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  • Simijonov 2

    Chronic groin pain after hernia mesh repair

    Hello guys! I am in constant chronic groin pain after hernia mesh repair(classical with scar) eight years .My first surgery was June 2012 ,the surgeon was used the mesh ultrapro hernia system and that was my fatality mistake.I am unable to work i don't have girlfriend,friends and i was student and

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  • Simijonov 2

    Chronic groin pain after hernia mesh repair

    Hello guys! I am in constant chronic groin pain after hernia mesh repair(classical with scar) eight years .My first surgery was June 2012 ,the surgeon was used the mesh ultrapro hernia system and that was my fatality mistake.I am unable to work i don't have girlfriend,friends and i was student and

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  • adele 89294 3
  • Glendo 2
  • Kristo 3

    Hiatus Hernia and breathing issues

    Hi all.I have a 3 cm sliding haitus hernia and rather alot of symptoms lately all with witch i can kind of deal with exept one,and its breathing issues or to put it better i have the stamina of a old man and i am only i walk stairs or pick something up i have to stop and catch my breath.I

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  • eddie10 2


    Hi I'm new to this site, just recently been diagnosed with a 4cm sliding hiatus hernia after suffering for 2 years with horrendous chest, neck, shoulder and back pain! been to A&E a least 5 times this year thinking I was having heart problems! had an endoscopy 4 weeks ago and was diagnosed! so now what?...

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  • wacky 2
  • shaz20 1

    Hiatus Hernia advice needed

    Hi everyone, I've recently been diagnosed with with Hiatus Hernia, through an endoscopy. Mine is a 4cm sliding one. Over the past 3 months the quality of my life has drastically dropped, I am being sick almost every day (whether I eat or not), getting a burning sensation, burping non stop and

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  • crazymama 2

    Hiatus Hernia and Palpitations

    I have been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia but have had lots of problems with palpitations recently, i also sometimes get a cold shivery feeling some nights as if i am going down with flu, i have suffered from really bad acidity over the last 10 years, i have had three endoscopy's and it was on the

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  • sydnejo 2

    Hernia and heart palpitations

    I have had heart palpitations on and off for a few years now recently it got worse so I had to get taken to the hospital and be cardio converted they diagnosed me with afib and a small sliding hiatal hernia. I don't know how small is small with a hernia I see people saying they have a 4cm

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  • sarah36570 2

    Hiatus hernia acid reflux and Barretts

    Hi my first post. I am starting my pre op liver shrinking diet today and my Op date is the 3rd of June. I have a few concerns regarding after the Op. How I will feel, wind etc etc. How long do these symptoms last? I have every faith in my surgeon and I know I cannot go on with the daily symptoms I

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  • dhode 2

    Inguinal Hernia Recovery Log

    So people who might be concerned about surgery and all. I think I will share my story so far. So back in March I started to have urinary incontinence, I had to go all the time or I was leaking in my pants badly. I went to the urologist a week later and they diagnosed an inguinal hernia and

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  • gail40055 2

    Are my breathing problems and Hiatus Hernia related?

    I was diagnosed with an Hiatus Hernia eight years ago and take 40mg of Omeprazole twice a day. Last February I started having problems as in gulping when talking and feeling as if I was going to run out of breath whilst talking. This progressed to the feeling (and it's every breath) of not being

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  • abrogard 2

    Any News On Desarda Inguinal Hernia Repair?

    I was diagnosed with double inguinal hernia a couple of years ago and have been on 'watchful waiting' ever since. I studied quite a bit in the early months and got horrified and worried by all the stories of pain and complications after mesh and laparoscopic surgery. I found Dr Desarda's

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  • smith84220 2

    Sliding Hetus Hernia

    Whats a side effect of sliding hernia after marriage . im going to marry a girl she has sliding hetus hernia since 4 years . in future this is harmfull or any other causes cancer like can you tell me  How can i finish this sliding hernia from root. ? 

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  • stephen23003 1


    I had inguinal hernia surgery in 2013 due to a strangulated hernia on my right sight where at the time I was told there was a very small one on my left but nothing to worry about. About 2 months ago I started getting excruciating pain from the sight of my hernia a repair and pain from the left side

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  • naomi2508 2

    sliding hiatus hernia repair

    I'm having surgery on 27th April 2017 for a sliding hiatus hernia repair.. any advice ..? How long will I be in hospital..? I have Barrettes oesophagus as well..

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  • emilyp2000 1

    Is this a hernia?

    Hi, for the past month I've been experiencing pain in my belly button. At the very beginning I assumed it was just an infection as it had a bit of a smell from it and was red looking but then the pain started to get worse. The pain isn't awful but it is definitely noticeable and can get worse at

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  • jonboy80 2

    Large complex incisional hernia

    Hi all hope your all ok, Im new to this and have just found the courage to share my story and would really like your help. In 2014 i had a umbilical and ventral hernia repair unfortunatley this wasnt a sucsess and ive been left in a worse state than i was. I developed a dehiscence of my wound which

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  • mylighthouse 2
  • isabel354912 2

    Will a chiropractor be able to reduce my hiatus hernia???

