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Ankylosing Spondylitis

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  • peter21326 3

    Gifts from mom

    I've told this story before but the history of spinal problems in my family flows directly through my mother.  She had terrible (but undiagnosed) pain in her lumbar spiine for years and all three of her offspring have shared that gift.  My two siblings and I have been dealing with a multitude of

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  • peter21326 3

    Filing for disability due to AS

    Hi all, ​   I have not worked since taking an early retirement from work in March 2015 because of the AS and other things.  I had a personal bias against filing for disabilty and had some income from a pension, IRA and annuity that I was drawing from.  In late 2016 it became obvious that that

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  • Guest M

    Ankylosing Spondylitis HLA B27 Negative

    My experience in the UK is that, if you have AS but test negative for B27 you will almost certainly not be diagnosed; no GP will take you seriously and even if the X-Rays show positive fusion of the sacroiliac after years of sacroiliitis, and you have related symptoms ( spinal fusion, costochondritis,...

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  • jim93390 2

    Anybody been on Cosentyx ?

    And if so, plase supply some feedback. Also, is it true that remecade is the choice of drug for AS patients? I was on humera for a short spell and the results were not good so I went back on remecade. Eventually once  again  I would like to "try" something else, humera was not the answer and embryl

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  • Aserelbaz1988 2

    Fibromyalgia Diagnosis OR Ankylosing Spondylitis HLA B27 Negative

    Hi, i am 29 Ive got quite normal symptoms of extreme stiffness, pain down my legs worse on rest, morning waking, fatigue. I'back pain for 4 years ago . MRI showed disc L5 S1. Had steroid injection THEN Epidural injectionin 9/2016  which have greatly relieved pain but stiffness has been bad again

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  • dr-haidar 2

    larynx - swallowing & AS

    Hi ; I have been experienced a crackling sound from my larynx cartilages when i swallow , when i touch the fibrotic tissue around cartilages it sores as it is inflamed . i'd to ask about larynx issues in AS and swallow related problems . thanks for your answers

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  • Friendly1 2

    Hi family !

    whatever i wont talk about how i suffered ... i am 16 years old and i take humira for 3 years now , my body is building a resistance and its not working as efficient it used to be .. i am just sad with my life ,, its really painful guys i need someone to talk to

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  • carl38075 1


    Hi folks, i heard alot about a relationship between RH negative blood typle  and HLAB27, so i will aprreciate a lot if you can post me your blood types, Best wishes for you Carl

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  • dr-haidar 2

    cough and AS

    Hi ; i suffer from AS a year a go , now i have coughing since 3 days form thoracic origine , although i have a flu last week . i am afraid that this cough could be because of lung issues related to AS . thanks for help

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  • Aphra 2

    Told to STOP all AS meds, what would you do??

    I've recently been referred to Mayo again, because of Near Syncope Bradycardia. My Rheumatologist was concerned about my fatigue, shortness of breath, sweating, pale not my usual self, sent us to the local ER. My heartrate kept falling into the 40's; which is not my normal. I was

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  • amanda60048 2

    Scared to sleep

    I have only recently been diagnosed with AS. For a few months before diagnosis I couldn't sleep for more than 3-4 hrs without waking up in pain. I have since started Humira every 10days for 2 months then every 14 days continually. Now thank god I am not having pain at night or back pain in the

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  • jemini04 2
  • karen 65476 2
  • peter21326 3

    Classic Measures of Inflammation

    Hey guys, ​  I just came back from a visit with my rheumatologist and she had just done another blood workup and we were going over the results.  I measured 6.3 on the HS (high sensitivity) CRP measure and 21 on sed rate.  She said that these measures put me in a middle ground somewhere between no

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  • Jules333 1

    Need Advice new to A.S.

    I had spinal surgeries due to a tumor 2 yrs ago. I've recently been doing disability paper work, and came across my medical docs from the hospital. On the docs they diagnosed me with Ankylosing Spondylitis, however- no one ever mentioned it to me 2yrs and now I have been looking it up

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  • ipaula 2

    recently diagnosed with AS (HLA B27 - pozitive)

    Hi Everyone, I am new on this forum, I am 38 years old I have been diagnosed with AS (HLA B27 - pozitive, NMR exams, blood speed 60), I am having bad pains at my spine and sacro-iliac bones. My rheumatologist gave me for the start SULFASALAZINE EN 500MG (1,2,3,4 per day) and celebrex,...

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  • karen 65476 2

    AS and Extremely fatigued and rib pain

    I have not formally been diagnosed but we are pretty close to it! My hip joints are so painful and my ribs feel like there all broke at times. The fatigue is almost more than I can take! I can't even walk around a grocery store without being extremely weak and trembling. My Rhumatard doctor left so I'

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  • tom9073 1


    I have been in constant pain since i was 15 years old that started with lower back spams focusing around my SI joint.  The Doctors did X-Rays showing inflamation of my SI joint (presence of flluid etc) along with Fusing of my C4-C5 vertebrae in my neck. I saw a rheumatologist and was also tested

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  • Carolineq8 4

    AS negative BLEPHARITIS positive

    So I got my scans and bloods back for AS and there all negative, however I had an eye test yesterday and was told I have BLEPHARITIS and have had this for at least 5 years and was wandering is there any connection, I only ask because I have all the symptoms of AS and I'm so frustrated as im

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  • Luc07 1

    Desperate for answers. What do I do?

