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  • emma72716 1

    Can Prednisolone make you hungry?

    Hi, I've been on steriods for about a month now I've just come on here for some advice to see if anyone is going through or been though the same as me! I'm hungry all the time and it's not just 'I'm a bit peckish' I'm starving even 10 minutes after a meal to the point were I feel sick and dizzy I'm

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  • monicaham 2

    Is a morning cough a sign of Asthma?

    My toddler is 2 years old and has had a thick wet cough every morning for the last month. I've been to the GP's and all he said was her lungs sounded clear and the cough will pass. I've been doing a little bit of googling and it seems the cough could be a sign of asthma or allergies. Not sure what

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  • libralady13 5

    Non cardiac chest pain in cold weather

    Hello I suffer from anxiety asthma and perrenial rhinitis plus other condtions.  I am 69 years old.  I head nuclear heart scans in Jan to see if I had angina following problems with chest discomfort when walking up an incline and especially in cold weather.  The results came back clear. both my gp

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  • kay19801 3

    Cold sensation when breathing in!

    Hi all PLEASE PLEASE I need some advice if anyone has experienced these For the last 6 months or so I have been coughing more so at night during my sleep and it wakes me up. Initially when I went to the Dr she thought I had acid reflux (which I have suffered from in the past), she

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  • GabbyF 2

    Just sharing my first experience with ICU

    So no one I know has asthma and I have no one to share this experience with. And I know many people go through worse but for me this was quite frightening. I'm not sure I expect anyone to be concerned about reading this or replying, but I would love to hear some other's stories. So here we go.. I

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  • asthmapat 1

    Is this Asthma? - thanks for reading

    Good day! Well, I will start to where I highly abuse mysfelf from having lots of sleepless night when I was in college. That was for 1 and half years (the duration) of having 2 to 3 hours of sleep only a day. My heart then was beating so fast and I do have a pale skin giving me fairer (compare to

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  • emilialovesu2 2

    I had 4 asthma attacks in one day without my inhaler

    Hi. I had my first asthma attacks on Friday, it was a frightening experience as they were my first ones. I was going to take my blue reliever inhaler but I found it empty. I didn't know what to do so I just carried on as normal. It went away after a bit so I thought it'll be okay, only to find

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  • redpanda09 2

    Asthma? Or not asthma?

    Several years ago I went to my doctor about having some difficulty breathing and they very quickly outruled asthma and said it was hayfever allergies. I went back last year as my breathing was getting worse. I was prescribed a Salamol (blue) inhaler and a Ventolin 100mcg (brown) inhaler. They

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  • nickj92 2

    Asthma Trigger Help

    Hello, My name is Nick; I am a 24-year-old male with severe asthma. I was diagnosed when I was 3 months old. When I turned 15 years of age, my asthma seemed to have disappeared. However, around the age of 20 my asthma has started coming back. It is also getting much worse then what it used to be

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  • kaitlyn84614 1

    First time using an inhaler. Need advice.

    Hi. I went to the doctor yesterday morning and he thinks I am developing asthma. He prescribed me an inhaler. Ventolin HFA. It feels like it is working. The tightness in my chest goes away when I use it and I can breath deaper. But now after a day of using it my lungs are sore and feel weak. Is

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  • pam34048 4

    Having the methocholine challenge test

    I already now I have copd but my dr wants me to take the test she thinks I may have asthma.  Anyway what should I expect not looking forward to a forced asthma attach with already damaged lungs.  Has anyone had the challenge any pointers on passing?

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  • emilialovesu2 2

    Bronchitis with Asthma?

    I went to the emergency doctors last night due to coughing constantly and gasping for breath. Doctors thought it was an asthma attack so they gave me a nebuliser treatment, it made no difference since I wasn't having an asthma attack. After that they did some tests and they said it wasn't an attack

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  • smoothn00dle 1

    Recovery after Pneumonia astham attack

    Hello Everyone I have asthma for years but it under control to a point that I hardly need medication(Seretide). Until I got bad Pneumonia last year. That the test told me my lung age is 90 years old. My age is 40 yr old. Since then, my asthma is a lot worst. My doc change my med to Symbicort 200/

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  • anni 04141 3

    Flying tommorow asthma and chest infection symptoms

    hi just looking for some advise as I am really panicking.  This morning I have woken up with asthma symptoms and scratchy soar chest and cough. Feeling unwell and short of breath.( I am serve asthmatic) I am currently on 4.5mg prednisone, revlar, spiriva, and obviously salbutamol. I always have

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  • GabbyF 2

    Specialist wants me on symbicort?

    I'm 17 years old and have suffered asthma most of my life. In the past 6 months I've been hospitalised twice. My asthma has been extremely rocky since I had an attack six months ago. Since then I've had 2 other attacks. My specialist stated that he wanted me to go onto symbicort. I initially

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  • zss 3

    Suffering From Asthma & Sarcoidosis.