    After visiting my doctors on multiple occasions with no help I have decided to try and find help from different places. I have tried changing my diet and exercising and have been on various medications to no avail. Does anyone know whether a chiropractor will be able to help reduce my hernia or

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  • crabbitrabbit 1

    Hiatus Hernia or something more serious?

    I suspect I have a hiatus hernia, but I'm also worried it could be something serious and I won't find out until I have an endoscopy, which could be months away. I really need someone to reassure me that I am experiencing a hiatus hernia, and not something more urgent or severe, and possibly give me

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  • linda53132 1

    Manometry and 24 hour pH monitoring

    Hello I'm after some advice please. I have been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia, lax oesophageal sphincter (Upper stomach sphincter) and gastritis. my question is really How did everyone find the monitoring and how bad was it? Myconsultant said that based on the findings he will operate. I'

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  • sallyann1964 2

    sliding hiatus hernia repair 24 March 2014

    Hi, just wanted to say that I had my sliding hiatus hernia repair carried out Monday of last week and am more than happy (so far) with the results! I had the hernia for about 10 years taking the usual medication (espomeprazol and ranitidine) in varying doses depending on the severity of the

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  • kerry02122 3

    Hiatus Hernia Worries and Concerns

    Hi i was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia about 2 months ago. I had such severe chest pains i genuinely thought i was having a heart attack, after chest xrays and multiple other tests they said it was this hiatus hernia. I was put on to omeprazole but the chest pain didn't ease. I find night times

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  • UKSteph 2

    Hiatus Hernia Surgery

    I'm due to go in for surgery on Wednesday and a bit terrified as I always feel like I am choking when I eat food and the only way I can cope is by getting being able to do this after surgery has me freaked out bit time. Just hoping that the positives of having this done will take away

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  • esic 4

    Doing pull ups and hold ups with a small hiatal hernia?

    I've been doing a lot of pull ups recently and all sorts of thing on the bar which allows you to pull your body, hold it etc. I'm doing around 70 pull ups in total in 30-45 minutes and yes I can't go without it, I'm addicted. Today I experienced some heavy pain around my hiatal hernia (could have

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  • guyofchelt 2

    Hiatus Hernia - Breathing Problems.

    A few years ago after an Endoscopy I was diagnosed with a small sliding Hiatus Hernia which I have treated with Omeprezole. Recently I have been encountering some breathing difficulties combined with a staggering amount of reflux and despite doubling to 40mg of Omeprezole the reflux and breathing

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  • Phentis 2

    Research in alternative methods to mesh?

    Is anyone aware if there is any promising research going on that could result in a new recommended way for mesh repairs in the next 5-10 years, alternative to using mesh and steel sutures? The current method of mesh repair sounds like past century to me.

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  • aaron05683 1

    Pain during ejaculation; sports hernia / inguinal hernia

    Years ago I was diagnosed with a "sports" hernia in the inguinal area (which wasn't a true hernia but acted like one). Nothing they could really do because surgery made no sense since there was no "hole" to repair. Very frustrating, but with rest and time it went away. A few weeks ago I was

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  • Phentis 2

    How does mesh withstand body growth?

    I am in my early 20s and need to have an inguinal hernia repaired. My surgeon says she'll do an open repair and will use a polypropelene mesh. How does it withstand body growth? I'm pretty sure I'll get bigger as I approach my 30s. As far as I understand the mesh does not stretch. Would this create

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  • Esoteric 2

    Umbilical hernia mesh removal doctor in London suggestions?

    I've been living with pain for 2 years now after having umbilical hernia surgery from the mesh placed. I've tried two different versions of Rectus sheet blocks for control the nerve pain. Both with little to no help. I'm strongly considering having the mesh removed but I want to talk to a surgeon

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  • karen55307 2
  • bb123 3

    Hiatus hernia front to back pain

    What a journey I've been on since 2014 and still going strong. Oiiii!!! In 2014 I had a colonoscopy/endoscopy and I've been diagnosed with GERD, Gastritis and a Hiatal Hernia. Been having troubles this past year to current with stomache pains, on/off scapula shoulder pains and now a stabbing that

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  • norton87766 2

    Inguinal hernia - advice needed - what to do

    Hello I’m quite new on the forum here, and would really appreciate some advice.   I learned recently that I have a small inguinal hernia (about 2.5 cm).    I’ve done a little reading here and elsewhere about hernia surgery, and must admit, that while I’d like to get this fixed,  I’m quite scared

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