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Are my breathing problems and Hiatus Hernia related?

I was diagnosed with an Hiatus Hernia eight years ago and take 40mg of Omeprazole twice a day. Last February I started having problems as in gulping when talking and feeling as if I was going to run out of breath whilst talking. This progressed to the feeling (and it's every breath) of not being able to fully breathe in or out. The doctors spent months telling me it was anxiety. I had my heart checked as I have SVT and also saw a Respiratory Consultant who after doing test said it was down to being 'de-conditioned. After he said that I joined Slimming World and have a Personal Trainer at the gym three times a week and am now over three stone lighter! I went through a period last year of having to sleep sat up as it was even harder to breathe. I've been able to sleep back on two pillows for months and then this week I had a bad night again. Last August I woke up and wasn't breathing. Have been checked for Sleep Apnea. The Clinic said could be due to Hernia-consultant says no way. Have had this sixteen months and counting. Does anyone have the same symptoms? Thanks.

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  • maria39241 maria39241 gail40055

    Hi Gail,

    I was diagnosed with a small h.h. and have awful breathing problems as do many others it seems. Most drs. Wont admit here in uk but in usa they do.

    I feel breathless on exertion, talking, eating and just sitting at times. It varies in severity.

    Had a chest x ray clear, thoracic spine x ray chest sounded many times, no fluid and an ecg all ok.

    It seems you can get silent reflux which means you can breathe in acid which irritates the lungs. I also suffer pain in upper back, nausea and fatigue. Google lpr or silent reflux.

    I am underweight if anything so its not just a case of getting fit

    Ars you in u.k. as I really suffered yesterday as the air was heavy and hot



    • gail40055 gail40055 maria39241

      Hi Maria, Yes I'm in the Uk.  I've had a chest x ray and CT scan.  They found a nodule in one of my lungs but said it was nothing to do with the breathing problems.  I have to have another CT scan in September to make sure it hasn't got any bigger.  The only other thing that showed on my test results was that my Transfer Blood Gases were 57%-whatever that means.  I have to go back and see the Consultant in October regarding the second CT scan results.  I think he would have discharged me otherwise as he has put it all down to being unfit.  My Personal said it's bo*****s.  He said I wasn't that unfit when I started and I certainly aren't now!  Most of the time in the gym I cope.  I can tell I'm not taking deep enough breaths but I have to try and ignore it.  However recently I was on the bike and was told to do Level 5 for 3 minutes.  I couldn't do it.  I managed for 2 and said I'm doing no more than 2:30 ( and I don't give in easily).  It was making my breathing more and more difficult and was so pronounced I had to stop.  Had a decent night last night although it takes ages to get to sleep because I'm aware that my breathing's not right.  Thanks for replying.  Sometimes it just helps taling to someone who understands.

  • Emis Moderator Emis Moderator gail40055

    I have copied another discussion posted by gail400055 below as it seems to be a continuation of this discussion.

    I forgot to say the oxygen levels in my blood fluctuate.  They can be as high as 99 but can drop to 85.  I had an overnight test done and the average was 93.  My pulse is usually around 67 but has dropped to 51.  I have a feeling of something stuck in my throat and it crackles sometimes when I'm laid down which I would attribute to the hernia.  I am also thinking that oxygen levels etc may have something to do with it.  I don't know what type of Hiatus Hernia I have but am wondering if it's the rolling one as it would account for my breathing problems.  For most of this year I have had to take the morning Omeprazole earlier than normal as I wake up feeling sick.  Also I'm a very light sleeper and wake up many times through the night and for the last few months I wake up and my mouth is WIDE open.  Very strange.  Am going back to the doctors next Friday and am going to go down the Gastro route.  Just hope I don't have to have another Endoscopy!

