Tinnitus only at certain places.. is it possible!

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Is it possible that you can only hear tinnitus on a certain places and only at night?

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    Not sure. Mine is more pronounced at night even with white noise.
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      Mine is a bit weird. I live with my sister during weekdays because of work.. and when I come home to my own house I couldn't hear it. Even when I'm at work..

      I have bad tinnitus when I have high blood pressure but It goes away when my blood pressure is stable. But when I started drinking amplodipine there was a background noise that I started hearing.. so I stopped and tried a healthy lifestyle..

      How's yours? What kind of sound do you hear?

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      What I hear is that high frequency sound you get when you turn your cable box off but your TV is still on. It's always the worst when I lay down to go to sleep at night. It always seems to amplify during that time. I can usually forget about it during my workday, because I'm so busy and there are other sounds to distract me.

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      I have that sometimes.. mostly at night at my sisters house..

      what I do is I listen to tinnus sound therapy I found in youtube..

      It makes me sleep better most of the time..

      But I believe we will over come this phase in our lives.. We just need to stop listening to our ears lol..

      How long have you had it? And how did you get it?

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      I only had it for 2 weeks

      I had my ups and downs but I know I'll get through with this..

      I cant waste my life just because of my ears.. lol

      Anyway.. hope yours get better in time.. i know we can all do it

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    I think anything is possible with Tinnitius and doctors know so little about how to treat it, that I wouldn't be surprised.

    With mine, it appears worse at night because the house is quiet and I'm trying not to concentrate on it but it's there. It's always there. Sometimes I'll use ear buds with music on my cell phone to fall asleep. I may leave the tv on too, which affects my sleep so I do a double battle.

    I do know with mine, alcohol, certain foods and meds and weather change, sets mine off. I have always wanted to keep a diary of the days it's heightened and days it's less but never have. I know this time of they year is the absolute worst. I have even tried to use a blow dryer to warm up the inside of my ears. Some claim exercise helps with the noise level. I find that my ears will start popping and crackling when I'm on a treadmill or working out. It's a nightmare.

    I hope you can figure what sets yours off and avoid the certain places. I realize there's nothing you can do about the night, but maybe some headphones or airbuds with some relaxing music.

    As we all suffer with this noise, I hope you find some peace and quiet.


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      Thanks Glenn

      Hope yours gets better soon..

      And i think its better for us to have a healthy lifestyle..

      I found out that my tinnitus was caused by poor blood circulation and high blood pressure..

      I tried drinking supplements that contains ginko biloba, grape seed, garlic and ginseng and to my surprise it lessed the noise in my ear..

      I can only hear it if I focused on the sound.. but so far so good..

      I just worry less about it..

      Still listen to music at night.. same as you I always have my tv on and I can imagine what youre going through at night.. lol.. the light of the tv bothers me..

      try downloading relaxing melodies it helps me at night when I cant stand the noise in my ears.

      You can listen to rains, thunderstorms and alot more white noises and its for free..


      I hope they find a cure soon..

      hoping for the best..

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      One thing, Maileen, I forgot to mention that you may be able to relate to?

      If I take a short cat nap, my tinnitus will be 10x louder than when I originally fell asleep. Not sure why. I was reading somewhere that the brain was calculating a full night's sleep and brain patterns were disturbed? 

      I think some of my tinnitus is also attributed to bad sinuses. 

      All we can do is pray that someone comes up with something to at least lessen the noise. I know there's so many gimics out there. None of them really work.

      Peace and God Bless -

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      I had those experiences..

      I had one last weekend.. I woke up in the morning and I hear nothing.. then I realized I was still sleepy so I took an hour more of sleep.. then immediately when I woke up it was so loud.. i can't understand..

      Have you tried checking your blood pressure and circulation?

      My aunt also has T but hers comes and goes.. normally she only has it when she's stressed out.. but it will go away after 2 weeks.. which for me is weird.

      I hope they give more importance to T.. like cancer it may also be deadly as people tend to be suicidal and depressed..

      We will get through this! I'm positive! Lol

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      Great blood pressure, always... but I do sugger with venous deficiency and lymphedema in my legs periodically. I try to stay active with walking, etc. If I'm a treadmill and push it, my ears will start popping and crackling.

      Yes, we will get throught this... thanks for the support and positivity. 

