Appendicitis like pain One year after surgery

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It is now Wednesday and my symptoms started on Monday, Pain starting at my belly button which throughout the day (took around 6-8 hours) settled right over my appendix scar. This seemed very odd as I went to my GP who basically called me a liar saying my appendix had been removed, that the notes said so therefore my pain wasn't legitimate, even my parents are struggling to believe me and I really need to find the cause because I cannot eat, I don't feel hungry at all and whenever I try and eat the pain gets considerably worse, I have rebound tenderness and the pain just seems to get worse over time, my temperature has been all over the place sometimes high reached 38.6 on Monday evening then went as low as 33.9 which I find very odd. I also have been feeling very sick but as of yet I haven't been sick nor was I when I had appendicitis the first time. I want to go to hospital but because of my age (15) I cannot take myself and my parents say it can't be life threatening as I don't have my appendix anymore so I'm really stuck as to what this could be and what I should do? thanks in advance

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    Well there's two things it could be. Starting with the less likely possibility, there's something called Cholecystitis which is an inflammation of the gallbladder due to gallstones. It usually affects men over 50 and post adolescent women. Women are more than twice as likely to get it than men. If i had to guess I'd say a 15 year old of any gender is 6 times less likely to get it than a man over fifty acquiring it in any given year. But it can happen. Though I think it's even less likely if you've already had an appendectomy in the last two years, statistically speaking.

    The other possibility which I believe you are suffering from is, and I can't stress this enough, A LEGITIMATE disorder in which a person suffering from a chemical imbalance due to genetics or environment, develops pain, usually in an area of previous physical trauma. It occurs in the brain. It's called psychosomatic pain and It's a type of anxiety disorder. It does not mean you're crazy, and IT IS NOT SOMETHING YOU JUST MADE up so YOUR DOCTOR IS AN IDIOT if he told you you were lying. What happens is your brain senses that it is not producing enough of a particular chemical that it uses to function properly, and it tries to alert you that there's something wrong. If the warning goes unheeded it intensifies the warning by causing a general pain feeling.

    Other parts of your brain can then misinterpret this pain and try to pinpoint it's source eventually settling on a location of previous trauma, a logical deduction. Since all pain is perceived in the brain the brain decides where any pain comes from and then tells your consciousness where that is. Now that it "knows" where the pain is it sensitizes that area in order to guard against additional or accidental damage. Even though it already decided where the pain is, your brain continues to try and narrow it down, which is why the sensation moves around so much.

    To sum up:

    -you're not lying

    -you're not crazy

    -you have a legitimate medical problem that needs medication intervention

    -talk to your doctor about SSRIs (he/she may be reluctant to prescribe them because of your age but I had a similar disorder at your age and they really helped me.) Get your parents some information on anxiety disorder and they'll convince the doctor for you.

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    I hope someone took you to the emergency department. Fever or in your case very low temperature can be first signs of sepsis. And there are loads of post op complications you can have years after surgery manifesting just as you described. any unexplained fever or hypothermia alongside with abdominal pain needs investigation. I

    work as a registered nurse in ICU. I hope you got some help in time and that it did not develope into something more serious.

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    Hello friend, am from india and I would like to share my experience on appendicitis when I was 16 years I have undergone from some severe problems due to appendicitis laparoscopy surgery after the surgery I got hospitalized for 16 days without any liquids from mouth due to rupture those days are like nightmares for me and one fine day after getting discharged from hospital I was not able to take food because of pain I have getting pains in night times visiting hospitals for about one year then again doctor suggested us to operate again to cut some intestine so we have opt to take other doctor suggestions but this time doctor is very good he just prescribed some syrup the an after few weeks I was recovered from abdomen pain thanks to Sunil bhaiya, I hope for you to get well soon
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      Can I inquire about your night pains? I have a similar story as yours (appendicitis due to burst appendix, laparoscopic surgery, post-op andominal abscess) and my severe night pains came on around 6 pm and last for 1-2 hrs. Can't move, bend, felt like insides we're going to burst, could only lay and breathe. Still a mystery but antibiotics seem to have helped as I'm going on one week without them. This all happened at the same time it was discovered I had an abdominal abscess after surgery. I'm wondering what yours were like and what the syrup was??

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    Im having Gas like pain near my appendix area... I had my appendix removed 4 years ago and I'm scared of the possibility of Stump appendicitis... I'm 14 if that helps at all... I have severe hypercondria and everything I see that scares me I think I have it.. I also don't wanna eat.. I think it's mostly bc of my anxiety but it still scares me as it was a symptom of my appendicitis... any help is appreciated... Thank you

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