ASD and rotator cuff debridement last Saturday 8th April

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I had the above surgery 7 days ago It was not possible to repair the rotator cuff tear as it was very ragged The inflammed Bursa was removed I was a day patient and discharged 3 hrs post operatively Given Naproxen and Co Codamol on discharge I had very low blood pressure for 2 days following discharge 100-95/55-50 I am hypertensive and on medication for this I did feel.faint and had palpations heart rate 120-130 but settled after 2 days I omitted my hypertensive meds for 2 days

I have had my first post operative Physio on Thursday My problem is that I am told I can do what I am able within the pain limitation

Currently the actual shoulder feels not too bad but I am having a lot of pain over my deltoid region with pain radiating down almost elbow I am taking co Codamol 3-4 times a day

Wondering if I am using the arm too much at this stage or if the pain is due to the gentle exercises I an doing I would appreciate any advice or comparisons anyone can make Thanks Sue

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    Hello, April 8th!  Slow and steady.  You're not even two weeks out of the surgery.  Speak to the physical therapist.  Call your doctor's office and check in.  Did your doctor send you home with a written set of instructions??  Slow and steady.  Communicate with your medical team.  Do some research online regarding your surgery for greater understanding.  Be careful.  Good luck and post an update when you have time!  Take care.

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      Thanks for your response I think you are right and I am trying to do too much I live alone so don't have help The shoulder is still pretty swollen and aching today I am due to see my Physio on Thursday so will rest the shoulder until I see him He did say I should do the specific exercises they gave me My thinking was I don't have any actual sutures within the shoulder which I would have had they been able to repair the cuff.

      At the moment the pain is self limiting I have read some other forum as well as articles online

      I am a retired Midwife and should know better

      Thank you for reminding me I am just 9 days post op I am 75 but active so not easy to rein myself in

      I do appreciate your response Sue

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      I am catching up on some recorded TV programmes Had a hairdresser in today as I am not able to blow dry it

      While I feel I.could do moreTh I am being sensible and only doing exercises prescribed by my Physio Seeing him Thursday Have weekly appts until 25th May I also have an appt to see my Surgeon 3rd May Thank you for your input


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    It is now 4 + weeks since my surgery Having Hydrotherapy at the moment

    I was seen at the clinic and the Surgeon is happy with my progress

    I am however having quite a bit of pain I am doing most things not hoovering but general housework

    Not sure if I am doing too much or expecting too much

    I am finding the arm gets very tired

    Not sure if the pain is muscular from the Physio I can call Joe the shoulder Physio He works with my surgeon and I'd very experienced

    I don't like to bother him

    Thoughts would be appreciated


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    I was shown the photos of the inside of my shoulder and there was a lot of

    Inflammation within the joint. I have started to take Naproxen again since yesterday

    Today I am putting my arm back in the sling again to rest it for short period

    I maybe expected too much as the initial situation was better than expected I a finding it difficult not to use my right arm

    ie putting plates up on to shelf in cupboard Need to reach up to do this

    Think I just need to be more aware of what I am about. An elderly neighbour is unwell and

    I am helping her Go in 3-4 times a day Not doing any lifting but it has increased my work load

    Thanks again Sue

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      It is now 12 weeks since I had my surgery Initially I thought I was doing quite well but for the past 4 weeks I have experienced more pain My Physio told me to rest it and sent me back.for Hydrotherapy Have had 2 sessions but not sure where I should go I do.have an appt to see the Surgeon on Wednesday

      I am very disappointed with things as they are and not sure if it needs more time I feel some clonking when I move the shoulder in a certain way

      Any views would be appreciated


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      Susan...I am four weeks of re-repair surgery.  May 11th (13 weeks of work physical therapy 3x per week) my PT got careless with "new" exercises which my shoulder was not ready for and viola...infraspinatues repair held.  subscapularis healing held, BUT supraspinatus ripped off the anchors. UGH.  There was a loud pop (sutures rupturing) and diminishing rom until the tendon completely ripped off again.  GUT WRENCHING frustrating.  Tearful.  MRI confirmed.  Re-repair (revision) surgery 6/2.  New PT with a different PT operation has been working with me for two weeks.  No Percocet in two weeks.  Using Ibuprofen 600-800 mg every 4-6 hours as needed (not often) BUT ICING a couple of times (60 minutes) throughout the day.

       Did you do something?  Overhead (perhaps plates on the shelves with your surgery arm?  Hanging towels on a rack shoulder height or higher?

      Are you able to have an MRI?  Have you been tearful?  That tear-jerking pain is telling.  It's different than tears from frustration and regular pain.

      Resting in the sling is a good idea.  Ice ought to be helpful.  Talk to the surgeon as soon as you can.  Write down your thoughts in a journal/diary. It might help you remember what you were doing on particular days.  Use calendar.  

      Slow and will be okay!


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      I am not aware of having done anything in particular I have put plates up onma shelf but didn't experience any pain when I did it I was told I could do most things in kitchen etc I asked about vacuuming etc and told probably not yet I am aware of a bit of a clunk when I lift my shoulder in a certain way Not sure if I hear it or just feel it I am seeing the Consultant on Wednesday I was shown some photos of the inside of my shoulder during my surgery There was a lot of inflammation and it may be that the joint needs more time I am taking Naproxen three times a day and I am icing it intermittently Thank you for your advice I do appreciate it Sue

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      Okay...well, ask about the Naproxen.  Brigham and Womens Hosptial (Havard University) state no Naproxen, Aleve, Ibpro as it interferes with healing (tendon).  I don't know...maybe ask about the meds.  Can you change up or down to something else?  The clunking is concerning. Does your physio agree with you?  Has your physio communicated with the doctor?  hmm...  Are you icing??  How long?  Times per day?  I hope it goes well for you!!  Keep your chin up!!

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    Since I last posted I have seen my Consultant Like me he is disappointed that to date I have not had a better outcome I described the clicking / grating I felt He put my arm through a lot of passive movements with his hand shoulder

    He could feel what I described He sent me off for an X-ray

    The X-ray was fine The problem is that I have what he described as a GROTTY shoulder .

    A lot of inflammation and debris from the tear Not being able to repair the tear would probably could result in an inferior outcome He removed the inflammed Bursa as well as doing a debrinement

    He offered me a cortisone injection to try and reduce the swelling and inflammation

    The shoulder is a lot less swollen and I think.the pain has improved I have good mobility and pretty good strength The pain is in one area and triggered by particular movement I am continuing with gentler physio and seeing Consultant 3rd September

    Jo the Shoulder who works with my Consultant is excellent They have not pushed beyond what the shoulder dislikes As they say I still have time

    Thanks for your past advice Sue

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