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      Have you tried drinking supplements to help your blood circulation? It might also help you control your T since the jugular vein is so close to our ears that might also be the causes of the ringing..

      try drinking the herbal types and the organic supplements.. it might help.. we have nothing more to lose..😜😉

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      I tried drinking the supplement that my doctor advised me for blood circulation like the combination of ginko,grabe seed,garlic and ginseng. And lessed the noise in my ears. from 10 being the highest now its at 2.

      I only hear it when its dead quiet. So far everything is normal. 

      I also eat alot of food rich in anti oxidants. 

      I will also try and donate blood so I improve my circulation more.

      Have you tried taking VitB12

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      Funny, Maileen, you mentioned the B12. Yes, I take B12, 1000mcgs daily. Initially, a blood test revealed my B12 level was low. My doctor immediately told me to go buy some b12 supplements which I did. The first week I was so excited. I thought I found the cure all for my tinnitus. Unfortunately, the relief was short lived. I still take the B12 supplements daily, but they do very little, if anything now for the tinnitus.

      I'm going to work on changing my diet and getting ore exercise. I think tinnitus reveals a circulatory issue as you indicated.

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      I did change my diet. I removed sodium from my food. I also avoided fast food. But I can never give up coffee. lol. I also tried exercising but somehow it made mine worst. haha

      Have you tried donating blood? It also improves blood circulation. 

      Little by little if the cause is blood circulation it will improve I'm positive.

      How long have you had your T. Mine comes and goes. I started having it last july. 


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      I love your idea of donating blood. What could it hurt? It could possibly make things better for me. I have never even thought of that.

      My T has been with me since I started with my fibro about 25 years ago. The fact that it started almost at the same time as my fibro, I have always been suspicious if they go hand and hand. Then I recall how many problems I had as a young child with absessed ears and getting shots of penicillin in my butt as a 5 or 6 year old kid. Then being a drummer for so long, with music so loud, I didn't help my cause. I do have approximately 4-6 weeks a year that noise level is super low. It's there, but it's a whisper. Not a loud, annoying hissing like right now. With the season changing here, I have a lot going on with fibromyalgia pain, ears, bad sinus headaches, etc. 

      Did you remember anything that might have set yours off?

      I will be away for a few days and hope you have a good weekend. Thanks for the tip of donating blood. I will definitely look into that.

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      Hi Glenn,

      How was your weekend?

      I started having T when I first had my high blood pressure. First I thought I had ear problems so I went to the ENT but to no luck he didn't help me.

      Then I went to another doctor and he found out that it was due to high blood pressure. So he gave me norvasc. The ringing stopped as soon as my bp normalized.

      Then after a month my blood pressure went up again and they advised that it was just due to stress since my blood chem is ok I just have a really high count of red blood cells. 

      After my 2nd attack the ringing never went away. I suspected that it was due to norvasc so I stopped drinking it. The ringing went on for a month. Then I started drinking supplements for blood circulation. 

      What stresses you out though? aside from T lol.

      I think  you should also start drinking supplements so it can help your body. Some medication causes ringing.

      I hope you overcome your T. I'll include you in my prayers. 


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      Thanks for including me in your prayers. I will do the same for you. How genuinely nice.

      I think because I'm a type A personality, most things stress me out, big or small. I'm just a very organized individual that has to have things a certain way or I get a bit edgey. I know I suffer from anxiety and that certainly doesn't help T at all. 

      Because my blood pressure is so perfect all the time, we can rule out that connection although circulartory problems could play into this. The venous insufficiency in my legs could be a contrubting factor and maybe my ears are telling me to get back on the treadmill?

      My weekend was fantastic, Maileen, except my T worsened once I got home. It was like someone heightened the noise level. I was up most of the night listening to that loud, never eneding hiss. I thought I was going to sleep like a baby because I drove for over 5 hours but not so. I felt charge up. 

      Like I told you before, I think the circulation issue plays a big role in tinnitus and this is the big thing.. I have been meaning to ask you if you've heard anything about cochlea transplants? Do those just work for hearing loss or would they help tinnitus?

      Wishing you a great day.... Thanks again for the prayers. cheesygrin

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      Hi Glenn

      I heard about the cochlea transplants however it only works for people with hearing loss or damage to the inner part of the ear and the success rate is not the good but you should consult with your doctor too. Maybe it will help you. I read about it in forums but some people are so negative like if its the end of the world for them its has to be yours too. So don't bother reading stuff with so much negativity. Haha.. It wont help.frown

      I got rid of my hissing noise, but every night I can still hear the high frequency tone but it's very tolerable for me. 

