Asthma or something else?

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Hi there, hoping somebody can give me peace of mind. 

I’ve had wheezing on/off intermittently for a couple of years now. Had function test and my results were above average. However, when I get it, feel my breathing is slightly restricted, but the main thing that worries me is that I wheeze when I inhale NOT exhale. When u read up On it, shows anything from asthma to lung cancer. I do have a slight cough with it but again intermittently. I have a peak flow as well and when blowing into it shows 400-450. Any advice would really be much appreciated smile

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    Hi Lisa 

    I have had asthma for most of my life  and am on loads of meds.

    I often have a cough and short of breath sometimes trouble to even talk, but I only really weeze when I’ve a cold or chest infection.  Have you ever had a X-ray to check out your lungs?

    Hopefully it will come back clear 

    Has your doctor checked you out recently and as for reading up it’s easy to jump to conclusions see your doc it could be mild asthma best to be safe side 

    Regards nigel

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      Hi Nigel. Yes I had a chest X-ray at the time of the function tests, which was normal. Is it possible to have asthma but does not require an inhaler? My main worry is that it says wheezing is more likely to be asthma when u exhale, however could b more serious if when u inhale 😔 I also have costochrondritis but I’ve been told that the two aren’t connected 🤔 

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      I would say I cough a little at times, but like an irritable cough. Chest can feel a little tight but not massively. Sometimes with the tightness can feel slight restrictness in throat. I really sneeze a lot not constant but almost every day with like 4 or 5 sometimes more sneezes at a time. Slight mucus at back of throat 🤔

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      I sometimes have simalar symptoms  so you may have asthma 
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    Hi lisa - do you ever experience symtpoms of acid reflux, or have you been tested for it?

    What you describe can be a typical sign of GERD asthma, which I also have.

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      Hi Keith 

      Yes I have had acid reflux before. I used to suffer with it but not so much now. However I don’t know whether it’s linked, but the bouts of sneezing I have;  recently found I Ann really low in Vitamin D. Currently taking 20,000 ui twice a week! I read that this deficiency can be connected with allergies somehow? 🤔

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    Lisa - 

    Do yourself a favor and further explore the acid reflux angle, the two can go hand in hand. My asthma had been well controlled up until about 4 years ago. At that time, I was scoped and found to have acid reflux and gastritis. I was put on meds (for asthma and gerd) that worked for a long time without making any other lifestyle changes (diet, was still drinking beer and chewing tobacco everyday). My life had come to a halt prior to this. I went from biking and working out, to not being able to do much of anything, until all the drugs started kicking in. Then I resumed my normal activities for a while...Flash forward 4 years, meds dont help anymore (asthma or gerd). I again went from being very active to having trouble breathing doing much less. I even quit my families business (dry cleaning) upon my pulmonologists advice in December, since he thought the fumes might be making things worse. So, Ive given up the evils for good (beer and chew) and changed my diet to mostly low acid, trying to avoid sugar, gluten, wheat, carbs and processed foods of any kind, while Im still taking acid reducing drugs morning, noon and night. No better yet, but I can tell you there is a definite relation between acid reflux and asthma. Try to find a doctor that recognizes this as a possibility. Also, look into natural ways to treat acid reflux with diet. I can almost promise your asthma probably has something to do with acid reflux. Please keep me posted. 

    Best of luck and wishes,


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      Thanks Keith

      It’s so random. It can go away for days, weeks even but then comes back and it can be any time of the day or night. I think you could be right because I notice at times I can bring a bit of acid up but when I think of what I’ve eaten it’s not always anything spicy or greasy 🤔 I really don’t want any meds from the Doctors because that’s all they throw at u, like ppi. 

      Is there any advice you can give to try and improve this? 

      Many thanks

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      Lisa -

      Do some research online. Basically try not to stay on acid reducers long. Try low acid diet changes, don't eat 3 hours before bed, probiotic, other supplements. Get Dr. Kauffman's low acid diet book....very helpful

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      Ok that sounds positive I will have a look thank you for your advice 😃

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    Hi Lisa,

    I've had asthma for a long time now and I recommend you checking this website out if you want to learn more about asthma and its symptoms, it helped me out a lot.

    Hope this helps you too!

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