are anti depressants totally useless for most people?

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I read so many damned complaints on this website from so many people detail all the bad experience they've had with all the anti depressants they've taken and I've come to realize that we as anxiety and depressives maybe sorely misled.  I used to beleive that sssri and snri and what not were a big solution to the depression problem   Turns it it seems a bunch of bull.  I don't think any of these drugs work for anyone or they'd kick in quickly and successfully wiwthout all the horrid effects and experiences.  I cannot believe how so many of us have beleived in the nonsense that going from one drug to another we're going to find a solution.  I don't think there i a solution to depression except suicide and as far as I'm concerned, a lot of us are better off dead than dealing with this ongoing curse.  Why life a all costs?  It's like the cancer patients who sicken themselves to death trying to beat it  Death is not the worst thing in the world, suffering is.  There's no anti depressants nothing out there  

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    Hi jim

    anti depressants don't do me any good even my GP has conceded on that one. I am on about 25 tablets a day for various things and I have come to the conclusion that they are all cancellation each other out.

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      Nobody7's having any goddamned success with these anti deprressants.  All there dooing is giving false ho0pe to the hopeless and making people deathlyt sick.  Psychiatrists are the least creative practiciiooners who refusse to even dabble in making progresss for the mentally ill.  Here in the states the mentally die in jails and prisons  Only the wealthy get any real medical care.  I can't believe some of the storieds stories in read about people with their freakin' mirtazapine an vrnlafxine and fluoxetine, and citalopram and lexapro and remeron and amitryptiline and sertraline and paroxetine and how they don't get anywhere.  Screw this  !
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    Hi I don't agree with you.  I am on ad's and find they really help me and certainly cut down the suicide thoughts.   They are not a cure all though and can only help.  Maybe some people expect too much of them?   Ad's have their place as does counselling but nothing will make you feel better overnight.   It usually takes a long time for depression to begin and equally it can take a long time to deal with the issues - it's an ongoing process.

    I read a lot on here about people wanting to be happy and there is nothing wrong in that,  but too many people expect it as their right.  In my experience happiness tends to come in very small doses and no one is happy all the time.  

    Maybe it is better just to look at first for a way to carry on with life and cope with it's difficulties and intrinsities and aim for a measure of contentment and peace.   I have found self esteem is very important,  you could say a cornerstone of the illness. 

    I have been living with depression for most of my life and I don't see it as something which can be 'cured'  but managed it certainly can be.  x

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      Wait until they stop working..  There's no goddamned cure for this.  Nobody's happy.  Live my life and tell me toi find happiness.  I'm not wasting my time and money on ad's.  In the u.s.a prescriptions and dr;s visits cost a fortune and nobody can afford it even with insurance..  Now e've a got a bunch of goddamned republicans who want to make healthcare less accessible running for oujr president  Screw this life and this world.  Go back to your smartphone!
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      I agree with you, but I also agree with hypercat to some extent. How you react to antidepressants depends on how bad things really are for you in the first place. If your situation is really bad then antidepressants are not going to change that.

      I also agree that you have alot of extra pressures living in the US wth having to pay for healthcare, and with alot of people not being able to afford health insurance, and although some people complain about the UK and the NHS, we actually are very lucky to have it. 

      AD's only worked for me for about three months really well when I noticed that I definitely felt much happier and even high at times, even though nothing in my life had changed. Sadly this only lasted a few months. The only other thing I find they help with is OCD which I have but it's not nearly so bad when I'm on fluoxetine.

      I hope you can manage to find some relief somewhere. I thought in the US there were quite alot of local support groups which are free, where people with the same problem try to help each other. Why dont you try to go to one of those.  I have been afvised to go to AA meetings. I dont drink most of the time, but when I do, if I start I cant stop until I collapse. I feel quite embarrassed about going to AA and even resistant after alcohol has practically ruined my life, but I know I must summon up the determination and just go.

      Take Care.


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    Hi Jim,

    I just read your post and fully understand your words as i feel much the same with these anti-depressants and also cocktails of those at times.

    For some of us that suffer many of these dont work and many cause extra new problems from the vast array of side affects, this i have experienced.

    I have tried many different types of these tablets over the years and am currently taking 100mg Sertraline, though i must add that my doctor was pushing me to up my dosage even though i complained about negative side affect problems. I continue to take these to give them the benifit of doubt but again just notice side affects if anything.

    My last docter appointment consisted of a continual prescription of these tablets and told to take the amount i feel! This is whilst i wait an indefinite amount of time on a waiting list for psychiatric help. It does feel like their saying "Just take these because we are out of ideas and wait to see if you make it long enough to be seen".

    I too feel at times and have indeed attempted ending this existance. The biggest thing we can think about to keep us here at these times for me is to really think about those who love us and what effects we force upon them. Even when we feel that we have burned all bridges there is always someone that loves or at least cares for us greatly. All of us here on the forum have people who care for us or whom indeed we have helped even if its just to hear and relate their story. I have only recently joined the forum yesterday and already have felt comfort a little by responses and care shown by others here.

    I care for and have some understanding of all that suffer this horrible disease they call depression and hold massive hope for all of us to be freed. This seems to be greater help in many many different types of ways.

    I have hope and best wishes for you Jim

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    I hear you Jim. It's hope that makes me try all these combos and cocktails. Just plain hope that there must be something out there.

    its a very tiny hope and sometimes I am drowning it in tears 


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    Hey Jim. I totally understand where you are coming from. So far I've had no look wth any of the psychotropic drugs I've taken, including ADs.

    However I think we mostly only hear from people on here who have a problem with their medication.. Such as, it's not working. I think people who have no problems with medication are less likely to come forward and say so.

    I hope I'm right in thinking that anyway! However I myself have given up on all medication due to many fails and bad experiences.

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    Hi Jim just saw this post.

    I've been on about 10 different anti depressants with varying success/side effects so basically for past 2 years been trying to go it alone.

    It is a nightmare illness but some drugs DO work for SOME people.

    I saw a psychologist who thinks that until my underlying problems such as PTSD are resolved the anti depressants won't work too well.

    So we've had to think outside the box a bit!

    I'm currently taking pre-gabalin, which helps anxiety and so far it's been the best thing I've taken in terms of side effects.

    The theory is that maybe once the anxiety is under control, the anti depressants might have more of a chance of working.

    As it stands I seem to have been in this cycle of medications and talk therapy so I'm hoping this drug will help keep me on a level that the talk therapy and perhaps anti depressants in the future wil help.

    I'm so sorry you've had little success of yet,

    But please do try and remain hopeful.

    I know how tough that is to do.

    Best wishes and I hope you get the help you need and deserve.


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