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Hiatus Hernia and Palpitations

I have been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia but have had lots of problems with palpitations recently, i also sometimes get a cold shivery feeling some nights as if i am going down with flu, i have suffered from really bad acidity over the last 10 years, i have had three endoscopy's and it was on the last one that i was diagnosed with a hernia, i also get bad chest pain along the sternum and a bad pain where my ribs meet in the middle, it's so depressing, does anybody else suffer from palpitations etc?

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    Yes I suffer these symptoms too, I also get very breathless especially when I bend over or climb stairs and also feel quite faint and dizzy during a bad attack.

    My stomach is also badly swollen, so much that it looks like I am pregnant.

    Good luck

    You have my every sympathy its so awful.

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    I too have a hiatus hernia. Three weeks ago I started this pain/pressure up and down on my sternum., and the gas I was belching was incredible. I went to the ER, and they did an ekg and said that something was not right so I was referred to a cardiologist. Also my blood pressure in emerg was sky high. They started me on blood pressure pills and 81mg aspirin.

    My visit to the cardiologist showed on the stress test that my target heart rate was reached to quickly and again the ekg showed something.I am now going back for a halter, and eco, and a stress myoview.

    But a few days ago I had that same thing happen to me. I was cleaning off the side of the house and got so hot, so I had a Coke. Well that set things off again. I tried eno, then sone ginger ale, the a tylenol.

    It's really freaking me out, because I am having all of these symptoms along with menopausal crap which is reall interferring with my life.

    This creates anxiety symptoms, so I don't really know what cothers me

    I want to blame most of it on the hiatus hernia especially the chest discomfort. It does not seem to matter what I eat it bothers me. I do not get heart burn, but my lips burn...weird.

    This pain in my sternum was like a you get this?

    Take care

    • amanda 65349 amanda 65349 Guest

      Why on the world would you drink anything with caffeine or sugary with recent heart events, hun?? You should ONLY be drinking water and lots of it! This will help work palpitations, anxiety, and and being hot tremendously! Stay AWAY from caffeine!!

    • Lolasmom Lolasmom Guest

      OMG, your stroy is the same as mine. I too was cleaning the outside walls at my cottage. It was so hot that I drank a Coke down so quickley. That started everything. That sternum pain with such excessive belching and bloating. I went to emerg and they went through all the heart tests and found nothing......The pain was so bad. I also have an hiatal hernia. Since then all I have had is stomach problems. I have recently have been diagnosed with Tachycardia. Trying to decide to have ablation. Recently having palpations and fluttering and am looking into Vagus Nerve as it connects heart, stomach and hernias seem to aggravate. 

    • Wendy4817 Wendy4817 Guest

      hi I realize you posted 1 year ago but curious of your outcome. I have been miserable about 6 weeks and have a hiatus hernia but have had trouble breathing lateely I was sent to cardiologist yesterday. I used to exercise quite a bit less than a month ago before I started feeling bad. Yesterday in stress test he said I reached my target heart rate way way too fast so seemed concerned. I am almost done with a halter monitor now and was hoping to hear back before the weekend but he isnt in the office today. I was curious what came about your issue and what you did.

    • jennifer81386 jennifer81386 Wendy4817

      I have just found out that I have a hitial hernia that is quite large and it is a fixed one, not a sliding one.  I started having issues about 4 months ago with throwing up and pain in the rib cage and lots of acid.  I realized that acid was the problem but didn't know why. .  My doctor said my esophogus was damaged and it is like haviing an ulcer. So had to change my diet.  Then I went to the gastroenterology and the scope found the hernia, then I went and had an upper GI X ray and they said it was quite huge.  My follow ujp appointment is this week and they have already said they are going to send me to surgery since it is so big. I hope things will get better.  I did need to lose weight but it has been a tough way to lost 30 lbs.  Still need to lose more weight so after the surgery I will still need to watch what I am eating so that I can get to a healthy weight.  I feel for anyone who is suffering with this.

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    • gwen45436 gwen45436 d73362

      D - great post - I agree about Docs. - just PPI's pushed at you.  I have GERD/Esophagitis and HH.  I get cramping when I eat which is a new issue for me - think it is the hernia.  I am looking into food combining - I find it hard keeping a food diary - one day a food sits well and the next is hurts.  Looks like I am stuck with it.  I had gastritis 5 years ago and managed to see that off usuall natural methods and knocking acid abd sugar out of my diet (still drank soft red wine though).  I will look up Shelley Whats Her Name lol.