  • melanie26657 melanie26657 gail40055

     Hi Gail i also have HH along with barrets and have shortness of breath issues im at a loss at the lack of knowlage with the GP and the lack of consern from the hospital i try to keep to the diet advised and take my meds  but still have pain inbetween shoulders and chest ,Ialso dont sleep well i dont know where we all need to go to get someone who knows how to answer our questions and its beyond me as we all have similar symptoms


    • gail40055 gail40055 melanie26657

      Hi Melanie, went to the doctors.  She looked at my notes from when I was diagnosed and has put me back on all my original meds.  I'd taken everything I was supposed to at first but then stopped some as i didn't need them and the Omeprazole was doing a really good job.  As yet nothing has changed symptom wise.  i came out of the appointment and decided enough's enough.  I have an appointment with a private Gastroenterologist on Friday.  I can't see that extra tablets are going to get my breathing back to normal.  Hopefully he will be able to shed some light on it.

    • john26554 john26554 gail40055

      Hi Melanie 

      I'm exactly like you barrets with hiatus hernia 

      Shortness of breath  I also have sore throat 

      And white tongue  and feel fatigued constantly 

      Saw my doc  now waiting for another 

      Endoscopy appointment .

      Gail  just like you I am apparently very fit 

       I have a physical job ,go to the gym regularly 

      And do lots of bike riding   But my breathing 

      Can be shocking

      some days I get out of breath walking up 

      The stairs 

      I am convinced this is the hiatus hernia . 

      I am very interested in how you get on 

      With your private appointment.

      Can you  please keep us updated .

      Many thanks and good luck 


    • gail40055 gail40055 john26554

      Hi John, will let you know how I go on tomorrow.  The appointment is at 5.45.  It must be the hernia causing the problems as I can't see what else it can be.  Logic says that if every breath feels restricted then something is physically pressing on my lung.  The s*** will hit the fan if I'm right because this started well over a year ago and I was ridiculed in the most part and told I could have a massive hernia and it wouldn't affect my breathing!  We shall see.

  • Mirador Mirador gail40055

    Hi Gail

    In my case I also had breathing problems. I thought it was anxiety , my doctors thought it was anxiety, but soon I realized it got a lot better when taking ppi's.

    Do you sleep with your bed raised? (not just the mattress or pillows, but the actual bed must be inclined?) This was a god sent tip for me. I can sleep normally ever since.

    Now I'm off daily nexium. I take it only when I get flare ups... so 2 or 3 times per year for a few days. 

    Hope the breathing issue gets solved with you! It's indeed frustrating to see some doctors dismissing this symptom (even though you find so many people that at some point or another, experience this!)

    Finally, another tip that worked for me is giving up on cycling and weight training. As soon as I do these, the reflux comes back for a few days.

    To keep fit now I just walk or jog or do sprints.


    • gail40055 gail40055 Mirador

      Hi Mirador,  My symtoms were out down to anxiety by the doctors for months.  At the beginning I had different symtoms-gulping in the middle of sentences and a feeling of a sort of pressure as if I was going to run out of breath when talking.  It then progressed to having to sleep sat up because I felt as if I couldn't breathe fully in or out.  My bed isn't raised but I will raise it.  I would like to continue with the gym as it's done me a lot of good.  I've been going since last October and have only had one session where I know I was getting some pain from the hernia.  I've been feeling sick since February on a morning when I wake up which had never happened.  Since last Friday I'm on three different medications but it's not helping.  Am just praying the consultant can help.

    • Mirador Mirador gail40055

      Hi Gail

      - Do you do weight lifting? or any exercises that increase your abdominal pressure? (abs, squats, leg raises, dead lifts, etc) 

      I was a 'hard core' weight lifter and fitness freak, but now I learned that walking and jogging was also ok. The pain was not worth it to continue with the weight lifting.

      - I know the symptoms. it's really frustrating to say the least. My heart would beat very hard just from walking down the stairs. I also had difficulties yawning which was surprisingly frustrating. And the most annoying was that my first doctor didn't seem to believe me. The second doctor was familiar with this.

      A course of nexium seemed to help (I haven't tried any other ppi's), but it took a while for the pills to kick in. It was not immediate relief. But 3 years after, I do feel I have my life back. I hope it will remain as that for many years to come. Else I'll search for an operation (nissen or linx)

      - Raising the bed (not just using wedges on top of the matress) is probably the biggest lifestyle change that helped me. At its worst moment, I couldn't sleep at all for a week and that was getting me crazy. (just reminding those moments make me shiver), But after raising the bed, about 20cms or 6inches, AND sleeping on the left side of my body,really brought it back. Now thank god I can sleep very normally.

