Are these symptoms anxiety or something else?

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Hi all

Firstly thanks for taking the time to read this and apologies if I sound stupid.

4 months ago I was diagnosed with having anxiety which in turn has escalated to panic attacks, stress and now depression (still not sure if it's some form of post natal depression (my little one is 16 months)).

My anxiety was diagnosed primarily on the symptoms I get - fast heart, pins and needles, difficulty breathing (like I can't seem to exhale) visual migraines, shakes and the fact the tests I've had done have all come back ok.

Well these symptoms I've tried to deal with and not take the medication I've been prescribed (fluoxetin and propananol). Partly because of the side effects, partly because I don't want to rely on medication to make me feel better and party because of my little one.

Today though Ive got other symptoms - bad pain in the top part of my back near my shoulder blade as if I've pulled the muscle, I'm extremely tired and I feel dizzy/lightheaded.

Do you think these are linked to my anxiety or whether I need to see my doctor or a chiropractor?

Sorry if it sounds stupid but I get worried when I have things wrong with me.

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    hi, I too suffer with anxiety, especailly health anxiety. i started getting pins and needles a couple of months ago, along with lots of other symptons that my doctor puts down to stress and anxiety. i drive myself mad with the thoughts of terrible illnesses, but recently i went away for a few days for a break and all my symptons were so much better that it has made me think that maybe it is just stress and anxiety.

     i am on citrolopram 20mg for the anxiety and i do think it helps a little. I too get pain between my shoulder blades and dizzy spells which i do blame on the tension and stress my body is under due to my anxietys. It is a terrible way to be all the time, i find my self having to try and relax my mussles.i have started to meditate that does help,as it makes you realise just how tense your body is when you try and relax. I am on a waiting list for CBT through my doctor and hope it will help, i have paid a lot of money out for private theraphy over the last few years and at the moment i cant afford it, so i have plcked up the courage and gone to the doctors for help, this in itself was hard as i am so scared of even visiting the doctors. i do hope you find some good advise on here, it does help to read others get the same symptons. Maybe a massage would help with the tension. good luck.

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      I'm glad I'm not alone with the symptoms I get and they can be linked to stress and anxiety.

      I didn't really want to go back to my doctor (sometimes I think she thinks oh it's her again).

      I'm waiting to have CBT and got my telephone appointment next week to see how it can progress from there.

      I hope you get an appointment soon x

      I would love a massage but part of my anxiety/panic attacks stem from me being alone in places and with people I don't know sad 

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    First of all I just want to say you dont sound stupid so dont worry about that! 

    My children are 6 years and 8 months my anixety started 8 weeks after giving birth to my youngest I had a panic attack everyone stopped coming to see me as he wasnt the little tiny baby anymore my partner had gone back to work I just felt like I had been abandoned so all started from there thinking im alone if anything was to happen to me np pne will know my daughter is at school partner works shifts so out the house all day. Just sent me Into a panic constantly worrying about my health.

    It got so bad I ended up in a and e thought I was dying I was told it was post natal depression I was in total denial and thought it was much worse and that I had something terribly wrong with me he started me on diazepan which was ok to start with but seemed to get worse I was back and forth to my doctors my health visitor and kept going on like that until I asked for help the doctor had put me on fluoxetine and referred me to a therapist for cbt and ive been alot better not totally better but im getting there im.ok with being left on my own now which before I had that I was terrified of I didnt want to be on the tablets but they are helping me so much

    my symptoms were the same as yours but have been much better on the tablets

    hope you get sorted and remember your not on your own x 

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      Thank you for saying I'm not stupid - sometimes I feel it and maybe that's why sometimes I keep it bottled up and not sure if I should go back to my doctor or not.

      I didn't think it was PND as when my little one was born I seemed fine - we would go loads of places by our selves and I loved being with him by myself.

      I think it may have started when I returned to work when he was 9 months. I still find it hard being away from him.

      I was a bit worries about being diagnosed with PND or even depression as I thought it would have an impact on my son and he'll be taken away if they think I'm not in the right frame of mind?!

      I'm glad the tablets are working for you.

      I've too been referred for CBT and hopefully should have my sessions start soon.

      I hope these help too as I don't like feeling the way I do - especially as before I use to be so outgoing and not so worried.

      I'm pleased you are doing better now - it's nice to read that there will be light at the end of the tunnel x

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      Your welcome hun

      I didnt want to think it was pnd either I was adamant that it wasnt until he told me there more to pnd then just not bonding with baby resenting baby as thats what I thought it was how wrong was I there much more to it

      Talking with my therapist about things and she thinks my stems back from having my daughter as was in un happy relation ship had such a messy break up involving courts social services and I had to bottle it up kept being mummy kept being up beat facing going to work because I had to be strong for her finally found my perfect partner were so happy we own our home we have a beautiful baby boy were engaged to be married and then this hits me its so frustrating but because I can let my guard down as I'm happy and content its all came flooding out and I don't understand it bit with the help from my doctors and health visitors I'm finally getting through never be afraid to ask for help 

      Cbt has worked so far for me im having to to up a step as I'm still having thoughts so something being terribly wrong with me!! it is fantastic I would recommend it to anyone xx

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      Oh, maybe I should maybe not be too against thinking it's PND as like you said there are more symptoms to it than I know.

      Maybe I was/am scared if being label as having it, when I know I probably shouldn't as there is help out there.

      Loads of things have probably contributed to my anxiety, bit like you with relationship, but again I thought I was being stupid to think it was.

      If I wrote everything down, it would be so surprising and I probably would wonder why I haven't had a breakdown or something before now.

      I'm pleased for you that things are looking brighter for you and you are happier now x

      I'll keep positive about the CBT then and hopefully I'll be back to my 'normal' self again x

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    You are not alone or stupid. I feel exactly the same, different sympthoms, but new ones keep cropping up.

    I do think these are part of anxiety - I just think it is your body's way of dealing with it. Listen to me advise - and I am in denial that my tingling and twitching are anxiety!!! I hope to accept this soon and it does take over.

    Looking at some of the other discussions - it would appear that both you and me and our situations/aches are very very normal.


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    If you have pnd then it may be a good idea to take your antidepressants.  The pains may be due to the anxiety.  What were the side effects of the tablets?


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