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my bf had his assessement this am and she told him he looked like he was in a lot of pain so she didnt do the physical , i am hoping that is in his favor? what do u think ?

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    Yes if the HCP has noted the amount of pain your b/f is in then that is good from an ESA/PIP perspective.
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    Yes I would agree - it can only mean that it will be noted on the report that is sent to the DWP.

    I have always wondered about this. If before you have an assessment, beit for ESA or PIP, and you take all of your prescribed pain medication so that the pain is minimal for the few hours afterwards, would you be assessed as AFTER the medication or BEFORE you take it. It would make a whole world of difference.

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    The lady in my pip reassessment said the same. I felt relieved at the time. Assessment came back. Claimed mobility again but lost care side due to her putting down a few things opposite to what I had said. Not impressed! Had to go forward for an appeal due to her wrongful input. Now I'm still stressed as ever. I dont trust any of them. Hopefully yours will turn out positive.
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    Hi lilmama,

    You would assume from that statement the Assessor, had noted it in your boyfriend's favor. However, the so-called "Healthcare Professional's" decision is not final.

    Never take what ATOS Assessor's as the final outcome, they can and do, but then the claimant is let down. The DWP has the final say in the matter, and like they say pain cannot be seen, it's classed has the "invisible ailment".

    Well, I hope his brown envelope is one with the PIP Awarded, and not one of these Capital One look-alikes. Brown envelope and looks the same.




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    hiya Lil mama. ..I had the same assessment with pip and esa....They saw all my medication that I was on and the pain too...and said the same thing to me...but dwp decided that wasn't except able and asked me for more medical evidence in which I sent them lots even a professional letter written from my doctor and hospital letters too...but they still turned me down...that was late June. .so I put in appeal which went to tribunal last Wednesday 20th Jan. .Warwickshire welfare rights took my case on and I won my appeal good luck with that
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      That is terrible.

      For PIP it is clearly up to ATOS/CAPITA to gather what evidence they believe will help the DWP make the right decision, first time. To put the claimant in a position of doing their job for them is plainly wrong.

      The claimant only becomes responsible to 'prove' their case with evidence once they appeal. The onus of proving moves from the DWP to the claimant.

      All of this is clearly regulated in that the claimant is only ASKED to send in what they can lay their hands on at the time in their home. If the DWP feel that they would like some more evidence then they should ask for it and pay the appropriate fee.


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      dwp I have had so many issues with these people...They only gave me 6 points in the beginning. ..everything I said ýes to they decided against it...even though I had all the medical evidence and operations I have had but still they decided I could do all of these...and the health care professionals I really don't think some of these people are really qualified to make their I said I had my tribunal last Wednesday which I won n scored 33 a big difference from 6...and mibility too and the tribunal has asked them to back date it frm June last year till now as iv been diagnosed with Ms and had breast cancer too...are they really trained to do their job
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      Hi Jackie,

      The trouble with DWP is too numerous to even list. I will point out, just a few.

      1. Their computer software and hardware needs updating, taking in to consideration all the changes that IDS makes, without thinking of the consequences and strain on DWP employees, claimants put in to stressful situations (by no fault of their own), etc.

      2. The DWP has problems keeping staff, this could be down to a number of issues, some are even worse than others. Take last week for one example.

      One man had his benefits sanctioned because he was waiting on the DWP, to start working for them.eek

      In this day and age, you would think like the aforementioned would never happen, but unless the DWP systems are updated, very soon the shambles can only become larger.

      But, then you have the other end of the DWP, and why you're waiting so long for letters, etc. They cannot keep their staff, the working conditions are atrocious. I am not sticking up for the DWP, it is down to the higher up's, that do not think before making changes to any part of the system which is so "out-dated", that they cannot process the amount of data, that is required for assessments - so data is be lost and left off on some claims.

      3. Another typical example was the "glitch" with ESA and Christmas Bonus payments, normally paid around the first week in December. Yet, in quite a few cases this did not happen last year. Those claimants actually received their's in the middle of January!!rolleyes

      There's 1,000's of people on so many forums, and others just like it. Much of the details regarding the DWP are not published on Tv or Newspapers, so there's a lot that goes literally unsurfaced.



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      They are supposed to. However I do have some very serious concerns on their ability to closely question people.

      They may well be trained on the use of the software that they use, but I do doubt their abilities to assess.

      Let's put it this way, It can take at least a year to train someone in the art of extracting information during an interview. If, and I believe this to be the case, they report on what they THINK is the case, then their credibility is seriously in doubt.

      I spent all of my working life interviewing people be they criminals or not. I changed from one department to another within the Civil Service before I retired and it took 6 months of in depth training using modern methods before I was allowed anywhere near the public. I spent a month at Scotland Yard, London being taught by the experts in procedures and pyschological sciences.

      Those that assess for PIP or ESA are nothing more than data input clerks. And even then they get it wrong far to often. 

      My last experience of them was in 2012 when I had yet another ESA face to face assessment. It was very much like watching a comedy show. The assessor was totally unable to reach me - his attempt at using open and closed questioning (the very basic of skills) and his ability to use psychological  interview techniques was zero. It ended up with the assessor getting so flumuxed and frustrated and knowing nothing more at the end than he knew at the start that he resorted to writing a report which was very personal. He described me as 'awkward, arrogant, obnoxious and deceptive' on the sheet headed 'Harmful Information'.

      For that he was discharged from ATOS and I received a full apology from the DWP.

      Ironically, yes he was a qualified nurse supposedly specialising in care of the elderly - he owned two nursing homes!! And we all know what happens in those establishments when they are run entirely for profit.

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