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kay19801 kay19801

Cold sensation when breathing in!

Hi all

PLEASE PLEASE I need some advice if anyone has experienced these symptoms.....

For the last 6 months or so I have been coughing more so at night during my sleep and it wakes me up. Initially when I went to the Dr she thought I had acid reflux (which I have suffered from in the past), she put me on lansaprasole for 12 weeks and the cough has not stopped. I then saw another Dr whom said they need to do a chest xray so I had this done 10 days ago, the result is clear. The Dr gave me an reliever inhaler.

My symptoms are ~

Coughing that wakes me at night, dry and unproductive

Clearing throat all day

Tight feeling around the thyroid area

Blocked sound by throat when I breathe in (not a chest wheeze)

Scratch in my throat when I breathe in which provokes the cough

Cold air sensation when I inhale, this is constant

The Dr has referred me for a Spirometry and Reversability lung function test which is in 3 weeks. My son has extreme asthma and my grandmother had asthma which she developed in her 40's.

I used to be a smoker for 17 years, recently stopped 8 weeks ago. 

The throat condition has been going on since last year, I had a clear xray Jan 2016 including a clear scope down the nose into my voicebox and lyranx together with an endoscopy to check for acid reflux - all clear! Series of 5 lots of FBC's & CA125 tests and thyroid blood tests - normal!

I am petrified I have an undetected lung cancer now, but the Dr thinks I have nocturnal & seasonal asthma. I use the inhaler when I feel blocked but it only last for a few hours where I feel some relief! At times it feels like I am breathing through a straw or piece of cloth!

ANY advice is very welcomed, this is driving me mad...........

Thank you 

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  • beth30482 beth30482 kay19801


    Has the doc considered whether you have a post nasal drip ? I suffer from asthma, rhinitis and a nasal drip (with asthma I've been told that they can go hand in hand) some of your symptoms sound similar to what I have had.there are sprays that can sometimes help the cough considerably .it took about a year for one of the GPs that the nasal drip was a major source in causing my cough.if it hasnt been brought up if might be worth mentioning .good luck

    • kay19801 kay19801 beth30482

      Hi Beth 

      Thank you - they going to do some lung function tests in April so will see if this is asthma or not. My throat just feels blocked its so annoying and it seems I need to take deeper breathes which in turn creates this cold sensation and then the cough starts and then the blocked sound in my throat is audible to me and it just starts all over again.......driving me crackers!

  • zss zss kay19801

    Hello Kay, great you've stopped smoking, congratulations. Your symptoms could be your body adjusting to it's new normal of no nicotine and reacting accordingly.

    Hopefully, that will clear in a few weeks.

    All the best Kay.


  • Aschm32186 Aschm32186 kay19801

    Hello yes it does sound like asthma to me. The clue was your inhaler gives you relief. The doctor might want to give you meds at the to help. Also I find hard candy to help with the itchy throat

    • kay19801 kay19801 Aschm32186

      Hi there

      The inhaler only works for a few hours and i need to use it everyday......asthma is only triggered right? I cant have asthma all day, or can I? Sorry not clued up with asthma

      Its funny you say hard candy, it does relief the tightness some what but gum helps too strangely. 

    • zss zss kay19801

      Has your doctor mentioned COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)?

      Look in Wikipedia on COPD, you can't post links here as they are changed by the forum.

    • kay19801 kay19801 zss

      Hi there

      He has but he said it is generally in heavy smokers over the age of 50 - he mentioned the lung function tests will reveal whether it is one or the other or neither...then I will have to go for a chest ct scan which I am scared of what they find!

    • zss zss kay19801

      I wish you all the best Kay. Hopefully it may just be a reaction to being smoke free. Anecdotally, smokers can experience all sorts of unpleasant side effects from withdrawal.

      My next door neighbour's daughter is 29, she started smoking at 20 and now has COPD. I couldn't believe it when she told me, because I always thought the same thing, that it is an older smoker's disease. That's why I asked.

      I'm a chronic Asthmatic and I also have chronic Sarcoidosis in my lungs. My Asthma is needs regular application of both Symbicort and Ventolin to keep it under control. Sometimes they are ineffective so then I have to take Prednisolone, a much stronger anti inflammatory drug.

