Anyone try Ashwaganda or any Adaptogen herbs? For anxiety / Panic

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I'm just curious if anyone here has tried Ashwaghnda or any Adaptogen herbs or Chinese Medicine? And has had any improvements or success with it? I've tried Ashwaganda and St. John's wort / L theanine in the past but I recently found out I wasn't using the proper dose like most people for Severe anxiety. So I'm going to give Ashwaganda a shot again. I always figured.. Before medicine.. Humans in the past had to use SOMETHING to deal with their issues and their HAS TO BE something out their that was used back hundreds of years ago to combat Anxiety and panic disorder.. Those people had it worse than us... so I'm sure Anxiety was big back then.. This led me to Eastern medicine and learning about Indian/Chinese ect / herbs that has been used for thousands of years and that I learned their is a world where people use Herbs for anxiety and they are treated successfully in the eastern world mostly now. I do respect Western Medication as it has helped me with Anxiety in the past. But I'm in a position where.. It is slowly getting better and I just want to finish it off naturally so I can avoid side effects ect.

I'm seriously considering trying Herbs to fight my Anxiety. I've brought my anxiety down SIGNIFICANTLY through Magnesium/B vitamins Diet& / sleep and meditation these past couple of weeks and I'm now just trying to defeat the Remaining symptoms I'm getting from anxiety and stress. I'm able to do more things so I can tell I'm improving. A lot of my symptoms like severe loss of breath and head tension / migraines / chest pain has left. All I have left is minor..

-I feel like my Head is having wierd sensations. Like I'm falling. (Sort of like vertigo)

-Brain fog / Derealization / Low Ringing ears 24/7

-Nausea for a couple of seconds(I never vomit )

-Racing heart every other day but it's getting better through meditation and diet.

-Severe muscle tension/stiffness all though my body

I've seen a couple of doctors and they say all of this is just Severe stress causing these symptoms .. So I'm looking into trying herbs or supplements that will reduce stress. So if anyone has had any experiences let me know how it went for you and any suggestions!

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    Your better seeing a Dr to discuss medication or therapy to be honest. I know many people will say alternative medicines work, but they don't. There is no proper data to suggest they do. There are no clinical trials which have been carried out properly to support them, but loads which show they really don't work. I'd rather listen to a Dr and take treatment which has proper evidence and has been studied versus something which I've heard from someone else has worked for their sisters aunty. Totally your call of course, but see a Dr and take it from there

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      I see what your saying and I understand that. That's why I'm posting here to see what has worked for anyone here. I've seen a couple people here that see a naturopath and has seen results.

      But to be honest my Levels of anxiety have improved significantly and it's not so bad and ive been on many Anxiety medications in the past and I just don't want to go that route again with the side effects. I've gained too much weight.. And I've had permanent side effects caused SSRIs in the past.

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    Also anxiety is more prevelent in recent history, our lifestyles lend themselves to it. Anxiety in itself isn't a problem,its an evolutionary device which helps protect us. It's a problem in modern days because we feel anxious and there is no actual reason to feel it. It's a very complex issue, so your idea that those years ago must have taken something is probably not true- anxiety is best dealt with with lifestyle changes or dealing with the issue, popping pills seldom does any good for anxiety in the long term (barring actual medical conditions which creates and maintain anxiety - which are rare)

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      I hear you. That is true. But I've seen from research.. PTSD/Trama/DRUGS/War/Lifestyle was a big factor in anxiety disorders back then. So these people from different parts of the world had their ways of dealing with it and it is interesting how they did it successfully without medication. It's even more interesting how they handled people with Mania/Panic disorder ect

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    To be honest I have tried most herbal remedies and A2x which were supposed to have the most potent herbal remedies. i have tried Green tea, passion flower, Ginger, Chamomile,  kava kava in the past. You name it! I am yet to try some more natural potent herbs from my accupunturist . I understand it's meant to produce GABA rhus increasing serotonin chemicals within the brain , reducing anxiety . Personally, I have not felt any effects sadly. I do not know why, it may just be me and my brain is just too hard wired and I need something more stronger like a drug lol. All I can say is, each to their own and you'll never know unless u try ! I am also trying meditation but that only seems to work while I do it, then my mind is right back in the frustrating fukd up cycle of misery. Perhaps I have to be more patient with my self and give it time. Good luck smile

