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My name is Nick; I am a 24-year-old male with severe asthma. I was diagnosed when I was 3 months old. When I turned 15 years of age, my asthma seemed to have disappeared. However, around the age of 20 my asthma has started coming back. It is also getting much worse then what it used to be and back in May of 2016, I was intubated and was in the ICU for about a week. Since then I have five more attacks that I was close to being intubated but was able to recover with the help from the ER. I have never figured out what my trigger is and have done some work, I need some assistance to try, and figure out what is triggering my asthma. Details are below.



Family Doctor

Asthma Specialist

Allergy Specialist




Montekulast (Sigulair)

Omeprazole (GERD)

Apo-Mometasone (Allergies and Post Nasal Drip)

Actions Taken:

Hypoallergenic bedding with asthma approval

Vacuum 2-3 times weekly

Dust 2-3 weekly             

Wear a respirator when cleaning

Removed Milk and Pop from diet

Regular workout (I do not have any issues while being active)

Steam Shower Nightly (This is recent but has been helping immensely)

Air purifiers (Home and Work)

Humidifiers (Home)

Removed all scents (cologne, soaps, air fresheners, etc.)

Wash my Cats frequently (They love water anyway)

Removed all water damage and mold (Remolded house when I moved in)

Smokeless Environment (Not near anyone who smokes and the few who do are not allowed to do in my car or in my house)

Wear heavy jackets and use a scarf over mouth when it is cold

Cats are not allowed in my room





I am not allergic to my cats however, I still take precautions.

I have been averaging on 4-5 attacks a year and I have issues where I need to use my rescue inhaler frequently. I have never had an attack on a weekend and about 80% of the time the issue occurs at work. Leaving work, it gets better within 30min with the help of rescue inhalers.

One more note is when I was younger it was always called asthmatic croup. My last visit to the hospital the doctor noted that my asthma presented a lot like croup still. Which should not be possible due to my age. He also noted that my upper airways are also closing.

If any more details are needed please let me know.

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    Also I should note I work as a Desktop Support Analyst in an automotive plant. I am also willing to try alternative medicine like acupuncture.
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    Hi Nick

    I'm afraid I am unable to give you much direct help however, one of your items did cause me to wonder.......

    I had allergy tests for many years as a child through to early twenties.   One of the things that showed itself quickly was an allergy to cats.   The dog reaction was virtually nil.

    As a newly-wed we took in an unwanted dog (after all, I had no reaction to dogs on the allergy test...).   My asthma very slowly, almost imperceptibly worsened over ten years or so until I had a severe attack and nearly died.   Still nothing clicked in the family.

    One day, our dog was killed in a road accident and slowly and again imperceptibly, my asthma began to improve.

    In other words, although I didn't react to dogs in the allergy test, I must have had something going on with owning a dog as I improved so much after he was not with us.

    Can I suggest you try living without your cats for a month or so - obviously not easily undertaken but it may be possible to re-home them with a friend...?   Have a thorough clean and if after a few weeks you find you have stabilised you'll know what your trigger was.

    I understand that mosts of your attacks are at work but I am wondering if some of your co-workers have cats at home and are bringing in dander etc., with them?   Just a thought.   I am sure there are better qualified people here who can advise you but this is a personal experience of mine which may possibly be relevant for you.

    I hope you have some good advice soon.



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      I have looked at getting rid of the cats, however the 5-6 years I had no issues and stopped tacking medication all together I had 3 cats and 3 dogs in a very small house. I removed them from my sleeping area. If it comes down to it though it will be one of things I try.
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    Hi nick sorry to hear you're suffering the spring is almost here along with all the pollens and I think birch is one of the first.

    Is the plant where you work air conditioned as if not filtered may circulate pollens dander etc .

    I start with hay fever early and have started my medication already otherwise my asthma goes to pot . Do you drink alcohol?i find if I drink a lot that can worsen my asthma .hope this gives you some ideas. Regards

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      The plant is not air conditioned and has very poor air quality. I have been told to stat an antihistamine and try it. I have recently cut out alcohol as I have had a few attacks within a day or two of drinking.
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    Have you noticed at work does your asthma attacks happen when leaves are falling fall ? There is mold under there. Are you using your allergy pills ? What is at work that you are't noticing ? 


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    You need a nebulizer with Albuterol or a combination of liquids if you don.t have one and you may need to take treatments 4 x day and your inhaler in between , plus prednisone on a slow taper  +antihistamine s and Advair or Spiriva plus fresh air. It sounds as though you are doing all the enviromental things and numerous physicians who must be giving you good advice,but 5 very severe attacks since March or May is not good,and you need to realize how serious and consider a job change and be faithful in taking your medicines and continue to do so even when you get stronger. It will take a long time to recover from all those attacks and you must try not to be around crowds so you won't get a cold or virus .

    If the air at work is full of particles from autos, oil ,gas , metals ,paints and the most toxic of all exhaust fumes,you must get away from that or your asthma may become even less controllable.

    i have had asthma all my life. I am now 74,and the last 5 years have been hard with the last year Has been severe, but not nearly as bad as you.I have lots of medicine, know how to cope with flares, even so I have had some days that I am totally dependent on my husband, for insulated drinking cups for ice water,dinners, cleanup etc. The hospitals are full of patients who have respiratory diseases and I can't go near them,even the Dr.s. offices make me feel like I'm going to catch something... which is not my normal personality.  I hope you are. Going to make some good decisions that will lead to better health.

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    I would use hand sanitizer at work and have asthma attacks there. It seemed to absorb through my skin. I also have problems with smoke on peoples clothes. Mine is bad like yours. There also may be mold somewhere at work like the duct system or somewhere. Hope this helps.

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