My symptoms- do they sound like AS?

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do my symptoms sound like AS? have you guys and girls broadly had the same symptoms? :

-basically pain down one side of body

-back pain- especially lower and mid back pain

-hip pain- around the hip and on outside

-slight pain running down back of leg like hamstring tightness

-pain right at bottom of heel and pain or at least discomfort under the foot

when things are at its worse I also get:

-neck pain and tightness

-tightening around the jaw and when it happens i need to open my jaw and a loud popping sound occurs

-head pain like a line to the right of centre on top of head.

-shoulder pain and tightness

-pain at times coming round the right side of the ribs and sometimes pain at the front breastbone.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hi Dylan

    I havent been diagnosed with AS but like you I am looking for answers. I have all the symptoms you describe except the head pain. I have right rib pain, it feels widespread and like a gnawing feeling. The tendons in my feet, ankles and achillies tendon are stiff and painful especially when I get up out of bed or sitting for a while. Mid and lower back pain, pain in my buttocks when i bend, pain over my hips, hamstring pain. I also have to pop my jaw back in on the left now as it sometimes pops out when i'm eating and is painful. Neck pain when I tilt to the left, left shoulder pain if i try to lift anything with a bit of weight and pain and numbness in both elbows that make my last 2 fingers go numb. I know this isn't an answer for you but its interesting that we both have similar symptoms and looking for the same disease? I had an x ray a couple of weeks ago as my back pain is horrendous at the moment. I have a condition called spondylolisthesis but with all the other symptoms I have now I'm sure I have AS as well. I am getting a call from the doc today about x ray results so I will find out if anything other than my spondy shows up. I always think I have something horrible like cancer as I feel so crappy most of the time and the anxiety makes my symptoms worse. Have you been to a doctor about your symptoms yet?


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      sorry for the delay in answering you.

      how are things with you now? have you had any clarity?

      i've not yet visited the doc, i have been putting it off for so long - i feel slightly confused with it all, one week i have really bad pains, brain fog and tiredness, then when I'm about to say enough I need to go to the doc I have a good week where the pain is lower - i seem to be oscillating around the edge of the "bad pains" all the time.

      however I do have to admit that I use what I believe are coping habits to manage the pains- like going for walks when I get out of bed to ease up the stiffness, eating healthily or basically avoiding bad processed food, taking pain killers .... i think the pattern fits with that cycle, when i "manage" it with these elements things are better then I ease off the management habits and they get worse - im actually here now looking for answers with another management technique I have used which is intermittent fasting- i stumbled on this - ive noticed when I go a few days in a row skipping breakfast its like my pains reduce to mostly stiffness and are much more manageable after over a week of this.

      but this sounds so silly to say it im wondering if anyone else has felt this - these symptoms have left me wondering if im crazy sometimes to be honest! 😕

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      Since I last replied to you I have been to a neurosurgeon in Newcastle. He took more X rays and did a few exams on me and has said I have Sacroiliac joint dysfunction and wants to give me steroid injection into the joint. When i got home i of course googled the title and BAM its exactly what is causing all the pain I have in my left lower side. Interestingly SI joint dysfunction is a common part of Ankylosing spondylitis. I told him about all my other aches and pains, or as much as could remember as there are that many. He didnt seem too concerned but they need investigating. While I am typing this my elbows are painful and my fingers are tingling. I have also been going through a couple of bad bowel days, indegestion, nausea, loss of appetite. I will still be pushing for further investigations as feel horrible most of the time.

      You aren't crazy, pain is real and coming from somewhere. I got told I have fibromyalgia but thats just an umbrella term for 'we haven't got a clue whats wrong with you'. I know my mental health affect my symptoms but when theres pain it hard to feel happy and the vicious cycle carries on. Write down a weeks worth of daily symptoms so you have something for whn you speak to doc. I am going to do this because when I start explaining I forget a lot of symptoms.

      Let me know how you are and if you call doc.

      Take care


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      Hi Dylan,

      Hope all is well with you. All of the symptoms you have been having sounds very similar to what I have expect for a few things. Literally thought it was me.

      Anyway, I hope you've been able to find out exactly what's wrong with you since it's been 3 years.

      If you have any useful updates, please post here.


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    much of this sounds like me. my legs hurt really bad...anyone? I'm afraid of pad.

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