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  • dymaz 2

    Audiogram Results with High Frequency Testing and DPOAEs

    Hello, I've had Tinnitus for about 15 months now, 99.5% of the time on my left ear, occasionally I can sense some very very minor ringing on the right ear. I got my third audiogram done yesterday at UCSF Medical. The previous two were done at a local audiology center and at Stanford. The first two

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  • finlay13 2

    Tinnitus in left ear only

    Hi there I have had tinnitus in my left ear since last year and it has become louder/more noticeable. it is quite high pitched and constant. Never wavers or goes away. Went to ENT and hearing test shows slight hearing loss in left ear also. I can hear for phone calls but I've noticed I find it

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  • rania01 2
  • rodolfo52206 2


    Probably this method has not been ever mentioned as a treatment for TINNITUS, however I have been doing this for several months and I can assure to all of you, that in my case I have experienced a very important relief. If somebody gets interested, just ask for some more information

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  • jorock 2

    Tinnitus treatment with Hearing Aids

    I've been living with Tinnitus for over 25 years. In the early years my Dr's would tell me the only treatment was to simply ignore it. Great advice. Later I was told that there was really no cure, I could try suppliments or Herbal treatments, but really they were just more of a Placebo. Over the

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  • terry42592 1


    hello just joined t suffer for years do you think tinnitus affects concentration as mine does not seem that clever

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  • nichola62620 1

    ringing in ear and more

    I have ringing in my right ear on and off, when it gets really loud I have started to suffer from dizziness and loss of balance, this then lead to motion sickness, does anyone else have this problem and do you have any suggestions that can help, as at the moment when this happens the only thing I

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  • theresa18477 1
  • john45611 2

    Temporary Tinnitus

    I have had tinnitus for 6 weeks 5 days now, and three doctors have told me it will go one hundred percent. Has anyone else been told this before? They say minimum 6-8 weeks, no longer than a year. I'm really struggling to live with this, and I will never accept it if it is permanent. If it is still

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  • brian1998 2

    Tinnitus driving me mad. Loosing my life.

    I really need some advice, badly. 3 months ago I went shooting and forgot ear plugs. I shot about 20 rounds and when I got home my hearing was muffled and my right ear was ringing. It all got pretty quiet then I went to a party that was pretty loud and the ringing got even louder along with a

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  • Shorty10 1

    Not just ringing

    As i said in the title its not just ringing ,its a constant ringing and buzzing although buzzing is not a big enough word , it's almost like a tune , a bit like the tune played by one of those infuriating greetings cards , the only slight relief i get is if i sit up in bed. I would be interested

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  • Ollieboo 1

    Coping with sudden hearing loss and very loud tinnitus

    Hi I'm new to this and hoping someone can help.  I've been diagnosed just this week with SSHL, severe hearing loss on right ear around 90db mark. On massive dose of steroids to see if some of hearing will come back but unlikely. I know I'll cope with the hearing loss in time, it's the tinnitus that

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  • laura26645 2

    21 years old - loud tinnitus

    Hey, So I'm 21 and I have a loud ringing in my left ear, mine is not actually the high pitch "white noise" others describe. It is relatively low pitch - the only thing I can say it is similar to is the ringing that house radiators sometimes make (if you have ever noticed that). I am not 100

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  • Mrsfro2008 2

    Drug Induced Tinnitus! Will This Go Away?

    Hello All,  2 weeks and 5 days ago, I started taking Citalopram 40mg. I was told by several pharmacists, psych docs, and a neurologist that this drug was dosed way too high by my primary care doc. This should have been titrated up over a period of several weeks. I took this pill 2 times and

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  • morningstarm 2

    Tinnitus becomes inaudible when I press a finger in my ear

    Around three months ago my right ear was attacked by someone with a handheld sportshorn. After this traumatic incident everything I heard with my right ear sounded muffled and some high frequencies were less audible. I also developed a tinnitus in the affected ear. My GP referred me to get a

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  • mrspinkrat 3

    Tinnitus - one ear only - TERRIFIED

    I've suddenly developed a high pitched ringing in my right ear. it began on Monday, was less on Tuesday and seemed to disappear on Wednesday. However, it is now Thursday and it's back again as bad as ever. I did a little research online and have read that if it's in one ear only it could be a

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  • pam34048 4

    Pulsatile tinnitus, does anyone had it or have it.

    I have it I can tell what my blood pressure is all the time from the pounding in my head.  My dr or should I say x dr said I just had to live with it for the rest of my life.  She was going to prescribe medication to lower my blood pressure,  but my blood pressure is perfect a bit on the low side

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  • brian1998 2

    Ringing in ears.

    Okay I'm 18 years old and I forgot to wear ear plugs while shooting my ar-15. I shot off around 20 rounds and then I went home barely being able to hear anything. My hearing came back fully along with a ringing and hissing sound in my right ear. I thought it would go away so I waited about 6 weeks.

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  • rachel743 1

    Tinnitus after 1 concert?? please help!!!

