Anyone with Arthritis in Spine and neck?

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Hi All 

Want to know if anyone has arthritis in the spine and neck? I have suffered for many years i am now in my late 40's. My doctor has ordered an MRI and has increased my medication of Amytriptline to 50mg at night as well as taking solpadol 30mg/500mg 

My question is i am really suffering with severe pain at night in lower back that radiates across the hips. and some days my legs ache so much I feel like I have run a marathon. Also my neck has been painful and a weakness in my arms. I am trying to get my GP to refer me to see what type of arthritis i have has anyone experienced these symptoms.?

or been on this medication before?



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    Hi Lisa,

    Yes, I have arthritis in my neck, back, hips, and knees. It can be misery!

    I had been taking celebrex but stopped due to concerns about what it can do to the heart. Other meds I have tried interfere with my blood pressure med.

    I had a cervical fusion several years ago and a knee replacement last August.

    I try to do yoga to stretch, but it doesn't always help.

    I guess I have learned to live with the pain, as nothing I have tried pharmaceutically has helped.

    Good luck!

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    Hello Lisa, I have Arthritis in my lower spine and have had it for 19 years from aged 40. It sounds like you may have Osteoarthritis thou you need to get a diagnosis. My pain is severe at night and i find sitting uncomfortable. I was on 50mg of Amitriptyline at one time and this is commingly prescribed now for pain. I now take Codeine at night to help with the pain and for sleep. As i have arthritis in my knees and suffer nueropathic pain i also take Gaberpentin and Nefopan and top this up with Parecetamol if needed. Naproxen is another drug used for back pain, i have just stopped them because my GP says i shouldn't be on it long term because they can cause stomach problems. I have also had my left knee replaced twice due to Septic arthritis since childhood. You could ask to be referred to a pain clinic who can give advice. If you are having an MRI i would wait first to see the results. Amitriptyline does help to relax the nerves around your spine so should help you to sleep.


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    Morning Lisa; yes to all that you mention...........I have bad OA in my  R)side of neck, alll down spine and other areas of should be seeing a Rhuematologist for correct medications............I take Amitriptyliine, and some other meds, but not for OA, but for my Fibro.........for the OA, I take Osteo Panadol, Voltaren (but there are other anti-inflammatories that work well on others), with Pariet to protect my gut-lining from the Voltaren, and Oxycontin as my Over-all pain control (once again for starters there are other pain meds that you may find acceptable over the oxycontin....I didn't just start off on this)....Valium is also helpful for the muscle spasms that come as a result to the OA, in a small dose of a night-time to stop the tightness/soreness of lying in one position (especially the neck region) very important alternative medicine that I need, is Physiotherapy on my body, especially my neck and shoulder areas...and Much use of Hot-packs/gels............try and get that Rhuematologist appt, and yes, maybe an MRI will locate all areas affected, and to what extent, but if you do go there, take someone with you, and ask for some light sedation, as it can be clasutophobic in the capsule ......I have had a few, and always ask for sedation to get through the procedure....but you will then need someone/some way of getting home, as you will not be allowed to drive.............good luck..............Bron
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      Thankyou for responding to my post... I am feeling really down today had to come home as i can bearly hold a hairdryer ( I'm a Hairdresser).

      Got no strength in my upper body and my back is a nightmare today. I went to the doctors and his ordered an MRI upped the dosage of my pills. But how do i cope in the meantime with work?I  feel so fed up that i may have to give up my career and train for something else. 

      Can i ask what you do for a living or if you have had to give up work.?

      ..... Thankyou in advance just cant afford to be out of work.... panicking!

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      Morning Lisa;   this is something that Really brings me down, too, for I can't even raise my arms in shower to wash my hair, let alone use an hairdryer (it has to be a very special reason for me to do this).    I do strap my neck muscles with Sports Tape (take one strip from one side of neck, and then another strip from other side, to meet together at back of neck.....this assists with sleep and stops the Tenseness and headaches).....I have become a BIG user of scarfs to cover the tape when I go out....this ?may help for the time being for you.

      ​As for finding other occupations, I did try studying other careers'  patterns, but chose the wrong courses.(meaning could not get enough work from these courses)......for you, I would really think of doing a Training and Assessment course (Diploma over CertIV if you are able), as this is what you are trained in, and have the experience to pass on to new apprentices...(and this is something that I should have done..while I still had the stamina to do it)....... here in Australia, these T&As are in great demand for TAFES, and Colleges/work-places......if you feel this is possible for you, then perhaps think along these lines??..........from what I have been told/know, they earn good money for the hours that they spend training, so you maybe able to cut back on hours in the salon, and earn the same.....and of course, if you have the time and a little extra energy, could still do some home/mobile hairdressing to the hours that suit you???........good luck, and let us know how you go?...............confused​Bron

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    Hi Everyone

    I've just registered and wanted to tell you my story, I'm really confused too :-( and worried.

    I had pain or stiffness in right hip for around 8 months before I went to docs end of last year, was told I had Trochanteric Bursitis and was given a steroid injection in the surgery. It didn't work, went back a few weeks later, referred to hospital and MRI results shown arthritis both hips. Was alarmed as at 45, no arthritis in family. Consultant did say bursitis was also in right hip gave me injection under X-ray again hasn't worked. The arthritis diagnosed in July and pain in both hips is constant sometimes unbearable and pain down legs and knees and now lower back. Had MRI on lower lumbar spine awaiting results. I'm seriously wondering if this is actually arthritis or something else. Spasms in thighs, inner thighs and unable to sleep at night, well I sleep but wake after a few hours and exhausted all day at work. Does anyone have a similar story?

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