       This is just an example how to do it. I myself used old encyclopedias and dictionaries lol .


    • gail40055 gail40055 Mirador

      Hi Mirador, yes I do weights but not up on what they're called lol!  I definately do squats and am very good at them if I say so myself.  Also Abs and the leg raises.  Not sure what a dead lift is but I probably do that as well.  I go to the gym three times a week for an hour but at least half an hour is cardio.  Not long to go now to my appointment...

    • gail40055 gail40055 Mirador

      Have had a very interesting consultation and yes, it IS possible if the hernia is big that it could be causing my breathing problems.  He has not received my referral from the doctors but is now gong to track down the report from my enoscopy and also look at a scan i had done last year as he says they won't have been looking at the hernia.  I have to phone his secretary in a weeks time.  He says he knows what he thinks but wants to gather all the information first.

  • leigh2403 leigh2403 gail40055

    Hi - I had a HH for over 15 years and only in the last 3 -4 years I experienced breathing difficulties regularly. I never thought it could be the hiatus hernia but I found out it was sitting on my lung and therefore was impacting my ability to fully expand my lungs. I have had surgery recently to pull my stomach out of my chest and have a full wrap to prevent reflux. In the end 70% of my stomach was in the chest cavity and I could not eat properly or do much at all without feeling ill. I would ask the doctors to check the position of the hernia in relation to the lungs and the size of the hole which the hernia is pushing through in your diaphragm. If the hernia is moving round it could be preventing you fully inflating the lungs when you exercise. I have the utmost sympathy with anyone suffering as it is such a debilitating illness. 

    Good luck and I hope you don't need surgery and can manage through the usual lifestyle changes like small meals more regularly and the bed raised suggestion. 

    My surgery has been a success but it was a big operation and a last resort tbh to try and start living normally again.

    • gail40055 gail40055 leigh2403

      Hi Leigh, I have to have another endoscopy.  I've decided to get it done privately so am just waiting for an appointment now.  I've a feeling I will need surgery, but we shall see.  I have a problem with every breath, not just when exercising so it will be interesting to see what is found.  Am dreading it after last time but I've got no option.  How long did it take for you to recuperate from the surgery?

    • leigh2403 leigh2403 gail40055

      Hi Gail - fingers crossed you get sorted via another route but if not and you are considering surgery privately research your surgeon before choosing. I was operated on 3 weeks ago and I am very pleased with the results so far. I had a lot of pain post surgery from the air being pumped in for the keyhole procedure. I was in hospital 3 days post surgery, would of been less but for a scare over a clot which thankfully was nothing. I have to wait 6 weeks before eating all types of food and returning to exercise. I can notice an improvement in my breathing but it has been bad for so long that it will take time to fully recover. The surgeon reckons 3 months for normality to return fully.

      Please ensure they don't just do an endoscopy but a CT also. I was told I had a large hernia but no further treatment was required when I had an endoscopy in January but pushed hard for more tests and my CT revealed the true extent of the problem. If you can go private and can afford it I would recommend that too.

      I played football with little issue with breathing but stairs and reading to my kids at bedtime was ridiculous so a HH is definitely a cause of breathlessness. 

      Good luck and if you want a good surgeons name if it comes to that I would happily recommend mine. He was really good and post op when I had a scare at 12:30 on a Sunday night he was in the hospital within 20 minutes to run tests and make sure I was ok. The pain I have experienced post op has been surprisingly low which has to be thanks to him.


    • gail40055 gail40055 leigh2403

      Hi Leigh, I had a CT done last year when they were trying to find the cause of the breathing problems and I know the consultant was going to have a look at that.  I may go private for the op if I need one, it will all depend on waiting times.  Your surgeon sounds really good.  My consultant comes across as really thorough.  He was telling me about a lady who had had Pneumonia three times, and when he met her he said he asked himself why she'd had it three times.  He looked at her scan and saw the reason straight away.  He got all the doctors together and showed then the scan and asked them what they saw.  They all said pneumonia.  What they didn't see (and he'd spotted it instantly), was that the whole of her stomach was in her chest cavity!  She'd been aspirating food and that had caused the pneumonia.  I'm due another CT in September as they found a nodule in my lung (incidental I've been told and not related to the breathing problems), but they have to monitor it.

