Are the doctors right? Is this really anxiety?

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I have some undiagnosed medical condition, and I think it's related to my kidneys. I've been to various PCPs, 2 nephrologists, 1 urologist, cardiologist and a rheumatologist. They all say it's anxiety. All my test come back realitively normal, except low vitamin d and slightly high blood sugar. My urinalysis always shows micro RBC, sometimes mucus, and 1 time WBC. I am a 29 y.o. male, 5'11".

Here are my symptoms:

Weight loss: I've only lost 5 or 10 lbs, but have lost three inches on my waste.

Zero appetite


Hair growth has slowed

Pitting nails

Dry, scaly looking skin

Mental/visual changes

Teeth grinding in day

Flank pain

Waking every night to urinate, sometimes twice

Cloudy/darker yellow urine

Tremors of the hands

Can't quit moving toes/feet during day

Severe fatigue/lethargy. I barely get around anymore.

Muscle atrophy. My calfs are like jelllo, literally. Tiny and jello. My forearms are nonexistent. My biceps and thighs are jello too.

Dizziness when walking

Foamy urine

Sometimes foul urine

Foul stools

Bad leg cramps

Muscle twitching is common and happens anywhere

Arms jolt/shake/quiver uncontrollably after intense use, such as weed eating due to weakness.



And so forth. Can anxiety really do this or are these doctors just terrible? I can see some things, but muscle wasting and almost bedridden level fatigue? And the urinary symptoms?

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    Hello, as an anxiety sufferer! All these things can definately happen! It's like your dying huh? But every doctor tells you your ok? I don't get it either! I am perfectly healthy as well except my vitamin d level! I'm very deficient and my doctor told me it will defiantly make you tired if you are deficient! I have had every symptom in the book and had multiple tests like you and all say it's anxiety! My started after I had my son a year ago! I also have panic attacks! It's the worst thing on earth! Best you can do is listen to your doctors not all of them could be wrong! I recently started a new medication that has good reveiws so I'm hopeful! Good luck!
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      I hear ya, but I don't understand how I lost only 5-10 lbs but lost THREE inches on my waste. The fatigue is so bad I can only sit in a chair all day. Also, my muscles have completely wasted.
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      Anxiety absolutely drains you because your mind is running constantly! I have a one year old to take care of and I feel that exhausted sometimes! I have the fear of being in public places and being left alone! Anxiety is terrible! Like why does it even exist?
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    Almost every time I've gone to the doctor, they always tell me I have micro Rbc in my urine. Which causes them to worry. At one point I looked it up and thought I had kidney disease, cancer, or stones. Once I say all the potential diseases, my body went crazy. I got flank pain, I was extremely tired, and it burned when I would urinate. I went to the ER and of course they detected the micro blood in my urine and did blood tests and a cat scan to see my kidney function. ALL normal! They sent my urine out for a culture and they said if that was negative, then hematuria (micro blood in urine) could be normal and even hereditary. My dad and sister have the same problem too where it's even placed in their medical record that they have it. If you've seen all those specialist, then I'm sure you're okay. Went I went for a follow up my doctor said anxiety could definitely cause all the physical pain. If they say you're normal and okay, then you are. don't stress about it
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      I'm currently going through the same ordeal. I can't get how crippling this anxiety can be to us worry worts ! I'm having flank pains galore. Kidneys tingling legs weak sometimes. And all of this as I just got a new car! You'd think there would be a good day in between all of this madness. My neck, my shoulders, and the hellish headaches. I hate how this disease treats us. Even when all the stars are in alignment it's something else? 

