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Cold sensation when breathing in!

Hi all

PLEASE PLEASE I need some advice if anyone has experienced these symptoms.....

For the last 6 months or so I have been coughing more so at night during my sleep and it wakes me up. Initially when I went to the Dr she thought I had acid reflux (which I have suffered from in the past), she put me on lansaprasole for 12 weeks and the cough has not stopped. I then saw another Dr whom said they need to do a chest xray so I had this done 10 days ago, the result is clear. The Dr gave me an reliever inhaler.

My symptoms are ~

Coughing that wakes me at night, dry and unproductive

Clearing throat all day

Tight feeling around the thyroid area

Blocked sound by throat when I breathe in (not a chest wheeze)

Scratch in my throat when I breathe in which provokes the cough

Cold air sensation when I inhale, this is constant

The Dr has referred me for a Spirometry and Reversability lung function test which is in 3 weeks. My son has extreme asthma and my grandmother had asthma which she developed in her 40's.

I used to be a smoker for 17 years, recently stopped 8 weeks ago. 

The throat condition has been going on since last year, I had a clear xray Jan 2016 including a clear scope down the nose into my voicebox and lyranx together with an endoscopy to check for acid reflux - all clear! Series of 5 lots of FBC's & CA125 tests and thyroid blood tests - normal!

I am petrified I have an undetected lung cancer now, but the Dr thinks I have nocturnal & seasonal asthma. I use the inhaler when I feel blocked but it only last for a few hours where I feel some relief! At times it feels like I am breathing through a straw or piece of cloth!

ANY advice is very welcomed, this is driving me mad...........

Thank you 

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  • kay19801


    Has the doc considered whether you have a post nasal drip ? I suffer from asthma, rhinitis and a nasal drip (with asthma I've been told that they can go hand in hand) some of your symptoms sound similar to what I have had.there are sprays that can sometimes help the cough considerably .it took about a year for one of the GPs that the nasal drip was a major source in causing my cough.if it hasnt been brought up if might be worth mentioning .good luck

    • beth30482

      Hi Beth 

      Thank you - they going to do some lung function tests in April so will see if this is asthma or not. My throat just feels blocked its so annoying and it seems I need to take deeper breathes which in turn creates this cold sensation and then the cough starts and then the blocked sound in my throat is audible to me and it just starts all over again.......driving me crackers!

  • kay19801

    Hello Kay, great you've stopped smoking, congratulations. Your symptoms could be your body adjusting to it's new normal of no nicotine and reacting accordingly.

    Hopefully, that will clear in a few weeks.

    All the best Kay.


  • kay19801

    Hello yes it does sound like asthma to me. The clue was your inhaler gives you relief. The doctor might want to give you meds at the to help. Also I find hard candy to help with the itchy throat

    • Aschm32186

      Hi there

      The inhaler only works for a few hours and i need to use it everyday......asthma is only triggered right? I cant have asthma all day, or can I? Sorry not clued up with asthma

      Its funny you say hard candy, it does relief the tightness some what but gum helps too strangely. 

    • kay19801

      Has your doctor mentioned COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)?

      Look in Wikipedia on COPD, you can't post links here as they are changed by the forum.

    • zss

      Hi there

      He has but he said it is generally in heavy smokers over the age of 50 - he mentioned the lung function tests will reveal whether it is one or the other or neither...then I will have to go for a chest ct scan which I am scared of what they find!

    • kay19801

      I wish you all the best Kay. Hopefully it may just be a reaction to being smoke free. Anecdotally, smokers can experience all sorts of unpleasant side effects from withdrawal.

      My next door neighbour's daughter is 29, she started smoking at 20 and now has COPD. I couldn't believe it when she told me, because I always thought the same thing, that it is an older smoker's disease. That's why I asked.

      I'm a chronic Asthmatic and I also have chronic Sarcoidosis in my lungs. My Asthma is needs regular application of both Symbicort and Ventolin to keep it under control. Sometimes they are ineffective so then I have to take Prednisolone, a much stronger anti inflammatory drug.

    • kay19801

      Yes, lung cancer has this nasty preponderance toward killing it's sufferer. At least with COPD you can live with it as you said.

      Let's hope it's neither, Kay and just a side effect of giving up smoking.

    • kay19801

      If you have had this for 14 months and it was Cancer, you would be worse than feeling ill. It's most likely you would no longer be with us.

      This is why I suspect it is all part of your body readjusting to being smoke free.

    • zss

      This is true, its so weird, it all started again with a cough last year January - went for a chest xray and it was clear, doctor gave me antibiotics as said I had lyrangitis, it helped but then I developed with throat sensations and blocked throat feeling, ENT said there was nothing in my throat last year when he did a scope and nothing with the endoscopy down my esophagus either...its all so weird.....

    • kay19801

      I've never smoked so I don't know what it's like at 54yo. Just as well, I probably wouldn't be here now, had I started.

      I remember being with some students at college in lunch hour and the subject of smoking came up. The other, much younger students all laughed when I told them I had no concept of what smoking was like. To them, it was like I had not developed the "adult" habit like they had.

    • zss

      Yes I know it was 'cool' to smoke when I was in my mid-late teens, smoking sneakly was the 'thing to do', wish I never started.

      I will do these function tests and report back when I know what they reveal. 


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