      I have always exercised and used light hand weights.  I had been good for weeks and started doing floor exercises with Pilates thrown in.  I was doing sit up from flat on the floor up and forward and whilst I could feel the pull in my midriff it was not realy uncomfortable.  Into the second week and I started with cramping especialy after eating.  Drives you nuts - I want to exercise and eat.

      Hope you are ok today.


    • karen16442 karen16442 gwen45436

      well my ears are very blocked and cant hear very well at moment.  but being syringed on tuesday pm cant wait.  not sure if are side affects from meds but very light headed and stomach hurts as well.  being careful what i do as well.  got app at hospital in sept about unbilical hernia waiting for one about sliding hiatus but doctor thinks tablets rather than an op as food tube very slow and if the mesh is to tight can make that worse.  just hope appointment comes quick.

    • Quandryite Quandryite d73362

      Despite the all CAPS, I benefitted from your post.  I have not paid attention to the foods, nor to my diagnosed, previously mild, sliding hiatal hernia, as I finally got worn out from protesting to my physicians that this was causal, along with vagus nerve involvement.  So, thank you.  I guess I'd best hit the research road again, and attend to this as the palpitations have become constant, and I have diagnosed cardiac problems as it is.

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    i need help im so fustrated its untrue have severe pain all the time right rib cage and feel like ive got a lump in my throat everynight it drives me crazy had barium swallow and endoscoppy found small hitas hernia all medication ive been given does nothing at all everything i eat or drink causes me pain ive had it 2 and a half yrs now i think i need an opp

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    I was diagnosed with a Hiatus hernia and Barretts disease this week after i was sent for an endoscope.I have suffered for years with heartburn and palpitations,i was on ranitadine for a long time but they stopped working for me.I am now on Omeprazole which keep the heartburn at bay but not the pain and palpitations.

    You have my sympathy.

  • Gemini Gemini

    I to have a hiatus hernia and Barrett's and I am on Omeprazole. I have never been aware of acid reflux only on odd occasions but do have the chest pain. I had my gallbladder out 4 weeks ago as they found loads of stones and the gallbladder had thickened. I was told I would feel much better. (I had lost 3½ stones and was unable to eat). Alas the chest pain is back even though I am still on a low fat diet and I don't feel as good as I had hoped. Having my check up tonight after op so hopefully someone can tell me what to do next. I look about 90 and it is so depressing. At least when I was so overweight I didn't look my age! (62)

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    I was diagnosed with an hh 10 years ago and since then it's been kept in check with esomeprazole 20mg. Had another endo. done in December with seemingly nothing worse to report but over the last 6-8 weeks things have got a lot worse especially with palpitations and skipped heart beats. I'm now off work and so freaked by it that Im on paroxetine for anxiety and something else to calm me down. Specialist moved me up to 80 mg of esomprazole for a week but it's doing nothing. It's now affected my mental state so badly that I've started to suffer from depression. Had a CT scan of my chest done on Thursday and seeing him with the results on Wednesday this week where I'm going to ask him about surgery as I believe that the hernia is responsible for these cardiac arrhythmias that scare me to bits.

    Anybody else experienced these frightening symptoms as at the moment I can't see how I'm going to return to work again...

    • Loretta50 Loretta50 Guest

      I just wanted to know how everything is going for you now...since this posted 4 years ago? I am suffering currently from the same diagnosis and on the same medication you have listed in your article. I have become depressed and feel like I am going to die soon because of these attacks with palpations so bad that the EMT's are getting called on a regular basis to my house. I am also suffering with menopause as well and turning 50 this august. Let me know how you got relief, if any?



    • ssmith88 ssmith88 Guest

      I understand entirely! I am in exactly the same situation however just waiting to see the cardiologist! I take lanzoprasole and have paroxatine for anxiety. It is so terrifying when the palputations occur, I've had 7 day ecg monitor to which ectopics were recorded without arythmia which is reassuring.

      I asked my gp's opinion on hiatus hernia and palpitations being linked and was told it's highly unlikely however that's the same surgery that dismissed a family members brain harmorhage down to a migraine!