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      With having said that, I crashed couple years ago with major intrusive thoughts anxiety and I went to a natural practitioner who gave me water herapy treatment, gave me  aton of natural supplements and I had to do a few flushes. Liver/Gall bladder flush was one of them. After a few months with staying with him I got back to my normal self which I could not believe! This time I feel it has come back some what stronger as I have a lot of fear going to that hell I was in two years ago so i think that's most likely contributing to my poor state of mind which keeps fueling my anxiety because It's been few months and I still feel doomed each day and feel yuck sad I am on Magnesium, B vitamin Complex, Kidney form, Adrena Pan C (to support the adrenals), and the list goes on. I hope this helps some what.....Oh I still have symtoms but not as bad as years ago like I don't feel like my body is fizzing/throbbing away like it used to. I get the odd tingles but not as profusley . Come to think of it, I don't feel as sick lately just have a sloshy tummy and lots aches, pains and still feel on the edge. 

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      I understand the struggle and I'm sorry your going through this. Those herbs you mentioned aren't strong enough if you have high levels of anxiety I've heard. But I've heard with the proper dosage.. Adaptogen herbs will adapt your body to stress. But everyone's different.. And certain dosages are needed for certain people. But yeah some people just need medication.. As it might take too long to find the right herb ect.. Maybe check with a naturopath after checking out YouTube. Search Chinese herbs for anxiety or ashwaghanda review. It will open up a lot of doors

      But in terms of Medication. I find that medication won't heal you but get you back on your feet. You need to find the root cause. Like the person above said^ lifestyle is a big issue. I'm the type.. If I start eating really unhealthy/drinking a lot of coffee or alchohol/ working lots of hours / lack of sleep and exercise I get really bad anxiety after a couple of months. So i went on medication and improved my diet (stopped all fast food/caffein/stimulants/sugar/processed foods) I started doing weightlifting and cardio which basically killed all stress and excess energy and cortisol / tension.. Also I stopped overworking and made sure I got quality sleep.. And I was able to get off the medication and the anxiety never came back untill my lifestyle messed up again lol. Their are many other root causes like Thyroid issues / Trama but I saw in research.. Lifestyle is 90% the root cause for most people with anxiety.

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      Thanks a lot for your great support and wisdom! Hmm well I hardly eat junk food, try to drink a  lot of water but I don't eat a lot or often because A0 I am never hungry and B) I do not want t eat food/hat eating it! It's like it gets stuck in my chest because nerves take over and I can't enjoy a  meal. I eat snacks and drink liquids. How else to chngce my lifestyle? I try meditation but it only lasts in the moment. I feel like I could change everything, diet and go for exercise but it's still there like the fear sad Even if I do a little bit of exercise I freak out because I feel my heart racing sad Ahhh Idk what else to do...

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      I'm the same way. If I exercise it will cause anxiety.. That's why if youve been in a state of anxiety for some time you might have to start medication and then start exercising the moment you feel better on top of a good balanced diet(I would try juicing aswell). Or just start exercise slowly.. Or do both.. I started with walking very slowly and increased time comfortably every other day or week depending how I felt.. And light Dumbell shrugs.. Presses/ laterals ect. Air squats/push-ups ect. Whatever you can handle just start slowly.

      I have issues when it feels like Food is getting stuck in my chest or throat. I've found out anxiety will mess with your digestion because it prioritizes the blood elsewhere so your system won't work as well untill the stress response is gone. Also stress causes your muscles to constrict so it can feel like food is stuck through your throat/chest and sometimes it could be stuck because of stress.. It sucks.. So I eat a lot Vegtable soup with soft meats like .. Meatballs / Chicken so It avoids this issue since it's hard for this type of food to get stuck. If I eat carbs or heavy meals which usually cause this issue.. I eat very slowly.. And the key is chewing very slow and thoroughly. and lots of water before during and after you eat so you can prevent that issue. Also small meals every 3-4 hours will Really help with digestion and anxiety because Actually not eating will cause anxiety because blood sugar isn't stable. So just try to eat small meals that are well balanced with carbs and fats / proteins. I just try to eat Lots of veggies through soup and or fruit/veggie smoothies(which helps anxiety a lot because the vitamins really help the body)

