Anyone taking duloxetine and/or co dydramol?

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Hello Lovelys,

tried tramadol that that was rubbish didn't touch the sides on the pain and had horrendous jaw clenching and greatly increased muscle spasms. Now the pain management nurse has "offered" duloxetine instead of fluoxetine I take and codydramol instead of cocodamol that I went back to.

my main problem is the involuntary muscle spasms which are constant and the muscle exhaustion is where the pain comes from so surely muscle relaxants would be better? 

After reading the duloxetine reviews they have terrified me about the withdrawal effects. I have gone through withdrawals before which had devastating effects which ended up me in the psych ward on suicide watch so I'm a touch cautious as you can imagine.

im getting so tired of being sick and tired and trying different medications which make you feel like you're having your head pulled off your shoulders.

any ideas folks? As it is obvious people on here know far more than the doctors seem to. I have an appointment probably in about a year with a consultant. Feeling pretty fed up with al of this nonsense.

any help greatly appreciated

thanks in advance xx


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    Sorry I don't have an answer but I also was just prescribe duloxetine and haven't taken it I'm waiting for the replies.


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    Hello EarthaKitt and Misssy:

    I have never taken it but I have been prescribed other medications so yes, I would be certainly aware of the side effects.  I have been on many different types of pain meds to alliviate my pain or at least reduce it.  Yet, I have not found anything that really works.  Yes, some of these meds reduce pain a little but not as much as I would want.  How these meds work on your body, I believe it has to do with your chemical makeup and immune problems.  Many peope that I talk to, have autoimmune problems which I have as well.  One time one of my doctors put me on Cymbalta and that night, I was feeling weird where I couldn't stand up well.  I called the doctor and I was told to give it a couple of weeks until your body adapts.  For a few days after, I felt the same but I became a little more unsteady.  After a week, I was in the kitchen leaning on the counter, blanked out, fell on the floor hitting my head and I couldn't get up.  My wife tried but couldn't help either.  She called 911 and paramedics took me to the ER.  The concern was a concussion With necessary X-rays, all they could see was an indentation of where I hit my head.  I was in the hospital for 3 days because of this stupid medication that I took.  Personally, all these newer medications are not tested well even when on trials.  I had another doctor wanted to put me on another newer one but I refused.  I just don't trust these newer medications because big pharmas want to get them out as soon as possible, give doctors samples, advertise like hell on the media, and of course that means big profits and many gifts to doctors. I literally dispised these reps taking my time away because there was always an open door to the doctors office.  Now, it not done much anymore and they have to abide by a time.  So, I advise just reading the long pharmaceutical paper that is enclosed and take not of contrindications.  I wish you both well.


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      Hi mel77,

      thanks for your response, I have already read the download of both these products online plus personal reviews of experiences and yours is pretty terrifying too!

      i couldn't agree more about these pharmaceutical companies. My father used to work for some of the largest pharma companies in this country and across the globe which lead him to write a book and founded " the institute of validation" precisely for this reason. I was too young to understand at the time what this was. It is abundantly clear these "trials" that are sponsored by the companies to promote the latest rubbish they are trying to flog to the nhs and destroy people's lives with whom are already suffering to an enormous extent. 

      My faith in the medical profession is so low at the moment. I'm really not sure what they did at medical school. None of them seem to know anything?

      i just want to say I am so grateful to everyone on here. It is truly a lifeline to speak to all of you and hear what your thoughts or experiences are. It really is invaluable. 

      Massively appreciate any perspectives on the topics.

      Big love to my fellow fibros.


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      What do you take for pain now mel?

      ​I always have stuck to the old fashioned...asprin and ibuprofen...but lately felt like I needed more..without moving to the narcotics.

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      Hi EarthaKitt:

      Thank you so much for giving me the low down on the things I said.  Your father who was in these pharaceutical companies began to realize what was going wrong and couldn't bear seeing this happen.  I would imagine that he either quit or maybe it was getting too hot being in a place where unscrupulous activities were taking place.  How these pharma's get away with all this crap and where are the sources that control it.  It is all big politics and money grabbing everywhere and I can blame our Government for letting this happen.  That is here in the USA. 