    • zss zss kay19801

      Yes, lung cancer has this nasty preponderance toward killing it's sufferer. At least with COPD you can live with it as you said.

      Let's hope it's neither, Kay and just a side effect of giving up smoking.

    • zss zss kay19801

      If you have had this for 14 months and it was Cancer, you would be worse than feeling ill. It's most likely you would no longer be with us.

      This is why I suspect it is all part of your body readjusting to being smoke free.

    • kay19801 kay19801 zss

      This is true, its so weird, it all started again with a cough last year January - went for a chest xray and it was clear, doctor gave me antibiotics as said I had lyrangitis, it helped but then I developed with throat sensations and blocked throat feeling, ENT said there was nothing in my throat last year when he did a scope and nothing with the endoscopy down my esophagus either...its all so weird.....

    • zss zss kay19801

      I've never smoked so I don't know what it's like at 54yo. Just as well, I probably wouldn't be here now, had I started.

      I remember being with some students at college in lunch hour and the subject of smoking came up. The other, much younger students all laughed when I told them I had no concept of what smoking was like. To them, it was like I had not developed the "adult" habit like they had.

    • kay19801 kay19801 zss

      Yes I know it was 'cool' to smoke when I was in my mid-late teens, smoking sneakly was the 'thing to do', wish I never started.

      I will do these function tests and report back when I know what they reveal. 

  • misty 30105 misty 30105 kay19801

    Hi Kay was reading your post, I'm having the same problem but the only difference is I'm feeling the cold sensation in my nose too! I been dealing with this since January! Just had surgery 2 weeks ago for a deviated septum thinking maybe that would fix the drainage problem but it didn't! I have had this feeling of clearing my throat for a couple of years now! I've been put on acid reflux meds so I know it isn't that! I can't stand this feeling of breathing in cold air! I'm at the end of my rope my ent dr has no idea what it could be! So I took it upon myself and made an appt with a lung dr! I'm scared that it's been going on so long that if it's cancer it's done spread! Hope you found out what was going on with your situation!!

    • kay19801 kay19801 misty 30105

      Hi there

      Well its a first, someone has exactly the same issues as me, thank goodness it is not me going mad! - mine is there constantly its the worst feeling, mine is in my throat, when I do exercise or walk up stairs it gets worse. I have too been treated for reflux nothing works! Mine has been going on for about 18 months now if not longer, every Dr says it is reflux, clearly not if this is still happening - I have a sleeping cough too dry and hacking since February 2016 which comes and goes!

      I have an appointment with a lung specialist the end of October - my ENT appointment last year said there is no evidence of reflux!

      When is the sensation worse for you? I sometimes shallow breathe just to not have the sensation but even that gets a little suffocating!

    • misty 30105 misty 30105 kay19801

      When I first get up the feeling is not bad at all, in about an hour it starts! I'm so tired of this my mouth feels like it's burning all the time and my nose feels like its got a cold sensation when I breath through it! The ent dr swears it's acid reflux but I know it's not I've been on acid reflux meds for years! I don't understand this but whatever it is it's getting worse! He put me on Ranitidine 300 mg twice a day! It's not doing nothing cause I done told him it's not acid reflux 😡 January this started and nobody can seem to figure this out! If it's cancer I'm gonna be on my death bed before they figure it out! My appt is this week with the lung dr so maybe he can tell me something I hope! The ent dr did look in my mouth and said it's not cancer! Ok well that don't mean it can't be cancer down in my throat! I'm getting so sick of hocking up this crap and having to clear my throat! Ive gotta go back to the ent dr thurs im gonna tell him to send me for a Ct on my throats and whole face I don't care if I gotta pay for it myself! I can't keep going through this seems like since I had my deviated septum a couple weeks ago the burning sensation has gotten worse and my mouth! He did say maybe I have nerve that has been damaged in my nose from sneezing so much who knows! These drs don't seem to know anything 😡 Hopefully when I go to the lung dr the 12th he can help me! When your problem started did you have a bad cough or cold?

