Apparently not Licken Sclerosus or all the other skin conditions it's Licken Planus!

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Guppy & anyone who remembers me & my symptons please help. I thought along with others that it may be Licken Sclerosus but Dermatologist said it's Licken Planus.

Before I am forced to go on 6 weeks of Steroid tablets Every day 1st week then one less each week thereafter plus steroid cream & ointments. ( I am already on medication & have other ailments) & maybe cause more damage I would appreciate any advice.

After 18 months of a nightmare and chewed up shrinking itching red raw Labia Majore... finally made a private appointment for a Dermatologist saw him today (as it was a cow of a Gyno I saw twice in 4 months & many Dr;s before this) .....

4th of Sep while visiting friend in Italy a couple of spots developed on left upper thigh over last 7 weeks spread & increased to 100's maybe several 100's or more around Thighs, anal & groin area most joining up in large patches, severe itch mainly on labia & in creases, all skin red, inflamed & itchy especially at night every 2 days damages skin dries up and flakes off . Spots spreading backs of knees, legs, inside elbows, wrist arms, chest, neck , large pigmented circles filled with tiny spots on back, dry itchy ears,

There is discomfort & pain when sitting, walking & wearing clothes. My diet is excellent & improving as I learn, I walk when its comfortable & have started acupuncture. use no perfumed toiletries, rinse clothes twice, etc.

Do you think this is possibly Licken Planus & is there any advice? ... Thank you everyone

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    Hi purplelady, sorry to hear that you are in such a bad way.

    With regard to whether you have vaginal Lichen Planus or vaginal Lichen Sclerosus it is quite easy to differentiate between the two. People with VLP get sores/lesions etc INSIDE of their labia minora, whereas people with Lichen Sclerosus get sores/lesions on the OUTSIDE of their labia minora. That is the main and crucial difference. Have you looked for this?

    Vaginal Lichen Planus is more serious and harder to treat which is why your derm is suggesting steroid tablets. Even if your derm is incorrect and you dont have vaginal lichen planus it sounds like you do have lichen planus on and around your body and I cant imagine that he would make a mis diagnosis of that as a dermatologist and so I think you should take the steroids. I know steroids are awful but you sound like your in crises and need it.

    I have oral lichen planus and have had rashes on and around my body in the past and so I can tell you that they come and go. If you are under a lot of stress I think that triggers lichen planus flare ups, I know it definitely did for me.

    The only other thing I can suggest, (and most people dont believe me) when I say that homeopathy works extremely well for lichen it. You could make an appointment with a homeopathist first before going down the steroid route, but I wouldn't wait too long as it sounds like you are already in a bad way.

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    Hi Guppy,

    One sore barely on the entrance of Labia majore. But inside vagina all is good. Every other part of me is affected & I feel ugly & sore. I still can't work out what I have it's mainly outside, the labia majore the top part what itches every night, inner thighs, creases & anal area ... this is the area what is severe in every way & painful to sit down. I thought LS was mainly inside

    Autoimmune, diet, acupuncture, Tai Chi , still work in bookshop & art class once a week. No wine, coffee, treats or make-up, or perfumed toiletries, etc. But personal care & googling food, etc, is never ending & very little positive result. I am so lost .

    Will search out Homeopath the weekend &  the diet is difficult to master I am losing so much weight.
    Thanks again everyone
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      Hi purplelady, maybe you should get another opinion.

      At a guess I would say you have Vaginal Lichen Sclerosus and either lichen planus or lichen sclerosus on the body....let us know how you get on.

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    Dear Guppy & all,

    It got so bad in last few days & still spreading, I can't do it on my own any longer!

    I am starting Betnovate Ointment 0,1% today on quite large areas on inner upper thigh, groin & anal region. Tomorrow start Oral Steroids 30 mg for a week for five weeks then taper off weekly. Have Silcock's Base for washing & moisturising with.

    Any comments or advice on above medications if you know of them & any dietary or self help advice while I take all this.

    Will keep in touch on 'hopefully' improvements, etc.


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    Hi Purplelady. This is just food for thought. I was in Italy a couple of years ago and came home with many red spots all over my torso. I was diagnosed with ringworm and given an anti-fungal cream to heal them up. You probably have already ruled this out, but if not, you may want to apply an anti-fungal cream to some of your areas and see if it makes any difference. It's a long shot, but you never know. I hope you feel better soon.

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      Thanks Dana, I will .... since Friday I have been washing & moisturizing straight away with just Aveeno Emollient Cream on thighs etc, I have also started since yesterday using Dermovate on skin once a day & washing with Silcox & then rinsing, then moistuyrising. With good diet, etc,. The skin is now not so irritated, flaking, or as itchy, & is a little paler in colour. But I will look into it but Dermatologist said Licken Planus but I did think possibly Candida aswell as it looks as if there are several skin conditions going on.

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