      Maybe a salad with any meat

      Or pasta and any meat

      Rice / Meat / veggies ect

      You might not be getting in enough nutrients..definatly cut the snacks out and sugary drinks if your having that. Google processed foods causing anxiety. Also (foods that help or hurt anxiety)

      So yea. I would try improving your diet now.. And when your medication kicks in you can start working out. Get into a gym and just start lifting weights and doing cardio to deplete excess energy and tension / cortisol (all of this causes anxiety) . Also this will make you get deep sleep which helps recover the body and mind. Stay away from anyone or anything that stresses you (News/People/overworking ect) I did this for I think 3-5 months and I got off the medication easily and had no issues for 5 years. It's only came back the second I stopped exercising and eating right and getting sleep, The trigger was coffee and sugar

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      Hmm thanks for all this wonderful advice! I will start trying to eat every 3-4 hrs small amounts as my stomach is always weird and I am never hungry . I am still not sure about the exercise thing. I do lawnmowing and gardening as my job and I often get panic attacks so fresh air doesn't seem to help sad I can go for a  walks, that's okay. Personally I don't know where you get any energy at all to do any form of exercise when anxiety depletes ALL my energy so I can never see my self gyming it any time soon. I would just waste away or break a bone becausae I am so skinny it's not funny....Idk what to do either because my plan was to start up my weekend job for gardens and lawns again with a diff company in the summer. I can't see that happening eiher due to my condition. I feel like my life is fkd up, I can't even function to help out my family and my poor mum has to do most of it by herself! I used to be on the go 24/7 , mowing lawns and doing gardens with my mums buisness during the week and doing lawns and gardens on weekends with the other company, as well as house work and feeding animals when I came home. All that's gone out the window and I feel useless. I spend half the day in bed sad

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      I understand. When your anxious all you want to do is be in your bed all day. Overworking is a big stressor so try to not work more than 32-40 hours. If you can just do it part time when your better that would be best and work your way up. I would say in your situation

      1. See a good psychiatrist preferably and get to the root cause. They can help you find the root causes. From what you've told me it might be the type of work you've done if you were working a lot and pressure.. And diet and exercise issues. But Get on medication and when it starts working.. It may take 1 1/2 - 2 months.. Alittle more if you need to experiment on different brands.

      2. When you feel good enough to function after medication I would say just stick to walking if your burned out from doing landscaping. That is physical enough. But weightlifting really does deplete your muscles which kills anxiety. (Believe it or not anxiety chest pain is your muscles spazzing out so if you can deplete tension in your muscles it reaally helps) but do what you can .. Exercise 2-3 times a week for 30 min is good enough. Walking is good perfectly fine tho.

      3. focus on diet and eating healthy. Getting in proper nutrients helps a lot with anxiety. And bad diet is one of the biggest causes for anxiety. If your not hungry then that might be due to physical inactivity. But if anything just eat small meals every 3-4 hours so your blood sugar is stabilized which helps anxieTy big time. Some examples.

      -Small portion of rice / meat / veggies



      -Whole grain cereal and A banana

      -Protein smoothie (Protein powder/Banana/berries/Kale) with 2-3 boiled eggs. Or just the shake.

      -Salad and meat / Apple

      4. Learn meditation and relaxation. And most importantly.. Remember to use it when you feel that anxiety coming on.. Slowing your breathing no matter how oxygen deprived you feel.. Will stop severe anxiety. YouTube"progressive muscle relaxation" this really helps with preventing anxiety.

      I really think a combination of lifestyle changes and medication will fix your issues. If you keep up the good diet and exercise and not working too much you should be able to get off the medication with no issues.

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    Hi, I currently take 500mg a day, I also take maca powder, start my day with a green smoothie, take B vit supplement and drink Redbush tea for magnesium, pro biotic and vit E, I also have Rhodiola and Passion flower.

    I also joined a running group and if I dont run I go for a walk, I also meditate which I greatly believe in and took up tai chi at the beginning of the year.