      Hang in there as we can all get through this together.

    • sean92481 sean92481 ssmith88

      I have had bouts of palpitations all my life, and bad heart burn and occasional pains at the top of my stomach which i know are wind. A few years ago i had a Barium meal X ray, and since that, an endoscopy, and was diagnosed with a Hiatus Hernia. I still take palpititions now as well and have had two ECGs which were clear, BP tests which were normal, and stethoscope also normal. I wore a monitor for 48 hours; results normal. I am convinced that the palpitations are connected to my hiatus hernia,they seem to come with certain postures, and after meals etc, never when i am active. My GP will not agree. My health otherwise is good. I recently read of a hiatus hernia affecting the Vagus nerve which in turn can cause palpitations. It is good to see the comments from other sufferers.

    • lizzieozkiwi lizzieozkiwi sean92481

      Ah, you sound exactly like me. My doctor also does not recognise that my palps or occasional SVT could be caused by my sliding hiatus hernia. It's extremely frustrating because this appears to be a fairly common condition so I can't understand why the medical fraternity generally are not connecting the dots. A lot of us who suffer this issue also have IBS or other digestive problems, and I can't help thinking that the combination of all our otherwise minor digestive issues must be either tickling the vagus response, or sending gas up into the oesophagus and irritating our hearts. Food for thought, um - perhaps not too much food lol....Personally, I've cut out so much interesting food to try and reduce my palps that my diet is the most boring imaginable. No booze, no red meat, seldom any cream, no bread - there's not much left to eat. I should be as thin as a rake! ha, no such luck! BUT, eating boring for me seems to work and keeps my symptons at a manageable level. Lizzie

    • Cass73 Cass73 sean92481

      I think u cOld be right about the vagus nerve and palps.  Still looking for a diagnosis with costrochondritis and then lg HH found.  Was small before.  Fainted a couple of times at work some years ago and medics came and took me to hispital.  Recall ones aid looks like a vagus nerve could be in play here.  Must remember to tell my doc.  thanks.

    • kimberly84056 kimberly84056 Guest

      OMG!!!! Finally I've found someone who has the exact symptoms I am suffering from within this Hiatal Hernia!!! Sometimes severe palpitations to the point of feeling like passing out!!! Very scary!!! Doctors seem to have this "ho-hum" attitude about it and think that it's due to anxiety! Bull crap!! My friend who researches everything told me to juice 16 oz. of carrot/spinach juice daily and at another time during the day (closer to evening) drink 16 oz. of carrot juice straight. Believe it or not and much to my surprise these juices stop the palpitations almost immediately! I was desperate so I was willing to try anything to stop these God awful palpitations. I have not suffered from acid reflux or any of the other symptoms that go along with this HH because I eat small meals throughout the day. I avoid all foods that would cause any kind of flare ups!! I'm thinking that I want to look into the surgical procedure to close up the opening of this HH. Anybody actually have the surgery??

    • kimberly84056 kimberly84056 lizzieozkiwi

      Everything that you have stated is true in my case. My eating now is only to survive. No fun eating fun foods anymore. I eat very small meals throughout the day and I am skinny as a rail although it has helped me a great deal. Hooooo hummmm....

      I guess we have to deal with this thing as the new norm.... We need a cure for this demon!!!!!!!!

    • wdtony wdtony lizzieozkiwi

      Doctors do not believe that gastro issues could irritate the vagus nerve and cause palpitations. But in my case this is exactly what is happening. I get bad palpitations when I eat too much, but also when I lie in certain positions or sit in certain positions. I can actually make the palpitations happen and get worse by moving to a specific position. It feels as if something is loose in my chest and is moving around. I get PVC, PAC, PAT, PSVT and A-fib. Scary stuff. 

      Why doctors are so reluctant to believe large quantities of anecdotal evidence makes me wonder if they aren't trained in medical school to disregard any patient's thoughts or the internet altogether.

      Physiologically it just makes sense that pressure on the vagus nerve could cause palpitations. But just returning from the GI doc, she said she has never heard of that before and that it's impossible. Doctors are sometimes not afraid to show their complete ignorance in their own field. So I just paid 400 dollars to someone who knows less about the human body than I do. 

