Appetite Is Gone!!

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Hi all, new here. I'll give a rundown of my symptoms.

Fatigue. Some nausea. No vomiting. Stools are diarrhea exlusively but no blood in stools, tho I have noticed occasional blood dots on toilet paper which I always thought was from excessive wiping and noticed this sparingly over the yrs when had no other symptoms and just thought its normal. 

Blood tests normal. Urine tests normal. Thyroid normal.

Been having odd mid-back pain so they did an x-ray which showed no tumors or anything, but doctor said you need a CT scan done right away. He suspected a possible GOO (Gastic Outlet Obstruction). This was last thursday. My appetite to that point seemed to be a little less than normal but I was still eating a decent amount and having normal bowel movements for most part. They did the CT scan with the barium contrast. CT scan with contrast showed no issues with anything in my stomach. OK? Since the scan I've had zero appetite and have barely eaten in 5 days. A few bites of food fills me up. The thought of food makes me ill because I practically feel full all the time, like I need to belch or poo to relieve pressure but cant do it. I've dropped 8-10 lbs in 2-3 wks. My lymph nodes are fine, I have no ulcers in my mouth. I am just fatigued, dont feel like eating and when I do go to bathroom its nothing but diarrhea. I havent had a normal bowel movement (by my standards) in a week but probably due to eating less food BECAUSE I HAVE NO DESIRE TO EAT. I feel like I need to let out air to relieve stomach pressure but cant do it. I just feel...FULL.

I went to see a Gastroentrologist and she doesnt seem to think anything serious is wrong with my stomach based off my CT scan and blood work but I talked her into giving me an endoscopy which will be next monday. She prescribed Omseraprole even tho I dont have heartburn - to reduce acid in my stomach? Isnt stomach acid needed to let out gas and relieve stomach pressure? I'm skeptical to even take it but sure theres a reason?

What the hell could this be? It's SOMETHING. I usually eat a ton, and now I cant even look at food.  I'm a not nuts 36 yr old male in decent shape. I suspect they will find something in the endoscopy or colonoscopy that they're not finding otherwise. Anyone else ever have issues such as this? A little knowledge or experience would be appreciated. 


Some sort of virus?


I need answers.  I want to remember what it feels like to be hungry, enjoy food and take a proper poo.  This is ridic.  

Any advice or info would be greatly helpful thank you.


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    If you get diarheah frequently that could cause blood spotting, it can be acidy and cause soreness, and lower back ache often goes with bowel problems. l was diagnosed with acid reflux many years ago, but was never aware of any symptoms, though put on cimetidine, which also to help reduce histamine overproduced with bladder inflammation. 2yr ago started with bouts of nausea lasting weeks, l,d felt full easily for a quite a long time before that, Last Oct nausea became constant, and it is very tiring, l felt and looked pale and drawn daily, debilitating restricting, boring, affects your lifestyle. l went off food, no appetite,  just tea and oat biscuit day time, bit of yogurt to try line stomach, on a reasonable eve  maybe small plain meal, about quarter of previous size,  pots, rice, pasta, veg, chicken or fish,went off milk eggs, tinned food, ready meals,still felt full bloated easily, belching. Scope showed bit of gastritus, but he didnt think that explained symptoms of nausea, put on omprazole, no change 3 wks later, started probiotics, stopped milk,eggs, tap water, l,d lost about 2stone over few months, only posative about it, being l was overweight. The symptoms have finally improved, not gone completely,still feels a bit iffy so still eat small plain meals, though a bit more than before, and enjoy food again,  the nausea has gone 90percent, so less tired. But l still dont know what caused it, and many on here get severe symptoms and no certain cause, even after tests, but many do have gastritus probs, and use diet and supplaments to help, l didnt have diareah problems, slightly at times, more ibs, but many do get diarheah with it. We can overproduce acid in the body. Omprazole commonly prescribed for stomach probs, some find they help others dont, maybe try one a day for a while, and hope you get your scope done soon, shame you,d to talk them into doing one when symptoms severe, hope  it will show a cause,and help you. hang in there, best wishes


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       They can see when skin and  tissue is inflamed, looks too red,as seen on the film they take, l saw my pics afterwards and it did look a bit streaky red in parts. Bit like outside of us, if our skin gets rubbed sore or allergic reaction to something it goes red, l had horrendous nausea and no appetite, but no bad bowel probs, l think due to that with you  there are other things like ulcerative colitus, chrons,diverticulitus, other,  my scope showed l didnt have pylori, You should find out monday, at least theyre getting on with it. Post after and let us know, good luck.


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    Hi diddy

    Have you been tested for Helicobacter Pylori or H.Pylori. It is a tiny bacteria that burrows into the stomach lining and duodnum. This tiny pathogen can cause endless bloating..acid reflux pain and diahorrea. A test can be done via stool test or breath test...if positive it can be treated with antibiotics. It is quite common so a test may show you have it.

    Also, as already suggested you may have Diverticulitis an ulcerated colon it is worth having a screening for that also.......hope this wishes for a speedy answer to your problem..

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      I've not gotten a specific test for this h-pylori yet but I will speak of it when I have this endoscopy. Will the endoscopy reveal diverticulitis or ulcerated colon or so I have to have a colonoscopy to diagnose these??

      This SUCKS.

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      Hi diddy

      Yes, you may have to have a colonoscopy to get a diagnosis for diverticulitis or it could show up on a CT scan. I know it sucks, but hey, better a diagnosis than none. Once you get a diagnosis you can be on your way to a recovery......hang in wil got a diagnosis wishes.....

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