      ?At night sometimes it's a whooshing noise.  Again in time with my heartbeat.


      I also find that stress makes it worse.

      ?Hope you can find some way of managing it.

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      Oh ok that's how mine dies. It's like cicadas and sometimes it gets loud but usually the loud times don't last. But I do have constant cicada sounds. At nights when quiet, It is the most annoying. At work, not so bad, other sounds drown it out. Yes, iv been to an ENT and diagnosed with the high pitched hearing loss. Nothing really I'd miss he said but brain fills the void with sound. Stress, sugar, loud noises, and tiredness sets it off big time. Are you able to keep yours managed? If so, how???

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      I can control mine by moving my head to one side, tilting the neck.  That reduces it or even stops it.  But it's an unnatural position that I can only hold for a minute of two.  I have to put my head back into a normal position and the noise begins again.

      ?It's not there the whole time either, just when I move my neck or head a certain way.  It comes and goes as I move around during the day.

      ?I can't control the whooshing noise I sometimes get as easily.  Sometimes putting my finger in my ear helps.  My friend has the same and he wears earplugs at night.  I mentioned that to my Audiologist and she was horrified as that "keeps the noise in".  But he swears by it and it obviously works for him.

      Did your ENT specialist not refer you to an Audiologist?

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      Nope, just explained nothing can be done. It is tolerable most days, but then at other times.....

      Mine isn't due to tmj I don't think. It's good u can at least have a few seconds of quiet. Is there nothing ro be done for TMJ THAT can fix that? I am settled to the fact of having this noise in my head always. I am just praying for grace that when it gets louder, that that will be temporary and.always go away. Nothing certain tho.

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