Are there any good techiniques for anxiety that doesn't require medications

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I'd like to see if anyone has any.suggestions as far as natural ways to deal with anxiety. I don't really want to have to go on an antidepressant after what happened to me on Zoloft...dr prescribed paxil but am afraid to try. I have xanax too but don't want to become dependant on them....

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    Hi, I use a few different techniques.. When I start to worry I try and listen for 5 sounds, this brings me to the present moment. Before I go to sleep I pop in my headphones and listen to a guided meditation. Day to day my anxiety changes.. I tend to think of negatives so once I start I try and think of positives I also find it good to talk to people but most don't understand, I lost my partner because of my excessive worrying. But it's all easier said then done. Just need to be persistent. Ive suffered since I can remember but I'm determined to over come it. One thing Is I will never turn to medication I think that masks the problem, doesn't solve it.

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    What about therapy? CBT, CAT and probably lots of others. Personally medication has been a life saver for me. Different meds work for different people. Some people do get over anxiety with talking therapies alone but most require the help of medication. There are a whole pile of alternative therapies but personally I think they are mostly bunkum. Just my thoughts...

    BW, BM.

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    i truly don't think I could have made it without medication. Remember there are degrees of anxiety, and there are different forms of anxiety. Then, each person's physiology is different. There is no blanket answer that fits everyone. We each have to find what works for us. This is a great place to hear lots of ideas and experiences and opinions.

    As to being dependant on a medication...I will be on blood pressure meds for the rest of my life. Two of my sisters and i will be on thyroid medication for the rest of our lives. If I decided I did not want to be dependant on them, I would not survive very long. The doctor was clear about that.

    Consider all your options, go visit other conversations on anxiety in this forum, then decide where you want to start, maria. Hugs

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      The mind blowing part of all this, to me, is this is a over survivor mode thing. The fight or flight is a survivor mode and i have to say its so odd it is so destructive to a person. We are all trying to survive living in survivor mode. The irony hurts. That was a useless comment on my part but i thought id share that
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      Well Honey girl, there are no useless comments here. Is the word for this situation, irony?

      I just had a visit with my doctor that was odd until explained. My numbers for thyroid were so high I was having all the terrible symptoms of hyperthyroid...over active.

      The doctor looked at the full thyroid report (the part I didn't understand,) and said no...I had an underactive thyroid. When the pituitary gland got that signal....that I was low in told my thyroid to go into overdrive to get it up to normal. But it kept going.

      So, doc put me on a med to increase my thyroid to a normal point so My pituitary gland would stop sending the signal. The med will take about two more weeks to get the job done and these symptoms will stop. At least I know there will be an end to it soon.

      Your survivor mode explanation is, in a way what I was thinking when I accepted that I needed to be on medication to get to an even point, so I can think clearly again.

      It does help me to look around me, my state, my country and my world and see how utterly devasting some people's lives are compared to mine. I used to compare up....That is better than me, their problem is smaller that mine, their life is better that mine. Now, I compare down...there are multiple millions of people in this world way worse off that i. What's the old statement....I felt worry for myself because I had no shoes until a met a man with no feet.

      I always love hearing from you, Lisa. You are so glorious!!!!

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    Dear Maria

    There are methods that will combat anxiety or at least diminish it considerably in my experience.

    1) simple meditation - following the breath. This is not an instant fix but it does work over time. Get someone reliable and experienced to teach you.

    2) deep relaxation exercises. These need to be done daily. Look at a progressive muscle relaxation exercise.

    3) physical exercise. burn up some of the excess adrenaline that your body is pumping out.

    4) try a hobby that requires focus and some concentration like painting or drawing. Anything that takes your mind away from your obsession with yourself.

    5) Likewise, find a way to help other people and forget about yourself for a while. It will give you relief from your symptoms and help you recover your self respect.

    6) Laugh, smile and have compassion for yourself and others as much as you can and try to remember:

    Anxiety is your own self defense mechanism and cannot harm you in any way at all. It cant kill you, It cant drive you mad, It cant harm you. All it can do, the worse extreme it can do, the totallity of its power, is it can make you feel very uncomfortable. That's it! That's all it can do. Make you feel physically uncomfortable. It's not pleasant but nothing worse can happen to you than that. This is a fact which you can check with any professional physician.

    Good luck and best wishes to you xx

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    Hi maria26539

    There is nothing wrong with meds. I personally have not tried them yet, but I'm currently at a crossroads where I may have no choice so I feel your pain. I've been battling my anxiety issues for 2 years off and on. And the only reason why I think I'll need meds is because I can't handle stress that well. But what I have done is meditation which does take time, but will help for sure. Talking to a therapist really helps, especially if you need to find what is trigging your symptoms and why. Yoga has helped and even altering my diet. But again you need to see a doctor or dietitian. There are natural supplements that can help too. But if your feeling overwhelmed, going out for a long walk and breathing in fresh air does help clear your mind greatly. Good luck to you!

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