Tinnitus becomes inaudible when I press a finger in my ear

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Around three months ago my right ear was attacked by someone with a handheld sportshorn. After this traumatic incident everything I heard with my right ear sounded muffled and some high frequencies were less audible.

I also developed a tinnitus in the affected ear. My GP referred me to get a hearing test done, which showed a slight dip in frequencies in my right ear.

I was put on steroids and some other medication to stimulate blood flow to my ears.

After a month I went for another hearing test and luckily it was all healed. It turned out my hearing is extraordinary good and I was surprised to be told it was even better than most five year old children's hearing.

I'm currently waiting for my referral to an audiologist to start tinnitus treatment.

I've just noticed that when I put earplugs in, the tinnitus is much louder. I guess this is because all other sounds are drowned out and I notice it more. What I find very strange though is that with earplugs in, I can silence the tinnitus almost completely but only if I press my finger against it!

I can't work out why this is. My eardrum was also inspected but it was clean and healthy.

Another question I have regarding tinnitus is the travelling from one ear to the healthy ear. It never travels there comletely but I can sometimes still hear it in my "healthy" ear.

Also, since this incident my right ear is very sensitive to loud noises and it can feel painful after a loud day.

I wonder if all this is normal and part of a healing process?


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    Welcome to the club of ""Don't Knows  ""
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    As tinnitus is one of the great not understoods of life I don't know how true this is, but, I was told by a person who I tend to listen to in matters such as this that everybody has tinnitus, just some more than others and that as /if our ability to hear external sounds deminishes it increases because external sound no longer whites out internal sound.

    I can say that in my case this seems to be true. My hearing is not what it was and I now have NHS hearing aids, and, believe it or not tinnitus is worse when I'm not wearing them than when I'm pluged in.

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      Yes, that's true. My doctor told me that everyobody has tinnitus but doesn't necessarily hear it unless trauma/stress causes it.

      What confuses me is that my hearing test confirmed that I don't have hearing loss at all but still have a tinnitus. So in my case I think a hearing aid wouldn't work.

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    I have had Tinnitus in both ears for around 7 years now, is really drives me mad. Told dr but he says there is nothing that can help, only place a small radio under the pillow. I suffer with it 24/7 Do I go rould with a pillow strapped to me? The more I try to ignore it, the louder it seems to be. Frustrated..Anne..
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    I have probably had tinnitus for many years - well I say that - I have really only noticed it recently. I don't work becuase of mental health issues althhough I am fine now. I particularly notice it when I am stressed. But today for instance I went to the dentist at 10 but I have been at home since mainly doing stuff on the computer.

    That can be stressful as today I had a problem with my browser and not being able to find an online dataset that I thought I had created.

    But not having any timetable I have been sttting here at my PC and since mid-afternoon I have been very aware of the hissing in my ear.

    I went to my GP on Monday and he checked my ears - I had them tested trecently and my hearing was very good.

    The GP said that there was nothing that could be done about it - other than at night have ticking clock.

    A few weeks ago I went to bed late but I wasn't very tired. I found myself so troubled by the hissing that I got up and did some Sudoku.

    Of course, the answer is not to have any stress because that would be totally boring.

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    Dude, when they blew that horn on your ear im sure it slightly damaged the other one as well, so 3xpect it to ring as well, but that is weird, if you pres that finger on it and stops that means there should be able to cure it completely but dont raise no hopes, the fall will be harder if it doesnt heal, i hope and pray to God it does heal completely, have you audiologist look very close, wish you the best pal, i hope you kicked that guys dumb ass that blew the horn, that makes me so mad, stupid to do such thing, good luck pal
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      Thank you!

      Fortunately, I have no damage to my ears whatsoever. I had two hearing tests, the first one was straight after the attack and it showed the effected ear wasn't picking up sounds as well.

      Then a month later, I had another test and the doctor said my hearing is better than that of 5 year old kids! This was an amazing relief.

      But still there's this tinnitus 6 months later. I'm hoping to get sound therapy soon, not sure what exactly it is as I will need to speak to my doctor about it. And yes, the fact that I can silence tinnitus with pressure and earplugs is very weird, I hope that's a good sign!

      Unfortunately the guy who did this to me didn't get any punishment from the police. I really don't understand why and it still makes me mad. It will be his very unlucky day, should our paths cross again.


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      I hope you do cross path and believe me, that vazturd deserves it, the least is paying him with th3 same coin, blow a horn on that idiot! I really hope it does go away in time dude, good luck and God help you take this away.....
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    Hey morningstarm,

    I hope you're still on this board, and I hope that your T has improved!

    I can't believe I found your post. Exactly the same issue with me. Cheap earbuds with a protrusion unfurled in my ear creating a loud noise which physically hurt. The T came on slowly. 

    Nothing relieved it. Put silicone earbuds in and no joy, leaned on that ear and it stopped. Like magic. 

    Now, if i could only walk around all day with my hand pressed against my head!

    But seriously, I'm super interested to hear how you are progressing with it. 

    I'm on a waitlist for an ENT and would love to go armed with some info for him to get cracking on a solution.

    All the best,


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