    • lisa58878 lisa58878 Loretta50

      Hello. I was recently diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and have similar symptoms. I feel like I am losing my mind. I also recently turned turned 50 and it stinks to feel this way all the time! Have you found any relief?

    • cheryl20034 cheryl20034 wdtony

      I feel your pain. I experienced such severe heart palps I went to the ER and was told by the doctor, I refer to as Dr. Suess, since he flat out said your high bp (195/130) which is normally 117/68, and heart palps were caused by me BRAIDING my long hair!! I filed a complaint with the hospital. I suggest you talk firmly with your doctor and ask her to show you where it is stated in any medical journal that the vagus nerve and hernias are not related. I have found a doctor willing to send me to a surgeon. We will see where this goes. Never feel bad for doing research and showing it to your doctor. Be proactive not passive. They are only human.

    • HHsuffer HHsuffer Guest

      Hope your getting better. This is a life controling problem. For me.i did antacids it helped but back to square one again.heart palps go with this hh. Night time is bad. Pain ect.look up dr williams hh excersize. It really helps.

  • michelle682 michelle682 crazymama

    i have had a stomach hernia for some years but have not treated it ...sometimes i take just rennies, other times take omneprazole for a few weeks.. but in last months my stomach has become more swollen ,and suddenly my blood pressure has increased to a fairly high level.. im trying natural methods to lower it ,im too young to go on heart medication,, still in my 40s... but am so so worried

    • lizzieozkiwi lizzieozkiwi michelle682

      michelle682, I went on blood pressure medication when I was 40, the hot flushes started at the same time. I used to worry about being on BP medication, but realistically it's a lot better to be on that and have your BP regulated than letting it go, because it's untreated BP which is not good later on. So don't be afraid if your doctor wants you to start this. You didn't mention if you had palpitations, however I have a small sliding hiatus hernia and it's comforting to read others posts indicating that the HH can cause these along with swollen tummy. Make sure you get thoroughly checked out by your doctor before you try fixing your symptons yourself. If you find everything is normal and you don't have any health problems, then it's a good thing to try changing perhaps your diet and lifestyle. It seems to me that a lot of these symptons are caused by anxiety and we can all get this occasionally when life becomes difficult to cope with, but we do get through it and I'm thankful for the support of sites like this, we realise we are not alone. Lizzieozkiwi

  • brent67338 brent67338 crazymama

    I was recently diagnosed with a small hernia and 2 small ulcers. Can someone please put my mind at ease about these heavy heart beats. my heart doesnt beat quickly, it just beats hard and i can feel it in my chest when just sitting down. sometimes i feel it pulse in my neck, arm or ear.

    and sometimes this heavy heart beat seems to efect my breathing. while breathin in and out every heart beat seems to pause the breathing.

    other symptoms i am not sure about are fatigue, weakness, headaches

    • sean92481 sean92481 brent67338

      My GP tells me that the heavy heartbeats / Palpitations are nothing to worry about, and that worry will increase the symptoms or at least make you more aware of them, and worry or stress will certainly make your heart race. I was slow to believe this but after two ECGs, and wearing a monitor which showed no heart problems, not even raised BP i am forced to believe that the palpitations are not as serious as i thought. They are however still worrying, and annoying. I can not convince him either, that the palpitations are linked to my Hiatus Hernia, or Vagus Nerve. I see that is a recurring problem with others in the forum.

  • mickpayton mickpayton crazymama

    Hi all, I've been following this discussion for a while and feel it's time to add my experiences. I'm 61 and had a sliding HH since I was about 20 with no real probems apart from from heartburn and reflux at night which I managed by copious amounts of bi-carbonate of soda and raising the head of the bed by 5inches. 

    In Jan last year I had an endoscope and it was confirmed (again) that I have a small sliding HH and a small section of Barratts. In the months following this endoscope I developed high BP, bloating, cramps, palpitations, light-headedness, difficulty breathing, tightness on the left side of my head/face and a few other things. I too get palps if I bend forward or stand up quickly.

