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  • MattC2146 2
  • OliverOfPeace 3

    Managing asthma

    Hello, after being recently being diagnosed with asthma I'm finding it hard to manage as my previous mental health issues also complicate things. 😕 To give you a rough idea my peak flow is 690-720 always, ventolin takes me to 750 🙂 After my spirometry which was normal I was diagnosed...

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  • kay19801 4

    So struggling right now....

    Hi all My GP has put me on a blue inhaler and now a brown preventer inhaler for the next 6 weeks. To cut a long story short I have been coughing during the night (waking my self up) with a dry cough, I have a constant (underline constant) blocked wheezing sound that comes from my voicebox are and my...

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  • chelseat1999 2

    Could I have mild asthma or allergies?

    Since last year, I've had this feeling like my lungs get kind of tight but then when I take a deep breath, it relieves it and when I breathe out I get this feeling in my chest like I need to cough afterwards, but I feel like I can't really cough properly cause my lungs feel sort of tight. No...

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  • RubyRed21 3

    When is Asthma an Emergency

    I visited the asthma nurse Thursday morning as I was having trouble breathing and kept coughing and she suggested I double my dose of fostair inhaler and gave me 5 days of high dose (8 daily tablets 5mg) of steroids I'm now on day 3 of taking them and I still feel dreadful still coughing, breathing...

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  • pm4281 2

    Concerns about asthma diagnosis.

    I have been seeing doctors continuously for the last six months due to a worsening feeling of shortness of breath accompanied by various digestive symptoms, throat clearing, catarrh.  The breathing problems started very mild and infrequent at the end of December last year and have progressed to...

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  • Mamahef 1

    Can't control

    I can't seem to find the right combination of meds to get this under control. So tired of not being able to join in fun outdoor activities

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  • green881 3

    I wonder if I have a milde type of "silent" asthma?

    I know some of you are going to hate my peak flow scores :-) but I need to post since I need some help.  I peak out around 810 when I'm 100% clear and the stars align, despite being in late 40s.  Average for my height/weight/age is 620.  I have history of endurance sports and still...

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  • lillie1998 2

    treated for asthma, still extremely anxious

    i am a 19 yr old girl. about a week ago i had a pretty bad asthma attack, started with chest tightness, then coughing etc. i took my inhaler and coughed a bit more then went to sleep. a few days later i went to the doctor and was diagnosed with mild persistent asthma. (was originally told moderate but...

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  • GabbyF 2

    Side effects are killing me! Need advice..

    I'm not sure if there is a way to control the side effects I'm experiencing from my medications, but if anyone has advice, I'd love to hear it! I should mention: I'm 17 years old, I've been hospitalised 4 times this year because of asthma, twice in the ICU on bi-pap. So I don't...

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  • beverley85820 2

    Symbicort side effects

    Ive been taking Symbicort 40mg twice a day since October and I suffer with horrendous foot and leg cramps nearly every night that go on and off all night. Im taking Magnesium tablets which do help but was wondering if anyone else suffers and what they do to help it?

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  • Roboz57 1

    Inhaler affects my vocal chords

    Hey all,  I've been an asthmatic for over 40 years.  For the last I don't know how long (15 - 20 years) I've been taking Symbicort with a very occasional burst of Ventolin (maybe once a month).  Symbicort once or twice a day has been perfect for many years.  No side effects...

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  • Needhelp asap 6

    Scared over side effects of a new inhaler!!

    Hey, so I changed my inhaler from Fostair to Relvar Ellipta 92/22 Fluticasone furoate/vilantero. Apart from the fact that I'm scared that I have something more than asthma, like OCPD, I'm scared cause I think this is much heavier than Fostair baring in mind I should only do one puff per day....

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  • OliverOfPeace 3


    Hello all, I'm a serve anxiety sufferer and have been for years. It's started off as breathing anxiety and then became more about my head and heart, up until a few month ago I had never any symptoms unusual of some with anxiety until after a 20 minutes jump about in a new house I began wheezing,...

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  • maggi may 2
  • Irene F 2
  • GabbyF 2

    3 Hospitalisations this year, what should I do now?

    In January I had an overnight stay in the resp ward for a moderate asthma exacerbation. Then about 5 weeks ago I had a severe attack, landing me in the ICU and on non-invasive ventilation support for 3 days, they were going to intubate me yet decided it wouldn't help the situation any more than...

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  • MardenMay 2

    Good athlete but have had stamina problems since childhood.

    Male, North America, 6'3" 200 lbs. athletic build, non-smoker. I have always been a very good athlete. Baseball, basketball, football, etc. I was always the second fastest kid in school, in sprints. But, even in elementary school, i could not run with any sort of endurance. In the 70s, in (U.S.)...

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  • LilJohnson 3

    Need a new maintenance med

    Just last night, I was in the ER with a horrible asthma attack (I've never had it bad enough to go the ER before)...and the thing is, this is while on Symbicort!  I was trying it out, since about January or so, and while I wasn't a huge fan of it because I couldn't really tell if it...