    I suffer from Panic disorder with agoraphobia in that I hate crowds, large shopping centres, funnily I am ok on an aeroplane but the airport terrifies me!! Somewhere like Ikea is terrifying for me,.... so Im not afraid to leave the house and can generally function well day to day (although I have had episodes where afraid to leave the house) but I fear situations where I percieve I cannot escape.

    My symptoms are sweating palms, shaky, heart racing, cant control breathing (gets all out of sync) trembling, blurred vision, I basically feel like I am suffocating and I would literally knock people out of the way in order to 'escape'!  I am so frightened of this happening I avoid places where I think this is going to happen. For me going into these situations is like going out of your depth when going underwater, I can get so far but any further would send me into panic and a life or death need to get to the top!!

    I am however continually working on exposure and am making slow steady progress as in I can now go right the way around large supermarkets (but not when its heaving!) and I am currently working on the local shopping centre which I am making progress  - I take 1000mg of ashwaganda before I go and I honestly dont know if it is the herb that helps or my belief that it is helping?!?!  However I wouldnt trust it enough to face my bigger fears like Ikea/airports.

    Therefore I have recently and for the 1st time since a child (this all started when I was about 10yrs old, I am 50 next year!!) asked my Dr for medication as I want to go on holiday next year and I explained that exposure is slow and a full time job in itself ( I have 2 children and work full time so its hard to fit everything in!!)

    So I have been prescribed Lorezepam/Ativan - I havent actually taken one yet as to be perfectly honest am scared of how it will make me feel !! I need to cross this barrier!

    Anyway that is where I am up to in my own recovery, I dont know if any of this helps but I believe collectively everything that I am doing is having a positive effect.

    I also practice positive thinking, always asking myself in situations 'does it really matter', learning to let things pass by me, telling myself 'stop', basically talking to myself like I would talk to a best friend, always trying to look at what I have done instead of how much I have to do - basically being kind to myself.  Also taking charge of myself and not being a people pleaser, learning to say no!!

    I find practicing breathing techniques of utmost importance in learning to manage a panic attack and try to practice meditation daily to train my sympathetic nervous system.

    I think I could crack this if I could get a few years off work to work on this full time!! lol.... if only !

    Good luck with your journey you sound like you are making fabulous progress x

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      You take substances that have had no clinical trials, yet won't take the ones which have millions spent on them to make them as safe an effective as possible? That really makes no sense

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      When you put it like that!!.... I guess anxiety is twisted fear!  But what you said is perfect logic, very true and has reassured me somewhat!  To be honest I was frightetend taking Ashwhaganda for the 1st time too!!!  I guess its just part of being an anxious person.

      Although, I have read up on everything I have taken - re ashwaghanda amongst other stuff.

      I think I have always wanted to beat this myself without medication and to be honest I have had periods in my life where I was able to be on top of my fear rather than it be on top of me, so I know it can be done, but I relapsed and now am struggling to get back to where I once was..., my turning to to the Dr is for a quick fix to get me thru a situation/s which is/are traumatic for me hence I am not looking to take the drug every day only for specific situations.

      The other stuff I am doing I feel has worked for day to day.  I went to the Drs with heart flutters which was new to me, I have had many palpitations over the years however this was different and I couldnt switch them off.... - Since I made the changes on my last post, all naturally I have had no flutters, so I feel collectively I must be doing something right..... it has certaninly not done me any harm and I am doing more now than I was before - I guess this has been my own personal trial.

      Thanks for your very logical comment!

      My life changes, diet, exercises and thoughts I believe are ultimately the 'cure' but the time it takes to progress is too long and I basically want to live life now!!


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      Look up Pyroluria and get tested if you think this could be related to your experience. It's a simple test and simple remedy. Basically, you blow through your zinc and B6 in your body due to genetic predisposition so you would need to get higher amounts of these nutrients through supplementation. Trudy Scott is a leader in using amino acids to address neurotransmitter balance and an expert in pyroluria, an extremely common condition with an extremely simple remedy. The hard part is the cognitive behavioral stuff relearning how to respond to your world in a calm world. You would need to learn how to re-interpret your environment smile


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