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    I am sure they've checked, but in case not: iron deficiency and thyroidism (noth hypo and hyper) can cause some symptoms like yours. Perhaps your GP can look at those levels? Iron def is easy to treat - thyroid problems are also manageable. Wish you well dealing with anxiety - it's a bear!
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    The urine would reflect moderate to high level of dehydration (a good ten of those symptoms)and some of those symptoms could be a potential for a fatty liver, which a clean diet and fresh juices would tremendously help. Look up the liver and liver healthy diets. Anxiety causes lots of symptoms as well and i have had many of those symptoms but i do have some health ailments so i wouldnt rule out anything as only  anxiety personally. It doesnt mean you have an illness but honestly a healthy diet for your liver and you seriously need to rehydrate your body. D3 comes in suppliments as well. A doctor will only find what they are testing for nd will not sit you down to discuss borderline stuff or maybes. So its good nothing is strongly standing out. Dehydration can really effect your body by the way. Anxiety can be the driving force behind all this as well but still need a clean diet and to rehydrate. I dropped almost twenty pound in 6wks after the flu last year and actually had many many if the symptoms you had noted which is interesting to me.
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    Hi ..I have pretty much the same thing... tension headaches, jaws clenching, foamy urine, allways urinate at night ,lost inability to handle stress, fatigue, eyes strain..

    And also all my urine test were good.But I have deffinetely anxiety than...any hope?Now Im on venlafaxine, help with depressions and panick attacks,but not sure if with anxiety.

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    Have you ever had your thyroid checked? So many of the symptoms can be attributed to hypo or hyperthyroidism.  I learned the hard way and went thru 2 years of hell trying to get diagnosed.  My SISTER finally said I needed to get tested for Hashimotos (hypothyroidism autoimmune)  Not much they can do but stabilize your thyroid numbers.  BTW I requested T3 supplement to assure I was getting the proper amount of the hormone that basically manages our entire body.  Check into it... my aunt (83yrs thought she was dying....she went to umpteen doctors...she has been hypothyroid for 30+ years and guess was her thyroid.  Had to adjust the dosage.  Hope you have already had help and are on your way to recovery.  

    BTW doctors I went to all said it was anxiety.  

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    And...supplements such as D3, B12, Iron, Vitamin C, probiotic will help as well..My last blood test, I was low in all then started the supplements.  Feel so much better.  good luck
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    Hello Wlkrdue, I have experiencied almost all of the symptoms you have stated, I continue to have the muscle issues, twitching, cramping, spasms ect .  I too only lost about 5lbs however I lost body mass all over especially in my hips, thighs, butt and forearms.  I’ve been to 3 different “Specialist” and everything comes back normal, I have had an MRI of my Brain and cervical spine, 2 EMG’s and numerous labs.  I just couldn’t fathom that Anxiety is doing this to my body, I have been seeing a therapist and treating my Anxiety with natural remedies such as Teas, Lavender Oils, Meditation and Yoga, it has been very beneficially.  I have been working out light and taking an organic plant based protein which has help in putting some weight back on.   I know it’s been a while since your post, I just wanted to follow up and see how things are going?  I hope you have managed your Anxiety and are able to get things back in order.  Hope all is well, Many Blessings.    
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    Well Wlkrdude, I had to double check that I hadn't written your post.

    We have exactly the same symptoms.

    I also get a bit of tendon/joint pain.

    The fatigue I manage with exercise, exercise is really a big help.

    The pitting in your fingernails MIGHT be psoriasis, which can also manifest into psoriatic arthritis. The inflamation from this is probably responsible for the rest of the malidies but it would be interesting to compare notes.

    I found quite a bit of relief in hot/cold therapy (wim hof and saunas) and actually meditation and exercise. I cut out gluten and processed foods ( not as easy as you think) and that made a pretty big difference.

    The muscle twitching might be BFS which is annoying but harmless.

    I'm guessing we have the same thing, I still have it, 2 years on, seems to be gradually getting worse but I'm still fighting

    Let me know how you are getting on

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    Hello, I am an anxiety sufferer too and i hate it! my urine is always dark seems like mine never clears up!! No pain or anything it of course just worries me and i have a ton of other things to go with, Jelly legs, headache,shakes, sore muscles,extreme tiredness, no appetite, and then some days all I can do it eat, nauseous, vomiting,stomach aches,list goes on and on! I will be praying for everyone thats going thru this horrible stuff!!

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