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Hi all

Haven't written for a while I'm at exactly 1 month from the drop from 45 to 30mg of mirtazapine

Wow what a ride

Withdrawal effects didn't start to week 2 and went like this

Panic attacks upon waking which died down into crippling stomach pains and nausea

Then after a few days the panic attacks stopped but was being woken every morning with indigestion nausea and stomach cramps

Then the morning stomach cramps went was just left will all day nausea

Then i had a few days of feeling pretty good thought it was over

Then at 4 weeks i now having Askethsia this in itself makes ke feel sick, restoess, and like i was to crawl out of my skin. Extremely agitated and genuinely don't know what to do with myself

Tried tiring my legs out with some exercises but i can't seem to do it for long before my legs give way and i have to lay down again which starts off the fidgeting

I've taken a diazipam and not sure if it's helped but don't want to take anymore as am trying to use them only as and when but I'm afraid where this withdrawal has been so severe and I've had to take them i may be addicted

I am going to phone the doc in a bit as have very little control over my legs and can't drive

Has anyone else had this as part of withdrawal I've done some research and have found that mirtazipine has commonly been used to treat ssri induced Askethsia so would make aense to me it would be a symptom of withdrawal

Does anyone know how long this will last? Its making je feel really inpuksive and adgitated which isbaffecting my mood badly

Hooe everyone else is well

Look forward to your comments

S x

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    Spoke to doc

    He said try propranolol but from previous experience this does nothing for my mood and leaves me feeling flat

    So have been given some more diazipams grrr!

    I've got some in the draw I've taken a 2mg already this morning along with codeine and then tried a benedryl has calmed them a bit but now I'm back to feeling drowsy

    My sons school fete is this evening and he's doing maypole dancing bless him . I hope the tiredness wears off before then I've had to miss too many important things due to illness and anxiety(brought on through illness)

    Think I've always had restless legs on mirt! I do have bad spells with them but was only occasional so didn't think much of it only now i know mirt can cause this!

    The withdrawal is making it 10 times worse

    But the stomach cramps have stopped and the sickness isn't so bad aches and pains seem better. A little insomnia but doc has given me a few zops to take if i need to only taken 1 so far

    I really am hoping this is the last of it and will definitely do a slower taper in future

    S x

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    I hate to say that your initial drop was way too much!  Some people get away with such large cuts, especially from the higher doses to midway, but this has proven that you are on the sensitive side.  

    There's no way to say how long the akethesia will last.  You could try a slight up-dose, maybe 5 mg, and see if it resolves.  Can you get the liquid Mirt from your doctor (UK folks have access)?  That makes it easier to do those in-between doses.

    Your other option is to hold on longer and see if it resolves as your nervous system adapts to the big cut (33%).  

    I am a mod on a support forum for coming off psych meds.  We advocate the 10% per month taper, calculated on the previous month's dosage.   This is a harm-reduction approach such that one can function and live life while getting off their meds.  If you were to follow this plan, it would take four months to get to 30 mg, but during that time you'd hardly experience withdrawal at all and certainly if you did it would be so mild as to be tolerable.  The idea is that as you make these small cuts, your nervous system does the remodelling to ever-lessening amounts of the drug without reeking havoc due to major instability big cuts cause.  So, it may take a few more months for your nervous system to catch up with this cut and stabilize to that new level.  That's an outside guestimate.

    There is no remedy for withdrawal from a drug other than the drug iteself.  So, 5 mg might be enough to make you feel a good bit better to the point that you can tolerate the remaining symptoms and get stable, without losing what remodeling your system has already done by updosing too much.

    Regardless of whether you updose or stay here and wait to stabilize, I strongly encourage you to follow the 10% taper from here on out to save yourself considerable suffering; it only gets harder the lower you go, unfortunately.


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      Hiya betsy

      Thank you for the info. Yes i do realise now that the drop was harsh but i had no choice because the higher amount brought on panic attacks and funnily enough i haven't had not even 1 panic attack since. So is obvious to me that it was the mirt causing it.

      Struggling a bit because i was so positive going into the drop but it has completely floored me.

      I'm doing the maybe i am ill and need to go on something els3. But i won't because i don't think I'm over withdrawal yet and my attitude might change

      Deep down i don't want to be on anything as have played this game for over 6 years now

      I don't have a long med history but i do have some key points

      1. At 14 I hwd persistent tonsillitis. Would get rid of 1 bought only to catch it again in a few days. This went on for at least a year until they agreed to remove them.

      2. After they were removed i was extremely weak basically immobile. Doc diagnosed post viral syndrome.was told to rest.

      3 after a few months rest i was nearly paralysed. Doc diagnosed ME

      4 at 15 tyey gage me citalopram. I threw up after first tablet so was switched to sertraline. Was on 100mg went back to school after a year and a half off for half days 3 days a week. Had to be pushed around in a wheelchair

      5 I did get better got my lufe back and stopped the meds when I wad 17

      6 in 2008 I had my first child hes awesome! Fell in love with him straight away but wad with a parther who honestly thought I could givr birth and then go clubbing! I didnt tet any rest when baby was born as my partner still wanted to hehave like a single 18 year old. Ended up heaving wherever I went! Especially when my partner was drinking or taking something. Was put back on sertraline

      7 in 2010 things had gone right down hill with my parther he blamed the fact that I wasnt sexually interested anymore. Did some research sertraline kills your sex drive. Socold turkey them didnt notice any different apart from sex drive came back and along came my second pregnancy

      8 after i had my daughter i got baby blues. In hind sight that was all it was and would have passed i wasn't heaving like the last time but because i knew tablets worked last time i went back on sertraline only this time it didn't work was still teary and so tired because i got insomnia

      9 this is where i started on mirt

      So you see i haven't tried many meds and there was always an underlying reason i was distressed.

      Thats why i want off I'm out of my relationship and the anxiety has only been present since the mirt

      Guys just try and keep me strong remind me why I'm doing this is first place

      S x

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    Cheers for post!!! I will be watching your posts. Thanks again!! Keep up the good work your doing on your self.
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