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Fungal and Yeast Infections

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  • Windywoo3007 2

    I have a scalp infection with hair loss

    About a month ago my head started itching. Hair loss quickly followed. Its getting worse with almost unbearable itching & the hair loss is extremely depressing. I am female & never thought I'd be going bald. Help!

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  • riley90782 1

    Recurrent Yeast Infections

    Hi,  I have quite a long story but I will try to shorten it, any help is appreciated!  In August of 2015 I got a yeast infection and treated it with diflucan, well at least I thought i did. The itching and nasty discharge went away. I then had sex twice in November of 2015 and each time I did I

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  • jonathan21989 2

    Terbinafine Loss of taste

    I had taken terbinafine for about six weeks for a toenail infection when my sense of taste pretty much completely disappeared over the course of 3-4 days.  I have a vague salty/bitter taste in my mouth, but nothing tastes of , salt, gone.  I can put pure sugar on my

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  • katrina40463 1

    Type of Skin Fungi

    Hello, Can someone help me determine the kind of skin fungi that i have? And the treatment for it? Thanks a lot! Here's the photo

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  • elisabete90 2

    how do we know if the ringworm treatment is working??

    Hi, can someone please let me know what are the healing signals of the ringworm? If the treatment it's working, the ringworm is supposed to shrink in size or rather gradually fade away? If somebody who had/has it, I would highly appreciate if someone clarifies me this doubt. Thanks in advance.

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  • irinea74484 2
  • sam6990 3

    Yeast overgrowth help!!

    I am on constant antibiotics and am suffering from a severe yeast infection now, my mouth is so sore that it hurts to chew my food. Has anyone got any ideas on how I can get rid of this naturally please.

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  • raymond8 2


    The doctor prescribed me these today has have fungi infection on foot but he said ringworm anyone taken these tablets.

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  • mirving 2

    Terbinafine will taste return

    Have been on 250mg for 5 weeks for skin infection. Have now lost all sense of taste and miserable as choosing not to eat as dull and boring. I am choosing to stop medication now as nothing is worse than this and i fly on holiday tomorrow. Does anyone know if my taste will return to normal and how

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  • rubyklewis 1

    Vaginal thrush! What do I do?

    Hi there, I'm 16 years old and I'm pretty sure I have vaginal thrush. I've bought cream and a tablet, however I can't take the tablet because it will stuff up with my anti inflammatories I'm taking afternoon my surgery. I've tried this cream, Canestan, coconut oil, tea tree 've lost all hope!...

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  • UPATSY 2


    Since September 2016 I have tried/been prescribed many various creams for ringworm. Am now taking oral terbinafine, and have been advised blood test and follow up in a months time. I am concerned at the length of time this is taking. I am in my 60's, and have not been able to attend my usual twice

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  • samantha94976 2

    Severe thrush I'm in extreme pain

    Right basically I shaved and when the hair started to regrow I was so itchy and I a moment of weakness I scrubbed down there as soon as I got out the bath it was very stupid thing to do and to make matter worse I put vagisil on it, few days I went to doctors coz I'd felt really sore , Dr said I had

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  • Leni75 4

    Itchiness caused by fungus overgrowth

    Hi. For the last two months more and less I've noticed I felt very itchy on my outside vaginal  area with no abnormal discharge, just very itchy especially in the evening. It became red and swollen. I also noticed at that time white on my tongue so I knew it was a fungus causing it. I had nystatin

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  • mrsdavies72 1


    Hi. I've been prescribed Terbinafine for a fungal nail infection that I've had for several years. I'm only on Day 3 but really wary of these tablets and considering stopping them based on all the side effects that could occur. I've been fine so far but now got a sore mouth - my lips are sore with

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  • jennifer62995 2

    Terbinafine 250 medication

    Let me just say this stuff is a life savor for my feet. When I met my husband he had athletes foot and obviously a foot fungus. I never knew that I would catch it on my feet and MAN I went from having beautiful feet to just hidding my feet. I hated them. I couldnt even go to get a pedicure. I

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  • xmesox 1

    Extreme Burn On Contact With Lamisil Spray

    I've had problems with my armpits chronically now for about 5 years, for about 60% of the time putting on deoderant will cause discomfort and there is almost always some white and red patches/flakes. When there is a flareup it itches quite badly and sometimes burns a bit. This week has been my

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  • lu71261 2


    I'm on day 5 of terbinafine for toenail fungus. How do I know if it is working? Is there a process. Lighter nail darker nail can you help with this.