    My partner and I set about researching these things and everything pointed to Vagus nerve irritation, BUT - don't suggest this to any consultants because they think you're a stupid internet melodramatic (I know, I was called this in a letter to my GP) and then refused an appt because (I had already pre-diagnosed myself without sufficient knowledge of a condition that is impossible!) Research for yourselves the problems a HH and Vagus nerve combination can cause and you will be amazed at all the symptoms and similarities! I felt that there was pressure on the back/left side of my heart and was told that this was absolute nonsense by an upper GI surgeon, then an ultra-sound clinician told me that she'd actually seen - on numerous occasions - pressure on the heart from a sliding HH! 2 heart specialists have actually admitted the possibility of this happening recently, but I still can't get a gastroenterologist to investigate it, they all seem to want to treat the symptoms not the problem! So go do your research (avoid the websites that want to sell you a cure, go for the medical websites) and have a shock at how common this really is!

    So what did I do? I set about the long task of finding everything that sparked off any problems, these are some of them : lemon, garlic, olives, lime, refined sugars give me day-long palps the next day! Pastries of any type, sweets (sugar again) green tea and so on. You must avoid refined sugar at all costs! I now have 2 juices or smoothies (containing 75% vegetables 35% fruit) and 2 small meals a day. Next you need to strengthen your stomach muscles, try doing pelvic thrusts and diaphram exercises - it really does help!

    A last thought - you will also find that walking, talking and sitting upright will cause you problems, lying on your stomach or right side will alleviate this.

    Hope this is of some help, if anyone finds a specialist willing to investigate please reccommend them! The 10 minutes that the NHS gives them is not adequate for us.

    • lizzieozkiwi lizzieozkiwi mickpayton

      You have written the most clarifying note of any I have seen on these sites, thanks so much for sharing your comprehensive research and thoughts on an issue that is surprisingly common.. And there are many of us who agree with you and have been battling "the system" for years. It's really back to realising we have to help ourselves.  After getting all the health checks done and ensuring that there is nothing wrong with my heart, I too have done the research and my diet resembles yours, luckily my very supportive husband enjoys the same food/beverages - and we are both better for it. I know your post will really encourage and support so many other people with this problem. A BIG THANK YOU......Lizzie

    • sean92481 sean92481 mickpayton

      Best description i've seen of this condition, Although i did have an occasional palpitition during my life,( I have had HH since schooldays ) I never really had them bad until i had the endoscope, and they have been pretty constant since. wonder now if there is any connection. My GP is like your own, he got really arrogant with me when i suggested a link between the two things. He had a young trainee GP sitting in with him that day, and i think he was grandstanding to impress her as well, but he made me sorry i mentioned it. It doesnt help that so many GPs have a  closed mind.

    • mickpayton mickpayton sean92481

      Hi, there are some things you've mentioned that I left out - I was afraid of boring everyone! I too had multiple symptoms after the endoscope, including cold hands and feet, shivers, difficulty forming words at times, difficulty controlling my eyes (my right eye felt 'stiff'wink It wasn't just my GP, it's been 5 consultants in various fields. I went to see another upper GI surgeon and decided not to mention Vagus nerve and guess what? HE suggested it himself! Unfortunately it's not his body area so he can only refer to to a gastro guy, who said 'rubbish, impossible!' I took 40 pages of medical research documents taken straight from European medical research professors - not commercial sites - to my GP and she never even looked at them, neither did any of the consultants. We need someone with some balls to say 'ok, I want to make a name for myself, i'll give it a look'. The problem is that the NHS won't support it in their budget - it's a matter of treating it is easier/cheaper than fixing it! My findings are also that medical people are afraid to address the problem as it's relatively un-researched in the UK. I can't stress enough how stomach exercises have helped me, if anyone wants to know about this i'll post what I do.

      Myself and my partner have been made to feel the same as you many times with feeling sorry to have mentioned it and feeling negativity from the GP.

    • lizzieozkiwi lizzieozkiwi mickpayton

      I think heaps of us would love to know your stomach exercises, I definitely would. I know my palp issues are connected to my stomach/eating - so anything I can do to improve my wellbeing, I'll gladly investigate. cheers Lizzie

    • Cass73 Cass73 mickpayton

      Most interesting.  But my current doc was not treating me when I fainted, so will in ice toy recall it to her, with what medic said.  They are already running around looking for a diagnosis!