    • gail72586 gail72586 leigh2403

      Hi Leigh  I know your post is over a year old, but your symptoms are identical to mine.  My breathing problems started at the same time as my gastro problems and I think I may have a hernia.  I am awaiting results of CT scan and another endoscopy.  I have always thought the breathing could be to do with the hernia but my Doctors just keep telling me it is anxiety!  I am considering the surgery, but concerned about what surgeon is the best.  Would you be able to tell me what Surgeon you used, what part of the UK you are from please?  Not sure if you are returning to this forum but if you are, hoping you can answer some of my questions, also how are you now 12 months later many thanks.

  • gail40055 gail40055

    Hi, just an update.  Had my endoscopy this morning.  The sedation didn't work again.  There was a lot of bile as well as acid and the consultant says he has a plan.  I will find out what that plan is when I go back for my follow up appointment next Tuesday.

  • gail40055 gail40055

    Hi, an update after my follow up appointment following last Fridays endoscopy.  I have been referred to a surgeon who I will be seeing next week.  It looks as if it is bile that's causing both the breathing problems and the more recent nausea problems.  My Cardia Valve (L.O.S) isn't working at all and there is no medicaton for bile so it will be the Fundoplication that has to be done.  It's taken sixteen months to get this far and I'm so relieved I have an answer.  Having lost ever three stone thanks to a mis-diagnosis by the Respiratory Counsultant, at least I weigh less for the op than I would have done!

  • gail40055 gail40055

    Hi, just a bit of an update.  Been to see the surgeon and am now waiting for a date for the ph and manometry test.  Surgery looks like it's going to be the 22nd of August.  It would have been sooner but due to the secretary and then the surgeon going on holiday it will delay things slightly.

    • HHpatient HHpatient gail40055

      Hi Gail, I was following this forum for few weeks now to check on your progress. I too was diagnosed of Hiatus Hernia last April when I had my Endoscopy. Since then I'm having problems with my breathing. 

      Prior to the endoscopy procedure I've been sick for a month. I had tonsilitis, fever, cough and flu and my voice changed. Visited A&E twice and told me I had acute pneumonia. First 2 weeks I've been coughing and the last 2 weeks I've been vomiting after eating. I didn't even know what heartburn, acid reflux means until my friend mentioned that I'm suffering as such sickness. 

      So I visited my family doctor and recommended to see gastro specialist and suggested to do endoscopy. The specialist prescribe me to take PPI for 2 weeks and said that there's no cure for my sickness and even told me that I can eat anything. I don't believe him so I took PPI and had my own acid reflux diet. I had problems breathing and feeling giddy, I was rushed to A&E again and admitted for a day. The doctors said that they found out I have anemia and suggested to inform the gastro specialist about it. 

      The specialist had undergo colonoscopy and pelvic ultrasound and results are normal. Although my hemoglobin is at 10.1 which should be atleast 12. So he prescribed me to take iron supplements. When I took the supplements I felt like I'm having palpitations so I go back to a family doctor and gave me a different brand of iron supplement and referred me to see cardiologist. 

      The cardiologist had me take another blood test, 2d echo and holter monitor. He said that it's just stress. I should eat healthy diet. Eat more meat and continue taking PPI. The results of my test seems to be all normal except for my hemoglobin. It is now 10.4 but still low and suggested to continue taking iron supplements. 

      I went back to the gastro specialist after a month of colonoscopy to check my hemoglobin. It seems my hemoglobin went back to 10.1. The doctor said that it is not that low just keep taking iron supplement. Looks like that's the end of him seeing me. So I told to recommend me to see gynecologist. 

      After 4 days I visited the gyne doctor, had a pap smear and blood test again. after 2 weeks to get the results, my hemoglobin sky rocketed to 11.6 which I didn't know why I got such, pap smear seems to be ok. 

