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  • gabriella44865 3


    Hi I have bursitis of the hip bursa sacs. An MRI on my hips and spine showed this. The MRI also showed I have L5/S1 prolapse. The doctors have given me a nerve root block in my spine but nothing for the bursitis. Who should I see about this and what treatments are available for this problem on the

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  • catherine32075 3
  • Janeeyre 3

    Feeling Crippled and In Constant Pain

    This is a rather long story but I hope someone can supply some feedback or has had a similar experience.  I am not young by any means but I look years younger than my age and have a positive attitude.  I have been dealing with some GI problems, but haven't found them nearly as debilitating as what

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  • gabriella44865 3


    Hi I have bursitis of the hip bursa sacs. An MRI on my hips and spine showed this. The MRI also showed I have L5/S1 prolapse. The doctors have given me a nerve root block in my spine but nothing for the bursitis. Who should I see about this and what treatments are available for this problem on the

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  • needsomehelp26 2

    my grandfather is 71 and has horrible back problems

    Hi, my grandfather is 71 years old and has arthritis in his lower back. He has recently had 3 steroid injections which were weeks apart. He has also had other injections in the past I beleive and has taken some scary strong drugs to help with his back pain. Sometimes they help him and other times

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  • rimakuttu 2

    septic Arthritis

    My daughter was diagnosed with septic arthritis when she was only 12 days old . Emergency surgery was done followed with IV antibiotic course for 28 days and oral antibiotic for next 39 days. Now she is 4 month . Everything appears normal till now. We are regularly following with orthopedic. He

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  • jeffharms 2
  • nicola80752 3

    Cartilage problem?

    Well it complicated so bare with me 😊 I'm 41 female, I'm over weight and have sleep disorder which is Narcolepsy with cataplexy which I manage with help of medication. I also have IBS and inflamed stomach lining in the past with I also take medication for. I have had ongoing problems over the

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  • julie90197 3

    Capable of work apparently

    Hi all. I had my left hip replaced 6 months ago due to osthio arthritis. My consultant and discovered I have it in my right hip now and will sometime soon need that replacing. I was also told I have facet joint arthritis in my lower back and sciatica also disc prolapse (involving a few discs. I

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  • lisa17553 2

    osteo arthritis sufferer- painful tailbone

     Hi I have osteoarthritis since 30 now 51 have lumber &cervical disc herniations,facet joint degeneration, spurs, nerve problems,waiting for 2 hip replacements they dont do here till 60 but on list anyway, waiting for both hands carpal tunnel surgery on list. cant have herniated discs removed as 4

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  • PinoM655 3

    Swelling of hands

    My habds keep swelling up and get extremely hot. It is possible it could be Arthritis. Whe i put my hands under cold water the swelling recedes. Anyone suffering from a similar problem.

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  • serena43933 2

    knees and elbows aching!

    I'm 23 years old and have been suffering from arthritis since I was a young teenager.  It started in my knees, the doctors thought it was just growing pains, but as I got older the pain got worse.  Sometimes I feel like cutting off my legs from the knees down just so the pain would go away!!  It

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  • angelicamoth 2

    Arthritis in jaws and neck

    I would be most interested to hear from other sufferers of jaw arthritis and what treatment they decided to go with, and whether it worked. I have been using jaw exercise, applying ice and heat, taking pills, sleeping with neck support, wearing neck braces during the day etc. Now I am getting

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  • brian62659 2

    Rotator cuff lead onto acromioclavicular joint degeneration

    Hello, I had a rotator cuff injury back in August with persistent pain in the front part of my shoulder. I've had x-rays, mri and a ultrasound which found inflammation in my joint. I've been doing stretches and strengthin routines with resistance bands. I've ended my physio because they can't do

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  • Loukelly 2
  • julie90197 3
  • d11912 2

    painful swollen knee and other joint pain - advice please

    Hi everyone, I am 49 years old and for the last couple of years i've had low back and hip pain, and find it hard to bear weight on my ankles if i've just got up or been resting for some time. I now have an oval shaped swelling to the upper left of my left knee cap and this has been there for about

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  • jessica08522 1

    Mystery disease-Very Painful-Over 2 years-Need Help!

    Long story short- I have pain in my legs, hips, shoulders, back, arms, knees, wrists. Extreme fatigue and weakness. Shortness of breath and new unusual heart palpitations. This all started in my right leg and ankle and moved it's way up to my shoulder and then eventually to the left side of my

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  • georgina16845 1


    I've recently been diagnosed with arthritis but they aren't sure which type it is yet. I've been taking sulfasalazine for about five weeks now, slowly working up to four tablets a day. I've always been a tired person but I just feel exhausted all the time. All I want to do is sleep and it doesn'

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  • caroncfs 2

    10 years of Blood Tests, CFS and Fibromyalgia, Confused.

