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Ankylosing Spondylitis

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  • edward61102 2

    Inactivity is detrimental

    Inactivity can be the enemy of Ankylosing Spondylitis. Get off the couch and get moving. Unlike typical back pain, the pain of AS improves with activity. - AS1 Facebook Page Anyone disagree?

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  • martin46345 2
  • V.L 2
  • emm2 2

    Morphine and ankylosing spondylitus

    Hi all So I've been diagnosed with a.s for 15 years I've done to many nsaid anti inflammatory s pain killers etc. I've been told by my rhumi that there's nothing else to be I'm currently on nambumatone (anti inflammatory) and my yearly check up I explained that from the waist...

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  • dan34009 1
  • ridley 2

    Feels like I have run a race

    Does anyone else have it where your legs/knees feel like you have done excess excercise the day before? My knees ache like hell and my legs feel like the muscles have run a half marathon (OK maybe 7 miles) the day before, when all I have done is take the dog for a gentle walk. By the way my chest/middle...

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  • XoMonkey 3

    Axial Spondyloarthropy

    Hi my rheumatologist suspect I have spondyloarthropy due to lower back pain and elevated esr levels. Sometimes i wake up with extreme pain that i cannot move - this happened on holiday and the pain woke me up. I get general aches and pain all over my body but I usually get lower back pain that sometimes...

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  • lulu49 1

    I need guidance...

    Hello, I have not formally been diagnosed with AS, however a rhuematologist told me several years ago, it was possible. All the biologics did not work for me.  I continue to get worse with pain and stiffness all throughout my body. I have Graves Disease but had the radioative iodine to shut down my thyorid....

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  • darren1989 2


    Hi I am 28 years old. I was diagnose with ankolosing spondylitis when I was 20. I take humira but still suffer with neck greatly sometimes it a struggle to swallow. I also had both hips replaced totally in the last three yeArs. I was just woundering does anyone else feel isolated and can t do the normal...

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  • Plain Bill 2

    Phrenic Nerve issues with AS?

    Anyone have breathing issues with AS? I've got worsenning breathing  over the last few months. The chest x-rays show partial eventration of the right hemi-diapgram. In other words the diaphram is collapsing my lung(s). Reading up on this it says that this can be caused by damagae to the Phrenic nerve....

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  • loh81405 2

    Chiropractic good for AS?

    Hi, I have lower back pain since 2014 especially morning . This have made me waking up more earlier and couldn't sleep back. My MRI result showed disc degeneration and tarlov cyst. At that time, I was not aware of AS. But now the pain radiate to neck, chest, wrist, knee slowly. My latest MRI showed...

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  • jason41427 1

    Jogging with AS

    Hello everyone and thanks for letting me join your nice forum I have had AS for several years now, a bit of a curvy spine but now on Humira which is amazing, I am still active (touch wood) and due to the Humira pain free. I like to road cycle for fitness but I feel its getting a bit dangerous and...

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  • ninou96 2
  • Raymondo1 1

    MRI Scan - bad reaction?

    Has anyone suffered a bad reaction following a spinal MRI scan? I suffered (and am suffering) terrible muscle pain and muscle weakness following an MRI scan one month ago. My scan was standard (i.e. without a contrast dye being injected into the blood - I know the dye sometimes causes problems) and...

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  • renstar 2

    Cosentyx miracle drug?

    I have AS and been on Enbrel with great success for many years. During some flare ups I was switched to other biologists but always came back to Enbrel. A couple of years ago I started to get a lot of pain and inflammation in my feet that would only go away with a step down treatment of a very high dose...

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  • robert53460 1

    AS, severe lower back pain, leg pain, New member

    Hello everyone that has pain issues. ​I will say first that I never gave people that said they had back pain sympathy. I guess it serves me right that I would now be dealing with it. ​I have been diagnosed with AS, l4-l5 herniation. I have had one surgery that didnt help relieve the pain. It seems like...

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  • ridley 2

    AS and Fatigue

    I have had AS for a long time now, 20 years+, and was diagnosed 12 years ago. Since then I have just been prescribed CoCodamol and Dicloflenac for when the pain is really bad. However I try not to take them regularly as I do not want to become addicted or succumb to any of the other side effects. Also...

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  • Plain Bill 2

    To take Humira or not

    I got diagnosed with AS about 4 years ago, I'm 56 now. I've been extremely stiff for years and had bouts of debilitating back pain/sciatica in my early 30s, but was never diagnosed. I was seeing a Physiotherapist for a few years and she said there is something seriously wrong with your body. I get that...