    • kay19801 kay19801 misty 30105

      Oh yes its like reading abput myself here!!! i wake its fine then about 1 hour the cold sensation will start and it stays there all day then my throat seems to wheeze but my cheat feels fine, the dr has had me with asthma pumps, lung function tests, cheat xrays, bloods, steriod nasal sprays, acid reflux tablets the whole kit and i still have it! Trust me ypu are not alone! I always have a bunged up nose which is weird.  I started this Feb 2016 had again all the tests, antibiotics, endoscopy, nothing found! Now its back! I had a cold Oct 2016 and it started from there!! Its so scary yet annoying!!! Shallow breathing is best

    • misty 30105 misty 30105 kay19801

      Hopefully between the both of us when can find a dr that will find out what's going on! Please keep me informed and when I go to the lung dr this week I'll let you know! Thanks so much for getting back with me!!

    • misty 30105 misty 30105 kay19801

      I haven't had much to eat in 2 days my throat and nose has been irritating me! I do remember this all started one day after I sneezed for about 30 times for some reason! I told the dr about it and he said it could be a damaged nerve causing the cold or burning feeling but then he never said nothing else about it but if that's the case I wonder if there's something you can do about it? I wonder if me having to hock up stuff from my throat all the time could it have damaged something? Who knows I'm just getting really irritated at this!!

    • kay19801 kay19801 misty 30105

      Sorry for the late reply I was so busy yesterday!

      The difference between me and you is that I have a dry hacking cough during my sleep that wakes me and has been for the last 20 months or so, I am hoping that the lung specialist can tell me exactly what the hell is going on! 

      What you say about damaging a nerve could be something to look into or mention to the lung specialist, as sometimes now that you mention it it does feel like a nerve in your tooth or the cold air hitting on a tooth that has a hole in it, do you know what I mean?

      I was coughing all day yesterday, tickles in my throat then I start to concentrate heavily when I feel the cold air sensation return, its s**t! (excuse the language)

    • misty 30105 misty 30105 kay19801

      Before this cold sensation started I remember waking up in the middle of the night coughing! Every time I take a deep breath I cough like something crazy! I do believe it's in my lungs though! I took 2 ibuprofen yesterday and it did help a little! It's like I have inflammation in my nose throats and lungs if that makes any sense! I've done googled everything I could think of looking for answers! I'm getting so damn tired of getting the run around! I pray the lung dr can help me when I see him Thursday! 

    • phil35979 phil35979 misty 30105

      Hi misty. My reflux is also unresponsive to PPIs. In my case it is caused by a large hiatus hernia squeezing my stomach. Only avoiding certain foods and sitting upright after meals brings relief. If you are trying to control excess mucous production by shallow breathing you'll get nowhere. The opposite is the answer. Plenty of aerobic exercise to open the lungs and strengthen the diaphragm. You could ask to attend group pulmonary rehabilitation courses run by the NHS. Supervised by specialist nurses. You will be taught simple fitness exercises and methods to clear mucous, and above all education on the various pulmonary problems. If you're an ex smoker it will be the top of your lungs that are most useless - so deeper breathing is needed to clear the gunk. Better out than in! The trick is to expel the mucous without hacking. Breathing out FULLY through the mouth and in through the nose 4 or5 times and then 'huffing' is a good method.

      Having 3 conditions at once under the umbrella term of COPD makes it difficult to know what the problem is at any one time, but all three make mucous expulsion a must. I would suggest perhaps a regular herbal anti-inflammatory eg turmeric extract may help. My sympathy and empathy goes out to anyone with respiratory difficulty, everybody's a bit different and sometimes it seems no-one understands.

    • kay19801 kay19801 misty 30105

      I AM The same  cough when i breathe in deep! And I have googled many hours too for answers, do you feel when you breathing in deep i feel my cold sensation actually feels like its blocking my throat so no further air can get in, its terrible today, I went shopping and was walking a fair bit and it starts again, so its enduced by walking?? I hate this, its my birthday and im so angry its back and choking me, makes me panic

    • phil35979 phil35979 kay19801

      There is a form of asthma known as exercise induced. Perhaps worth investigation. Trouble is you need to keep going! If you are storing up mucous you need to get it out. The choking feeling describes asthma perfectly. Asthma causes constriction of the airways as the muscles contract. Stop and breathe out FULLY then in through the nose a few times until you get relief. The panic is completely natural ; who doesn't panic when they can't breathe? The breathing exercise above will help stop the panic too, as it breaks the circle of adrenaline production caused by the breathlessness. You may benefit from a daily dose of St. John's Wort. Helps with mild anxiety. Check with your doctor of course, it may not mix with other meds. The best is cough up then keep exercising, don't give up. Then you feel improved and more confident next time. Happy birthday kay, and many of them :-)

    • misty 30105 misty 30105 kay19801

      Happy Birthday Kay! The only time I don't feel the cold sensation is when I'm asleep and the first hour I'm up! But I've noticed today for some reason I've sneezed about 10 times and it's made it worse! So I'm wondering if that dr could be right that it could b a nerve in my nose triggering all this s**t! If the lung dr don't tell me something thurs morning I'm gonna scream! Try to enjoy your birthday! I'll let you know what the dr says thurs morning!!