      Until now, once in a while I'm having breathing problems. I stopped taking PPI after a month. I tried everything I read on the internet. I don't know what else to do. The only thing I haven't checked are my lungs. Do you think I need to see a respiratory doctor to have my lungs check? Or should I look for another gastro doctor for second opinion?


    • gail40055 gail40055 HHpatient

      Hi, looks like you've been through the mill like me, and passed from pillar to post.  When my hernia was diagnosed years ago they put me on Omeprazole (PPI) and until last year it controlled things brilliantly.  It still must be doing part of it's job otherwise I would be a LOT worse than I am.   Last year I went down the heart route first as I have SVT, then the lung as the only problem I had then was with my breathing,  When I was told it was down to de-conditioning I set about losing weight and getting fit because I KNEW he was wrong in his diagnosis.  That only left my hernia.  It's difficult for me to know what to advise regarding respiratory or gastro.  I was told I would be on Omeprazole for life as my Cardia Valve (LOS) doesn't work.  I was told they couldn't do anything as it couldn't be repaired.  THAT WAS A BLOODY LIE!!!  Having said that they wouldn't have done the op at the time as medication was totally controlling my symptoms.  You're not put through an hiatus hernia op unless you really need it.  I'm glad your breathing is not as bad as it was.  It might be worth getting your lungs checked, but it might also be worth getting a second opinion from another gastro.  Not related, but I had pains and went to see a consultant.  He said we know you've got gallstones but the pain is coming from your hernia.  I said no it;s not, it's a different pain altogether.  I know it;s gallstones.  he insisted it wasn't.  Got a second opnion and straight away he said it IS your gallbladder and it needs taking out!  So as I have found (more than once) consultants can be wrong!  Hopefully you will get to the bottom of it.  If the breathing then maybe try the gastro first.  Did the PPI's work when you took them?

  • gail40055 gail40055

    A bit more of an update.  Am waiting for an appointment to do the ph and manometry test.  Depending on the outcome of those tests, I will be having the Linx surgery.  I feel the Nissen has too many side effects and recovery time is far slower and I'm also worried about the amount of weight I would lose.  Linx seems the better option.

    • john26554 john26554 gail40055

      Hi Gail 

      I'm still following this  

      Who's doing the lynx for you ? 

      What's the date ?

      Best wishes for the op 

      Hope all goes well for you

      please keep us updated 

      I'm also considering the lynx 

      Thanks John 

    • gail40055 gail40055 john26554

      Hi John, My op was pencilled in for the 22nd of August, but as of last week I was 50th on the list for the ph and manometry test!  I've been told they get down the list fairly quickly and they think the tests will be around the third week in August. I suppose it's possible I might still get the 22nd but if not I'm looking at either the first or last week in September.  Simon Dexter is my surgeon.  I should get a date through shortly for the tests as they say they give plenty of notice.  Thanks for the best wishes.  Gail.

  • gail40055 gail40055

    Thought I would post an update.  Manometry tests were done last week.  I got the results on Monday.  Surgery is not needed.  In fact I've been advised to lower my Omeprazole???  I have to admit I was shocked at how mild my symptoms were whilst on no medication.  I expected heartburn and acid coming up and all I really had was mild heartburn that lasted a few seconds and a stitch like pain twice, also only lasting a few seconds.  So I am back to the drawing board and left with the nausea and breathing problems.

  • joe51666 joe51666 gail40055

    Hi Gail:  I'm not sure if I have HH or GERD or both.  Sometimes I'm fine, other times I can't get a full breath.  Tonight I stumbled across a website where a chiropractor was showing techniques for relaxing the solarplexes and pushing the stomach down to its proper position.  Perhaps pacebo, but I tried of the techniques and am breathing much better ten minutes later. The doctor also has a video showing the techniques.  

    For what its worth, I hope this is helpful!

    Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the links as they were to a site unsuitable for inclusion in the forums. If users want this information please use the Private Message service to request the details.