      Hmmm.. I really don't know how you can lessen your anxiety. I'm not an expert on it but always try and think of the things that makes your life bearable or even better worth living for. haha

      I'll try and do a research on what can help your circulation as well. 

      I really don't know if the AM-101 drug will be released soon. I hope it will be the medical break through that we have been waiting for. 

      Try listening to soft sounds at night. It will help. I still put on my headset at night so I can sleep soundly. 

      Try using a bluetooth headset.


      I know it's hard at times but will get through with this. 


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      Thanks for the info on the transplants. Does indeed sound kind of risky.    Kind of weird. My fibro and my tinnitus are so bad right now. The hissing in my ears is so loud. Probably the loudest it's ever been. My left ear keeps plugging up on me and I've lost hearing. I see an ENT on Friday so I'm hoping he finds some wax that at least gets my full hearing back. My hearing right now is not in stereo. It's like the old records that were high fidelity. Of course the hissing is louder than any other sounds. Last night I fell asleep with the ear buds in. I do need a bluetooth headset like you said. 

      I will let you know what the ENT says this Friday.. Friday can't get here fast enough. 

      Thanks for your help! Have a good day...

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      Hi Glenn,

      Sorry to hear about your T being worst this past few days..

      is there any other type of cure for your fibro? Is that permanent?

      Have you been stressed lately?

      Just try to relax and take a deep breath.. I know everythings going to be alright..

      T is very mysterious.. It doesnt have a specific cause.. its always different with other people..

      i hope your doctor find the problem so you can figure out how to control it..

      KEep me posted

      Just remember I'm here to listen! Haha!

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      Awe, thanks for "listening"... 

      I'm happy to report the clogged air is unclogged and I'm just back to the normal loud hissing. Hey, I'll take it. At least I can hear pretty good. I do have some pain in the left ear however so we shall see what my ENT says tomorrow. Kind of depressing that my regualar doctor says my tinnitius is a prelude to hearing loss and eventually I'm going to lose my hearing. Doesn't make me feel that good. He claims I'm about in the middle of the pattern right now. That would certainly be a disaster for me or anyone else for that matter.. 

      As far as being stressed out... I must say, I'm always stressed out. I'm a type A personality and run on full throttle with a lot of self created anxiety.

      Anyway, thanks for your advice. Well appreciated. Have a good day and I'll let you know on my visit. 

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      OMG, how nice of you to ask -

      Well, it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be but I have to think there are a lot of peopel far worse off than I am.

      Basically, my left ear has a lot of hearing loss. The audiologist tested me and found that I would be a good candidate for hearing aids. There was also substantial wax build up in both ears. He believes the hearing aids would also make the intensity of the tinnitus far less.

      Despite his findings, I am hoping I get a lot of the hearing back and this is a sinus, or maybe an underlying infection issue because my entire head feels so clogged. I really didn't want to get into the hearing aid business at this point in my life but honestly, it's so scary when you lose your hearing, even out of one ear. Between the loss of hearing and the tinnitus, it's not the greatest feeling.

      My GP told me a few months ago that tinnitus sufferers generally lose their hearing. He said, there's stages we gotthrough and he felt I was in the middle stage before my hearing was lost. I never realized it would come so fast. I know it's not the end of the world to wear hearing aids, especially with today's technology but typically it becomes such a sales pitch and they're so expensive. I guess at this point, it is what it is, and we all have to deal with the bumps in the road as we pass through the road of life. 

      If you get a chance, I would love to hear your thoughts and I appreciate you following up with me. That was so nice and made me feel better. 

      80% of my high range hearing is gone in my left ear. I have some hearing loss in my right ear but far less than my left ear. The left ear seems to be the problem child.. UGH.

      I wish you a wonderful week my friend.. 

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      Hi Glenn,

      Sorry to hear about your hearing loss. But like what you said. It is what it is.

      I think you should consider having hearing aids to ease your tinnitus. I know its expensive but would you rather hear that sound every day?.

      I thinks it alright. At least we know what's causing your T instead of being blind sided about it. And I know for a fact that wax build up is also a main cause of T so lets see.. maybe after it's gone and your sinus is better it can go back to the low hiss. 

      I know it's tough I'm only 29 and I had good and bad days. But you know I love life and this thing would not stop me living a good one. 

      If your feeling down or just plain stressed out you can talk to me. I'm hear to listen. It's nice to know your not alone.


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