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  • pyrrhus 2
  • Guest M

    Allergic reaction - Terbinafine

    18 days after starting treatment, Terbinafine caused me a severe allergic reaction with a red rash, covering my entire body, head to feet, including palms of hands. Also blisters mainly on my sides and arms. Very itchy all the time and painful in worst areas, hence hard to relax or sleep nights.

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  • harsh36255 2
  • anthony 61857 2

    DR'S wont give me non controlled medication

    Im in a dire situation. I got a "Freak occurance" fungal infection aug 23 2016. From camping\Swimming and running around in damp clothes for 3 weeks. It has been mistreated and spread all over my groin and hands(gross, i know) It now resembles nothing anyone has ever seen(seriously 3 dermatologist,

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  • suzanne10722 1

    Terbinafine reaction- Debilitating joint and muscle pain

    After 5 weeks on Terbinafine I developed severe joint pain, muscle soreness, blurred vision and could smell a bad smell that wasn't there. 4 days after ceasing the medication the vision and smell problems have gone but absolutely no change in the pain. I can barely walk and cannot lift even a fork

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  • jim2828 1

    Is this fungal?

    I have a rash or similar on the join between my leg and groin, can it be diagnosed from the photo? It gets slightly greasy during the day, occasionally slightly itchy. Thanks

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  • Mommaof2 1

    Yeast infection?

    I recently had all of my teeth removed and had to be put on an antibiotic for a week which didnt work so they put me on a different one a few days after being on the antibiotic i noticed an excessive amount of white thick discharge i didnt think nothing of it then i began itching and burning down

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  • marie72631 2

    Terabinafine making me nervous

    I have been taking the oral pill for a month now for foot and nail fungus. Thankfully so far I haven't noticed any side effects but I am really afraid of them because I am a mother to small children. I saw death on the side effects list and I am really scared. Does anyone know if this is rare and

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  • chetangarg35 2

    fungal infections near the corona

    I am suffering from a fungal infection near the corona and on the near   I am having this desease for approx 1.5 years but failed to get rid from it.  I take medicines till when it is entirely cleaned or removed but when i leave from taking medicines, it comes back. How can i get rid from it permanently?...

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  • jerario311 2

    Side effects of Terbinafine

    Hi all, I started taking Terbinafine in April 2016 for a toenail fungus.  I didn't want to remove my toenail or do anything topically because I wanted to get to the root of it.  Biggest.  Mistake.  Ever!!!  During the time I was taking it I was super careful and didn't consume alcohol, dairy or

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  • kate12666 2

    Chronic ear infections

    In desperate need of help! I have suffered from ear ache since the age of 4 , throughout my teenage years I still suffered about 4 a year but after my son was born the last four years I have been getting ear infections every 2 months , ear drops do not help clear them up and make them worse. I

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  • steven50664 2

    How long does Terbinafine take to work

    Hi everybody, I've been taking Terbinafine now for three weeks (eight week course) for a skin infection but i am yet to see any improvement. Is this normal only i expected to see some signs by now. Just wondering if i should visit the docs again. No side effects for me fortunately after what i've

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  • worried51992 2

    Possible Oral / Genital thrush, desperate

    Hello. I have had an abnormal tongue as long as i can remember. My tongue has never been bright purple all the way to the back. I have seasonal allergies / food allergies / pet allergies, etc. so i have always had some kind of abnormalities with my mucous membranes & also felt like my immune

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  • Cathy6 1

    ulcer on Bunion

    Search results for “I have an ulcer which has developed on my bunion,so far it has barely broken the skin to the size of mm, I am on antibiotics for the past week and wonder should I continue on another 6 day dosage.I have a lot pain with it and am wearing thong sandals to avoid any pressure, is

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  • teri04741 2

    Terbinafine Hydrchloride

    Hi, I Was Prescribed Terbinafine Hydrochloride for a 1 little toe nail a while Back which had caused stomach problems which I am still trying to recover from 8 months on. Was told to eat a Healthy well Balanced Diet,But i cannot eat anything. and things would return back to normal but to no avail

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  • david48602 4

    Fungal infection beneath mustache, under my nose (one for the guys)

    So, recently, I noticed that beneath my mustache, under my nose, I have a small area of skin that's a light shade of red/pink, and it's also quite dry and flaky, sometimes. So, I went to see a local pharmacist, who said that it's pretty common for men to get fungal infections in and around their

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