    • kay19801 kay19801 misty 30105


      Thank you for the birthday wishes, had a bad day yesterday - cold sensation and coughing with a tickle every time I breathe in and the constricted wheeze again in my throat, s**t times! 

    • misty 30105 misty 30105 kay19801

      I'm so mad I went to my appt at 8:45 at 10:00 I was still waiting the nurse said he had an emergency surgery! I worked 12 hrs last night so I was sleepy and ill so at 10:30 I told the nurse I couldn't wait any longer I worked 12 hrs and have to work 12 hrs tonight so I had to reschedule 😡 Til October  31st! I've got an appt with my ent dr Monday I'm gonna tell him to schedule me a Ct on my nose and throat idc if I have to pay for it! My throats feels like it's on fire! I'm starting to feel sick from this I know something is wrong! These damn drs act like we are stupid we know when something is not right! I'm so drained mentally and physically I don't know if me worrying about this is causing me to be sick or what but I can't keep going through this I just wanna 😢

    • kay19801 kay19801 misty 30105

      Hi Misty

      So sorry to hear this - I have been waiting 13 weeks for my Respiratory appointment so you are lucky to have it rescheduled so quickly!

      I have suffered yesterday, tight throat, wheeze, ice cold blocking air feeling when breathing, hideous to the point I want to rip my throat out!

      I know where you are coming from, I know something is not right with my lungs or throat and I might just make an appointment with ENT myself privately to investigate further, let us know what the ENT say today?

    • misty 30105 misty 30105 kay19801

      I'm sorry you have to wait that long for your appt! I just don't understand why a dr can't figure out what's going on with us! When I breath it doesn't hurt only the cold or burning sensation! I do notice that when I take ibuprofen it eases it up some that's the only thing that helps! It's kinda like my lungs or nose is inflamed if that makes since! If I suck on ice or a popsicle it helps a little! I've noticed that this feeling is moving up to the roof of my mouth! It almost feels like my mouth is deteorating I hope not but it's raw! I smoke and I know I need to stop! That's great you stopped smoking! I was reading one of the comments that said maybe it's a viral infection, well if it is how do they check for that? I'm grasping at every straw I can to figure this out! I just wanna feel back to normal again! This has really brought me down!

    • Shelli07 Shelli07 misty 30105

      Dont take acid reflux meds. I tried 3 different one and all they did was get me sick. I've been seeing my lung Dr and nothing is helping. Now I have acid reflux and what helped bug time is 2tbs of Bragg Apple cider vinegar. You can find it at Wal-Mart or any grocery storr

  • christina96918 christina96918 kay19801

    You may have picked up a bad viral infection have not been well myself for the past six weeks. My asthma was very bad just finished steroids and antibiotics my airways became severely inflamed. Increased my inhalers as per doctors instructions. It just seems to take its course. Asthma nurse has been in touch and she sent me information on COPD.

    Will be seeing my respiratory specialist in December. Will let you know how I got on. Chris'

  • phil35979 phil35979 kay19801

    Hi kay. I have had this cold breathing sensation of and on for about 2 years. I have chronic asthma bronchitis and emphysema which is all grouped together under COPD. I the docs and nurses are generally fantastic but none can explain the cold sensation. I've been smoke free for 2 years so I don't think it's healing nerve ends. I also have a little post nasal drip but personally I don't think it's associated.

    I wonder if it is simply slightly inflamed tissue cooling off as we breathe, possibly linked to the steroids in our inhaler. Good luck with your scans, I doubt if you have a cancer I think that would involve a bit more pain and discomfort. Try not to get anxious as it will adversely affect your respiration. All the best.

