Suicidal with Tinnitus. Dont know what to do.

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I noticed the ringing in my ears 4 weeks ago.

its relentless, 24/7. I cannot focus or concentrate on anything. I obsess over it constantly, from the moment my eyes open in the morning. People tell me not to think about it, but im finding this impossible when its there constantly.

Iv seen 4 different doctors, 3 said my ears ate fine, 1 said I had an infection and prescribed a weeks course of antibiotics. they had no effect. I had a hearing test which showed my hearing is perfect. Due to Covid I cannot get any appointments at the moment or anytime soon so im at a complete loss. I'm scared of what I may do and the fact that suicide seems like my only way out of this. A noise has changed my life and its torture. I understand some may find this selfish of me given the worlds current situation but Im so scared, tired and anxious and dont know where to turn.

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    Hi ct87265,

    We note from a recent post which you have made to our forum that you may be experiencing thoughts around self-harm. If we have misinterpreted your comments then we apologise for contacting you directly. But if you are having such thoughts then please note that you are not alone in this, and there are people out there that can help.

    If you are having these suicidal thoughts then we strongly recommend you speak to someone who may be able to help. The Samaritans offer a safe space where you can talk openly about what you are going through. They can help you explore your options, understand your problems better, or just be there to listen.

    Their contact details are on our patient information leaflet here:, which also offers lots of other advice on how you can access the help you may need.

    If you are having such thoughts then please do reach out to the team at the Samaritans (or the other people detailed in our leaflet) who will understand what you're going through and will be able to help.

    If you are based outside of the UK.

    The Samaritans is a UK based charity, but they also have suggestions for how you can access help in other countries.

    Please have a look at this page


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    Hi CT. Ask your doctor to prescribe a low dose (1.0mg) of Ativan. Ativan is a sedative that has calming effects on the inner/middle ear...most likely the source of your tinnitus. Ativan will also help reduce the stress you are now feeling. Stress makes tinnitus worse. I've lived with tinnitus from Meniere's Disease for 40 years. Every time my tinnitus gets out of control (usually from stress or allergy) I take the Ativan, under my tongue, and within an hour or so things settle down to a low tolerable level.

    Good luck and stay safe.

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    Sorry to hear about your problem, all I can say is that you are not alone with this suffering. I know it is too easy for me to say not to worry but I have to say it. I have suffered with tinnitus for just over 3 years now, there are many ways to settle yourself if you look on google or other sites, my best help is listening to mindfullness music plus I joined a local tinnitus group which is very helpful as it proves you are not alone. The members all have a different way of dealing with this please give this a try.

    All the best


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    I have lived with it for 52 years. I am now 58. There is hope.

    Do not give up. Seek help through Crisis Hotline. Suicide is not a solution.

    Try some coping mechanisms like the following:

    Keeping music on just loud enough to interfere with the ringing in your head. (worked most of the time for me)

    When music did not work, I would hum. It turns the focus from the ringing . Worked for me

    They did not have this when I was young but they have these tapes, cd's, online downloads of nature sounds. Babbling brooks (might make you want to pee. lol), rain, thunder storms, wind blowing through trees. (Did not try this because I already became use to my tinnitus by then)

    This one might sound kooky, but try listening to something really annoying like jack hammer, construction work, city traffic, or politicians speaking (lol) . It will might distract you from your tinnitus. It may also trick your brain into accepting the ringing versus the really annoying sounds. (It made me think my tinnitus was better than the sound of a jack hammer because it comparatively worse than the high pitched ringing caused by tinnitus.

    Remember! Never Give Up! Talk with someone. Crisis Hotline workers are awesome.

    I hope some of the things I shared from my past will work for you.

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    You are certainly not alone and believe me when I say this ...YOU WILL GET BETTER.

    I went through exactly what you are going through now and I am certainly no stronger than you but the brain is an amazing thing and you will adapt without even trying.

    I'll give you an make a noise all the time when you breath...24/7 a breathing noise but when people listen to that they relax. The tinnitus is just a new sound that your brain will get used to, you will be given lots of advice on how to deal with the new noise from lots of different areas and feel free to try them as your brain adapts.

    Only surround yourself with positivity as 1 in 8 people have this and are leading productive lives as you will in time. Only the trolls or moaners post negatively on the internet and they are a very tiny percentage of the millions of happy tinnitus sufferers.

    If your hearing is good then that is another positive as one of the main causes is hearing damage even though the sound is in the brain. Yours could be temporary if you find the cause.

    I didn't ignore mine as I couldn't but certain methods of mindful meditation or listening to water sounds, audible stories gives you a rest as you adapt. Stay away from any methods that involve a large financial investment and look on you tube for some excellent support videos.

    You are just starting this journey as many others have done before you and like all of them you will DEFINITELY GET THROUGH THIS...just be kind and patient to yourself as you get used to this new sound.

    warm hugs


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    There's a lot of people suffering from tinnitus, you are not alone!

    You said that you got your hearing tested and it's perfect. That's good news! I think it's likely that your tinnitus is going to go away eventually.

    I'm not a doctor I can only speak from personal experience and the research that I have done.

    Your tinnitus could be a result of stress and/or tense neck muscles. In that case physiotherapy can help as well as finding ways to alleviate your stress.

    The sound that you hear could also be a vasoconstriction issue. You can try gingko biloba,magnesium supplements and stay away from medicines like antihistamines which constrict the blood vessels.

    Don't worry too much about it, just because you have tinnitus now it doesn't mean that it's going to be permanent, tinnitus can go away

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    Thanks to all of you for the supportive messages here.

    im still struggling greatly, but I realise it will take time to adapt. X

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      I'm in the same boat as you. I developed tinnitus after taking antidepressants for 3 days. I only slept for about 3 hours last night. Lay in bed crying most of the night. I don't know how I can survive the next 30 years like this. Death would be a welcome escape.

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      In my opinion, it's not a question of how to adapt, not about getting used to it.

      The tinnitus sound will diminish by itself when the body find no reason to report it to you anymore.

      In the meantime, try acupuncture for relief. A balanced diet to boost the nervous system. Avoid alcohol and every medicine long term that can give you tinnitus.

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      Did the antidepessants cause this s**t? Stop using them instantly!

      In the beginning of my tinnitus I got a prescription for an antidepressant medicine. It had no effect on my tinnitus but affected my eyes so I couldn't focus on anything. All was a blur. The psychiatrist said I had to "take that" as a side effect, because it wouldn't kill me. Ha!!

      Try acupuncture, relaxation therapy, meditation. is my advice.

      And again, tinnitus won't continue like that worst case scenario you described! Especially unlikely if you just took the antidepressants for three days.

      I've been in your situation, Lin, believe me. No way ... I thought it would diminish that much.


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      Thanks for the hug Ken. I needed that. I am feeling very sorry for myself today, because I had a s**t sleep. I am not going to take sleeping tablets. I'll stay away from that crap.

      I stopped the anti depressants as soon as I had the tinnitus, so basically, 3 tablets caused this. I am in day 32, and there is no sign of the tinnitus fading. I would have thought it would be gone by now.

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    Hello ct!

    I've been there.

    31 years ago.

    I got severe tinnitus (grade 3), severe hyperacusis (grade 3) plus tensor tympany syndrome after being mistreated by an ear specialist ( vax removal).

    I just want to say: tinnitus will decrease. You will NOT have it like you now experience it. Tinnitus won't have a need to signal warning noise forever.

    My suggestion: try acupuncture against it.

    /Ken, Sweden

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