Anyone know what this could be?

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Last October i had really bad digestive issues. Bloating/constipation and gas. I tried every single over the counter remedy, and nothing worked. Fast forward to December, and i found out i was pregnant. I started to feel a bit spaced out, it felt like i was extremely high. It would come and go, along with some headaches every couple of days, which with a little tylenol would be gone.This went away after a few weeks, and then a week later i miscarried. I did not feel spaced out, or have the headaches again until about 3 week later, and now the spaced out feeling is 24/7 from when i wake up to when i go to bed for the past 4 months. It feels like being drunk or high all the time.

I am certain that these issues have some link to digestive problems, because the spaced out feeling gets worse when i eat sugar/carbs. I have been to a gastro who did some stool samples, and the only thing that came back was yeast overgrowth in stool. He gave me nystatin for 10 days, and it didn't do anything except make me a little more regular with my bowel movements. He wanted to do a colonoscopy, but i have put that on hold because i don't want to go under anesthesia with my head feeling this way. Other symptoms i am experiencing:

Extreme light sensitivity

Achy neck

I do not have vertigo standing, but notice i feel very dizzy if tilting my head backwards only

Heartburn only after "bad" foods



Stomach pressure

Itchy ears/nose/anus

Post nasal drip

Tickling throat/dry cough

Itching/red vagina 

Urgency/frequency urination (microscopic blood found in urine)

Undigested food in stools

White tissue bits in urine and stool

Yellow nut looking things in stool sometimes without consuming nuts

Tingling in hands and feet

Itching on palms of hands and feet, but no rash

I have had a ct scan of the head which was normal, and have been tested for celiac twice. I also read about yeast overgrowth issues seems my gastro found overgrowth in my stool. I saw a doctor who deals with yeast overgrowth who has given me nystatin and diflucan to try. I have given it a go, but i am 3 weeks into treatment now with 0 improvement.

 My doctor said i may have yeast overgrowth, but she is starting to wonder if that is just one of my issues. She said that she has never heard of light sensitivity being described as a symptom of yeast overgrowth, and she is starting to wonder if there are other problems going on. I have never had a lyme rash, or been bitten by a tick to my knowledge. I don't travel to places where i could of been bitten, and i live in Texas where it is pretty rare. Does this sound like lyme? I am at my wits end, because nothing seems to work for whatever this is. She thinks it is some kind of bacteria in my body 

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    Hi Emzie89 im pretty sure by what you describe  that your doctor is correct with yeast overgrowth. This can cause any number of different sypmtons and make one feel very unwell. You need to eliminate all yeast and sugar products, white flour white rice, vinigar. to mention just a few. Total sweet xylitol from Holland and Barrets is a good sugar alternative. what you have is known as candia albicans over growth, also caused by to many long term antibiotics. You need to take probiotics as well.

    I know as im always getting it every time i indulge in chocolate but i can eat the ones made with xylitol also sold in health shops occasionally. was diagnosed many years ago with this by a kenesiologist, most family doctors dont give the tests needed for an accurate diagnoses. no treatment will work all the time your eating yeast and sugery products.

    Hope this helps


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    Hello, Your list of symptoms is very similar to my list when it was discovered through an upper endoscopy I had esophageal candidiasis.  I already knew I had fungal infection in my nails and chronic athletes foot.  I already suffered from what was diagnosed to be post concussion benign positional vertego and neck pain from an assault.  At the time, I fought long and hard with doctors who did not follow guidelines of both the CDC and the pharmac. co phizer to prescribe fluconizole at the right dosage and for long enough to get rid of an internal infection.  I felt so bad, I managed to pursuade one sympathetic GP to let me continue on a middle strength dosage (200 mg) for three months.  He had to monitor my liver function to make sure I was not running into toxicity but, I finally began to feel better.  I had another upper endoscopy that showed my esophagus was scarred but clear of the candida.  I am not completely normal but, my blood tests seem normal enough not to indicate any serious disease at present.  I do have double vision and a droopy eyelid, which was thought to be myasthenia gravis, but I don't have any anti-bodies, so they ruled that out.  My ears itch, my hearing is bad, I have your gastic symptoms still, and frequent headaches. It has been such a long haul talking to doctors who know so little about candidiasis.  I am trying to eat right, reduce stress, get lots of rest, and hope for the best.  But, I am certain, without the long trial of higher dose fluconizole, I would probably not be here to talk about this.  As a note, from the research I did, it seems med schools are teaching from studies which were conducted on ICU patients with indwelling catheters and IV lines etc who were very ill, and came to the conclusion that systemic candidiasis was lethal and you could not have it if you were "not at death's door".  I think they have never studied relatively healthy people with a functioning immune system. 
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      Hi, I have very much of your symptoms which are getting worse. I believe my case is candida Non Albicans which is why is testing negative for 'usual' candida. also i read that is high number of false negatives testing for Candida. I also read antibiotics and antifungals can make it worse sometimes.
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      Hi, I'm just wondering how long it took for your symptoms to start beginning to clear up? I have constant esophageal candidiasis which i manage by taking nilstat oral, it doesn't cure it but keeps it from being severely painful and also chronic athletes foot (tinea) which isn't responding to otc treatment. I have been battling with systemic candida for a while, i tried taking short doses of anti fungals but to no avail. I don't know of any doctors willing to try long term antifungal therapy, but I have access to antifungals myself and can have regular liver function tests. Any help or advicee would be appreciated
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    Pleas reply, it's very important. Hi how are yo in mt your symptoms now? Did you get tested for Candida Albicans? You can do a swab test (vaginal, eye, throat test). I have all your syptoms but tested negative for Candida.  I believe it's Candida Non Albicans I have, which is rarer an less studied. Antibiotics and antifungals made it worse for me.
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