    • kay19801 kay19801 phil35979


      Thanks for the reply, it really is a very strange thing to have, mine seems to get more aggravated every other day but the cold sensation is there all the time, so shallow breathing is the best thing for me. 

      I have not used my inhaler for about a month now there always used to be a wheeze, I just want some real answers now coupled with the coughing during the night makes me anxious!

  • phil35979 phil35979 kay19801

    Hi kay. I sent a useful link but I think it may have been censored under the terms and conditions of this site. So, the gist of it is to check out GERD. The more I read the more I'm convinced that this is our problem. Gastric oesophagal reflux disease. Doesn't feel like heartburn. Caused by a weak sphincter at the base of the gullet.

    Regarding the persistent cough, this may well recede gradually post smoking cessation. Mine did. I also used a 'salt pipe' which I found very useful. Also a bit expensive but lasts a decade so £4 a year ok.

    • kay19801 kay19801 phil35979

      Hi Phil

      Yes no link but my Dr has been prescribing me reflux PPI's for the last year and nothing helps or lets say the different PPI's given even increasing the dose by loads did not touch the cough, how weird.....I hope the cough is from the smoking, my friends say its my cat that sleeps on my chest at night or just next to me, I fail to believe this as sometimes when she is not there I still cough.

      I have had reflux before and still do sometimes I can feel it other times I wake from it as it reaches my voicebox (awful feeling) like you are choking

  • phil35979 phil35979 kay19801

    Hi kay. I use a device called a respiratory flutter pipe to clear trapped mucous. It gives excellent relief through vibratory back-pressure which gathers up the mucous till it can be easily coughed up without hacking. Not suitable for people with cardiac problems. If it's a typical smoker's cough it could easily take a few more months to clear, as your tissues heal they are sensitive and no longer "protected" by tar.

    Your doc is probably right about asthma. You could try allergy tests to root out causes. It could be the cat! Or hair on your bed. Or dust. Or a foodstuff. I'm particularly affected by diesel fumes and air-fresheners etc. The thing is, if you have a successful strategy for getting relief you will avoid anxiety and feel much better by being in control. A friend controls his asthma with acupuncture twice a year, no inhalers at all! You never know.

  • phil35979 phil35979 kay19801

    Hi kay, misty et al. Here's a thing worth considering. After working in the bus industry for years and years, one of my main "triggers" is diesel fumes. Do you live in the city or near a major road? I have a thin mesh tube neck garment like the army wear in the desert. Keeps the air filtered and pre-warmed. If I am badly exposed to fumes I feel crap and always have a worse day the next day. As time goes by I am more tolerant I assume I am still healing post smoking and post retirement.

  • dove77 dove77 kay19801

    HI Kay and all others smile  I suffer from the same problem.  I have had a dry hacking cough since last June.  Several months ago I started to notice the extremely cold air sensation when I breathe.  It doesn't seem to matter what the room air temp is. I have a disease called Raynauds Syndrome that is caused by vasoconstriction.  I also have Sjogrens Syndrome which is an autoimmune disfunction of the salivary glands and more. Extreme dryness is a hallmark of this.  Inflammation is another.  Anyways, I HATE this awful feeling of breathing cold air.  I hope we all can find relief from this.

    • kay19801 kay19801 dove77

      Hi there

      Thanks for your message - I am still suffering, same cough, same sensation, same feeling, I have seen a consultant at the Respiratory clinic and he thinks I have a sensitive upper airway dysfunction and it is made worse with cat allergens (I have 2) - when I link the two together i.e. when this all started it was more or less the same time I was with cats, my first reaction with a cat nearly led me to Emergency.....BUT I have these symptoms with or without scary......This breathing in cold are, does yours feel like you have just brushed your teeth or just sucked a mint? Mine gets so annoying I just shallow breathe!

      Let me know

  • dove77 dove77 kay19801

    Hi Kay,  Yes I do.  It feels like the air is supercooled similar to being affected by eating something minty.  It feels cold in both my nose and my mouth.  When this first started my nose would get so cold.  I noticed my gums above my upper teeth were really cold too.  My partner and I have moved south for the winter in part because of this.  

