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syed 37288

Jelly like transparent mucus

I need your help on a problem that I haven't checked with the doctor yet hoping that it's not serious. For last a few years I have a jelly like transparent, sticky mucus in my chest. I never felt any pain thereby, nor does it make me cough, but I do cough or spit that mucus out advertently. That substance keeps on developing in my lungs, or some air passage. In cold, I rarely feel minute weezing, or congestion, but I can walk 10 miles. Can some one please help me understand what that is, is it normal?, or it signifies some severe problem. For redressal, I take a lot of water, I take coffee and garlic tea as well, eat a lot of spices as well so that the mucus stays soft and easily ejectable. I also feel that I usually have a running nose, it seems to me another reason. Please tell me what it is so that I may assured that it's not something serious.  

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  • syed 37288

    I have had it for four years. As a singer, my voice started cracking and after doing all the usual like cutting our dairy, got referred to a consultant who said he could find nothing wrong but there was rather more mucus than normal. He couldn't come up with anything that could be causing it nor how to sort it. So now I can't sing, and sometimes makes me cough a lot. I take Symbicort inhaler twice a day .

    • caroline70725

      Do you have the same sticky, colourless or whitish mucus which keeps coming out regularly. May be climate has also to do alot with this problem. In my area in South Asia, temperature goes beyond 45 c in summer, in cold it's hovers around 5 c. My area in dusty with a bit air pollution as well due to industry. Well inhaler thing sounds wierd, if it is something normal, then why inhaler. With inhaler you are labelled as carrying some serious disease. I don't really feel shortness of breath, but there is that sound problem that you alluded to. Tell me a bit more about your problem. Do you visit your consultant regularly?.


    • caroline70725

      Have you tried Serrapeptase? In the U.S. it's considered a health supplement, in some countries it's medication, but It is known to break up mucus naturally and safely. I have yet to try it but I stumbled on this post as I was researching it. Hopefully, it helps! 

  • syed 37288

    Colour of mucus – clear.

    Inhaler – I have been asthmatic since I was 19 – have had regular chest infections and a couple of bad asthma attacks that ended up with a stay in hospital for a few days. Symbicort is both a preventer and a reliever – I used to have two inhalers, one becotide to prevent and ventolin to relieve the wheezes.

    Climate – I don’t see much of a connection – I live in west Wales which has a damp climate and doesn’t get as hot as you, maybe a little colder in the winter. Seldom dusty or dry. It could however be particulates/pollutants in the air – here I live in a VERY clean air area however there are tree and plant pollens at various times of the year. When I visit town [seldom] then where there is high ozone I get wheezy, not particularly mucusy.

    Consultant – he was a nose and throat consultant and I only saw him the once as he said there was nothing he could do about it. Obviously I attend Asthma Clinic regularly.

    If you google mucus and athma there is a lot of info on the web.

  • syed 37288

    I have been having the same issue since last year after a severe cold. I have asthma and have difficulty breathing every night; also, endless jelly type sputum. I use inhaler every night and took asthma prevention pills. However, none of these stop the symptoms completely until I took a allergy pill yesterday. I have never felt so good and no more sputum since. 

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