    Let me preface this by saying that I'm a 17 yr old girl who until this point, had never been to a live concert. So I had my first live concert 2 weeks ago, and it was awesome, but my ears were ringing afterwards because it was so intensely loud in the venue. I wasn't really close to the stage, but

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  • oliver14125 1

    Tinnitus for 3 months with previous different symptoms

    Hi, this may take a long, but I was wondering if anyone had similar symptoms and what was his diagnosis. Let me just say that I experienced post-nasal drip for years and never thought anything of it. However for some time I also experiences episodes of pressure on right side of my body that went

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  • simoncooper3 2

    Tinnitus. Sleeplessness and anxiety

    Hi all. I'm posting thi on behalf of my dad, who i'm really worried about. I'm not sure if this is the best place too post, but tinnitus is one of the main issues at the moment. So around christmas my dad started experiencing sleeping problems. He's always slept great, but for some reason he was

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  • markR7 2

    Tinnitus worries & stress - I would love some advice please

    Hi, I am 37 and have severe health anxiety. I posted in the anxiety forum a month or so ago whilst I was waiting for a private "unnecessary" MRI scan as a result of ears ringing and dizziness.  The scan came back 100% clear.   My worries of tumors have subsided although the ringing in my ears persists.  ...

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  • dusty11280 2

    any tinnitus link to BPPV

    I have had tinnitus for many years, now seem to have benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. does anyone know if there's a link from one to the other?  I see a doctor Monday.  I'm in the U,S. Donna

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  • sarakas 1

    My story!

    Hi everyone, I woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise: the ringing in my ears has stopped (not completely but hardly noticeable). I never blogged about it before today, but now I’d like to share my experience with everyone. Background: I am 48 yr old female, healthy, married with 2 kids, and

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  • hilary07569 3


    i had my ear syringed a week ago. It was very quickly carried out, probably less than 5 seconds. Two days later I got tinnitus. I went back and saw a different doctor, who couldn't see anything wrong but nevertheless gave me some drops to put in. They don't seem to be doing any good. Surely a

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  • david35976 2

    Tinnitus NEW experience

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum. I have tinnitus problem from last 2 years. I feel ring sound whole day but from the last month I am feeling dizziness first time. Now Whole day I feel dizziness. I feel little sensation in my head like some cold thing(or spark) and Dizziness feeling all day is

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  • kim59492 4


    can tinnitus present itself in a way that makes you feel whoozy and lightheaded? I only have to turn my head and its this whoozy feeling like going down a rollercoater from a height. It is almost contstant now, ive had it for 72 hours non stop.  my head feels heavy my eyes arnt focusing quick

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  • mats45202 2

    Tinnitus after a vacation

    I went on a vacation 3 weeks ago. I went to the alps to go skiing. When I sat in a ski elevator on the first day a loud peep started in my ears. It wasn't stopping and I was very irritated about it. I was thinking that it would stop if i went home but it hasn't stopped since. So my question is: is

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  • rad65567 2

    TMJ and tinnitus

    Currently I am suffering of tinnitus (ringing in both ears, loud continuous high school bell or fire alarm) for 4  years.  First year was occasional a day or two, five times a year and after that 24 hours a day whole year.  I feel occasionally something happening at TMJ.  I am trying to determine

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  • neil89141 2

    Injury then Tinnitus - Bone or Inner ear cause?

    I stupidly burst my eardrum with some force last year with the end of my sunglasses. Was told at the time there didnt seem to be any damage to the inner ear but I then got an infection which started weeping and took anti biotics to clear. My eardrum has completely healed over since but at the

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  • sarahlucy12311 2

    Pulsating Tinnitus?

    Hey guys. I'm 22 year old female. 5'4 and I weigh 169 ( I've lost 25lbs). No medical conditions that are known. Anyways I've always had like a pulsating noise in my ears but it would come and go so I don't really notice. It's happens more when I stand up its really loud and hard then will go

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  • david01026 3

    Tinitus Becoming Unbearable

    I am in my sixties and have high pitched tinnitus, both ears as far as I can tell.  This seems to have come on louder within the last few months which co-incides with my habit of going to bed wearing earphones listening to quiet music, should I forego this?  I am a music lover so find this pretty distressing. ...

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  • christina44087 2

    Got tinnitus after went to a live house

    😭I am only nineteen, and got tinnitus recently, I am so afraid. The reason for my tinnitus is because I went to a live house with my friend, the voice there is so loud, and I haven't realize how serious it was until I was staying at a quiet environment .It keeps ringing, how I wish I could wore a

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  • patrick49275 2

    Buzzing in my head is driving me nuts

    Sometime a year or so ago my head started to buzz.  2016 was the year with no sleep.  Went to dayton VA took a hearing test,.   nothing  Went back to myrtle beach to get divorced signed up with VA their. Still going thru all of that.  In Ohio even went to S/S dr.s nothing their going to

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  • baskar41447 1

    Saffron Cure for Tinnitus?

    I tried Saffron for a week and it completely cured my tinnitus. It might not work for everyone but no harm in trying out. Procedure: 1. Take a pinch of saffron (not the extract) but the actual dried flower. 2. Soak it in warm milk (1/2 cup) for 10-20 mins. You can also add sugar and cardamom for

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