Anyone using Tea Tree Oil?

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I find it's a great help. smile Dena

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    No,im kind of scared to. Have heard of a wipe,i believe its called cliredex.. not sure if spelling. Dont know if its available in U.S or not. Have you ben tested for demodex mite,guess thats what tea tree helps the most. I dont know if I have it or not. Xx
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      I saw an eye specialist at a medical complex. After she found that nothing worked for me, except the Tea Tree Oil, she said I might have Demodex. But, they did not have a strong enough microscope at the site to test for this. 

      My advice would be to try out the treatment I listed below. (see my separate comment). 

      Do not apply full strength. Dillute it with oil oil. Try 1-2 drops at first and see how it works for you. It's really quite refreshing. And it is so much cheaper than the Cliredex. 

      Take care!

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      Cliredex is available on amazon has a 4 star rateing. Supposed to sting alot though Has tea tree oil in it.
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      They may not dillute it that much. 

      The remedy I mentioned is great, because you can dillute it as much as you neeed. 

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    YES! I've been using it for about 4 months now, with GREAT results. 

    I add about 3-10 drops in my palm. (it took a while to work up to 10 drops)

    Then I add about 15 drops of olive oil. 

    Mix, then rub all over my face. 

    Let sit for 5-10-30 minutes.

    Then place a warm towel over my face and remove. (try to not contaminate the good eye)

    I saw my doctor about 2-3 weeks after I began this treatment and she was AMAZED at the improvement. 

    Because this issue was ongoing for about a YEAR, I have some eyelid rim scaring, and some thickening of the rim. So, I'm taking Vitamin E, which may help with the scaring. And I am very diligent about the above treatment. I wash my face with baby shampoo each a.m. and p.m. Then apply the tea tree oill mixture to my face. 

    I also found that fresh vegetable juice with raw garlic, also helped. As well as the Rite Aid Pharmacy eye wipes. 


    The icky photo was taken around February 2016. 


    The good photo was taken about 2-3 weeks AFTER I began using tea tree oil. 

    Remedies I tried:

    Tobradex (dangerous stuff. when on the third vile, I started to see dramatic changes to my vision. don't take it long term. actually, don't take it at all!)

    Erythromycin: minor improvement

    Cipro drops: 0 results

    Cold tea bags: Felt good, but didn't heal my eyes.

    Warm milk and Turmeric: Didn't do much.

    Dilluted Apple Cider Vinegar: Did nothing. 

    Hot compresses: Felt good, but didn't heal my eyes.

    The Stye Eyelid Compresses (which you throw in the microwave for 5 seconds): Felt good, but didn't heal the eyes.

    The doctor also put me on a precription for about 1-2 months. It helped a bit with the inflammation. 


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      Hi Lee,

      Not that I can think of. It's more like a menthol type warm feeling. 

      I have my eyes closed when I apply it. So, though some goes into my eyes, I use it primariliy to treat the outter lids. 

      Maybe take 1 drop tea tree oil, and a quarter-size amount of olive oil or coconut oil. Mix, and apply?


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      The doctor was not upset that I used this. And she didn't discourage me from using it. I had found the remedy online and gave it a try and it worked. smile

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      Will run it by my doc. He doesnt have a microscope to check for demodex either.. amazeing how unequiped those clinics are. Egads. Xx
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      One more thing...

      Have a spoonful of olive oil or coconut oil nearby. If it does sting, just apply that liberally to your eyelids. 

      It will work better than using water, which is extremely harsh. 

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      Great idea!

      Yeah, though I have a feeling those mites are extremely small. smile

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      Well i get quite a bit of itching on and off, he said i could go to a clinic 70 miles away they have a microscope lol
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    A small amount of no tears baby shampoo,( about as big as a dime), and one drop of TTO applied to the face is very effective. Use cool water to wash your face, then towel dry and use a moisturuser. I then use eye drops. Systane. I do thid three times a day. It does't cure it but keeps it in check. smile Dens

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