    • anand61627 anand61627 mickpayton

      I am very glad mickpayton to get such detailing regarding the vagus nerve and the palp. I have been having this problem offlate and my doc does not seem to appreciate the problem and shies me off. I do not take any pathological medicines and have recently migrated to homeopathy. Will pantoprazole do some good for relief?? Pl let me know your experience. I also get occassional palps while bending , running etc.....

    • kimberly84056 kimberly84056 mickpayton

      Wow!!!! Great information!!! Thank you! Have you considered having the surgery to correct the HH?? BTW I'm going through exactly what you went through. GP's think its all in our heads! WE KNOW BETTER!!! Also you might want to try 16 oz of carrot/spinach freshly juiced juice in morning and 16 oz of carrot juice straight in the evening. These simple doable juices stopped my palpitations almost immediately!! Pleasantly shocked!!

    • monica 53588 monica 53588 mickpayton

      I am newly diagnosed with HH and would request the stomach exercises that you recommend. I'm in the process of looking and changing my diet. Recently had an endoscopy which revealed some infection in the gut as well as the hernia.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences, it's been difficult even to get a referral for an endoscopy, I can imagine the difficulties to have other investigations.

      It is true that the G.P are mainly concerned about controlling the symptoms. You get told to book another appointment if you have other issues. Very sad.

    • vivienne78506 vivienne78506 kimberly84056

      Hi..i am going out of my mind at the moment,,, waking up at 4.30 some mornings to be sick and if i pick a hoover up im out of breath and palpitations start,, they're not quite as bad as they used to be but never the less they're still there,, now i have some sort of infection in my ear which makes me deaf,, the list actually goes on and on,,,i do go to the drs and i am going on manday having some sort of excercise test for my heart apparently on one of these walking machines,, i only hope i dont get dizzy and fall off the damn thing lol  ,, after reading up on all these posts yours intrigued me about the carrot juuice so i am dragging out my juicer and going to give this a whirl,,  thankyou

    • cheryl20034 cheryl20034 sean92481

      When you encounter an arrogant doctor-find a new GP and file a complaint in his behavior and attitude. Also, never ever feel like you are being talked down to or patronized by him. He works for you and should behave with interest and care. Call him out on his grandstanding and tell him you do not appreciate his behavior. Doctors are people too. Sometimes they just need a reminder of their position-a caregiver not a passive aggressive bully. Good luck!

    • Quandryite Quandryite mickpayton

      I won't be following this thread, (constant reminders of the situation aren't helpful),  but wonder if the endoscopy itself caused (additional) vagus nerve damage, as you reported new symptoms following that procedure.  I've been saying vagus nerve as culprit for years, and dismissed as a loon for it.  (I'm in the U.S. and the doctors aren't better about it here).  I have a sudden increase, however, in palpitations that are quite dramatic.  But my appetite has been odd, and poor, and there is tremendous stress - not as in something I wanted to buy I can't afford, but as in I may soon be homeless, and there are other heavy-duty factors.  None of this, as you point out, helps.  I suppose having a spastic vagus nerve won't kill me, but it sure is disconcerting whether one has a cardiac condition or not. 

  • mickpayton mickpayton crazymama

    First, research sliding HH so that you understand exactly what it is, you will see on a diagram that it's very close to the bottom left side oh your heart - very close! These are the things I do to try to keep on top of my symptoms :

    Pelvic thrusts - you can look all these up on youtube.

    A pilates move called the triangle

    Diaphragm strengthening breathing exercises

    Using a chin-up bar or similar, hang by your right arm and let your body stretch, the hernia is situated just to the left of the place where your ribs join at your solar plexus and this can allow it to relax.

    Look for 'self treatment for sliding HH' where you lie on your back and push your fingers under your ribcage and then down, pushing the hernia back down through the diaphragm.

    Using 2 small dumbells, stand upriht arm keeping your arms straight, raise them up level with your shoulds, hold for a few seconds, then lower. This opens up your diaphragm and can help the hernia to slide back down - also keeps your shoulders in good condition.

    Bloating appears to have a direct effect on my blood pressure and the amount of palpitations I get, you will need to know what things to avoid, once you've spent a day without bloating and palpitations you'll want to do it more! When I'm not bloated I don't get dizziness or palpitations when I stand up or bend forward.

    Get your weight correct, being overweight amplifies this condition dramatically!

    Hope this helps, best wishes all.


