Argh anxiety ive done it again....:'(

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Anxietys got the better of me again. I went to see my doctor this morning as i was worried about the constant headache & tight sore neck and shoulders. So he did my temp, blood pressure , checked my ears and throat and checked my pupil dilation. Then asked me some questions about the headaches. He then said that he was very confident i had no tumour or anything sinister in my brain but then checked my eyes with this weird clicky contraption that got closer n closer to my eyes and changed angle. After he had finished he said my eyes and other tests blood pressure , temp , pupils and eyes were absoloutly fine. So i asked why ive had a constant headache for 3 weeks and he simply said stress & tension. He did say however that my sinuses and throat still needed abit more work as i still have signs of infection so told me to use steam and gargle salt water 6 times a day. Now my doctor is great and amazing but i dont seem to be able to believe that he can tell just by looking at my eyes that i dont have a tumour is it possible to see anything sinister ? I had full bloods done 8 weeks ago and all was normal. Is this really just stress and tension for so long? I wont lie the muscles in my shoulders and neck are so sore if they are touched i jump in the air( been getting partner to give me massages). Am i just being a stupid again?? . The doctor did also say that the common misconception with brain tumours is that u have a constant headache all the time but actually people with brain tumours actually rarely complain of them and its other symptoms which he wouldnt tell me lol ..

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    Doctor go thjrough years and years of training which explains why they generally know what they are talking about.

    I feel that you are really suffering from anxiety and stress, which can and does affect your entire body.

    And by the way, you are not being stupid - stress, anxiety and depression hold the top spots in the 'illness charts' in the UK. 

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    I am i was doing so well but then got a sinus throat and ear infection and that seemed to send me on a downward spiral sad . I know doctors do years of training but i was just wondering how he could tell just by using the special thing he did that there was nothing serious going on? I know the contraption he used looks right into your eye so i thought maybe if there was tumour or something serious it would show up right? And anxiety is a terrible and i thought id had just started to beat it its terrible wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. My arms and legs hve been like jelly for a few days i think thats because ive been so hung up on this brain tumour crap.
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      The eyes are the windows to our brains, so when there is a suspicion of a problem with the brain, the eyes usually show signs of it.

      What ever you do, please do not underestimate the effect that anxiety conditions can have on our general health - it can be huge.

      I feel that what you really need to do is to unwind a bit by doing the things that you enjoy doing, and that way you may relax a little bit more, easing your anxiety.

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      I do not agree that sufferers with anxiety make idiots of themeslves.

      Granted their behaviour might appear strange at times to someone who does not suffer with this awful disorder, but that does not make them idiotic or stupid.

      It is merely an indication that they are struggling to cope with something that has come into their lives uninvited and refuses to leave without help.

      Many victims try to cope with it themselves even though they recognise there has been a major change for the worse in their lives, and this is never the correct thing to do.

      I regard anxiety/ depression and in fact any mental health issue as a maggot that feeds on the living, and as such it can ulimately destroy a person unless something is done about it.

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    The past week ive also been watching tv in my bedroom on my laptop in the dark could this all be connected to my headaches too and i do find my neck twisted or not supported when i wake up from sleeping could this really just be all it is i also sit with bad posture usually forward with my head down or neck turned for long periods of time
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    Anxiety sufferers do make idiots of themselves,but we're that wrapped in worry we don't care. It wasn't till I recovered from the pesky illness that I realised what a fool I made of myself. We all read about misdiagnosed patients,but we're not interested in cases where the outcome is positive,we'd rather seek out misery,which fuels our anxiety. I had all sorts of symptoms than were similar to what someone who had a tumor would have,but they gradually disappeared once the anxiety ceased.

    I don't care what medication the Doc gives you,if you continue to have negative thoughts you'll never get over anxiety. If I ever heard of someone famous dying or becoming ill,I'd google their name until I found our how they died or what they were suffering from, I don't know why,it just made me miserable.It's like picking a scab,if you leave it long enough it will heal.

    I cut everything out of my life that upset me,and I slowly recovered.

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