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  • stefan9303347 2

    Ankylosing spondilitys

    Hello guys from a 23 old male. I am depressed in the last two weeks since i dont know whats wrong with me. I have pain in my right wrist and in the heels more specifically near the toes. At night and in the mornings its very bad as i am not able to walk properly. I dont have any back pain for now at...

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  • katy2296 2

    No evidence of SI joints fusing but lots of pain

    So I've been undergoing diagnosis for AS for over two years now. I went for an MRI over a year ago and was told I had 'shiny bones' in my back, from how this was explained it means my bones are growing. I am in alot of pain, some days are better then others but I am never pain free. I am constantly tired...

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  • ridley 2

    Ankylosing Spondylitis progression

    When I have a flare the pain in my SJ, lower back and nowadays ribs & upper back.  But when not it a flare the stiffness and pain is more often than not in my ribs & upper back rather than my lower back & SJ (Though those are stiff/painful in the morning or after driving for some time). In the past...

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  • ninou96 2

    SWOLLEN KNEES FOR ALMOST 10 MONTHS Ankylosing Spondylitis

    Just stopping in for some feedback on Cortisone shots in my knees . Since being diagnosed the majority of the pain is in my knees and SI joints as well as some stifness of my neck in the mornings.The stiffness has responded WONDEFULLY to the NSAIDS.but the SI and knees joints pain are a different story. I...

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  • carl38075 1


    Hi folks, i heard alot about a relationship between RH negative blood typle  and HLAB27, so i will aprreciate a lot if you can post me your blood types, Best wishes for you Carl

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  • dr-haidar 2

    larynx - swallowing & AS

    Hi ; I have been experienced a crackling sound from my larynx cartilages when i swallow , when i touch the fibrotic tissue around cartilages it sores as it is inflamed . i'd to ask about larynx issues in AS and swallow related problems . thanks for your answers

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  • peter21326 3

    Gifts from mom

    I've told this story before but the history of spinal problems in my family flows directly through my mother.  She had terrible (but undiagnosed) pain in her lumbar spiine for years and all three of her offspring have shared that gift.  My two siblings and I have been dealing with a multitude of spine...

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  • peter21326 3

    Filing for disability due to AS

    Hi all, ​   I have not worked since taking an early retirement from work in March 2015 because of the AS and other things.  I had a personal bias against filing for disabilty and had some income from a pension, IRA and annuity that I was drawing from.  In late 2016 it became obvious that that approach...

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  • Guest M

    Ankylosing Spondylitis HLA B27 Negative

    My experience in the UK is that, if you have AS but test negative for B27 you will almost certainly not be diagnosed; no GP will take you seriously and even if the X-Rays show positive fusion of the sacroiliac after years of sacroiliitis, and you have related symptoms (e.g. spinal fusion, costochondritis,...

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  • jim93390 2

    Anybody been on Cosentyx ?

    And if so, plase supply some feedback. Also, is it true that remecade is the choice of drug for AS patients? I was on humera for a short spell and the results were not good so I went back on remecade. Eventually once  again  I would like to "try" something else, humera was not the answer and embryl will...

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  • Aserelbaz1988 2

    Fibromyalgia Diagnosis OR Ankylosing Spondylitis HLA B27 Negative

    Hi, i am 29 Ive got quite normal symptoms of extreme stiffness, pain down my legs worse on rest, morning waking, fatigue. I'back pain for 4 years ago . MRI showed disc L5 S1. Had steroid injection THEN Epidural injectionin 9/2016  which have greatly relieved pain but stiffness has been bad again from...

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  • Friendly1 2

    Hi family !

    whatever i wont talk about how i suffered ... i am 16 years old and i take humira for 3 years now , my body is building a resistance and its not working as efficient it used to be .. i am just sad with my life ,, its really painful guys i need someone to talk to

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  • dr-haidar 2

    cough and AS

    Hi ; i suffer from AS a year a go , now i have coughing since 3 days form thoracic origine , although i have a flu last week . i am afraid that this cough could be because of lung issues related to AS . thanks for help

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  • Aphra 2

    Told to STOP all AS meds, what would you do??

    I've recently been referred to Mayo again, because of Near Syncope Bradycardia. My Rheumatologist was concerned about my fatigue, shortness of breath, sweating, pale color... not my usual self, sent us to the local ER. My heartrate kept falling into the 40's; which is not my normal. I was hospitalized...

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  • amanda60048 2

    Scared to sleep

    I have only recently been diagnosed with AS. For a few months before diagnosis I couldn't sleep for more than 3-4 hrs without waking up in pain. I have since started Humira every 10days for 2 months then every 14 days continually. Now thank god I am not having pain at night or back pain in the morning....

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  • jemini04 2
  • karen 65476 2
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