    • page65009 page65009 mickpayton

      Hi Mick,  Are your palpitations fewer since you do this? I am getting the palpitations daily now. At first I thought it was my thyroid with my Hypo, but the more I read the symptoms are my hiatal since my thyroid comes back normal on my levels with my meds. My heart tests have all come back normal. So now I'm assuming it's this.

      Have you considered the surgery? If no, then why?

      I'm about fed up with this. Just the other day I finally had nausea,lightheadedness, and just felt like crap until I ate. I felt a bit better.

      I get the nightly indigestion. Zantac or Pepcid don't work as well as they used to.

      Mine now happens when I lean over. Or if I'm talking standing up. I can talk all day when I'm sitting.

      When you do these exercises do you get the palps? That's what concerns me. I have gained weight and these are more frequent since I have. I'm 5ft7 and 195.

      I go to my PC on Monday and of course he will check my thyroid levels. As I am sure they will come back normal. So I'm guessing I should as him to send me back to a gastro to have my hiatal checked?

      I'm so over this. I want my life back..

  • rosebud55 rosebud55 crazymama

    Yes is very frustrating and it is worth going to a cardiologist for them to tell you, that you are crazy and there is nothing wrong with your heart so you can begin treatment for your hiatal hernia so you do not eventually get esophageal cancer. I am very cynical about this but I suffered from heart palpitations for about 2 years and it happened when I ate or shortly after. I kept telling the doctors this and they thought I was being a nervous woman and the two symptoms of heart palps and indigestion were not related. I went through heart monitors, emergency visits, ultrasounds, xrays, and cardiologists wanting to give me tranquilizers. I was so angry.I finally went to a gastroenterologist who did a scope and found a hiatal hernia. He gave me aciphex and within a week the palps stopped. I did an experiment and stopped the achiphex and ate a heavy meal. Bingo... palps came back with a fury.  So, I spoke to the gastro about this, he said, there are nerves that line the esophagus. When the esophagus lining is irritated like from acid reflux, inflammation irritates the esophageal nerves. "It is often difficult to distinguish between cardiac and esophageal causes of chest pain based upon symptom presentation alone because the nerves that supply the heart also supply the esophagus".

    Take this peer reviewed article to the doctor calling you crazy. Here it is in a medical journal.  Anyway, I took my achiphex and also reduced the amount of food I was eating, stayed away from thick sauces, gravys, bread and heavy foods and those with tomato sauces. I stopped eating around 4pm.  This helped and my palpatations never returned. Make sure you really do not have a heart condition, but stop going to any doctor who says heart palps and gerd symptoms, hiatal hernia are never related.

    • lc72704 lc72704 rosebud55

      Hi Rosebud

      How are you feeling now?

      I had similar symptoms and tests done and after 4 years of suffering was diagnosed with a hh.

      Thank God Ive felt great last few months!!

  • Litlmis Litlmis crazymama

    Hi everyone, 7 years ago i was diagnosed with a sliding HH and associated GERD. I had a nissen wrap done and a repair on the hernia. All great until the following year even out jogging i felt it all come apart. Severe shoulder tip pain and almost instant reflux. Back to the surgeon, different one, he tested for everything and essentially the whole lot had come undone. So he re-wrapped and also repaired the HH, this time using mesh. Then last year, 4 years after the repeat surgery i was putting the 1yr old to bed and i was being and twisting at the same time. I felt a really bad/sharp pain in my sternum. I ended up in hospital the next day being tested for a heart attack. Nothing came up in the bloods so i was sent on my way. The pain subsided so i didn't worry. Then two days after the birth of my second child i came down with the flu. The hospital ordered a chat xray where it shouted that i had a moderate HH again. As i had been asymptomatic i wasn't concerned. HowHowever recently I've been short of breath laying down, it's worse when laying on my left and after a bout of food poisoning I've started to get chest pain in the lower left side. I'm assuming it's all related to my HH. No reflux this time but not sure about the pain. It feels like something is jarred there.

    Any advice? The gp got me to make an appt with the surgeon whole he chases up the xrays.

    I'm torn between assuming it's the HH and stressing it's something heart related but I'm mildly pleased that the fact that it's been going on for the better part of a week now means it isn't too serious.

    Or is this being a bit simplistic. Any advice welcome.

