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hi all,

So it all started last Tuesday early morning when i was awoken by lower right abdominal pain. After this i started to feel sick, had a fever and was tachycardic.

mamaged to get an appointment at the doctor's and saw a nurse practitioner. she was about to send me to hospital with fears being it was my appendix but upon a dipstick urine test found i had blood in my urine so gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way.

still no better a few days later i went back and was given anti sickness tablets, i still had a temperature and my heart rate was 140...

i have since been back 4 times, a urine sample was sent away and found i do not have any infection present so antibiotics were stopped. ive finally been told i should have some bloods but the next available appointment for them is a week away and then a week for results.

i tried to go to work yesterday but was sent home after two hours. the smallest things are exhausting me, i feel sick, my appetite is on and off, im still constantly tachycardic, in pain and feeling like i still have a fever.

im just not sure what to do next!

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    Phone 111, I am assuming you are from the UK from what you have written about your health care. Explain your symptoms and what has happened so far and see what they say. If you are still tachychardic you need to see someone. Were you fully checked for appendicitis?

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    Thank you for your replies. yes im in the uk 😅.

    No appendicitis testing done because of the blood in my urine- thats still there which is throwing them off. I've been thinking about going to a&e but working in the medical profession myself im always worried about going if its not warranted but leaving me for a week is crazy.

    im in Wales so spoke to our version of 111 which was completely pointless, they only asked the questions they ask on the website and had nothing else to add to it!

    apart from the pain and nausea i feel ok pottering around the house its just as soon as i exert myself the tiniest bit im exhausted!

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      Trapped gas is often overlooked because it is so simple. Try anti-gas tablets.

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      i wish haha! its a completely different pain and has gone on way too long but thank you

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      Did you tell them you were tachychardic or had a fever? They should have got you an emergency appointment somewhere in the next 24 hours if you did. If it is appendicitis you really need to see someone soon. I can understand not wanting to bother a&e but considering your symptoms and the lack of help you got from your nhs helpline, I would really consider it and make sure you get checked for appendicitis this time. Blood in your urine can be a due to appendicitis. Please don't get really ill for fear of embarrassing yourself. They should have checked when you first went to hospital, they are the ones who should be embarrassed.

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      They were the ones who told me 🤦 heart rate was 140, partially down to being there but at home resting in bed it was 120. we're going to go tomorrow morning just because it'll be slower to be seen tonight and feel like sitting uncomfortably for hours isnt going to do me much good (I'll obviously go tonight if anything changes but I've been left for over a week anyway 🤣) thank you for your reassurance and interesting to find out that the blood could be linked especially as thats whats throwing them off!

      also just found a load of bad reviews of the practice with a few referring to medical negligence claims - will be finding a new one after all this 🤦

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    Hi jae95

    You should be referred to a Urologist since there was blood in your urine and no infection detected. Should have a Cystocopy to check if all fine with your bladder and an Ultrasound scan on your kidneys.....

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    just wanted to post a update!

    went to a&e today, very shocked i had been left this long. ran some bloods straight away and urine again. surprisingly normal (apart from blood in urine) surgeon came to see me and feels that after being left a week and a half I'd be half dead with appendicitis so he doesnt think its that. mentioned ovarian cysts but i dont have many of those symptoms. anyway hes getting me in for a ultrasound next week and we will go from there.

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