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  • Needhelp asap 6

    Asthma Update!

    Hey, so I went to the doctor 2 days ago. It was an afternoon and in the afternoons I'm better, as in I don't get so much shortness of breath. He listened to my lungs said no infection (which is good). At first, from what he listened he thought I didn't have asthma. However, I had a spirometry...

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  • jeanettylips 1

    weight gain

    I am on seretide once in the morning and night and sabutomol when needed. I wos put on singulair a couple of months ago and had side effects so came off it. I have had asthma for about 4 months now and i have put half a stone on and can not shift any weight at all since going on seretide. I know it...

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  • Hayhue 5

    Waking up with sore lungs/feeling like I breathed in smoke

    Lately, I've been waking up feeling like I smoked a pack of cigarettes the night before. Or was in a smoky bar. Anyone that has smoked or been in a smoke filled establishment will know what I mean. I don't smoke and I avoid smoking places so that's not the reason. Does anyone else experience...

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  • Needhelp asap 6

    Does this sound like asthma? I really need some insight!

    Hey, I'm 19 years old, female, non smoker or drinker. Generally active and trying to eat healthy.  So, since I was a kid, I had issues with bronchitis, I would get bronchitis almost every year until the age of 13-14. The doctor said that if I don't treat it right, it could turn out to asthma....

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  • sianO 2

    Chest not getting better

    I've been struggling with my asthma and chest infections since March and repeatedly coughing up green phlegm. I've had asthma for 45 years but it is generally controlled with Flutiform and Ventolin. Since March I've had three courses of Prednisilone plus Amoxicillin, then Doxycycline and...

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  • asthmapat 1

    Is this Asthma? - thanks for reading

    Good day! Well, I will start to where I highly abuse mysfelf from having lots of sleepless night when I was in college. That was for 1 and half years (the duration) of having 2 to 3 hours of sleep only a day. My heart then was beating so fast and I do have a pale skin giving me fairer (compare to having...

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  • emma72716 1

    Can Prednisolone make you hungry?

    Hi, I've been on steriods for about a month now I've just come on here for some advice to see if anyone is going through or been though the same as me! I'm hungry all the time and it's not just 'I'm a bit peckish' I'm starving even 10 minutes after a meal to the point...

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  • emilialovesu2 2

    I had 4 asthma attacks in one day without my inhaler

    Hi. I had my first asthma attacks on Friday, it was a frightening experience as they were my first ones. I was going to take my blue reliever inhaler but I found it empty. I didn't know what to do so I just carried on as normal. It went away after a bit so I thought it'll be okay, only to find...

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  • libralady13 5

    Non cardiac chest pain in cold weather

    Hello I suffer from anxiety asthma and perrenial rhinitis plus other condtions.  I am 69 years old.  I head nuclear heart scans in Jan to see if I had angina following problems with chest discomfort when walking up an incline and especially in cold weather.  The results came back clear....

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  • monicaham 2

    Is a morning cough a sign of Asthma?

    My toddler is 2 years old and has had a thick wet cough every morning for the last month. I've been to the GP's and all he said was her lungs sounded clear and the cough will pass. I've been doing a little bit of googling and it seems the cough could be a sign of asthma or allergies. Not...

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  • kay19801 4

    Cold sensation when breathing in!

    Hi all PLEASE PLEASE I need some advice if anyone has experienced these symptoms..... For the last 6 months or so I have been coughing more so at night during my sleep and it wakes me up. Initially when I went to the Dr she thought I had acid reflux (which I have suffered from in the past), she put...

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  • GabbyF 2

    Just sharing my first experience with ICU

    So no one I know has asthma and I have no one to share this experience with. And I know many people go through worse but for me this was quite frightening. I'm not sure I expect anyone to be concerned about reading this or replying, but I would love to hear some other's stories. So here we go.....

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  • redpanda09 3

    Asthma? Or not asthma?

    Several years ago I went to my doctor about having some difficulty breathing and they very quickly outruled asthma and said it was hayfever allergies. I went back last year as my breathing was getting worse. I was prescribed a Salamol (blue) inhaler and a Ventolin 100mcg (brown) inhaler. They both...

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  • nickj92 2

    Asthma Trigger Help

    Hello, My name is Nick; I am a 24-year-old male with severe asthma. I was diagnosed when I was 3 months old. When I turned 15 years of age, my asthma seemed to have disappeared. However, around the age of 20 my asthma has started coming back. It is also getting much worse then what it used to be and...

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  • kaitlyn84614 1

    First time using an inhaler. Need advice.

    Hi. I went to the doctor yesterday morning and he thinks I am developing asthma. He prescribed me an inhaler. Ventolin HFA. It feels like it is working. The tightness in my chest goes away when I use it and I can breath deaper. But now after a day of using it my lungs are sore and feel weak. Is this...

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  • pam34048 4

    Having the methocholine challenge test

    I already now I have copd but my dr wants me to take the test she thinks I may have asthma.  Anyway what should I expect not looking forward to a forced asthma attach with already damaged lungs.  Has anyone had the challenge any pointers on passing?

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