  • patrick86908 patrick86908 crazymama

    I also gave a hiatus Hernia with some of the same symptoms that you have palpatations ,chest pain I also get a beating in my ear I don't know if this is the result of the hernia or something else These conditions make me very depressed I don't know wherectontyrn for help I live in NJ

  • Darktangent Darktangent crazymama

    I'm having almost the exact same symptoms as the topic blood pressure just shot up again and is staying just under 150/100, even though I am already on blood pressure meds because it shot up unexpectedly before too. I've got a fullness or lump in my throat that the doctors cant feel from the outside, and I did a barium swallow but they said I didn't have a hiatal hernia.

    I use CPAP and it has been forcing air into my stomach and it also causes air to get trapped in my esophagus where I have to forcibly burp it out. I have to wonder if this forcing air into my stomach and esophagus hasn't caused a hiatal hernia, but because of the negative barium swallow a few months ago I doubt they will consider hiatal hernia.

    I really don't know what to do...they just put me on a different blood pressure med but don't seem concerned what might be causing it. I'm only 29 years old. I've been obese most of my life, currently 5'10" 270lbs, but I have been lifting weights for the past couple months and feel like I have lost some fat and replaced it with heavier muscle.

    I haven't been sleeping well for the past several weeks due to the CPAP situation, and am constantly tired. I just don't know what to do or say to my doctors to get them to consider this. I've had reflux too for several years and am on 60mg of Dexilant, which I understand is about the strongest reflux med you can be on, yet I still get frequent hiccups and reflux. I wanted to see about getting fundoplication done to help with the reflux, but the surgeon said he wouldn't do it because the EGD I had showed no signs of acid erosion (uh, probably because I'm on super strong reflux meds?).

    What should I tell them or ask for to get them to do something? I was right before about my gallbladder; I had severe pain in my right flank so they did a gallbladder ultrasound and didn't find anything, but I knew something was wrong so I asked them to do a hitascan and sure enough my gallbladder was at 0% function and needed removed. I KNOW that there is something wrong here too since I've been getting pain a little to the left of the bottom of my sternum for a couple days now, right between my stomach and heart. Maybe I should just keep pushing myself at the gym and try to get something severe to happen so they can finally see it.

    • Darktangent Darktangent

      Forgot to mention that I have been seeing a cardiologist since I started having bad fatigue about 3 years ago. They did ekg and stress test and noticed a bit of paliptations from the base of the heart (hmm, isnt that the area a hiatal hernia would effect?) but they apparently weren't severe enough to worry about since my cardiac output was only down a couple percent.

  • paul7580 paul7580 crazymama

    I don't have palpitations but I have had moments when my pulse speeds up on me and beats pretty hard in my neck when I'm active.

    • ydna1006 ydna1006 paul7580

      I had something similar, where my heart would jump up to over 200bpm for some period of time (minutes).

      I was diagnosed with SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia).  Basically, there was some piece of tissue in my heart generating it's own beats when it got "activated".. usually by adrenaline from exercise.

      I had a procedure to have that tissue ablated.  Been SVT free for ten years, however, now I'm having symptoms that sound strikingly similar to others in this thread:  hiatal hernia causing irregular heart beats.

  • stu68328 stu68328 crazymama

    Hi I was diagnosed with a 4cm sliding hiatus hernia today after an endoscope, for the last three months I have suffered with extreme dizzyness, vomiting and upper abdonamol and lost around a stone in weight. I have also been having feelings of adrenaline for no reason and palpitations which at one point had me rushed into A&E. I have had my life drastically changed in this time as I am normally very active and healthly and had to stop all physical activity. I am still waiting for urine tests a CT scan and a heart scan but after looking into this issue I am hoping this is the cause of my issues and I can start the road to recovery as I am 33 have three children and want to get back to a fully active life!

  • sandra11682 sandra11682 crazymama

    I was diagnosed with hiatus hernia back in July, am on 30mg lansoprazole which seem to work most of the time but I do get a lot of pain in my back especially in my ribs, have had ultra sound for gall stones but that was all clear. Back of to docs tomorrow to see what else they suggest. Also I hsve cut a lot of food out till I donot know what to eat for the best. I can understand you feeling depressed because at the moment that is how I feel too


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