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conni97221 conni97221

Head ringing

Please please please someone out there tell me that I’m not the only person that has a constant high pitches frequency tone deep within their head?! NOT MY EARS, my head! I’ve read nothin but comments and discussions on tinnitus and I have had all the procedures that follow it. Did not know what forum to place this under to get someone’s attention but this one. I’ve had MRI’s, CT’s, blood samples, discussions, ENT’s, and even a spinal tap that was an absolute failure that I ended up having to go back a week later for a blood patch!! All of which came back negative. Told my doctor that it’s not a vertigo sensation it’s a high pitch tone inside my head, and he responded with the comment that I should talk to a psychiatrist! I can’t be help upside down for to long or I get dizzy and pass out, I can’t ride rides that are gravity pullers or I pass out , I can’t even turn my head to far for to long cause I start to get blurred vision and pulsing blood flow loudly I’m my head and in some cases almost pass out! Please if there’s someone out there with this same issue inform me on how you deal with it and if there is a cure or not? Been 3 years now and I’m loosing hope.

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  • robtheprint conni97221

    Hi Conni

    Sorry to read your post about how you are suffering, I have suffered for a year now and sometimes I find it difficult to determine whether the sound/noise comes from my ears or inside my head. Like you I have had all the tests and scans which are negative so apart from self help I cannot find any other way of getting help. Calming music, relaxation and as little stress and anxiety as possible is the only advice I can offer apart from letting you know that there are many of us in the same position.

    All the best to you


  • hanit conni97221

    What people and doctors describe as Tinnitus of the Ear is actually a sensation probably created by the brain and or auditory nerve.  It is common to experience the ringing as something coming from inside your head rather than from your ear.  I've had tinnitus for almost 3 years.  Usually in just one ear but sometimes both and when it is both it also feels like it is emanating from the head.  This alone is not reason for concern and If you've had an MRI they should have checked to see if you have a tumor or other problem near your hearing nerves.  You need to read carefully all of the other potential health problems that can cause Tinnitus.  Most people don't have serious health issues causing their tinnitus.  Try to relax.  You have already ruled out most serious diseases with the MRI.  Read and research carefully but only once in a while and know that you will learn to cope with tinnitus with almost no psychological burden.  It is Hell the first 6 months and I didn't regularly forget about it until about two months ago.  Good health to you.

  • Sue.An conni97221

    Hi Conni - my ringing started 2 months ago and I believe it is tinnitus although it does sound like it’s coming from inside my head.  Is yours constant?  Mine is sometimes loud and other days not as loud.  This gives me hope it may go some day.  Mine started after a viral flu so hoping that it will go away as there is still fluid in my ears.  I have been referred to an ENT although it can take a while to get in to see one.

    Although it has been 3 years donyou recall if something happened to cause your ringing or did you just wake up with it one day?

  • martin31040 conni97221

    Hi, i've had tinnitus in both ears I say ears but it's really in the head, for 23 years now, at the beginning it was like a jet engine, then changed to like a heap of dinner plates crashing down, went through all the usual things see specialist and he said it was tinnitus and probably won't go, joined self help group which seem to make it worse, and for the last 20 years now it's a sort swirling swishing sound sometimes bothers me, but you do habituate to to it, try to ignore it, it's all about mindset.

  • FarFrankie conni97221

    I have had a bad cold and hope this is responsible for the swishing noise I have been experiencing for some days.  The GP put it down to high BP but no meds given!  Not helpful.  Have to go back on 24th to see nurse for more BP measuring.  All alternative meds and ideas helpful.  Thanks

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