  • michelle1973 michelle1973 gail40055

    Hi Gail. I have been reading your posts about your HH and was wondering whether you did have surgery in the end. I've been suffering since January last year with recurrent laryngitis. I then got a chest infection which triggered an asthma attack which landed me in intensive care. It took me a while to get over this and afterwards found I have a sliding HH. I was then started on lansoperazole and ranitidine and Gaviscon advance. I then started with a chest infection just after Christmas this year which again triggered my asthma and was in hospital for a week again.  I have since has severe problems with my breathing, especially as the day goes on and my stomach becomes fuller. I have a really good respiratory nurse who is referring me to a consultant who specialises in respiratory and stomach related problems. I'm not sure how long I can go on with the breathlessness but hopefully once I'm off the steroids (as they cause extra acid anyway) that things start to improve. I'm just so tired of not being able to breathe properly.  I hope everyone else on here has managed to be seen or helped. Thanks, Michelle

    • gail40055 gail40055 michelle1973

      Hi Michelle.  Sorry to hear about the problems you are having.  I didn't have surgery as the manometry tests etc showed normal levels of acid.  It left me back at square one.  I was discharged by the Respiratory Consultant as he said all tests lung related came back ok so they had nothing to work with.  It's been put down to anxiety.  I even went on anto anxiety meds to prove a point and they had no effect!  I'm now having Physio, which is also having no effect.  The only other option is to try a different anti anxiety medication, which I'm loathe to do as I don't believe it's anxiety.  Every breath for the last two years?  I can't see how it can be that.  Hope you get things sorted. x

  • michelle1973 michelle1973 gail40055

    Hi Gail. I'm now sat up at 12.17am because I can't lay down to the pressure in my stomach causing me breathing problems. I'm sorry that you are no further forward and do understand the frustration when they tell you it's anxiety. How on earth can anxiety cause the problems we've experienced. Headaches yes, not this. I have been doing some reading tonight and if you can take a look at this report. I have a feeling this is one of the doctors my respiratory nurse is going to refer me to. I hope you manage to find a good doctor. Don't give up.  If you type the following into your browser it should come up. I think they are based in Hull, England (I'm not sure if you are in the US). Thanks, Michelle

    Airway Reflux, Cough and Respiratory Disease

    Ian D. Molyneux and Alyn H. Morice 

    • gail40055 gail40055 michelle1973

      H Michelle, I'm in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.  Thanks for the information.  I will look into it this morning.  Up until I started to lose weight I spent many a night having to sleep sat up because I couldn't breathe properly laid down.  Most people would have put the problem down to being overweight, but I'd been that weight for years so why would it suddenly start with no weight fluctuations?  Luckily that doesn't happen now, so I must have taken some pressure away!  I won't give up, but I can't believe it's being put down to anxiety still even when the meds didn't work, their answer was try a different one!  The only exercise I've been given to do is to time my breathing and breather twelve time a minute-inhale, exhale, pause, and then the same again for a few minutes at a time.  I hate doing it as all it does is make me feel uncomfortable and reminds me that every breath I take is abnormal!  How is that going to retrain my breathing?  My breathing does what my breathing does.  I was timed beforehand I didn't do much more than twelve anyway.  I think they were expecting me to be someone who hyperventilated, which of course I don't do and never did.  I hope we both get to the bottom of things.  Thanks, Gail x

  • michelle1973 michelle1973 gail40055

    Hi Gail, I'm only in Castleford! What a small world.

    im exactly the same in that my weight has been like this for 12 years. I am slightly overweight but am on steroids for my asthma and chest infection so that doesn't help and apparently they cause more acid!

    if you want to take things further again ask your doctor to refer you to Dr McCreanor at Pontefract/Wakefield who is a respiratory consultant but he originally said last year it was the acid reflux that was playing a part in my asthma attack. My respiratory nurse Jacqui Pollington is very good and  after speaking to Dr McCreanor is going to refer me to this other consultant who believes hiatus hernia and acid can affect asthma and breathing difficulties. 

    Im glad you are feeling a little better and hope that once I'm off the steroids I can start to lose a little weight which might help. 

