Arrythmia's where do i go fron here?

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Brief history, i have pvc's since i was 16 im now 31. So basically everyday for 15 years. Recently i have been diagnosed with svt which was caught on holter. I also get brief episodes where my whole chest feels like its vibrating with an erratic and very irregular pulse but these episodes have not been caught on monitor so i am none the wiser as to what this is. I am awaiting a cardiologist appointment at the moment and have been told to call for an ambulance if these episodes occur in the meantime. Currently on 3.75mg of bisoprolol as i dont tolerate it well in higher doses.

I'm a public patient in ireland and have been told i could be waiting months to see cardiologist and I'm so worried. I'm scared I'm going to drop dead in the meantime with these episodes. I should mention i have seen him before and was brushed off and told there was nothing wrong before the svt was finally caught.

Does anybody have any idea what this erratic irregular pulse could be? This one worries me the most.

Hoping and praying for an ablation. TIA.

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    Well, it hasn't killed you in 15 years, and with luck it won't kill you for a long, long time. At least that's the attitude the doctors seem to have. I've been fighting mine for - well, it depends how you count it, at least 8 years, maybe 18, and maybe since I was born. And my diagnosis is even hazier than yours.

    Best advice I have is to try to track it to diet. I long ago discovered my worst symptoms followed certain spicy foods - which I happened to love, but have had to cut way back. The good news is, it helps.

    Is your blood pressure otherwise OK? If not, then getting it down, may also help. And diet may help there, too.

    Doctors don't really have a great cure for this, not even a great diagnosis. From what I've read even the ablation is a pretty much try-it-and-hope, and it's a major recovery to even try. And the drugs are even less certain, with more negative side-effects.

    So maybe get in a time machine and come back in another 100 years, see if they have a better treatment by then! 😃

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      Thanks so much. I have already changed my diet so much. I don't eat anything that contains high doses of msg as it sets off a tachy episode. I don't touch alcohol, tea, coffee or sugary drinks. I have 1 bar of chocolate a week. I just feel like I'm not living because of this.

      My blood pressure has always been perfect, even in pregnancy its never been outside of normal range. I suppose I'm just scared and fed up at this stage and i will try anything to just feel normal again.

      Thanks so much for all the info.

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    I know your pain and anxiety caused by these palpitations and flutters. My cardiologist tells me they are nothing to worry about - but that is easy to say when you're not the one experiencing them. I do think they could be related to food. As JX1870 has mentioned - dealing with diet. I know there have been times when I have eaten spicy food and had the palpitations worse than ever. Another time I had dinner with friends at a new Asian restaurant. The food was very good, not especially spice, but during the night I woke up with very bad palpitations and racing heart beat. I started thinking about the possibly of MSG being in the food. I've read that MSG and other food additives can contribute to them. Look up something called gastrocardiac syndrome. It is a rare thing, but it seems like it could be something to consider. I know when I am having frequent palpitations, I start burping a lot... and it seems like that helps a little. I read where magnesium helps, and I take it, but still get the palpitations. I try to figure out what triggers them... I don't drink alcohol which I've heard is a trigger. Caffeine can be a trigger. I do drink one or two cups of coffee in the mornings, but it doesn't seem to matter if I don't drink the coffee or not. So try not to worry too much, and I know that is hard to do. They cause me a lot of anxiety as I am sure they do most all of us who experience them. I wish you the best. And I hope you get to see the cardiologist soon. And that he can help.

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      MSG and alcohol are triggers for me. I have practically cut them out. I tried magnesium too. Seems no matter what i do i cant get rid of them. Thanks so much for the info though.

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    I feel when I get them that I have indigestion and need to burp to try and stop them. Also when I am sitting or lying down I notice them more so maybe it is to do with diet.

    I now eat a very healthy diet and have very little alcohol ( maybe 1 or 2 Beers a week). Never had Caffeine in Coffee. Have lost a fair bit of weight.

    Blood Pressure is always on the low side.

    Yet I still get these feelings. I do find that they can come and go and that I can have them for weeks a time and then get some respite and then they come back again.

    I have been diagnosed with Afib which also fits your symptoms.

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      Thanks so much. I thought it was Afib too nit after googling i'm not so sure. When i get these episodes its enough to take my breath away and make me stop what im doing. My chest feels really full. Basically feels like a string of missed beats, then a huge beat and another string of missed beats if that makes sense. Google tells me v-tach which worries me greatly as you can imagine. I just dont want to experience it again until the holter is on.

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      It took a couple goes to catch the Afib. It just made me feel lethargic with no energy. If I took my pulse it was erratic too. The first time I had a 24 hour monitor it only showed ectopic beats and they said thats nothing to worry about. I never had an episode of Afib while I was being monitored.

      I used to get it a couple of times a year and it would last from a few hours to a week at a time.

      After having it a few more times I made it to the Doctors during an episode and they captured it. It reverted back 2 days later just as they were about to do a cardio version on the operating table. The next episode I went to hospital and my cardiologist said I could go home and booked me in for another cardio version later in the week but again it stopped by itself.

      I am on a Beta Blocker now and have been given a blood thinner to take if it happens again.

      I dont feel that good though and think I may need to look at the medications.

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      About all I have to fight mine is a beta blocker, and if you don't feel good on it, talk to the doctor about a smaller dose. I'm on 12.5mg of atenolol, that's about 1/4 of a common low dose. The full dose made me feel like a zombie.

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