Arrhythmias hard to detect?

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Hello, 21 year old used to be very active growing up played sports all through high school, and college basketball never had heart problems, nobody in family with heart problems. I was laying in bed one day laying on my stomach felt something weird, then heart raced rapidily for idk 2 to 3 seconds. Then after that it stayed elevated but not crazy fast probably because I got scared. A month or so I was laying in bed and same thing on my stomach, heart missed a beat or something and seemed like it sped up fast for like idk a couple beats by the time I got my hand to my heart it wasn't doing it, but it we fast but that's because like I just got worried I think so nothing bad. I have really bad anxiety and really really bad health anxiety. I went online and researched my symptoms and all this stuff about arrhythmias came up, and how they can happen in young people now I'm terrified I'm gonna die. I have gone to doctors and a cardiologist and have gotteb tests such as EKGs, holter monitor, Echo, stress test, 2 week monitor (results haven't come back yet but never got any heart symptoms on it besides missed beats). So the doctors say I'm good. But i am so scared I'm gonna die I'm scared to go out and way to scared to go to the gym and I used to go to the gym like everyday but I've read that young people have had heart problems and died while working out so now I just can't workout anymore. Has my anxiety gotten control of me? Idk I'm just so scared of having an arrhythmia and I've read that they can be hard to detect, so because of that I tell my family and friends something's up with my heart and they say the doctors have cleared me and I tell them that arrhythmias are hard to detect and they all think I'm crazy. I just really want to stop being a hermit and live my life again but I'm just so scared, like terriered. Ive read so many stories of young people like me going into cardiac arrest I don't want it to happen to me. I've read that 1 in 143 people have an arrhythmia and those odds arnt to bad of me being that 1 person. Can somebody maybe give me some information on arrhythmias and are they really that hard to diagnose? Is my anxiety getting to me? All I do these days is feel my pulse like I just can't stop it's all do. Just need some advice. Thank you so much for reading.

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    Dear Kacey

    Sorry to hear about your concerns.

    Arrythmias do appear to be hard to define as there seems to be different patterns of heartbeat and different causes for them that can probably be called arrythmias.

    If you have been to a cardiologist and had various tests done hopefully you can be assured that the structure of your heart is ok at least. That doesn't stop the arrythmias I know and its these that are making you understandingly anxious. I only wish I could offer a solution to this horrid condition which is invisible to others. All I can say is a lot of people on this forum have had these for many years and are still going strong.

    Keep positive and good luck for your future.


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    Hi Kacey,

    I have posted this a few times, and since being told this, it has put my mind at some ease. It isn't uncommon for the normal heart to drop/miss or skip beats, in fact they are extra or premature beats, but it is the pause that that is noticed. Normally they go unnoticed, however in a anxious state they can be rofound.

    The heart is the only muscle that is stimulated by electricity and no doubt to its tireless endurance, it probably needs a tweak here and a tweak there.

    Also your digestive system believe it or not plays a major role alongside elevated heart beats, even the most experienced cardiologist are at times miffed and are still learning, after all, the heart is a vital organ. I have elevated heartbeats through anxiety or build up of excessive gas, though however frightening it is, and been cleared of any defects it'll most likely be part and parcel for the remainder of life ?

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    Have all the tests done and discuss with your cardiologist about what you can and cannot do as far as physical training. But from what you have described you have nothing to worry about. it seems that you are worried about something like cardiac death. It is true that it does happen in young healthy adults sometimes without any reason but it is very rare. Do you have family history of your relatives dying young from heart conditions? Do you run marathons? Do you get the same symptoms if you sleep on your back? Again listen to what you doc says. If you can't control anxiety let them know. 

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      Hey thank you for everyone's reply! And alex no I have no family history of any heart problems, and I also don't run marathons why do you ask that? And when I'm on my back sleeping everything seems to be good. But yea I agree I need to learn how to worry less I guess. Just would like to play basketball again without worrying about my heart but just don't know if I should push my body that hard, is that why you asked about the marathon? Again thank you for your response it means more then you think.

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      Marathons are one of the athletic events when you may hear that sometimes  fit and healthy young indivudals suffer from sudden cardiac death syndrome. The leading theory is that it can be caused due to underdiagnosed heart desease (often genetic in nature) that can manifest itself during strenuous physical activity. That is why it is important to know your family history of heart desease if any when speaking to your doctor. Since you don't have any other symptoms like unexpected fatigue, fainting, chest pain, blood pressure etc   It appears that in your case the issue is transient. If your doctor does not worry you should get back to your normal life activities. Heart is very strong and resilient organ that does not easily fails to work. Don't let anxiety to overwhelm you. Chemically anxiety is form of stress and it can in turn cause Inflamation and the body and your heart do not like Inflamation. 


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