    I am still convinced that it has got bigger as I feel like I have a fist at the top of my stomach after eating which then causes more breathlessness and my voice starts to change into a high pitch squeak!

    i will let you know what happens.

    michelle x

  • smokeyginger1 smokeyginger1 gail40055

    Hi Gail, my husband as just had the op for HH which they did not want to do but due to heart problems the doctor insisted,his breathing is back to normal now the tests he had before the op were all normal just like yours were keep going back to the docs we had to good luck Gail and I hope everything goes well 

    ps I have just had the camera down and yes I have got HH and sleep apnia and all they do is give me tablets which I say no to they just seem to fob you off my breathing I think has to do with my HH but they don't listen cos doctors know best anyway at least my hubby is ok now keep in touch 

    • gail40055 gail40055 smokeyginger1

      Hi.  Sorry it has taken so long to reply.  Hope things are better for you and your husband.  I still have the breathing problem and do my best to ignore it.  I've had three and a half years of waking up feeling sick every morning.  This has now changed to feeling sick only a few hours after going to bed.  Two months ago I started to feel sick and have paid in the middle of my back, and also excessive burping(with sulphar taste), coupled with excessive wind.  Not normal for me at all.  Was happening every couple of week but is now happening on a lesser scale (no burping or wind) every day.  I'm taking Omeprazole 40mg twice a day as usual plus gallons of Gaviscon.

    • suepip suepip gail40055


      I have followed this thread with great interest.

      My mother in law(nearly 85 yrs old) was diagnosed with a HH with Barrett's last year.

      For the past few months she has suffered with horrendous breathing problems,

      to the point where she can hardly do anything for herself.

      Her lung function tests came back fine, next week she is going to have a heart

      scan to see if anything is amiss there and then she sees the surgeon

      a few weeks after. We are hoping they will agree to an op as her quality

      of life at the moment is zilch.

      Is it a bit op, would they carry one out on a person this age?

      I am seriously worried about her.

      Thanks for any thoughts.

  • Tammyshernia Tammyshernia gail40055

    I'm having the same problem when I talk I feel like I'm losing my breath but I'm the opposite I feel better when I'm on my sides but if I lay on my back I feel like I'm suffocating I'm having my surgery on march 25 and I'm hoping to feel much better I have been diagnosed with hiatal hernia with upside down stomach which I now have my stin my chest so I'm being careful I saw someone mention tray corn syrup will make you feel like you can breath so I believe that that's went I'm hit the hardest hope your feeling better 

  • Tammyshernia Tammyshernia gail40055

    It sounds just like the hernia I have all the symptoms you are having I have I'm having my surgery march 25 they as in dr told me there was nothing wrong with me I finally went to a dr in Charlotte and the found my hiatal hernia that is 5 in not 5 cc but 5 in then they did more test and found out I have a upside down stomach which mean that it being so large it has now slipped up into my chest so my stomach is no longer there it's in my chest I hope you found someone to help you I no exactly what your going through 

  • joe23880 joe23880 gail40055

    I have all above my breathing comes and goes but when its bad it last for day seems like i have a truck on my chest and no one can figure out whats wrng

    • Tammyshernia Tammyshernia joe23880

      Joe you have to go to a gastroenterologist have them do a endoscopy google the drs where you live have them do the test you'll need a referral but you look for the dr then tell your family dr to call the 1 you choose I literally thought I was dying this has been going on for 4 to 5 yrs I hope you fined a good dr you mind if I ask where you live

  • joe23880 joe23880 gail40055

    Same simp i have bad breathing comes and goes but when i do get it ladt for dayscand feels like am on my last breath and feels like i jave truck on my chest at times

  • matheus97306 matheus97306 gail40055

    The brathing problem when you have hiatal hérnia is because of the stomach, when goes up, keep pressing tour diaphragm keeping him from expanding properly. Also the hiatal hernia irritates the vagus nerve, wich passes through the stomach and can make you Dizzy and give you a lot of other symptons. Just search for that and you find about It. There are vídeos in YouTube too about that.

    • gail40055 gail40055 matheus97306

      I thought my breathing problems might have been caused by the hernia, but according to the Consultant, my hernia is far too small to be causing a problem.  I remember reading about the vagus nerve a few years ago.  I'm going to have another read of it.


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