    The Raynauds constricts your blood vessels and capillaries to the point of cutting off the blood flow.  People notice their fingers turning white, blue and finally red when the blood returns.  My fingers, toes, nose, ears and even the outer portions of my butt are affected!  The air I breathe is so cold and uncomfortable I find myself having to breathe thru a blanket or my hands.  Shallow breathing happens to me too.  

    • kay19801 kay19801 dove77

      Hi Dove

      You are describing exactly what I am feeling, my throat feels like I have swallowed a bottle of mouth wash and I have that ice feeling all the way down my throat, I also feel like I am breathing through a straw at times, do you tend to have this sensation all the time? I think I have this all the time but some days are worse than others, a choking feeling like an elastic band occurs also then when i breathe in the throat scratches and in turn I cough..... are you still coughing?

      My cough wakes me up during sleep, this is not acid reflux its something weird, my throat always feels tight also 

  • dove77 dove77 kay19801

    The only time I don't cough is when I am asleep.  My cough is more like a terrible inflammation just past my larynx though it is also affected at times.  I lose my voice.  This is mostly because of Sjogrens and many of us "shoggies" have the same hoarseness!  I have been coughing since June and tried everything.  All my tests --xray, CT, bloodwork were normal.  But my Pulmonary Function test revealed some issues that point to autoimmune problem.

    I would say talk to your doctor about Raynauds Syndrome and Sjogrens.  They are way more common than people think.

    • kay19801 kay19801 dove77

      Hi again

      I do not lose my voice, I seem to go slightly sweaky voice mouse like at time haha - I have had 2 chest xrays wihtin 1 year, bloods, scope down my throat and to my voicebox and nothing showed, I have been coughing since February last year, it went and now its back again.. My lung function tests showed normal but my consultant wrote to my dr to say it is normal with people who are asthmatic so not sure what that means if I am asthmatic or not lol....

      I will see my dr again, the other think is I have chest pain when I strain my chest only on my right for the past fortnight now, does not hurt when I breathe in deeply just when I strain my chest or lift myself up from a sofa or chair, obviously my mind is running wild....

  • phil35979 phil35979 kay19801

    I have a hiatus hernia which leads to GERD. Reflux from the stomach. Doesn't cause heartburn. Just the cold sensation.

    I have copd (asthma bronchitis and emphysema) and need to use liquid oxygen which is very cold. When I am inflamed by bronchitis the cold sensation is worse presumably because the tissues are hotter. The cold sensation first started along with the hernia so I believe it is the reflux responsible. It may be that the sphincter is not properly closed and gas I leaking up the oesophagus. Long term 24hr inhalers are available for copd. If you are taking Ventolin and it only lasts 4 hours take it again.

    • kay19801 kay19801 phil35979

      Hello Phil

      Thank you - I had an endoscopy last year and the Gastro dr said it all looked normal no sign of reflux however I have felt the acid come up to my voicebox quite a few times but this coughing is driving me crazy, have not been woken up in the night for a while and i have now for the last 2 nights, so frustrating for me...

    • traceydavies traceydavies kay19801

      Hi Kay.

      I'm a newbie here, and you're the only person I feel has the same symptoms as I do, tightness in throat, like pressure high up, like a lump but massive like a blown up balloon inside, difficult to swallow, dangley thing like it's the uvula but it's not, extremely dry throat feels like it's sticking together (razer blades). Nothing keeps it wet, sharp feeling to breath in as it hits the dry throat. I too thought the worst, made myself sick with worry. I've just had a camera down the nose, nothing was found, he diagnosed globus sensation, anxiety, stress. I want to rip my throat out, the feeling drives me insane. Have things got any better with you? I can't live like this, it's pure torture.

    • kay19801 kay19801 traceydavies

      Hey there

      Well I have had chest xrays, bloods etc and nothing has been found (thank goodness) - I have also had a dry barking cough for about 11 months now and just been discharged from Respiratory, Consultant says it is a Hyper sensitive airway combined with cat allergy or the cats are making all these symptoms.

      I still have the cold air sensation and feeling like you are breathing through a straw or cloth - Dr says I have Globus too and all your symptoms I have had, its the worst feeling thinking there is something there and then there is not (which is good), but its stress and anxiety - Globus is nasty, I had an episode of it for 7 months, the dangly thing in the back of the throat is like you want to rip your throat out and the dryness is hideous, no amount of water will lubricate it......

  • kvmystic kvmystic kay19801

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