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AS and Physiotherapy

I was diagnosed with AS in February. I just had my first physiotherapy appt. They did manual adjustments to my low back/ joints. Now im in more pain then ever. Has this ever happen to anyone else?

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  • ABP

    Hi, yes I was under the care of a Rheumatology Physio earlier this year. I had pain in the thoracic spine and rib cage. She used very intense manipulation, following which I was in severe pain. I could not lie on my back or use the back support in chairs. This went on for 6 weeks, and I actually feared she had caused a stress fracture. I told my Rheumy who said she should not be doing manipulation of the spine, and to infection bform her if the pain it caused, which I already had. It was never investigated further, but to this day, remains tender in that area, and cannot rest against chair backs. I refuse to let them do anything with the bones, and only allow soft tissue massage to loosen up the tight muscles. Hope yours settles soon, you could always ring your Rheumatology nurse for advice 

    • maureen61742

      That sounds terrible. I did call my Dr. she advised I stop with the physio for now. She suggested I take tylonal, a muscle relaxer and drink plently of fluids. If it does not get better in a few days I am to call her back. Thank you for your reply.

  • ABP

    Hi.  I would go to the chiropractor and have my lower back adjusted.  Although I would get must needed relief, just pressure on my bones was extremely painful.  I found that going horseback riding would gently put my back in place without painful manipulation.  It's the movement of the horses hips forward and backward that do the trick.  When I need an adjustment I just say to my daughter about hopping on our horses and away we go riding off into the sunset. I feel so good afterwards.

  • ABP

    Hi, yes it happened to me...but I was seeing a chiropractor...are you sure you saw the right person? Was he/she a physiotherapist. For me it was the worst experience of all...setting off alarm bells everywhere. I would never go to her again. Let us all know how you are now and what was your experience.  Hugs..G

    • gloria55119

      Yes it was a physiotherapist I seen. I did ask before I went in and again at the start of the appt. if they had worked with AS before. They assured me they had. My dr. told me to go to one because my entire body is so stiff and I need to learn proper strechtes to get my body moving again and hopefully get back some mobility. I did call my Dr. after my appointment however, I also decided to post here well I waited to hear back. My Dr. told me to hold off on the physio until my inflammation comes down more. She also said that I have too much damage to my hip joints to do manual manipulation of any kind. The physiotherapist should have waited to do anything like that till getting my xrays. I feel like perhaps the physio office I went to did not have the experience with AS that they said they had. They also got kinda rude on the phone when I told them that my Dr. said to cancel the next appointment. Their reviews however were all good. So I didnt expect all this.

  • ABP

    Maybe their reviews were good for patients not suffering from AS....I've been told that AS is the most difficult disease to treat because Doctors and other medical people know little about it..It takes time to find the right Doctors and the right medication...and everyone is different with their symptoms. I hope you find what we are all looking for, success with treatment. Good Luck..G

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