      The way you are talking, it seems to me that you are here as well.  I could be wrong though and if so I apologize.  I feel the same way as you about medicines, doctors and even hospitals.  There are a lot of new doctors getting out of med school that are young and not too experienced in the methods of what doctors used to learn back in the day.  I had some of these doctors and believe me, I would have rather do my own doctoring.  Fortunately, my GP thinks of what a doctor really is.  He likes the old fashion medicine where they are not afraid to touch the patient.  I get and tired of going to a doctor, sitting down on a computer taking all your history, does some blood work, give you prescriptions of medicine you are already taking and make a followup appointment which generally is fruitless.  They won't even talk to you until the blood work comes back.  I can understand some aspects of that but can't they talk to you before?  It's like they have no time for you.  What goes on in med school now must differ from the old school.  I bet doctors learn more on computers than anywhere else.  When was the last time, your doctor invited you into his office?  They really don't anymore.  I had a GP once and always go into the office.  What a messy desk he had and I wonder how he could find a patients folder?  razz  He was one of the best doctors I ever had.  Today is so different and is it no wonder why we get a raw deal?  Like us, we have multitude of medical problems and the first thing that comes out of a doctors mouth is "your too complicated; I am going to refer you to this and that specialists. I have and been diagnosed incorrectly and the first thing that they wanted to put me on was extreamly expensive injectable biologics or some IV meds.  The kickbacks for prescribing this is awarding so they do it.  How about surgeons, there money is made when they operate.  Today, it is how much money I can make so I can buy that new Mercede's.  You know what I mean.  You see I am ranting but at least here a lot of people like yourself most likely agrees with me.

      Now on the brighter side as far as myself not having any bad reaction to pain meds.  They just don't work very well and with low doses given, what is even the use in taking them.  I read up on a lot of alternatives and some just seem bizzare and I bet there are a lot of scams with potions being offered.  I came across this one article and bookmarked it.  I can't name any resources here but I could tell you this about what it can do for pain.  You buy a box of golden raisins and either Gin or Whiskey.  You put the raisins in a bowl and add some of the spirits to it.  It has to soak for at least a week.  Supposedly, the raisins interact with the gin or whiskey and at night you take about 8 raisins and chew it.  I haven't taken it as of yet but when I get paid, I will.  What is there to lose?  If it really helps with pain, then I call it a success and a lot cheaper than prescription meds.  Just so you know, I am not personally making this as any kind of remedy and not intend for you to go for it.  Don't do it if you are allergic or addicted to alchohol!  You have to be the judge of it.  That said, I will stop now.  I just saw this article elseware and repeating what it said.  I can talk more about what we as being experimented on, being given the wrong diagnosis, and going after needless tests and procedures, you wonder why we have to be treated that way. All the best to you, take care, think positive, share and be in less pain.

      All my best to you,

      mel  xxx

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    Hi Earthakitt I have had severe allergic reactions to every pain med Ive been given. so Im not any pain meds at all know. All I take for headaches is nurofen over the counter tablets and I use hot water bottles to help with the pain. I find having a hot shower also helps a bit with the pain. Ive heard some people use heat lamps and also massage chairs to help them but what works for one may not for another. I would look into finding other ways to help with the pain. I know some people on here use herbal remedies. Have a google see what their is out their that could help rather than pain meds.take care gentle hugs xx
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      Thanks kaz 40, I take my hat off to you coping without. I think you are probably in the long run going to end up healthier for it. Bizarrely! I think you are one hundred percent correct about staying away from pain meds they do seem to do more harm than good. It's so hard to know what way to go. The side effects are too much to deal with alongside pain, mental health and all the other symptoms we have to deal with day In day out.

      At least it's a beautiful day! Hope your day is lovely. Thanks again xx

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      Hope you have a lovely day too and a good weekend. I hope fibro will be kind to you and not cause you too much pain. My gp tried me on every pain med she could the last one I tried it was a low dose was a pain patch. My husband that night had to call for  a dr as the allergic reaction was so bad, I thought my time was up??? so now I deal with the pain my self. and handle fibro as best I can not always easy to do when your rolling around in sheer agaony. You take care I hope you find something that helps and works for you  xx 
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