    Hello, I am hoping someone can help me. A little background: I am 32. I have had hip pain on my right side for about 10 years. I always attributed it to carrying children on my right hip. (I worked in childcare before going on to having my own children). The last few years it's gotten worse. My

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  • HaydenG 2

    Waiting on results of HLA-B27 and terrified

    Hi, I am a 27 year old male. Recently I developed a case of iritis. Which has not gone away after being put on prednisone eyedrop for a week and a half. My optometrist referred me to an ophthalmologist who then asked me all kids of questions that had nothing to do with my eyes. Questions I'm sure

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  • shaza69 2

    AS and other illnesses.

    AS just hasn't affected my spine, it's started on my feet & ankles at the minute? My bowel & bladder is also effected. Does anyone else have other problems to with the AS? 

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  • L4ren1 2

    Looking for help AS

    I have AS been diagnosed for 6 months - I inject humria and take methotrexate, I currently am housebound as I cannot walk due to stiffness and pain which is ruining my once upon active life! I also need to urinate up to 6 times a night which is driving me crazy? Can anyone relate to any of my symptoms

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  • felicity52427 1

    I have all the symptoms, test are several years old, what next?

    I'm soon 44, have night time unilateral pain starting at lower rib cage to top of buttocks. The worst of it is on top of the hips towards the back (in the "muffin top" area). Every night it interrups my sleep and I end-up taking an anti-inflamatory to go back to sleep. I also get this pain if I recline/

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  • ginam6661 2

    For women out there that are menopausal

    Has anyone with AS that has gone through menopause experienced their AS as having gotten a lot worse?  Mine sure has as it started creeping up my spine and wrapping around my ribs causing it to hurt as I breathe.  I also had costochondritis which felt like I had broken ribs and it hurt to breathe.  

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  • hope4cure 6

    Irritating , annoying comments about chronic pain .

    Don’t you hate it when the able-bodied try to encourage you with cliches that no longer apply to chronic pain patients? The one that irritates me most is, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”. or, "the power of positive thinking" ... Here's one of my favorites just keep moving and be "Mindful"

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  • yogibearsmrs 2


    Hi all. Diagnosed over a year ago with AS and started taking humira in September last year. So disappointed as no effect what so ever. Nurse tells me that they will stop the injections at my next appointment in March which I'm not to upset about as I don't want to be taking something which isn't

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  • gloria55119 4

    Problem with my eyes

    Hi everyone, please can you tell me what iritis looks like. I have had people ask if I've been crying lately. No but my eyes are very sore and when I looked in the mirror, I saw that they are very bloodshot and inflamed. I have pain around the right side of my face from the upper jaw to the top of

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  • tony68114 3

    Hip revision surgery

    Hi, Have suffered from for over 50 years being a classic severe "case" both my hips were replaced in 1989 and now worn and disintegrating and causing voids in pelvis. Have been referred to best team in country but 750 miles from where l live, last week met whole team who believe something can

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  • ginam6661 2

    Piriformis Syndrome and AS

    Does anyone else suffer from piriformis syndrome that has AS?  I've been bothered with it for 16 years or more.  Doctor has me doing PT but it seems to be aggravating it even more. Gina

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  • Valleydachs 2

    Does this progress to AS?

    last week, I got a diagnosis of Sacriolititis.  When I looked it up, the info read that Sacriolititis is the hallmark of AS.  Does this mean I should expect a progression from S to AS?  If so, what is the crossover symptom?I have IBD and am so stiff I can barely walk.  Also have memory issues.  

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  • dr-haidar 2

    AS - doctors not wises - disasterous pain - dark life

    Hi sufferers ; AS could be very different throught patients ; it can present in chest pain like a sustaind heart attack !! My mandibular hurt me because of chest hard pain like a heart attack , no medication . my CRP is normal , in 30% situation CRP could be normal , like mine . There is no joint

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  • CtKathleen 2

    Hip flares

    Hi, I hope everyone is having a happy start to their new year!  I just have a quick I've had AS since childhood.  Usually an area will flare and stay problematic 6months-5 years.  My hip is effected now for the first time. So far, my right hip hurts, the pain travels down to my foot and I'

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  • ama38049 4

    AS and matresses

    Hi, looking for a new mattress and a bit lost. I tried the "fancy" foam matresses and I get a numb sensation in my limbs and back, so I don't know if they hurt my spine or else. What do you sleep on? What kind of firmness would you recommend? I know that firm is considered better, but it hurts my

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  • Indigoods 3

    Opinions on meds

    I am looking for everyones input on this one. Meds, which one works for you, if any. I have to make some choices soon. Currently on methotrexate, folic acid, valium and oxycodone. I'm from New Jersey, suddenly the heroin epidemic is making all the doctors around here not give out narcotics. I know

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