    Hello, just want some advice on the next set of blood tests I should be asking my Doctor about, as been going round in circles for over 5 years now. I'm UK based. I have been diagnosed with (CFS) for 15 years, Fibromyalgia for 6 years and supposedly Rheumatoid Arthritis for 4 years. Latest Results:...

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  • becky80409 2


    I am currently on pred 30mg for 8 weeks for my joints, our cleaner has been to the doctors today and has got shingles 😑😑 I have had chicken pox as a child but worried I may now get shingles. Any advice

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  • gm1992 2

    Bodywide cracking

    Hi all, I'm very concerned, I've had bodywide cracking of my joints which has gotten progressively worse over the last couple of years. My physio wanted me to be tested for RA. I had some tests done although they missed out RF for some reason and instead looked for inflammatory markers - negative. ...

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  • neha10092 2

    Having shoulder and knee joint pain

    Hi Everybody, Long story short, I have intense shoulder and knee joint pain. I can feel sweeling in my knee joints. I have never consulted a doctor regarding it as i am just 24 years old, not over weight but yes not fit too. The thing is i do not have regular joint pains. I am also unaware when

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  • sally80853 1
  • ann35504 2

    Trochanteric Bursitis

    I have this and been told no cure, just pain killers, it might go away and then it might come back, not very helpful, can anyone tell me what will help with the pain and not give me constipation,

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  • becky80409 2


    Hello, I am on day 4 of taking Prednislone 30mg and have 1 days left, this drug has reduced my pain, swelling and stiffness but I am still suffering with the pain, swelling and stiffness but in a smaller scale . I am awaiting my rhuematolagist appt, and I only have 1 dose left and then my five

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  • angelac55 2

    Has anyone had Bursitis

    I had an operation on my Knee 6th April 2015 to drain the puss. My Knee wound has still not healed. Is this usual. I also have Arthritis in the same knee and waiting a Knee replacement which can't be done whilst I have Bursitis.

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  • fiona51388 5

    Supercool deep freeze muscle spray best relief

    Hi, I am new to this section of the forum but have suffered muscle and joint pain for several years, and I find great comfort from a product and would like to share with you. Firstly what I always found with deep heat and similar "heating" remedies, was that it made my skin feel itchy and uncomfortable,...

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  • becky80409 2

    Seronegative Rhumatoid Arthritis

    Hello, I am a 22 year old female, who since September have had trouble with my joints, it started with my toes being red and swollen and really stiff for 2+hours in the morning, I later found out that I had Glandular fever, as the months past I developed pain in my fingers and wrist and still my toes,...

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  • sophie1181 2
  • louise36536 2

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    it is in my hands and I use a manual wheelchair due to an SCI. My fingers are becoming increasingly painful and is beginning to interfere with my sleep I use diclofenac cream which is not as effective as it was a few years ago. i cannot tolerate any pain medication. I take one daily dose of

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  • anne1561 2

    Worse after prp.and stem cells in shoulder

    Had partial left shoulder tear. It no longer hurt and I was able to do some things but not what I had been doing. Doctor suggested stem cells and prp. Had it a month ago and am I constant pain and it is worse than when I first injured shoulder. Could procedure have made it worse permanently? Very discouraged. 

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  • bell1892 2


    Hello, Wondering if any one can was diagnosed with inflamattory arthritis in November and have been on sulfasalazine since then. On my regular blood tests the CRP level has been hovering around 30. However, Specialist Nurse has just called to say that the level has gone up to 54 on my

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  • hope4cure 6

    Joint pain and stem cell therapy.

    Injections of platelet rich plasma (PRP) into injured parts of the body reduce pain and improve function more than surgical or steroid treatments, according to a new study published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA). has as anyone tried PRP therapy. There are

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  • exdancer 3

    Chronic joint pain and gabapentin

    Thousands and thousands of people suffer chronic pain, and I am one of and them the nhs doesn't seem to have the facilities to help us. I damaged my back as a teenager and although I managed to train as a professional ballet dancer was forced to retire at age 25. Since then the backache has got

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  • VB1 1

    Migrating Joint Pain All Over

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone can help me figure out these mystery symptoms I've been having. I've been to see 5 doctors (now seeing a rheumatologist & awaiting more bloodwork results), and they all seem to be stumped. So far, rheumatoid, Lyme, CRP, ANA, sed rate, TSH, & CBC have all been normal. ...

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