    I'm a long term Asthma sufferer from 1982, for a while it seemed to have quietened down for a brief "purple patch" of two years in the early 1990's. Since then, it came back with a vengence as a more severe, more difficult to control, condition. I'm in a constant state of attack and it's only the

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  • holly23895 2

    Vomiting with asthma?

    Hello my son is 6 and has a cold and bad cough. He threw up this morning. Wondering if it's related to the coughing and mucus? I'm just worried Bc we had a stomach bug two months ago

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  • sammee1516 2

    My 8 year old daughter has asthma and barking cough

    Hi, I've never posted before so don't really know where to start. My daughter is now 8 years old and after years of visiting docs and specialists she was diagnosed with asthma. She also has a reflux problem, very often she has a barking cough, which is so bad that school have sent her home for

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  • ChrisPT92 1

    Is exercise-induced asthma a possibility with these symptoms?

    Hi there. I have been running for approximately 4 years, (I detest it but am determined to keep relatively fit). Being a 24 year old man, standing at 6 foot 1, I have always been confused at why I can never seem to run properly, and have so many issues with it, so, I bought a peak flow metre. My

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  • nigel28138 3

    Flutter device

    I have just purchased a flutter device, I have just started using it to try to clear my lungs a bit  .  Have been struggling a little asthma symptoms cough chest tightness and short of breath .Has any body tried the device it's supposed to help make the cough productive   

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  • cath5680 4

    Unstable asthma & now a cold!

    My asthma has proved troublesome this past year & despite best efforts is proving to be hard to manage. I've recently switched to sirdupla from clenil & started on montelukast as well as antihistamines ready for hayfever I have now come down with a cold & I am really suffering. I

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  • emilialovesu2 2

    Noisy Ventolin Inhaler?

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone else has a noisy ventolin Inhaler. I have one and it is noisy which means that if I take it people will know that I am taking it which I feel is embarrassing. Are ventolin inhalers meant to be noisy? Or am I just unlucky?

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  • Needhelp asap 5

    Fostair inhaler for common flu/virus?

    Hello there, so I came down with the flu as it seems. It started on Thursday evening where my throat started being sore and I was feeling tired.  I thought it'd become better by sleep but I woke up worse on Friday. However, on Sunday I started coughing and my chest was ON FIRE. I went to the doc

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  • loraine121 3

    Hi I have asthma I'm currently on 24/7 oxygen

    hi I'm new to this forum , I have been on home oxygen for  a few months now and find it hard to come to terms with this , each year things seem to get worse, I'm hoping that once the better weather is here that I will feel better once I can get out a bit more and get used to this oxygen , sorry

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  • AshLaw 2

    Turmeric Milk

    Did a bit of research re: turmeric milk and its effects on asthma and sinus problems which are inexplicably linked. Combine: 1 tsp of turmeric powder 1/2 tsp ginger powder 1/2 tsp cinammon powder A grind of black pepper With half a cup of milk and a tbsp of honey. Warm in the microwave for 1

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  • nigel28138 3

    Hay fever

    It's that time of the year again spring round the corner and so is all the different pollens about to play hell with asthma what's the best way to tackle hay fever before it spoils the spring/summer any ideas please

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  • casey83508 1
  • boomoo32 2
  • cath5680 4


    I've just been put on montelukast but am wondering when in the evening to take it - an hour before bed perhaps or as I go to bed? When do others take theirs?

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  • QueenOfTheReich 3
  • nigel28138 3

    Pulmonary Rehab

    Due to one lung partly congested have been referred for pulmonary rehab anyone had this and did it help?

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  • Hayhue 5

    Really need advice - new to asthma

    Hey everyone. I have a few questions about asthma. I'm fairly new to asthma, being diagnosed with it only a year ago. It was manageable until a few days ago. I had to go to ER cause I couldn't stand it anymore and my rescue inhaler was only doing the minimal. The ER doc just listened to my lungs

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  • GrammyBea 2

    Asthma/chest Infection Ongoing..... Ideas, please?

    Hello I would be very grateful for ideas/input on my Background:   I have been asthmatic all my 68 years, worse in winter/hay-fever season.   When well, I can ride a cycle for 25 miles! Medications:  Taking Symbicort 2 x 2 daily plus Ventolin when required. Problem:  Every winter

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  • melissa53667 3

    Asthma and General Anesthesia

    Hi, I have to have surgery in 10 days and was horrified to find out that I need full general anesthesia. I have never had general anesthesia before, only propofol or sedation. My asthma is active (not symptomless) and I do use my Ventolin inhaler throughout the day- usually when exercising and

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  • cath5680 4

    Warding off hayfever already!

    Hi all, after a horrible year last year with my asthma a big change for this year is starting antihistamines now to ward off hayfever as early as possible because last year I left it a bit too late & was playing catch up which I couldn't get over which led to asthma attacks & a chest infection

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